“My Dog Won’t Let Me Pick Up The Toy!” This is what you’re doing wrong!

"My Dog Won't Let Me Pick Up The Toy!" This is what you're doing wrong!

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Teach Your Dog to Listen to YOU! How to Teach Your Dog to Leave a Toy Alone

So many people either give up on teaching fetch, or get discouraged when teaching fetch simply because their dog is reluctant to relinquish the ball or toy. Here’s an enjoyable and quick lesson on teaching your dog how to lay off the ball so that you can pick it up in order to play with them! While border collies excel at many things, teaching them to leave a tennis ball alone is comparable to asking them to quit an addictive substance!

Does your dog do this? If you have this problem with your dog, does this help? If you don’t have a dog, did you like the video?

Boomer’s staying with me after class and He’s got an issue where he goes for the Ball at the same time that you do when You’re playing fetch so we’re gonna try And apply leave it to this situation uh Which is a little different because Normally when we teach leave it we’re Trying it with treats but now we’re Gonna do it with the ball he likes to Obviously go after the tennis ball here But he has this habit of often going for It the moment a person comes in No don’t touch that i’m gonna pick that Up and we’re gonna create a barrier here Leave it alone Uh-uh Yes and the second we get compliance Here i’m gonna give him that ball wait i Trying to mean It out yeah he’s no he’s figured it out Yeah Yes good job in general you can do leave It with a ball you can do it with a Treat when they learn the concept of Leave it They can do so much why don’t you try it The temptation is to try and beat him Too we’re trying to break that habit of Him getting it Right there and you just wait it out Don’t be in a hurry your attitude is i Got all day long And i’ll pick it up but if he goes for It you and then and then you back off

You know what and just back off there For five seconds ten seconds be like no I’m not going to pick it up i’m not in a Hurry to get this ball yeah exactly Look at that nice work Yep and there’s the reward perfect Perfect that’s how you teach a border Collie to leave a tennis ball alone that Has to be the most specific dog training Video i’ve ever made

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