Getting This Dog to Do What He Doesn’t Want to do. [Reality Dog Training EP 14]

Getting This Dog to Do What He Doesn’t Want to do. [Reality Dog Training EP 14]

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Previously on reality dog training Not getting that ball buddy Holy cow Are you kidding me The question is what do you do when your Dog really wants whatever it is in their Environment more than they want to pay Attention to you I’m zach george and this is george no Relations george has spent the last four Months living in an animal shelter with Minimal contact with other dogs or People and it’s my job to transform him From a wild and crazy dog to an Incredible pet seems straightforward Right Holy cow Not getting that ball george is a dog Like i’ve never known before i don’t Know if i can let this dog go Let go This might be the single greatest Transformation i have ever seen in a dog That i’ve worked with the hardest thing About possibly a dog you fall in love With them this is reality dog training Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode i really hope you Guys know that i’m very picky about the Sponsors that i work with in fact i say No to almost every sponsorship request And only work with brands that i Consider to be the best of the best in Our industry nom nom is actual fresh

Food that actually meets afco nutrition Standards i’ve been waiting my entire Career for something like this for those Of you out there that would love to feed Your dog a fresh diet but don’t have the Time or expertise more importantly to Prepare their meals yourself nom nom is A game changer their nutrition experts Prepare fresh meals with all of the Right nutrients for your dog and they Automatically ship them right to your Door so literally all you have to do is Open up a packet and give your dog an Amazing very healthy meal nom noms also Made it very easy for you guys to try it Out you can get 50 Off a two week trial at my special link Zack i’ll have that link in the Description Can we talk about this whole baseball Situation for a minute uh I’d never seen anything like it i mean I’ve seen dogs that really want to get At things or other dogs or people and I’ve dealt with all those before but a Baseball that’s doing nothing is just Sitting on the ground i mean especially For a dog like george you guys have seen How amazing he has been at virtually Everything i’ve asked him to do but for Some reason He cannot resist a baseball i never Thought that the thing that would take

Me down as a dog trainer would be this George has made it quite clear that we Are back to square one as far as the Baseball is concerned you know on one Hand it’s great that you could Potentially use this as a currency i Mean look at that focus that you get That’s as dog trainers we really like That but We don’t want him focusing on it when we Want him focusing on us instead if he Ever encounters another baseball game or Tennis match i really would like to know That i could have his attention in fact Can i even get those eyes off of this Ball and onto me that’s really what i’m Doing i mean this is the ultimate leave It look at me combo right here in Virtually every other area of training i Can get those eyes on me you’ve seen it In every lesson that we’ve done so far When he gets distracted i work with him A little bit we work through his Confusion and he does fine but when i Say here Or look at me Or george Yes Here you see i say yes he’s like cool Give me that thing i don’t i don’t want Your treats right now Okay i guess i’ll take them but i still Want that thing right so it’s back to Basics with him i mean this is a classic

Example i talk about it in my books you Have to be prepared to take a step back When it comes to your dog training on a Moment’s notice and that’s what i failed To do when i was setting him up out There for that training exercise i Thought i had built enough communication With him to teach him how to leave the Baseball alone but it’s clear i need to Take like tiny baby steps with this Little weird fringe behavior i’m gonna Go in slow motion you’ve heard me say Train in slow motion Meaning the slower you go the better Your results will be leave it No Here look at me Yes look at me I mean you know that if i have to now Hold the ball up to my eyes just to Accidentally get him to look at me leave It whether your dog is struggling to Resist reacting to other dogs people They want to go meet or inanimate Objects the bottom line is that you have To find ways to make it easier and set Your dog up for success when they’re Having as much trouble as george is with This the question is what do you do when Your dog really wants whatever it is in Their environment more than they want to Pay attention to you i’m gonna wait for Him to look at me as you look into George’s eyes you can see his inner

Turmoil is extreme like he’s smart Enough to know that he should honor my Request however his curiosity and his Desire to play with that ball are so High that he just can’t resist it this Is part of george learning that there Are some things that are okay and there Are some things that will never be okay Now i believe that george understands That i want him to not go after that Ball but that last step of actually Tearing his gaze away from the thing he Loves most in this world is really hard For him george Here look at me No Here come on buddy Yes good Yeah he’s giving me little twitches but Even as he eats those treats he’s dead Focused on that i’m not finding the Treats no sir i’m not finding the treats To be reinforcing here like i really Need to think about what to do because i Don’t have a pot i don’t have a good Enough reinforcer right now like he’ll Take the treats but he’s like i don’t i Mean i’ll take them but I mean i’m happy i’d rather just look at That ball if i have a choice of the two Things just to give me traction i am Going to up the value of my currency i’m Now using rotisserie chicken here just Plain rotisserie chicken and i’m gonna

