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Today is a huge day for us i don’t know What i’ve gotten myself Into but it is the start of a brand new Series So if you’re trying to learn how to Train your new dog you have come to the Right place I’m zach george i’m a dog trainer meet My new project Kona i’ve got just three weeks to train Her and set her up for the most Well-behaved life possible that means i Need to work on the most common puppy Issues like potty training how to Actually pay attention Stopping things like play biting chewing Separation anxiety Getting along with other animals leash Walking and teaching her everything a Good dog needs to know Real dog training doesn’t always go Smoothly and that’s why i’m going to Show you Every success and mistake and how i work Through all the most Challenging parts of raising a new puppy Welcome to your new puppy survival guide Hello oh my goodness look at her This is tristan’s dog oh my god she’s Beautiful oh hi Hey guys i’m tristan zack’s video editor My wife kate and i recently got an irish Doodle puppy named kona And we have a baby on the way so i want

To make sure the puppy gets the best Start possible Good luck zach first thing i’d like to Do is show a dog where to go potty and She’s been on the road for about 45 Minutes probably So want to give her a chance to go potty Oh isn’t she adorable Yes wow there’s so much to train a new Puppy But we’ve got to start somewhere how About with potty training Nice potty training’s going well so far That’s good All right call as much as you want [Music] Absolutely absolutely all right see you Soon That’s okay yeah you just walk out the Door right now and look I’m told one of her issues is separation Anxiety so that’s something that we’re Going to be paying attention to As we get to know her but right now yeah There it is right there Right right now our main focus is simply In And getting her comfortable with this New place hey what’s going on i mean the Second her dad walks out the door you Can see that she’s thrown off and oh Hello I’m your new dad not really but i’m your Caretaker for the next few weeks

It’s going to be okay looks like she Accepted that pretty quick I think the fastest way to get her Comfortable in this new place is to get Her Playing and get her really interested in Me let her check out things we have A lot to do over the next 24 hours with Her so I think we should get started when i’m Working with a new puppy i prefer to use A harness with them So i want to get her used to wearing the Harness although We haven’t really gotten off to a good Start here have we okay no You’re supposed to wear this not what Have i gotten myself into i need to get Her comfortable with her harness let me See if i have some treats here from our Bark box he’s gonna love this What’s the theme trick or treat check This out Jack o lamb She’s making herself right at home what Is this Is that good or what i’m trying to get Her to poke her head through it like This There we go look at that what that was So Slick so far yes good it’s partially on Let’s give her a treat so we can Keep her optimistic throughout the

Harness wearing process and I think that’ll fit perfectly great look At that There we go good girl all right barkbox And super chew are monthly subscription Boxes where they send you amazing treats And toys Every month i mean you can see instantly I haven’t even had a chance to take the Tag off And she’s into her candy corn she loves It let’s see what other kind of toy do We have If i’m gonna get kona super comfortable With me there’s no shame in showering Her with gifts Right away these treats have already Come in handy she’s been here less than Five minutes and i’ve already been able To get her comfortable wearing a harness Playing with toys And bark also sends you a chew but it Looks like kona might want some tougher Things to chew on i mean don’t Underestimate puppies that’s what super Chewers for This is a completely new level of Toughness right here Let go did we get lucky i think we did What’s that all right awesome look how She’s instantly kind of chewing on it For a teething puppy too a super chewer Box can be really valuable That one’s a lot tougher this one has a

Little more give let’s see if she likes It Hey what’s this get it I love how she just like tries every new Toy so we have plenty of supplies plenty Of treats right now there should be Nothing that we can’t teach her and all Of you are gonna get a free bark box or A free Super chewer box just go to Dog training or Dog training you better hope that kona Leaves a box for the rest of you Now i’ve intentionally avoided meeting Kona She’s been with her new family for a few Weeks right now but i really just wanted This to be as authentic and real as Possible So i’ve just met her today she’s going To be living with us for the next few Weeks And i’m going to do my best to get her As far as we can get her To prepare her for an amazing life so She’s going to have an amazing life Either way What a good girl ah yeah okay so right Off the bat i can see she needs to Adjust her aim And know how to conduct herself ouch When she encounters human flesh so she’s Definitely A fighter especially when she’s in a

Playful mood like this We’re going to address biting for sure At some point over these next few weeks I’m also told that she has issues with Separation anxiety she gets pretty Anxious when left alone And she’s not used to being in a crate So she sleeps with her parents And if she doesn’t get to do that then She tends to Be very upset by that so we’re going to Work on getting her comfortable with Being alone over these next few weeks as Well Look at that that’s a nice little tug oh Man Go get it let’s see how her fetch is Doing does she know how to bring it back I’ll take it i think it was an accident But let’s see if we can Good get it good job So you know i mean my instinct Immediately takes me to fetch with just About any dog Because i guess my hypothesis is the Faster i can get her Playing with me the more likely it is i Can have a really good bond with her And get her wanting to listen to me what A good girl you are you are so perfect Let’s see does she know let go or drop It let go Drop it okay she doesn’t appear to know What those mean yet

