My New Puppy: The First 36 Hours (NEW SERIES: The Dog Training Experience Episode 1)

My New Puppy: The First 36 Hours (NEW SERIES: The Dog Training Experience Episode 1)

Welcome to my new series, “The Dog Training Experience”! In the premier episode, you’ll see what my experience is like in the first 36 hours with my puppy. How to handle crying at night, potty training, socialization, clicker training and much more! Join me as I show you how I train my new dog everything! Thanks for sponsoring the first episode of The Dog Training Experience PupBox! Go to and enter discount code ”ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!

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Welcome to Episode one of the dog Training experience I can’t believe this Is actually happening we’re on our way Right now to go pick up my brand-new Puppy inertia it’s been so many years Since I’ve had a puppy so I’m beyond Excited to go through this experience Once again and share the entire Experience of raising and training a dog With you guys I’m on my way to Knoxville Tennessee oh look at her good to see you [Music] Are you so cute you got so big you just Keep growing stop growing she looks Great I’m Zach George I train dogs and this is My new dog inertia I’m taking you along As I train her from day one you can Start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning welcome to The dog training experience first we’re Gonna make a stop at the vet to make Sure inertia is healthy and ready for Her drive home tomorrow Let’s go get you checked out we’re Hanging out at the vet right now waiting On our appointment a little bit of our Kibble right now just getting her used To the environment I’m just trying to Straightaway get that positive Association going with new places Everything checked out with her she Looks really good we’re actually gonna Stay in town an extra day or so we’re

Gonna give her that additional Socialization experience like being in The hotel I want a conditioner too a few Things teacher about the clicker teach About the harness and get her collar on All that I just don’t want to rush her And she like a long road trip Immediately we’re back at the hotel now I’ve got my pup box with me cuz I am a Customer they actually send you stuff Every single month based on your dog’s Age this is a two month pup box let’s See what we got here we have some fun Toys and we have different texture toy Gears with a two month old dog you’re Gonna need stain and odor remover I’m Gonna be using these treats in just a Minute chew toys wipes If you’re interested in trying pup box You can get 50% off of your first box When you sign up or a three six or 12 Month subscription by going to pup box Calm slash to Zack and using discount Code Zack I’m gonna have that link in The description below my intention at This point is to get her started with Clickers I love clicker training because it’s a Really handy device that is very good at Communicating to your dog when you like What they’re doing but first you have to Teach them that this clicking sound Means they’re going to get a reward I’m Making them real small about that size

Right there this is a real simple Process it just takes a few minutes to Do notice I’m clicking a little bit away From her I don’t want to go right in her Face and click for some dogs that sound Can startle them see she’s looking at That clicker so I like that to be clear The click doesn’t tell your dog to do Something it simply communicates that You like what they just did yes there we Go that’s kind of a magical moment by Good I feel like she’s starting to make The connection here the first thing I Want to do is get a nurse are Comfortable with wearing a collar and Then we’ll graduate to the harness I Think it’s important we go really slow With every new thing that we do with our Dog just because I’m really comfortable Gonna let her investigate it I like that She is taking an interest in it touch Her on the head with it look at that Really really healthy reaction let’s Come up under the chin here start to Buckle it let go the point is I don’t Want to just strap it on her wait for Her to freak out I want to get her Really comfortable with every little Thing that I do this builds trust and Her general behavior right now is just Outstanding I’m so proud of you I’m Being very liberal on my rewards this Young you can see she’s going through an Adjustment period with the collar on –

She’s kind of being a big goofy like Wait what is that on my neck we can get Started with her harness it’ll let me Sniff it and everything see a lot of Dogs will freak out over stuff like this Cuz we just do this in a hurry when We’re in a rush but if you take your Time in the beginning things will go way More smoothly I’m gonna slip this over Her head slowly this can be a clumsy Process for dog trainers – now that Whole process can take anywhere between 5 minutes and an hour just depends on Your dog we’re off to a good start Inertia Doing a good job now I can finally leash You having a young dog on leash is Essential too much freedom too early is The biggest mistake people with puppies Make and I’m determined not to make that Mistake we’re gonna pop the leash on and Now I have control of her environment by The way I cover everything dog training Related in my books they’re a great way For you to stay on track with Have a new puppy like inertia or an Older dog check the description for the Links I’m gonna let her sleep right now Cuz she’s had a long morning I was so Anxious to get her condition to the Clicker to then put on the harness and The collar so that I can start building This communication desensitizing a dog To the sounds of the world and observing