See if that helps me here so i’m gonna Stand up and be a little bit farther Away from him as well to see if that Might help as well so holding it out Here let’s see if i can get those eyes On me okay george keeps twitching his Eyes my way he’s so close to looking at Me for real i’m gonna hold out for a Slightly more committed glance because i Think he’s got it in him Yes Finally a glimmer of progress let’s Capitalize on that momentum now some of You who are pretty savvy about teaching Dogs will be asking hey zach why aren’t You using a toy to reward him when he’s Staying off the baseball after all he’s Clearly in that real play drive frame of Mind use that to your power by getting Him on another toy the reason i’m not Doing that in this particular case is Because i want to keep his energy lower A little bit he’s such a high energy dog That by using food and really teaching Him to work for that in this particular Instance i’m not raising the temperature I’m not increasing the drive during an Impulse control training exercise now Later in the future i might do that but Since he’s struggling so much i’m trying To keep his mood Under threshold i don’t want to get him So excited that he’s like oh my gosh We’re playing with the tug toy and now

I’m going to get the ball cause i feel Like he would just really get amped up To the point where it would probably Hinder my training session George Yes that was a much longer glance Than before it was like a whole second i Think Look at me i want a longer glance than He’s given me yes Good Leave it George look at me No No sir Leave it No sir okay perhaps i’m a bit intense Here but the purpose of communicating no Sir is to let him know that access to The thing he wants is absolutely off the Table right now at this point honestly i Am about to have a meltdown it feels Like i just cannot get through to him so I’ve got to be smarter than this all Right so what i’m doing right now not Good enough it’s just not working so I’ve got to i’m going to brainstorm here So in my experimentation here what i’m Trying to do is to take a slightly lower Value toy but you know what i don’t even Think that’s he’s too into this this is A toy he’s never seen before and he Really gets excited over new toys let me Get to something he has seen before

So this is a toy he has seen before he Loves this toy obviously and there’s a Time when you want your dogs drive and Focus on a toy like this so i mean in Fact i’ve used this toy like that with Him before but i’m thinking i’m hoping It’s a slightly lower value to him Than the baseball and that’ll be able to Get his eyes on me a little bit easier So that maybe i can get traction from There so if i do that exercise with a Variety of different things Maybe he’ll start to understand yes I’m just rewarding the eye contact there Stay leave it Look at me No still not good enough let me try Another toy this is just a chew toy that He’s been gnawing on Leave it so you can see i’m just trying To experiment with different things i Know george finds valuable until i can Find the one that he really likes but is Not quite as crazy for that way it will Be a little easier for him so we can get Some more successes in before we try the Things that are more challenging for George to resist all right good Leave it Look at me Whoa okay now we’re getting somewhere Let’s make it a little harder now we all Know that george loves his frisbee but i Think i’ve been doing so much impulse

Control training with him between Teaching multiples and teaching the Double that i feel like he’ll leave this Alone and give me his attention in Exchange for a treat or just because i Ask at this point because we’ve done a Bunch of training here here sit Stay Leave it Look at me A little redundant my communication but That’s okay here Yes good i’m gonna put some motion to The frisbee next to see how he does Things with motion are more distracting Stay Leave it Look at me Come Sit yeah good man all day long for the Frisbee i’m able to call him away from It get eye contact he’ll do all of his Skills in the presence of a frisbee and If you’re worried about this killing his Drive for the frisbee dogs are capable Of learning that sometimes it’s okay Sometimes it’s not okay if i threw a Frisbee into the street for example he Would have to know to leave it alone Leave it Look at me And see for frisbee he’ll do that all Day long but could you imagine him doing That for that darn baseball we’re

Finally getting somewhere but i’m still Not positive george is ready so before i Break out the baseball again let me see If he can at least resist this toy that He likes slightly less than the baseball Look at me Yes no Leave it Pretty good emergency Stay there i mean i had to throw Kind of firm tone at him but uh it was Successful so i at least like that i Didn’t have to touch him to get him to Stop so that’s always exciting stay Leave it look at me I’m doing my best to communicate with George using words and concepts we’ve Taught him instead of physically Controlling him for this training Exercise the most profound training Happens when your dog starts to Originate their own self-control Here come no leave it come Sit Stay yes stay I mean you can see him reaching so deep With every fiber of his being to try to Resist this i mean it’s not natural for Him i think we’re breaking through to Him Leave it Look at me Come Sit