What i’m gonna do to teach her to drop This toy so i’m just gonna make it kind Of boring Just hold it still and watch my hands Let go get it i’m gonna immediately give It back to her Right as she drops it do you know where It is Look at that guys Come on yeah good girl do you see that It looks like she really thought that One out she used her brain To go look for that toy that she was Into let’s work on drop it again or let Go Whatever you want to call it make it Boring let go Notice how i’m saying yes the moment she Does anything i like i’m using a 10 foot Leash by the way We have a pretty big area down here so It doesn’t make sense to just let her Off leash and go wherever she wants Especially since she’s in a new place She’s not fully potty trained yet these Are all things we have to work on So if you’re trying to learn how to Train your new dog you have come to the Right place I am noticing a lot of biting ouch ouch Ouch that’s not working too well but Every time she bites me i’m gonna really Focus on redirecting her Uh onto something that is acceptable you

Can Good yes let go yes You know the temptation here when you Have a puppy is to try to teach Everything at the same time but you Really have to pick your battles So i’m not gonna focus too much on the Biting right now as much as i am gonna Focus on really redirecting her onto the Toy And keeping the mood of the play session Upbeat and positive because that really Is my goal Yes good let go try not to get too Caught up in specific orders of things To teach and really focus on what your Dog is telling you and what needs Attention And so on as you train a dog as you’re Going to see in this series we don’t Just resolve biting in one day or Jumping We don’t just teach fetch in one day so It looks like she’s Looking outside let’s go give her Another potty break right here For this next 24 hours i’m going to be Really focused on showing her The right places to go potty i’m told She still needs Some improvement on potty training the Thing with potty training is Take your dog out very very often give Them lots of opportunities

Right now we’ve got some people taking a Walk up here on the levee Let her check that out so there’s going To be a lot of this i mean just letting A new puppy Check out the world is very important i Didn’t see her pee that time but that’s Okay i mean You don’t want to think that your dog Has to go pee or poop every single time You let them outside much better to let Them out very often so for her i’m going To be letting her out Every 20 to 30 minutes especially on This first day just to get her super Comfortable with going in the correct Place Which in this case is outside you’re Doing a great job so far So maybe i’ll give her a tour of the Downstairs here we’ve done a pretty good Job puppy proofing but Obviously puppies are going to like Shoes Don’t we all i’ll try and keep those Out of the way and put those up later Even though i’m very good about Controlling the environment of a new dog It’s still important To puppy proof your home if you’re an Inexperienced person with dogs Especially You’ll want to go out of your way to Really puppy-proof the house and make

Sure that they can’t destroy things that Could potentially be harmful to them or Just harmful to your property so for Example we have a trash can ours Tends to tuck away which is nice but if Yours didn’t do this you would make sure That Your dog didn’t have free access to the Garbage can that can Be something that really is tempting for A dog be mindful things like Electrical cords i see i’ve got some Tissues here i should probably move Those Things like electrical cords can be very Desirable to dogs I don’t think she’ll have access to that Because she’s going to be on leash And i mean it’s really helpful to View the house from your dog’s Perspective They’re down here what can they get into I see some cords over there that i might Need to tuck away For example you guys might think i’m Joking but i’m totally serious i mean You cannot and should not underestimate The intelligence and curiosity Of a new dog or any dog for that matter Never trust a puppy zach george Let her check out the kitchen see what It’s like no doubt she’s smelling our Other two dogs you might have noticed Both indie and inertia have been put

Up right now we really want to give kona Time to check out the place on her own Without being distracted by dogs it’s One of our offices over here We do have some of these gates placed Throughout the house to really limit Where she can and can’t go if we do Decide to let her off leash Or let her run around so we have we’re Gonna have a gate here Then i’m gonna have a gate here to put On the stairs so she doesn’t go upstairs When you’ve got a new dog Controlling where your dog can and can’t Go is Everything because they’re smart they’re Curious they have no idea what can harm Them and what can’t If you want to protect your property and Keep things from getting destroyed and Minimize Potty accidents and really just Accelerate your progress Controlling the environment is key and That’s a huge part of training a dog That even the most inexperienced trainer Can do great with Some of you might recognize this setup From our Inertia series the dog training Experience this is how i intend to Keep her contained when i’m not tending To her when she needs to take her naps Overnight and so forth