How they react to their surroundings Will help you get to know a new dog Better we want to take advantage of the Fact that she has been so well Socialized for the first few weeks of Her life which was really important to Me and as evidenced by the volume of my Voice right now she is just passed out In other words since she appears to be In a deep sleep rather than whispering And tiptoeing around her I’m Intentionally speaking in a louder voice In the hope that she’ll be more relaxed In the future when a broath door loud Sounds happen with puppies it’s a good Idea to expose them to a variety of Sounds both ones that occur without your Expecting them and ones that you create Artificially look at that the loud sound That just woke her up she reacted Beautifully there no reward is necessary As she’s naturally relaxed right now I’m Gonna run out to the car to grab Something but I want to see how she Reacts to this door handle because these Hotel doors you know they’re kinda loud Look at that see that good camera work There producer Bree Too much look at that so I found the Point that startled her right there that Was interesting I stopped immediately because I want to Find out where her threshold is where Does she go from being not sound

Sensitive to sound sensitive while Sleeping under these circumstances it’s Always a quest to understand every Thought the dog makes but we can never Truly understand what they’re thinking But it’s sure interesting to try isn’t It and now for her first introduction to The crate my original plan was to Introduce the crate by tossing treats in And encouraging inertia to go in and out Of the crate however puppies loved to Sleep for extended periods of time and Sleeping can be a great time to Introduce them to some new things this Is a bit risky but I’m going to try to Pick her up hope that she remains Sleeping and place her in this crate Right here with the door wide open in The spirit of slowly introducing her to New things the point of a crate is to be Able to easily control your dog’s Environment for short periods of time When you cannot directly tend to them Getting your dog comfortable with a Crate is a very positive thing and Success but what do you do when an 8 Week old puppy awakens from a nap she Just woke up she’s probably got to go Pee immediately taking a dog outside After they’ve been sleeping can be tough Since most puppies will immediately want To pee since it’s a fair distance to the Closest safe area for her to pee I want To have an indoor option by having these

Pads nearby also by having her on leash I’m able to keep her right on the pads This is her first experience on a leash And harness and she’s doing really well I’m just gonna get right back into Training because the whole theme of Raising a puppy is really understanding That dogs are learning at every moment She’s having the habit of going to the Ground a lot sniffing the ground a lot Biting at the carpet I really need to Focus on getting her eyes on me so I’m Just going to do look at me training Sessions clicking and treating anytime I Have eye contact with or just to let her Know wow you look at me I really like that because when you have Your dog’s eyes on you you can really Communicate with them much better I’m Getting her look at me and I’m saying Her name at the same time as I want her To equate her name with looking at me Hey that wasn’t bad for a mini training Session we’ll cover this in more depth In future episodes though but we really Need to do some playing right now the Bond is the most Important thing you have with a dog get Them into you and you’ve got to get into Them and that’s what we’re in the Process of doing right now and I love Doing that through play I think it’s Time for inertia to get another nap Eight week old puppies need between 18

And 20 hours of sleep per day Okay now that she’s awake let’s go to Town and introduce her to some strangers Oh check it out there’s a dock diving Event in town Maybe some day inertia when you have a Puppy it feels like you’re a celebrity Because everyone wants to come up and Talk to your dog yeah absolutely please Hold her it’s great for her to have Other people hold her and interact with Her especially when they’re young like This you’re neat go under right here There ya go That’s the that’s the good spot it’s Exactly right she is a border collie Well thank you for helping me train guys This is obviously the first of many Public outings for inertia I’m just Trying to conditioner to new Environments and new people and teach Her that these things are normal after All the way to get your dog listening to You everywhere is to work with them and Train with them everywhere possible and Get them interacting with people and new Situations as much is reasonably Possible she’s getting a little anxious There is such a thing as too much Socialization if you notice that your Dog is getting overwhelmed or not taking To it very well Just take a step back you may have Noticed a moment ago when she was being

