Dealing with the death of our dog.

Dealing with the death of our dog.

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We have had some significant life Developments i’ve been dreading making This video honestly i kind of wanted to Update you guys on what’s going on Behind the scenes last week’s video is Pretty controversial i think we kind of Need to talk about that as well we think Of our youtube audience as our family i Mean we’re in the comments with you we Read just about everything you have to Say yeah we think about you guys all the Time we may talk to you more than our Own family sometimes yes Absolutely all of the time on july 6th Our dog indiana jones passed away she Was 15 and a half years old it was sudden it Was unexpected she had a sudden Gallbladder failure We tried to save her she was in the Emergency room for three days three days Yeah there was nothing they could really Do to save her it just happened all at Once she was in really good health Up until her last days i mean she was Playing she was Doing everything She made it all the way up here to Alaska yes a life dream of mine for her I just couldn’t the whole time that we Brought her up here i could not believe That she was actually gonna make it you Guys are honestly probably the tenth Person to find out all three million of

You so Of all the important people in our life You might be the most important to talk About this with and he was a rescue dog I got her when i was 19 years old I’m now 34. i always wondered how old i Would be yeah i mean it’s a long life That’s a really important part of life Really important part indy is the reason I know zach yeah without indy we Wouldn’t have met it’s profound how Things happen like that Bree was on the internet back in what 2010 or so 2009 looking for Leash pulling advice so that’s how she Came across my videos bree sent a tweet To me when i was in new orleans doing a Project at the time oh yeah you met indy That day and she gave you a bloody lip She was jumping all over me and i picked Her up and she headbutted me yeah she Like jumped up with her head yeah i was Mortified Andy to me was Just a [Music] 10 out of 10 when it came to wrestling True she was such a tough dog she used To do this thing we would call bear dog Do any of you i’m sure yeah i’m sure we Didn’t make that up She would stand on the bed on her hind Legs well she would bite so perfect she

Knew just how hard she was allowed to Bite when you would play with her which I know it’s controversial but remember When she would get your arm bone in her Mouth and she would do that like deep Low t-rex growl like i love chewing on This human bone She really liked it human flesh was her Number one currency we never told you Guys that but it was true it was she Loved to play tug of war with your arm i Can’t put this on the internet one of my Favorite you and indy memories we had to Introduce our dogs and zach said before We do that let’s talk about your dog’s Personality can you sum it up in one Word like if you had to boil it down And i said overconfident do you remember And at the time i think zach doubted me And it has been so satisfying for him to Realize that there is not a single word In our language that describes her Better than that but in the end she Actually backed it up because she lived To be almost 16 she barked away yukon Grizzly bear she did successfully Protected me no it’s a bear you saw me Wearing and she’s the last of our first Generation of dogs together like i had Venus supernova alpha centauri Uh and then you and i met when they were Middle aged And so indy was the last one to go and She lived a long

Good happy Healthy life true very healthy i mean She was not the kind of dog who slowed Down the reason we knew that something Was wrong is because she wouldn’t eat Her food and she Always Always eats her food i mean she’s one of Those kind of dogs she loves her food i Honestly have very few regrets And i feel so good about that because if You’ll recall i took about 30 gazillion Pictures of her every single day and Videos and I just was fully obsessed with her Every minute that she was around me and I think I think that’s the best you can do i did It in hopes that i would Feel this way like i really had given Her all of the love that i could there’s No greater gift to a dog than to be in Your care always looking out for her Best interests always taking agency and Her health her well-being her happiness I strive to be as good a pet parent as Brie is I think all we can do is just appreciate Our dogs we all know what we’re getting Into when we get them we know they’re Not going to be around forever and we Have to Do our best to appreciate every moment With them and no one

Did that like you i mean as depressed as Brie has been because it’s been over 70 Days since it’s happened i believe right Yes 73 73 days since this happened and She’s only now At the point where she can talk about it In this manner when our pets die it’s Not always Taken as seriously by everyone around You As it may feel inside of you like if you Lose a parent or Someone really close to you society Might Give you a little bit more permission to Be publicly sad and i feel really really Sad and it’s been a long time and i Don’t Feel bad about that because i heard that The sadness that you feel is in Proportion to the love that you feel for Someone and i think that is Really good and profound the hardest I’ve ever cried over Any death has been over Dogs all of them i mean you just fall in Love with them and you see how smart They are you see how capable they are How much love they have they possess so Many qualities That we wish we could have i think they Really complete us In a way and make up for so many of our Inadequacies and she was kind of like

Your opposite you’re shy and reserved in Public situations and he was very Outgoing very confident And it’s kind of like you really balance Each other it’s funny how their Personalities are like that i don’t know If you even Chose her with that in mind to happen to Be that way but i think whatever Personality of a dog you get There’s something there that just really Completes us in a way that nothing else Can i definitely want to talk about some Of the controversy from last week’s Video I want to talk about the future of this Channel i want to take this question Right now raw food versus traditional Dog food raw diet is basically raw meat Eggs vegetables things like that but not Cooked is the point of a raw diet the Raw diet Is a diet that a lot of people have Strong feelings about some people swear By it for their dogs even vets who might Endorse a cooked diet All said raw is not the way to go avma Cdc when we got inertia We talked to everyone we talked to so Many nutritionists veterinary Nutritionists all over the country i Mean we really were willing to do Whatever it took to make sure that we Were giving her a good diet and the one