I love this combination of having a Crate and an exercise pen especially Since She’s not really crate trained she Doesn’t love being in a crate while Alone This will give kona a lot more area to Play with so it’s not quite as daunting To her So that’s actually my next order of Business to see if i can get her Comfortable Going in and out of the crate i don’t Know if she already has like a negative Association with it Or what so that’s what i’m curious to Find out Kona hey girl good I love how she came to me i said kona Hey girl and i Think she detected i had a treat with a Young dog especially i want to go out of My way To pair desired behavior coming to me in This case With something that she really likes a Bark box treat There we go good job i’m actually going To take off her Leash for a second here what happens if I throw that in did she just go right in Or she like Okay good sign A little hesitant to go in remember

She’s not crate trained At all so try that there we go Yes very good let’s try something else Here So getting her comfortable with the Whole area Not bad kona come here Notice i haven’t even closed the door Come on i don’t want her to feel like Haha i trapped you I’m now closing the door and locking you In there forever Want her to know that it’s okay to go in There Good job kona come Yes good girl you’re doing Great yes it looks like she’s starting To Make the connection come Yes really responsive to come right There i know her dad’s been working with Her a little bit on that so that’s Really good So here i’m gonna do this let her Discover that it’s closed for a minute Kona Okay good and i’m just going to let her Out i just want to be Really delicate because it can be a Fragile thing when you’re introducing a Crate Obviously i’m not going to get her fully Comfortable with going in and out of Crate and

The first day necessarily but i want to Give her As much of a good association with it as Possible ideally The thing to avoid is just putting them In there and closing the door And seeing how they do i mean almost all Dogs are Going to not take that very well so Anything you can get your dog doing Voluntarily Is much more likely to be successful it Is so worth it to go out of your way to Create this positive association with The crate And getting them comfortable with their Area you don’t just have to use treats Either And remember any puppy-proofed area will Do if a crate isn’t realistic for your Situation you might have like a laundry Room or something that you’ve Puppy-proofed or a spare bedroom or Something like that it’s important to Really go out of your way to keep them Extra safe So i’m gonna go ahead and close up the Crate here for a minute now that i’ve Got some Fun toys in there for her i’m gonna let Her just check that out while being in a Controlled environment She’s doing really well here i mean she Hasn’t been here very long at all and

She’s Adjusting quite well but you can see She’s like wait a minute am i locked up You can see she’s like a little thrown Off right now she’s like wait a minute We were just partying having fun now You’re walking away leaving me in this Contained area Before an episode of separation anxiety Erupts i’m gonna let her out Oh boy i really don’t want her rushing Out So we’ll have to work on teaching her How to stay when i open the crate Another time for this first 24 hours Especially i want to be sensitive to the Fact that it’s going to take her some Time to adjust and be herself and it can Really take a few days for just about Any dog to Become used to a new environment Sometimes they’re extra hyper sometimes They’re extra tired i mean different Dogs react differently Kona loves playing with other dogs i Also happen to have a Young dog that loves to play with other Dogs so i was thinking It might be a great idea don’t chew the Carpet To have those two play together maybe Get some energy out that might also help Her adjust I see that we’re gonna have to deal with

A chewing issue so chewing and biting go A little hand in hand though they are Separate issues so you can see i mean Look at those look at these teeth can You see them look at those puppy teeth Oh they’re sharp sharp oh my gosh Would you call that a bark what is that I was actually gonna wait until Tomorrow to do this i’m feeling pretty Good i think we can do it now This should be interesting i think i’ll Have them play outside and meet outside At first just to Investigate each other and have a good Time this is going to be exciting i’m Pretty excited about this Hey good girl you want to meet a puppy There’s a puppy out here look what’s Look See the puppy Good girl yes You can see kona is like whoa i wasn’t Expecting that Let them smell each other inertia is Looking excited but little pile of Erection on inertia’s part She’s like whoa i wasn’t expecting to See a dog right when i came out of there But So far so good and i love kona’s body Language here She’s it’s normal to be a little nervous There nice shake off Yep is that a puppy it’s okay

It’s a it’s a stay good it’s okay Give her space i don’t want to get back Into a corner there there we go You can see conan is thinking about Playing and it’s normal for a young dog To be a little Standoffish when they meet a new dog Inertia has pretty good social skills so I remember inertia was just like this When she was about this Age so really normal stuff so a nurse is Coming on a little strong there but i Think They’re going to adjust okay and this is Normal this is why socialization is so Important with Other dogs to get them comfortable with One another you can see That kona looks really interested in Inertia but she’s also guarded and like I don’t know that’s a big dog You can see she’s looking at her she’s Like trying to go up to her A little hesitant there we go that’s Good look at that so This this is a good example here she’s Starting to Get adjusted she didn’t get up and run Away like she did before She’s like you can smell me good girl Inertia and that’s really normal puppy Behavior on kona’s part Lying on her back like that looks like She’s slowly opening up