Pet she got a little anxious and started Whining I think it’s best to exercise Caution here and time for a potty break We found a secluded spot that probably a Lot of dogs don’t frequent so we’re Gonna see if she’s gonna go potty out Here so this time she didn’t have to go But much better to give them too many Opportunities to relieve themselves than Too few All right inertia I think we need to go Back to the hotel for another nap she’s Looking peppy now let’s play basically What we’re doing right now brie and eyes Were playing this back and forth game Just tossing the toy back and forth Getting her used to doing some mild Exercise indoors go ahead and I sort of Pounced on it but yep a little tug They’re keeping her motivated brie You’re very good at this good work on Let go by making the toy boring just Make it still And then when she lets go give her a yes And toss it you could use the clicker With this too so I’m using yes and the Clicker just whatever I feel like so Since she keeps losing it like that See she tracks it when you keep it low In front of rows look that’s a Border Collie look at that oh good girl good Girl Where’s your toy yes good that’s a nice Little fetch after all this playing it’s

Finally time to go to bed for a nurses First night with us since I’m in a hotel I don’t have an ideal containment system And since I really want to take my time Getting her used to her crate we put Together a makeshift pen slash great Combo area with our luggage and other Stuff we brought from our trip I’m Avoiding putting the door on just yet Because I want to be very delicate about Closing the door I really want her to Like her crate I want her to view this As her bedroom and just a place where She feels really comfortable keep in Mind not all dogs like crates I still Don’t know how she’s gonna take to the Crate long term so this is very much an Experiment tomorrow night we’ll have a Much more formal set up for her it’s Been very convenient to just quickly Pick her up and put her into her Sleeping area and she usually has just Been falling right back asleep we’ve Done this a couple of times today Although it’s worth pointing out that I’m only picking her up and putting her In her sleeping area when she falls Asleep on her own when she’s conscious I’ll teach her how to voluntarily and Willingly go in and out of her crate and So she doesn’t get too bored I’m going To give her this pup box chew toy you’ve Got her other stuffed animals she this Is her toy of the day she’s really loved

This one so right now it’s 12 11 a.m. we Have a thunderstorm going on outside now She’s getting a little whining which is Understandable I’m gonna go ahead and Give her some food right now just in the Off chance she might be a little extra Hungry We are in a motel we do have neighbors It appears to be pretty sold out here so I’ve got to keep her from barking too Much I guess a lot of you might deal With this if you have apartments or Condominiums so I’m going to encourage Her to be quiet I’m trying to find just Really brief moments of quiet to go Ahead and reward her with right now I’m Clicking and offering her treats during Moments of quiet there was a tiny bit of Quiet which also had the additional Benefit of conditioning inertia during The storm After all if great treats come out During her first storm with us then She’s less likely to feel anxious in the Future especially if I keep this up this Is just normal anxiety right now I’m Just trying to temper it before it gets More out of control this is something You just planned for when you have a new Dog those first several nights why is She just talking those small moments of Relaxation and quiet and I’m clicking Her and rewarding her it’s really Meticulous right now try not to let that

Whining get out of control you see I’m Not waiting for her to start wanting to Be like no be quiet might also notice She’s not in her crate right now she’s Lying on the pads I’m just totally okay With that I don’t want to add to her Anxiety the time when so many people get Particularly frustrated with a puppies Especially during the middle of the Night it’s not when you want to train You want to get your sleep but just Factor in that you’re going to have to Do this in most cases with a puppy as They’re acclimating just be patient look For this small moment look you can see How she’s lying down now she’s much more In that curled up relaxed State All right well I just woke up inertia is Out of her enclosure looks like Zack Went was a different strategy last night I would say that the first night was Much as expected I mean she whined about What three or four times throughout the Night something like that yes four times And I was able to have some success with Reassuring her and everything but Ultimately I ended up just caving Sitting on the floor and sleeping with Her because I mean you have to have a Lot of empathy with a new puppy and Understand that I mean their world is Just changing so fast oh she’s being Good job you’re like a leaky water Balloon you pee so much we’re just about