Thing that they kept all telling us Was It’s probably not a good idea to cook Your own diet because dogs require Nutrients in different proportions than People do so intuitive cooking isn’t Probably the best idea at all the Experts that i talked to said make sure You’re using a food that’s after Formulated afco stands for the Association of american feed control Officials a lot of people really want to Insist on feeding their dog a fresh diet Which i think is a great idea fresh Being different than raw i mean some Cooked diets still meet afco standards This is convenient but That’s why nom nom is a really good Option they are sponsor of this video But i have no problem endorsing them at All nom nom is actually formulated by a Veterinary nutritionist for your Individual dog so it’s like the best Possible option if you’re really worried About what is healthy for my dog they’re Gonna have an actual nutritionist look At your dog’s stats and portion it out For you it’s pretty next level And it’s actually afco formulated which For a fresh food is like seeing a Unicorn i feel like and they send it in These little packets which i really like Because you don’t have to think if you Guys want to try nom nom you can check

The description Zach and you’ll get 50 off a two week Trial last week we posted a video on the American veterinary society of animal Behaviors new position statements on dog Training methods the crux of that video Was that they no longer support using Aversive methods in any known situation That’s what we took from it we made a 36 Minute video talking about it and so the Position statement basically said Positive reinforcement methods should be Used for all dog training Including the treatment of behavior Problems which i thought was the most Profound and i think that was where most Of the controversy lies there are still A lot of people who favor the use of Aversive tools and and i think i Understand why The biggest point that was made in the Comments was Okay fine use it for your training use It for basics but difficult dogs Aggressive dogs Should you use positive reinforcement There and that’s where i think a lot of People were having a tough time Accepting it i can understand why people Think that way before i was a dog Trainer i thought the same way it was Like if your dog does something you Don’t like punish it in some way you Know in a humane way but punish the dog

To make sure they don’t do it if they Jump on the counter pull them down if They jump on you maybe put your knee up To keep them from jumping on you again Pre-dog training well sure like how Could they know what they’re doing wrong If you don’t tell them when you tend to Really do your best and i say do your Best because i know it’s impossible to Be perfect when you try to live in that Positive reinforcement quadrant and you Really focus on finding the most minute Tiny ways to reinforce behavior when you Do like it It’s really eye-opening the thing that Never ceases to amaze me about science Though is that it is almost exclusively More interesting Than anything you could have ever Dreamed up when you look into the Details true this is potentially another Example of that it’s more intuitive to The average person to punish bad Behavior to discourage it from happening In the future than it is to find Positive moments in your dog’s existence To reinforce to either counteract those Undesired behaviors or prevent them from Happening in the first place right That’s not intuitive necessarily yet Science is uncovering something it does Not come naturally to me at all to think What can i do to stop anything bad from Happening before it happens like i don’t

Know if i get a dog and i’d let them Loose in my house my my natural feeling Is like take off the leash and then Watch them Become a tornado of destruction and see What i have to do from there so like see Them mess up and then be like oh that’s A thing i have to fix and that’s the Thing i have to fix instead of just Saying i’m going to show you how to be Good the bottom line is that the latest Science seems to be suggesting that yes Even for some of the most problematic Behavior problems positive reinforcement Should be used i expected the aversives To have a higher risk of fallout i also Expected the aversives To work a little faster it was Interesting to me to see that the Results didn’t actually support even That i also noticed a pretty common Theme In the in the comments to being Dismissive of scientific studies and i Think i understand why that is there are Problems with all kinds of studies i Don’t think any study is perfect Definitely not the studies that are Being cited about this research right And if you understand scientific studies You’ll also understand that they’re Peer-reviewed you understand that even The person doing the experiment has to Do their best to acknowledge the flaws

And even state those in the experiment Itself i can empathize with that Perspective because i’ve been there Before but as i have grown and learned Scientists go much deeper than i think The average person realizes in fact the Scientists understand that first and Foremost your job is to be as skeptical As possible not to infer things a good Experiment just simply states What the observations are things can Change in light of new evidence so we’re Always keeping an open mind about new Evidence i’m telling you if it was shown That aversive methods were better for Dogs welfare and at least as effective i Think i would have to consider using Immersives but right now the science Doesn’t seem to suggest that we’re about To start our next series every story is So different This one coming up which we are now done Shooting do you want to talk about Curveball after curveball it was Interesting Which kind of brings me to the future of Our channel and where we think we need To go with it we want to continue to do These series selfishly i just i really Enjoy Immersing myself in training dogs it’s The thing that i enjoy doing most moira The german shepherd and george are doing Amazing i keep up with both of them

Regularly They’re very happy in their homes They’re doing Very well i’m so proud of them just Living life it’s great Nonchalant there’s nothing going on Under there nothing over here ignore we Get our ideas from you i hope you guys Always feel liberated to Request what you want to see on this Channel in the comments below let’s Continue the conversation in the Comments below if you guys want to try An amazing food for your dog check out Our sponsor nom nom zach You’ll get 50 off a two-week trial Instagram tick tock and facebook i’ll Have links below and we will see you Sometime in the future hopefully very Soon Bye

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