Kona that is you can see kona’s Initiating some play behavior Not only lying on her back but trying to Play grab her with her mouth Notice that inertia’s pilo erection on Her shoulders has gone down as well She’s less thrown off let’s bring them Inside and see how they do I’ve got inertia and the crate here Because again inertia keeps coming on Strong we’ll let her out in a second but I’m looking at kona’s body language and She’s like thinking about playing So i’m hoping that they’ll open up to Each other This is why introducing your dog to Other dogs is really important so that They can Gain social skills with other dogs and Behave appropriately Good girl lie down inertia can you lie Down Kona come here kona Come and that’s okay remember she Needs time to adjust here so where’s the Toy good yeah Good girl letting kona watch over there Seems pretty healthy let go come around Maybe i’ll get some of this energy out Of inertia inertia did have a lot of Exercise this morning as well looks like She’s caught her second wind And it looks like the strategy of having Inertia focus on a toy

Instead of solely on the puppy is Putting her a little bit more At ease good see how she’s trying to Catch a sniff Lie down okay Go get it it’s really important in these Early stages to give your puppy a place To feel comfortable make sure that you Have another dog under control if you’re Introducing to one of your existing dogs Like this Let go so that they don’t get Overwhelmed lie down Lie down is really good it puts them Lower to the ground a little less Daunting to a new puppy You can see she’s starting to pant Pretty good inertia so That might mean that she’s going to come On a little Less strong and don’t be in a hurry to Introduce a new dog to your pets either I mean you might notice we’re Introducing these two but our cat is Somewhere In this house maybe we’ll introduce her Later just notice how kona is really Kind of Infatuated over here really watching Every move That inertia makes this is also another Reason that when you do training with a New dog You’ll want to have your other dog up so

You’ll notice that we’ll be doing a lot Of that inertia won’t always be present When i’m doing training With kona because obviously that’s a Major distraction right there And you want to teach your dog how to Listen to you without major distractions Initially and so this skittishness again Completely normal i like how she’s Coming to me over here Makes her feel safe it looks like i’ll Compliment a nurse’s social skills here Like She’s not really coming on so strong to Uh kona anymore she seems to be Sensitive to that But she definitely wants to run and be Energetic inertia is trying So hard to get kona to chase her and Play with her right now And kona wants to i think she’s going to Open up we’re just going to give her Time to do so But just because a dog acts like this Doesn’t mean oh no they don’t like other Dogs or they’re scared of other dogs You do want to go out of your way to set Up ideal Interactions right there i love how Inertia really saw that kona was Retreating and respected that was like Okay And kona i can tell she’s getting close To her first nap of the day

Which is going to be really helpful so I’ll show you what i do when she passes Out if she does out here imagine from Kona’s perspective there’s so much to Take in she’s just been dropped off here With these new people And this new dog and this really weird Guy who’s gonna try to teach her things But remember i mean dogs are learning at Every minute and just as she observes Inertia running around With this toy here she’s definitely Processing that It’s clear by her focus over here she’s Very interested She’s starting to get a little brave Maybe they’ll bond over the toy as a Matter of fact let’s see If you did have a dog that was Protective of toys you would want to be Careful about Doing what we’re doing here inertia Hasn’t shown any signs of resource Guarding toys around other dogs Check out how kona sniffs in nurse’s Face here i think that might mean she’s Becoming more comfortable That’s good she got a nice face sniff in There Good job Okay there’s a play ball did you catch That that’s our first play ball from Kona that i’ve seen It’s so fun to watch these guys open up

Before each other and Start to get more comfortable with one Another i’m really proud of inertia too She’s doing a reasonably good job At dialing it back when she detects that Kona is like Yeah it’s a little too much you know i Didn’t know what to expect i didn’t know If they were just going to burst into a Play session Or if they were going to be thrown off But this is all pretty normal and i Think this is really good right now and Remember today is just all about getting Kona Acclimated and comfortable in this new Place and you can just read her like a Book too She’s so funny right now she’s just like What on earth Is happening and hey this is great look How kona is going into the area Here voluntarily it’s a little deformed Right now because we want the dogs to be Able to play out here so we move this Back a little bit But notice the door is still open over Here so kona is free to explore it And actually it’s almost like she Prefers to engage inertia Through the barrier okay looks like we Just had our first accident she came in The crate And just peed oh my goodness