Stay Still facing the object i want that Attention on me but he’s breaking Through Here Stay Yes Stay Okay good boy All right progress i mean just a moment Ago this was too much for him and he Didn’t have the impulse control to leave This alone teaching a dog to have Impulse control like this requires you To have a pretty strong foundation of Communication with your dog already i Just want to make sure that you guys Know that i have a totally free digital Dog training course that will help you And your dog brush up on all of your Training basics in just 30 days whether You and your dog are brand new to Training or you feel like you just need A refresher 30 day perfect pup will help Take your communication with your dog to The next level fast i’ll have a link in The description of this video okay i Really feel like george is getting the Idea i’ve given him practice with things That are easier for him to resist i Guess all we can do now is find out if My training actually worked leave it George come no Come

Come on come Let’s go George Leave it And this He’s leaving it but i can’t get his full Attention no Stay George come come No Come Sit Come Here sit Stay yes Stay So there’s a good instance of using the Word no to get him to resist something That i don’t want him to go after However i don’t want to rely on that as My main strategy sure it’s effective Here but i don’t want to have to rely on Screaming no every time he goes for Something i’d rather him understand this Concept a little more deeply so i’m Gonna work on that we’re starting to see A little bit of progress here i mean Look at that he’s staying he’s looking At it i’m keeping him from picking it up I’m even able to get him to come to me At least partially in the presence of This ultimate distraction in my mind i’m Treating this as though it’s a Life-threatening situation if he gets at

This baseball because it’s just a symbol It’s a metaphor i mean there are times When we just cannot let our dogs do what They want to do what if this baseball Was rolling in front of a moving car Right and george like all dogs there’s No dummy here he knows that he can get To that ball before me so he’s using Incredible restraint for him but i think We just need to really spell this out For him until he gets the picture here Stay leave it Doing really good when i drop it looked Up at me Yes Stay I’m gonna try to lure him away right now I’ll take anything i can get This way come on Good look at that he would not have done That moments ago the food was just not Powerful enough stay Okay Leave it Stay Yes Leave it Look at me Here Come Good boy yes leave it Ah Leave it No i mean you see how it’s like my

Body’s making me do it but i know my Mind in my mind i’m not supposed to do It so he’s got this like inner conflict Going on Stay leave it Notice the distance here i’m still Focused on him i’m gonna go ahead and Lure him away with chicken and see if That works stay George Come come on Good boy Sit Here yes got some good eye contact there Yes Here look at me Yes Look at that look at this look at me Wow it’s working guys i’m so impressed With this considering how he was acting At the beginning of this training Session Stay Good Okay i’m gonna put this away good boy so I’ve gotta say to me i’m very satisfied With those results for that particular Training session it’s not coming easy at All and i still have to put that chicken In front of him to lure him to me to Really get him to pay attention to me Which is far from ideal but considering I couldn’t do that until now i’m Encouraged because it’s better because

It’s progress you might be able to tell That george is a little extra wound up We’ve had some rain we haven’t been able To exercise them quite as much as we’d Like outside but another great way that You can satisfy your dog mentally even Physically is to do some general Training with them george is doing so Well with his basics like sit and lie Down and stay and come and leave it and That type of training only goes so far With such an intelligent dog like george So i’m hoping to challenge him a little Bit more today so i’m gonna review a Couple of his tricks that he already Knows just to make sure we’re Maintaining those well and then i want To teach him a brand new trick maybe two We’ll see how he does sit Lie down i want to test scroll over it’s Been a minute since we’ve done that here Go on Roll over I mean that’s looking really good there Was no treat in my hand there so we Touched on crawl i haven’t done much Practice with that let’s see how he does Come here Okay good yes So you can see crawl still has a ways to Go but he’s doing okay there he’s really Following the lure wow One variation of crawl his flagship Trick so far has been sit pretty

Stay Okay that’s all right you can see how That muscle memory we talked about when We first introduced the trick has really Come a long way stay Good looking sip pretty right there okay Good man I’m hoping to teach george how to spin Around in a circle he’s such an athletic Man that i think he can probably pick This up pretty good so i’m going to go Slow yes Good all i’m doing is luring him with The treat here there’s not much to Teaching spin with a dog like george Here good man Yes Yes Every time that butt goes down you see How i’m pulling the treat away to let Him know that doesn’t work Yes but when he makes a complete Revolution like that Yes i will go ahead and give him a Reward he’s an athletic guy Yes And there now we have two spins with a Less obvious lure i still have food in My hand But notice how the distance between my Hand and his nose is farther yes good Boy And he’s trying to combine his tricks Here he’s throwing in his shake he’s

