Today is the day this is the blog where We surpassed 1 million subscribers Indies hanging out with us by the way How many subscribers are we getting keep Going this is real life ouch oh all Right no I don’t know back in 2006 when I’ve made this youtube channel I’ve made it in order to show people how To teach their dogs and really have fun With them and back in those days you Know I was just experimenting and having A good time with you tomb it was Instantly clear to me that that was Going to be a powerful thing this is my 12th year on youtube tell me the year You subscribe to my youtube channel in The comments below for those of you that Are new I’ve had two TV shows in the Past decade I had one on Animal Planet Called super fetch where we taught dogs Amazing fun tricks and then I had Another show on the BBC it was a Children’s show called who let the dogs Out where we basically showed young British kids how to train their dogs and Really look for some of the most elite Youthful talent in dog training in the UK so that show was a lot of fun to make – well we do use a lot of what you Learned in TV in our own production and I think that really helped us up the Quality of our videos because it’s that Got a good lesson in how a TV shows Really work he was able to take what we

Like and leave what we don’t like even Though we’ve only been together seven Years the overwhelming majority of our YouTube growth has happened with Rihanna Helping out with our amazing production Here I think I’ve been here for like Over 960 I mean I know I benefit from YouTube all over the place when it comes To learning how to do something you know Not related to dog training or our film Equipment or any of it all kinds of Things you can learn so much on YouTube It’s really cool to be a part of that in The last three years we’ve really grown Like tenfold ya know it’s just it’s not Even so much about the number as much as It is the validation because obviously If If the content we made wasn’t working For you guys you wouldn’t subscribe to Me you wouldn’t keep watching the videos You wouldn’t keep clicking thumbs up it Seems to really be working for you and It’s just amazing to have that kind of Confirmation knowing that we’re able to Do that but so back in 2013 when we Really made a lot of changes and started Taking the YouTube game a little bit More seriously that’s when we really Started to look at a million now back Then we had like what thirty forty Thousand fifty thousand subscribers Which is you know I was very happy with That that was great that was enough to

Be the most subscribed dog trainer on YouTube back in 2013 so here it is 2017 It took us four years of really Dedicated focus to you know get to 1 Million subscribers this is the first Dog training channel to get to the 1 Million subscriber milestone so that’s Extra awesome pretty exciting it’s Really been interesting to watch the dog Training world go through its thing and Kind of do its own evolution over the Past 10 years or so this is what I love About YouTube It’s a democratization of content and You start to really see what people like And what they find helpful you can’t you Can’t really BS people on YouTube so Much 14 subscribers to go guys I mean You’ve heard there’s nothing like Experience to really teach you how to do Something and working with dogs has Given me so much experience over the Years as much as I learn about working With dogs I also learned so much about You and your individual situations and Your critiques and your criticisms as Well as your compliments and and Everything under the Sun the totality of All that really helps us do a better job And it teaches me so much so that’s one Of the really exciting things about Doing this type of job – I love when we Post a video and we get to instantly see All the feedback from you guys I think

That’s so cool it’s validating when we See that something we did really Resonated with you and it’s also really Interesting to find out when we screw up And do something that you don’t like so Much so we’re always paying attention to What you respond to well and what you Don’t and your feedback really makes Everything so worth it that’s true we Get most of our ideas for videos from You guys we’re gonna continue to evolve We’re going to continue to try different Things we also want to bring you more Content 5 subscribers to go we’re in the Last 5 we just lost a subscriber so We’re back down Six we have somewhere between two and Three hundred people that unsubscribe Every day to or close their account or Whatever and we end up netting between One and two thousand subscribers a day At least currently since it’s never been Done before I’ve always wondered for all These years what does a dog training Channel on YouTube with a million Subscribers even look like and now we Know yeah exactly a lot of you were also Noticing that we were about to hit a Million I’ve been noticing it all day Like almost 1 million up three more by The way this video isn’t sponsored so They can’t complain about advertising of This one well it’s kind of sponsored by Our patrons on patreon which we had

Another record month on patreon thank You to our patrons if you’re a Professional golfer you dream to win a Major you know what I mean and okay She’s not much of a golfer hitting a Million subscribers is just kind of like One of those huge career milestones oh My gosh oh my gosh it’s happening it’s Actually one away I thought okay there Goes all this suspense is killing me [Music] Here did you subscribe tell me in the Comments below Indy you did a good job click thumbs up If you enjoyed today’s video thank you Very much to all of you and all of our Patrons on patreon for supporting our Videos and just you know just for Letting us do what we love [Music]

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