A 12 week old puppy like kona is going To sleep a lot throughout the day So i would like to get her comfortable Sleeping in there i’m thinking if i give Her a really good chew That i might be able to encourage her to Just come down and take her afternoon Nap In her area i’m gonna give her a half a Shoe and we’re gonna feed her Let’s see if she’s comfortable in there So let’s see if she can get her to just Relax in there and engage that for a Little while Because i don’t want her to feel too Confined that’s why i have this extra Big area i found that it makes the crate Introduction process a lot better If you have like a crate plus oh hey What’s going on Show you something that i want to get Your reaction to okay Are you ready yes these are kona’s Parents Oh my goodness oh so they actually an Irish setter and a poodle like a 50 50 Combo Yeah nice that’s so cute yeah that is Cute I love it i’m gonna also give her her Food here Let her get comfortable in there oh boy She’s ready to eat look at her This is another really wonderful way to

Get your dog comfortable With being in their area whether it be a Crate or a place like this Feed them in that area give them fun Things to do give them Toys that are unlikely to be destroyed While they’re in there so Super chewer toys are a great example Maybe avoid things like plush toys which You know they might rip apart if you’re Not supervising them it all depends on The dog though My hope is since she’s doing so well She’s shown no signs of anxiety so far While being in here I’m gonna give her a cool toy to engage With Let her finish up her uh her breakfast There Maybe encourage her to go on her bed the Experiment that we’re currently doing Here is we’re going to see if she just Checks out and dozes off here in a Little bit Part of my goal over these next few Weeks is to get kona more comfortable With being alone and this is going to Start by getting her to be alone in a Place that she feels Is her own so she’s looking a little Anxious here my hope was that she was Going to eat And then be like all right i’ll take a Nap but that doesn’t look like what

We’re getting here Oh there it is okay all right so let me Put inertia up so i can deal with kona So i see she’s relatively calm but she’s Showing potential of having another Eruption of anxiety i think i’m going to Let her out right now come Yeah look at that good girl I’m going to give her a break outside oh Look That’s really good that’s what we want To see Quiet inertia good girl i love how she Went pee the moment we came out that’s a Really good sign that she’s Starting to equate outside with being The appropriate place to go potty Oh look oh my gosh is this the best day Ever or What i mean we’re getting a number one And a number two Inertia is kind of chilling over there Taking a break in her crate And i noticed that kona is starting to Doze off a little bit So i’m wondering if i should pick her up And go and put her In the crate while she’s in this relaxed State so that she can Have some experience of being alone in That crate let’s see how it goes You know there’s a lot of trial and Error when you’re treading a new dog Sometimes

That she went in it’s nice For another bit of her chew I’m just gonna walk away be over here Still be within sight but Just kind of play it cool so it was good She kind of looked at me like what’s Going on And then took interest in her bark box Chew over there So this way i’m not just putting her in There walking out of the door or going To bed You know i’m like really giving her some Time to see that i’m here She’ll see me over here she can enjoy Her chew She’s in her big oversized area there She’s had lots of play time at this Point some training lots of stimulation And with her being a 12 week old pup i Know she is due for a nap Right around now so if i can just get Her sleeping in there even if i’m right Out of here i think that’s gonna make Major Progress towards getting her comfortable Being alone so that when she is alone For a few hours at a time she’s likely To be more content easier said than done I mean we’ll see how it goes every dog Is different And separation anxiety especially with That of a puppy Can take a lot of strategizing and

Troubleshooting In general i should probably have her Harness off there but since i’m Supervising her i think i’m okay with it Right now So now she’s done with the chew she’s Out of food in there This is where i’m curious to see if She’ll just relax see there’s a look of Concern I’m just trying to be nonchalant over Here it’s always fun to experiment with Dog behavior to see how each dog Responds This is where it can get a little bit Messy when you’re trying to train a dog Because on one hand you know you don’t Want to just put them in there And tell them to just deal with it but On the other hand She’s really kind of borderline right Now where i think that she could Potentially lie down and relax and take A nap so i’m just going to give it a Second it is interesting as i got Closer the vocalization subsided i Wonder if i hang out maybe over Here on this couch if she’s likely to Feel a little more content as though There’s a person closer by so we’ll see So far so good it’s best to do things Like this When you are in a position to monitor Them to be

Present rather than just crossing your Fingers and leaving and Doing it all in one fell swoop she’s Chewing on a beef tendon shoe right now And that seems to be preoccupying her This has the benefit of number one Giving her something She likes while also secondly being in This confined area that she ultimately Will need to be comfortable in So the hope here is that she chews on This for a little while She kind of remembers that she’s tired And she takes a nap Wouldn’t that be great this is good i Mean this is already a victory right Here Maybe if i can increase the distance now And go back over there And see if she continues to remain Content that might be an interesting Test She doesn’t seem to be too concerned About me Relax quiet So during moments of quiet i’m gonna go Ahead and give her a treat see how that Works Good girl quiet yes So if i can get her to be quiet and calm I’ll probably let her out again Just because maybe i’m throwing too much At her so i’m really just trying to Feel this out we’re all learning