Thinking about rollover and i’m just Going to ignore those right now it’s Common when you’re training a dog for Them to get confused and to start Offering every trick they know at the Same time so you really want to use your Judgment there and withhold rewards for Tricks that you’re not asking for i Notice a lot of people tend to get Discouraged by that they think their dog Is going backwards on their training When actually this is just a normal part Of training any new dog so it’s probably A sign you’re on the right track just Work through it by being really Disciplined on when you reward your dog So not bad at all for a first spin Lesson let’s try the other way how does He do that way Yes That was a really good one and this like Many of the other tricks we’ve gone over Does require muscle memory and practice So that he’ll get really proficient at It Nice Good man teaching a dog how to jump over A jump like this is a really useful Activity for a dog like george because It encourages him to exercise and it Encourages him to use that brain and of Course any time we teach something like This we’re deepening communication with Our dogs at an intricate level that will

Easily translate into everything in Their life stay Okay come and just like that now we did Set him up for success here by having The jump extra low i think a common Rookie mistake is to have that jump a Little bit too high yes So i want to reward him for doing that If you have it too high they will most Likely try to go under it so that’s why We want to gradually increase the height Yes Love that he’s showing initiative there Here sit Stay Let’s go ahead and increase it just a Little bit here Let’s see what we can get away with Stay Look at me Okay Yes boy he is such a natural jumper look At that let’s go just a little higher Here Kind of find the height he’s comfortable At we don’t want him routinely knocking Over the bar here that would be Impressive for a first lesson if he Could do this Okay come on Yes good man i’m gonna go ahead And reward him but you see how he Knocked the jump down so we need to get Them a little more proficient before we

Attempt a higher jump than that But i know george has hops it really Comes down to that muscle memory on this Kind of jumping look at me Okay come yes good man This is higher Come on this way And i love how he’s going around the Jumps i want to keep it that way once They discover they can go under That can set you back a little bit i Mean you can work through it but sit Stay Look at me okay come on Over yeah good boy really good that’s His highest jump yet so that’s great Real good and he’s doing that with ease Right now but every inch we go higher at This point becomes dramatically more Difficult but i’m really just trying to Get a baseline i’ll remind you we have Very very padded floors under this Carpet so i’m not too concerned about a Hard impact stay Okay come on Oh So now i just want to do some Troubleshooting here and keep them from Going underneath by having it Dramatically lower and it’s so tempting When you’re doing a task like this with A dog like george who’s so athletic who Can physically jump very high it’s so Tempting to really try to get that bar

Up quickly but in my experience once They start going under or once they Start refusing to go over the bar then You really that’s your cue to Immediately take a step back go to the Last known place of success and really Get that super tight and super reliable Before moving on and that’s an overall Important lesson for dog training in General stay Okay come Yes Good see if we can get a couple more of Those yes Good Doing great come on let’s go let’s go Here Sit stay Okay come Yes good Very good i’m thrilled george that is Wonderful so i’m proud of him i mean That’s a new skill that’s something that Will benefit him in many ways i am sure I think a lot of people might look at This and be like well why would i ever Need to teach that the point isn’t Really that you want to teach your dog This skill as much as it is Your dog is learning how to behave in Different ways And if you want to be able to talk to Your dog and communicate with them at a Really deep level teaching activities

Like this is a great way to do that a Part to following us on instagram Because by the time you see the series Hopefully george will have been adopted Already so if you want to apply for one Of these dogs that we’re training in the Future uh follow us on instagram for Sure so that you get first notice who Wouldn’t want a dog like george right Whoever gets george is getting a special Boy that’s for sure I know the pressure’s on now how are we Going to actually pick the right person That’s a lot of pressure yeah that’s True i’m really new to this whole foster Dog situation so i think we can all Learn a lot from the experiences that We’ve been having here so yeah i’m so Excited about it i think we have The possibility to do a lot of good for Not only teaching people how to teach Their dogs but raising awareness for Homeless dogs for pit bull type dogs and Showing how great they can be so it’s Really great to watch this series kind Of evolve and each story be told because They’re so i mean he’s so different than Moira in so many ways you know and it’s A different experience all together but Whatever kind of dog you have they’re Almost certainly going to love nom nom Go to zach you can get half Off a two week trial i think your dog Will love it sign up for 30 day perfect

Pup it’s totally free by the way Subscribe to this channel and check out Both of my books on amazon we’ll see you In the next episode unless you follow us On instagram tick tock and facebook and We’ll see you over there see you next Time

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