To head back to New Orleans right now But I want to definitely give a nurses Some exercise and get that edge off Before we go so we’re gonna do a lot of Self-directed free play until a puppy is Vaccinated it’s vital to avoid areas Where other dogs likely frequent and Right now she’s very stimulated I’ll bet She wouldn’t even take a treat if I gave It to her right now let me see okay see Because she’s so excited right now and Taking in the world so I’m just gonna Let her do that and not focus on having A regimented structured training Exercise this is important for young Dogs brie is gonna wipe her paws off Because she was walking we’re doing our Best to keep her away from areas that Might have been frequented by dogs we Don’t know but you can never be too safe So I’m gonna wipe her feet down these Also came with our pup box you might Recall so they’re quite handy very Practical and because she was just Exercised she’s a lot more likely to be Tolerant of this so to make the process Go extra smooth we’re gonna go ahead and Give her some treats when you’re Transporting a new puppy of course You’ve got to be prepared for some minor Anxiety and so we do the treats just to Kind of put her at ease and let her know Hey there’s good stuff here it’s always A good idea that if you’re gonna pick up

A dog like this and you have a long road Trip have someone that can tend to the Dog directly impossible inertia is Passed out but you know what that Doesn’t mean I can’t do some training One thing that I want to do with her While she’s going through this major Sleeping phase is really get her Comfortable with touch get them Comfortable with being touched in this More sensitive areas like their ears Their feet maybe even their teeth or Gums let’s get her tail and see what she Does so a road trip can be a great time To do this kind of training we’re about Two hours into our road trip so far and Everything is going pretty smoothly okay Time for a potty break we’re gonna Charge up the car and get to a spot Where it’s unlikely that other dogs Visit since inertia needs additional Vaccinations immediately her potty Training is going so well good girl That’s interesting she’s she’s scared of A fire hydrant right here and her Anxiety might be too high for me to take This on right now I don’t know that I Want to insist that she go near but we Came up to and she froze up oh my gosh a Train you just can’t beat the real world And what public delivers I mean at first She was scared of a fire hydrant but Then a train came and made her Completely nervous I think she did all

Right but right now I’m just reassuring Her there’s no harm in reassuring your Dog when they become a bit nervous like That we’ve got some heavy rain and Inertia seems to be quite at home and Quite comfortable it’s not phasing her a Bit hmm what else can we do to give a Nurse with some useful experiences while On a road trip I’d like to see how she Does with some music I don’t know that she’s ever heard music Before Oh turn it down you see her react I was so interested in good girl she Noticed it for sure She’s sensitizing to like this Artificial electronic sound that she’s Never heard the more deliberately you Expose your dog to things hopefully the Better and more accepting they’ll be of Those things go ahead and change the Song oh she likes this one Look at her [Music] Go ahead and turn it up a little bit I Think that’s a good exposure for now Reap it on the road like ten hours now It’s time to stop and give an Ursa some Playtime puppies dig a lot too I’m gonna Try to read the verb for attention and Work on some real life leave it here so I haven’t had a formal real life leave a Training session with her she doesn’t Yet know her name so I’m gonna whistle Do whatever I can to get her to pay

Attention to me yeah here’s the thing Dogs don’t automatically just know what A toy is so let’s see if I can spark Some interest with this toy and in this New environment she wasn’t really Responding before see how I just made it Real real exciting and she goes what That’s what I mean sometimes when I say Make the toy more interesting give her a Little tug right there keep it Interesting let her win ultimately I’m Trying to find out if she’s the kind of Dog that will play on cue when you break Out any toy or maybe she’s the kind of Dog who’s like yeah I like to play Sometimes sometimes I don’t she’s too Young for me to tell that but I can get Some early indicators a nurse’s slept For the last leg of the drive and now It’s time to finally show her her new Home Inertia of rock we’re home her first Time walking through the door well it’s Been 36 hours and the fun continues stay Tuned for the next episode let me know What you’d like to see a nurse to learn Subscribe to my channel if you want to See a nurse’s progress if you like Videos like this you will really like Our Instagram at SAC Georgia I’m gonna Have that link in the description below I do live training with her over there And show you what she’s learning sign up To get 50% off of your first pup box

When you sign up for a 3 6 or 12 month Subscription that link will be below too In the next episode we’re gonna find out What a nurse’s first day at home is like And it’s going to be action-packed

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