Together i think that’s what makes this Particular series interesting not Everything works for all dogs Quiet you’re doing great i do want to Avoid Letting her out while she’s barking While she’s in that anxious state Good girl see that nice settle see i’m Torn though like I think i’m gonna let her out because on One hand i could be like all right she’s Showing signs of settling down maybe i Should leave her in there On the other hand if i go when i sit Down and she starts barking again well Now She’s risen to that undesired state so We’ll go back to letting her just relax While on the lead here so she was Starting to doze off here And relax she’s definitely looking more Well adjusted right now Keeping her near me she’s doing really Well you can see how she just looked at Inertia over there and she’s Really chilling out starting to adjust a Little bit She looks comfortable we’re not hearing Any whining we’re not seeing any frantic Behavior So we’ve been just letting kona chill Interact with inertia their behavior Together is doing really well outside of The crate i’ve just put her

Back in i want to see how she does she Slept for a total of like Less than 20 minutes and we’ve had her Six and a half hours so far She was down here chilling with brie While she was working well i got some Stuff done upstairs But she didn’t really fall asleep so i Would have expected her to be more tired By now especially being 12 weeks old I see what the issue is here like she’s Actually reasonably well behaved i think She’s going to go back into a sit Or down yep inertia i want you in your Crate you are Interfering let’s go so i’m going to put Inertia up in her crate Go on i’ll let you out of it can you Settle that’s Very good so i still have to do a lot of Training with inertia she’s not used to This dynamic of me working with another Puppy While she’s here but notice kona’s Behavior right now She’s really good like this would be Great if she was like this all the time But i’m gonna like walk to the front Door And see if she becomes increasingly Alarmed i just want to test here to see If this Is indeed what’s going on like do i have To be in sight or is it even if i’m in

Sight i still need to be close Right there that’s pretty good i think I’m actually just going to you know give Her a treat it can’t hurt anything i’m Not really training her how to do Anything Rather i’m just trying to chip away here It can’t hurt to give her a little bit Of a treat when she is behaving calmly I’m not saying that that in and of Itself is going to train her To be good but you know it’s just one Little thing that Might make the process a little bit Nicer if i’m going to ignore her i’m Going to wait for calmness i mean i’m Right here so it’s not even like i’ve Left her alone There we go yes you see how she Here she went back to her chew toy that Would be great if she would chew on her Chew toy She may be feeling too anxious now Just ignoring that Nice job relax What’s called relax So you know if i do this a few hundred Times if i really go over there and Give her some reinforcement for Naturally relaxing Then i’m hopeful That she’ll begin to initiate relaxing On her own more often I mean we’re already seeing that at an

Increasing rate relax Yes every time i say yes Or close to every time that i say yes I’m gonna make sure that i give her Something Something good you know maybe it’s a Play maybe it’s a treat something higher Value than just good girl Praise in and of itself isn’t the best Reinforcer for the majority of dogs In my experience Relax and you can see the telltale Signs of anxiety there the Dramatic yawn the whining All of that the idea here isn’t that she Doesn’t experience Any anxiety that’s imminent with Virtually all puppies the idea is that We have our experience As little as reasonably possible Relax yes Relax yes i’m really Upping the rate at which i reward or Give her a treat here to encourage some Stability In the relaxed position Relax so it looks like prioritizing Teaching Kona how to settle is going to be extra Important for her I’m trying to really get a jump on Things for tonight because I’m gonna sleep down here with kona Maybe i can teach her this concept of

Relax before it’s time to go to bed Not likely but never too soon to start Right See those vocalizations indicate she’s Still anxious Listening for that particular Vocalization that’s like Okay i’ll do it [Music] You can see we have significant anxiety I’m like 15 feet away From her and she’s like i’ve got to be Closer to you and i’m in sight and Everything So good girl relax Good so i’m going to let her do her Thing i’m just going to ignore and if i Catch her relaxing I’ll continue to reinforce relax The good behavior that i like here see Her thinking about Dosing off i mean i gotta say i was Doubting my abilities for a second I’m gonna put her to sleep with this Relax good girl at first i was just Using the treat just to try and Let her know the sky wasn’t falling but The treats Kind of really kept her more engaged Rather than encouraging her to Chill so i mean that’s the line you have To walk because Sometimes you want to give them Something that makes them feel better

