Everything You Need to Train Your Dog!

Everything You Need to Train Your Dog!

Here are the essentials you need to train your dog! This video is sponsored by Rover! Visit and enter Promo Code ZakGeorge for $25 off of your first booking!

Today’s episode is sponsored by rover For $25 off your first booking just Visit Rover comm slash Zak George and Enter promo code Zak George I’ll have a Link in the description quick thumbs up For pancake he’s back and he’s doing so Well on his training but he still has a Little ways to go subscribe to my Channel and get a copy of my book dog Training revolution you clearly haven’t Read my book yet today we’ll cover some Ways to get you started off on the right Track with teaching your dog dogs Require lots of time and pancake over Here he’s got tons of energy and like Many dogs his training really excels When he gets to spend lots of time with People I read every comment that comes In through my youtube channel and I know That tons of you have been using Rover And you’re loving it Rover is an app and A website that allows you to have quick Easy access to pet sitters and dog Walkers it gets a 4.9 star rating on the App Store and that’s out of 27,000 Ratings there’s so many different Services to choose from if you find that You work more than 6 hours a day or so Dog walking it can be a really valuable Service I’m about to get someone over Here right now to take you for a walk You want to choose your own pet sitter Here who do you want he just chose KTP They’re very good reviews good taste

You’re gonna be tons of verified reviews To make sure that you’re finding the Right person for your dog and then you Can have unlimited meet and greets until You have found the perfect pet sitter or Dog walker they send you photos and Updates to let you know how your dog is Doing throughout the day for $25 off Your first booking just visit Rover comm Flash’s act Gorge and enter promo code Zak George I’ll have a link in the Description I don’t just want to teach You how to teach your dog to learn Specific things but rather I want you And your dog to develop a common Language with one another so that you Can teach them most anything see Teaching dogs isn’t about forcing them To behave a certain way but teaching Them requires you to efficiently manage And proactively show your dog not make Your dog behave the way that you want Most essential items you’re gonna need To train your dog or of course a leash a Flat collar and a harness harnesses are Extra safe because they don’t put Pressure on your dog’s neck and they’re More difficult for most dogs to slip out Of and it’s important to have your dog’s ID tags and the rabies tags on their Flat collar too a leash is the single Most important thing you can have Because it allows you to strictly Control the environment no matter where

You go and you need a lots of strict Control So at first your tendency might be to Administer corrections to the leash by Jerking it when they’re doing something You don’t like But Alicia’s best use simply limit where Your dog can and can’t go right now I Don’t want pancake running all over the House so I’ve got them on the leash the Leash is not the teacher you are and a Leash is just a safety net not a way to Correct your dog and attach a leash like This to you you can tie it to you or use A carabiner but you’ll want to do this During the beginning stages of training So that you can prevent bad habits from Getting started and you’re in a better Position to acknowledge good habits that You like and be sure to get one of these Really long leads – this one’s 20 feet long long leads Give your dog more freedom while still Keeping them under strict control it’ll Come in really handy once you’re ready To start working on other types of Training and see that long lead really Prevents your dog from getting away from You when you’re teaching them how to Come to you or when you’re playing fetch With them an indispensable dog training Tool now I like to call things like Treats and other things you use to Reward your dog with currency when you

Start teaching your dog something new You want communication to be as easy as Possible and treats really allow you to Get your dog on the same page and Willingly comply with you you use treats In the beginning to bridge that Communication gap between you and your Dog that’s during the communication Building phase now you’re not gonna need To use treats forever but they do help Give you traction and get you started Off on the right direction Now I recommend two main types of food Treats for primary training sessions you Know the type of training when you’re Really focused on your dog teaching them Something new you should use something Like real meat something like chicken This is like a dollar bill to your dog When you are using meat during those Primary training sessions they need to Be really really tiny about the size of A grain of rice your dog will work for It watch lie down Good but for secondary training sessions You know the unplanned kind where your Dog starts chewing on a shoe or starts Barking at something outside be sure to Have easily accessible soft treats like This in containers all over the house so That you can get to them quickly during The first year of training make sure You’ve got treats with you everywhere You go so that you’re always prepared

For the most efficient training Experience possible additionally you’re Gonna need lots of my favorite things to Train with toys toys are magical and dog Training for so many different Reasons toys really seem to satisfy Their urge to play interact with a Person and allow them to expend lots of Energy I love rope toys like this and so do Many dogs a quick three to five second Game of tug and let go can be like a ten Dollar bill to many dogs and that can be The ultimate currency for dogs that like To play tug of war tug boys are great For curbing puppy biting getting your Dog really excited about interacting With you teaching your dog how to play Fetch and on and on and on so if your Dog likes to play tug really prioritize Teaching tug and let go as we frequently Do here on my youtube channel squeaky Toys are another essential training toy A squeaky toy can liven up a training Session like nothing else they’re great For getting your dogs super focused on Training if you use them right as Rewards keep interactive toys like this Really special and only bring them out When you’re focused on really engaging With your dog and keeping the training Session lots of fun remember though Don’t confuse toys that are designed for Play like a squeaky ball is designed for

Fetch for example with two toys but if You do want something for your dog to Focus on when you’re not engaging with Them just get them some fun safe chew Toys in the past forceful methods have Often been recommended for teaching dogs But breakthroughs and what we now know About dog behavior have really allowed Us to outgrow these older methods if you Really focus on building your Relationship and communication as a Foundation you’ll be able to teach your Dog just about anything except how to Fit that ball in your mouth click thumbs Up for pancake get $25 off your first Cooking with rover by visiting Rover Comm slashes at George and entering Promo code Zac George I’ll have a link In the description subscribe to my Channel get a copy of my book and thank You so much to our patrons on patreon For supporting videos like this good job We’ll see you guys in the next video [Music]

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