Maybe that’ll cause them To behave better and then other times Simply ignoring the behavior Is what works those are the nuances that Go into training a dog Okay so she did really well she was in There for about 20 minutes or so And now i’m letting her back out to let Her know she’s not banished In her secured area forever but you Might hear behind me our yard guys have Just showed up and that can always be Interesting if a dog isn’t familiar with Lawn mowers And the way our house is positioned the Lawn mowers and leaf blower Are going to come very close to her so She will see them And they’re loud this is a great Socializing opportunity I’m gonna try to do some conditioning Here i’m gonna grab some treats Just to get her associating the lawn Equipment with good stuff All right so here comes the lawn mower Look at that and this is pretty ideal Because she’s comfortable Inside and she’s definitely noticing it Here Okay what’s this do you want this This is just out of an abundance of Caution once a dog becomes nervous of Something it takes a little bit more Effort

To get them to not be nervous of that Thing so if i can Just immediately pair good treats with a Loud motorized vehicle Then the hope is that she’ll act just Like this Good girl there we go So i think she did a really good job There she reacted well within the range Of normal You’re gonna see that we’re gonna have a Strong emphasis over these next few Weeks on introducing her to new things And really heavily socializing her to The world around her Don’t underestimate the significance of Just letting your dog experience the World especially when something Abnormal like that happens kona is used To Sleeping with her parents from home and It’s easy to see why But i really think that in order to get The separation anxiety under control We’ve got to Get her comfortable with spending time Alone and what better opportunity to get Her to spend around Eight hours by herself than when she’s Sleeping it’s a really good way To introduce this concept of being alone When they’re most likely To relax if you are getting a puppy and You do want them to be as independent as

Possible i think it’s really a good idea To get them spending those first few Nights alone Actually their first few months of Sleeping alone with inertia i didn’t Even have her start sleeping in our bed Until she was many months old Because i wanted her to be comfortable With being alone for Hours at a time sometimes and so far It’s proven to be pretty effective i Mean we did struggle with a little bit Of separation anxiety but we’ve pretty Much overcome that nonetheless the whole Point is that i’m going to be sleeping Down here so that i can easily tend to Her And let her outside in the middle of the Night just to make sure that everything Goes as smoothly as possible Hopefully you don’t hear that much from Me overnight but I’m going to document everything that Occurs and show you how i handle it And maybe it’ll be helpful to you we’ll See now that the grass Is freshly cut let’s go give her another Socialization experience Plus it’s time for a potty break anyway Remember dogs smell In a way that we can’t even fathom i Mean they see the world through smell In a way that is so different than People there’s a major sense of theirs

So Imagine all the smells that have been Kicked up by the lawnmower Out there if we can smell it you know They smell at times a thousand fresh cut Grass Smells great good girl That’s the second or third time today Where i’ve let her out and she’s peed Within seconds of letting her out Go pee yes yes here you go Good you want this good girl and you Know with a young dog getting Uncomfortable walking on grass like this Is also beneficial you’d be surprised How many city dogs i see That are uncomfortable with walking on Grass so getting them walking on Different surfaces Even is a great thing to do with a brand New dog we brought inertia out it’s Getting close to bedtime for kona so i Want her to just have a really good play Session out here or just a free play Session which basically means just Letting her do what she wants to do Maybe that means playing maybe that Means just Doing nothing but just really good time For her to explore her world oh looks Like we’re getting a little bit of rain Too So kona is slowly warming up to inertia Which is really good i know we talked

About this earlier but i want to stress That it’s not always a good idea to Introduce A new pet this quickly but you know Inertia is really good with dogs So now that she’s freshly exercised i’m Going to go ahead and give her some Treats to go in there for a little bit I think she’s more likely to relax a Little bit while in here so i’m gonna Put her back in here just for a few Minutes just to get her Slowly acclimated to her crate and Containment area I’m also going to feed her because it’s Time for dinner so she’s been in there For a little while eating your dinner so Far reacting really well i like that Inertia is chilling out as well I’m just going to ignore her still Nearby she definitely Freaks out more when i leave the room But If i stay here she’s probably a little More likely to behave more comfortably And ideally so This is how we’re slowly easing her up To being alone and Unattended we do have a light bed we’re Gonna put in there But since she peed on it before we’re Washing it right now this is really good So far i think we’re already starting to Make progress on this

Relax good girl And we’ll ignore her and i’ll bet she’ll Doze off so far So good kona is just checking out right Now Doing a real good job she’s not sleeping But she’s behaving very acceptably That’s true she’s been quiet i didn’t Even realize Yeah yeah she’s acting like a regular Dog I’m gonna let her out another time or Two before we go to bed officially and I’ll take her harness off and everything It’s the first night with kona and I am so glad that we did that training Earlier In the day i’m also glad that we Exercised her Um because look at her look how good She’s doing she’s just chilling right Now But i’m still gonna hang out down here With her i still have to put her bed in The crate i’m gonna take her out Uh probably one more time but we’re Winding down for the night Inertia is just so captivated by her But um yeah should be an interesting Night we’ll see how it goes Taking kona out now i’m gonna go on her Last potty break i’ve got inertia in our Potty area over here So i’m pretty optimistic that we’re

Gonna have a A good night tonight i think she’s gonna Do really well Let me see if i can get her being Playful come on No you were so playful earlier now you Just don’t want to move huh Oh there it is sweet girl i know You miss your parents no that is Tempting to let you sleep and cuddle Tonight but We’re on a mission to teach you how to Be alone Kona all right come on come on let’s go Good okay are you serious is That really happening i just took her Out And it looks like we have a proper Accident it happens it happens i’ll be Looking for it to become a pattern I mean this is part of potty training They don’t always know where to go and Where not to go We’ll let her replace the water she just Expended And i’m gonna go clean that mess up i’ve Got kona in the other room right now And i thought you know it’s probably a Good idea to go ahead and put down A couple of pads here all right so i’m Gonna go get conan now Oh okay can we relax Good girl i’m gonna try and let her out During moments of quiet

Good girl okay come on let’s go all Right so we’ve got her up for the night And so far so good on the bat she Doesn’t appear to be digging at them or Anything See if she sees me put them down i felt Like she’d be more likely to want to Play with them And view them as a toy now they’re just Boring and stuck on the ground Oh i forgot to put her bed in there That’s right okay now she’s all ready For bed i’ve taken her harness off I’ve got her bed ready her pads are Ready And inertia is trying to say goodnight Too i guess but keep in mind this is a Brand new place to her So we want to be really understanding of That she’s really starting to get the Hang of it though look how much better That is Than earlier even though she’s a little Anxious it’s Slowly getting better hopefully we’ll Stay on this current rate of progress So i went to go get ready for bed i Noticed that kona had a bit of an Outburst and now that i’ve returned She’s doing better but when i came back In the room i was just like I’m not even paying attention to you i’m Just not gonna look at you And after doing that for about 60

Seconds She did that and you can see the anxiety While present seems to be subsiding a Little bit She’s a really good girl it’s 8 15 And she’s still a little antsy as you Can see The puppy pads are still intact that’s a Good sign So she’s whining a little bit there we Go Relax nice job girl I know it’s hard for her goodnight kona We’re off to a good start It looks like she’s falling asleep now She’s being calm like honestly i think There’s a good chance she would be just Fine if i wasn’t down here At this point but i’m not sure of that So i need to get to know her a little Bit better Okay she’s been sleeping solidly For an hour and i am dozing off so i Just wanted to Check in one more time and Show you how she’s doing she looks good To me She just whined a little bit and she’s Up and walking around Now i’m gonna see if she settles back Down And she does i think she may have just Woken up and been like where am i Now she seems recalibrated she’s dying

Like 20 minutes resting and then A minute or two [Music] So i may let her out if she Continues to do this pattern i’m gonna See how it goes i’ve decided i am gonna Take her out one more time her Rate of crying and whining is increasing A little bit I’m really trying to only let her out When she’s behaving acceptably even if It’s just for a short period of time Oh look at that she’s going pee how About that She did have to go after all Nice long one good girl you have to go Poop are you ready to go inside Okay let’s see how she does now Exploring her crate a little bit Oh interesting little sneaky dog there’s A bowl up there there’s no food in it I might go ahead and give her a little Extra food I only said because she was really cool About Chilling and now she seems a little more Animated I just gave her some food and boy She does scarf it down maybe she’s not Feeling Anxious at all maybe she’s just a little Extra hungry So interesting getting to know each doll

I’m way too interested in this Looks like she’s settled down again so At this point if she cries again i’m Probably just gonna let her cry Because i’ve let her out multiple times I’ve given her food we’ve given her Water and You know what worst case if she has an Accident It’s easy to clean up so i reserve the Right to change my mind but that’s what I’m thinking as of right now So it looks like she did go potty over Here So i’m going to clean that up right now Because that stinks She’s having a little bit of a tough Time tonight so far that’s okay I thought i’d give her a little bit of Infection you know She’s uh no doubt missing her mom and Dad She’s being super sweet ready to go back To bed Okay she is sleeping now Going back to sleep i think that Actually helped to uh Give her a little bit of love i don’t Know everything’s gonna be okay Good girl kona relax good morning Really how’d it go It was kind of rough she woke up all the Time yeah i heard you Hello hello

Oh my gosh oh my gosh Look at you oh All right we made it that was our first 24 hours Well i’m excited for day two i guess we Better get going Get a free barkbox super chewer or both When you sign up for a multi-month plan Just go to Dog training and or dog Training subscribe to this channel and Follow me on instagram facebook and tick Tock to see every single one of my dog Training tips see you guys next time

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