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I know should come full unsuccessful There this is gonna be a bit of a Challenge here and that’s okay I welcome The challenge I’m Zack George I trained Dogs and this is my new dog inertia I’m Taking you along as I train her from day One you can start from the beginning or Pick up anywhere and start learning Welcome so the dog training experience In today’s episode will cover more Training in public Brisby training and nurses first Neighborhood walk which doesn’t go as Smoothly as I’d like it’s always one of The nurses favorite days of the month When she gets her new bark box bark box Is a subscription box where they send You really cutting-edge awesome toys and Treats every month it’s a TV theme so Creative we’ll start with the toys my Slow called life get it it’s a sloth There’s the traditional squeaker and There’s kind of that muted tippet look At her she just lights up for a new toy Look at this one it looks like it’s Almost designed for the dog to over time Work out how to get this second toy That’s in here so when it finally does Open you have another toy getting all These extra toys does seem to keep Training much more efficient let’s see What kind of treats we have pork treats That are called piggy pups you’re always Getting premium level treats with Bart

Box look at these beef steak sticks These treats are wheat soy corn and Grain free even they’re Chu mad about You I’m gonna save this for later you Can customize your bark box too for a Heavy chew or big dogs small dogs Special preferences they make it very Easy to get the perfect box for you and Your dog these boxes start at 20 bucks a Box which is an incredible value you can Get a free bark box when you sign up for A 6 or 12 month subscription go to bark Box comm slash dog training I’ll have That link in the description below today We’re gonna go out in public to a Beautiful park and do some training Because having a diversity of locations To train in is likely to make your Training go much more efficiently Ambassador this is gorgeous These trees are many hundreds of years Old the oldest ones here over eight Hundred years old and I selected this Location because I live in New Orleans And it’s like 90-something degrees if You’re in the sunlight and it’s Significantly cooler here and I really Want to get some outdoor training in but She keeps going for the grass here this Is an ongoing issue hey can you leave That alone come on Let’s go and if you remind her she’s Like oh okay I’ll leave that alone she’s Pretty quick to respond but she hasn’t

Kind of made the connection that oh by Default I just need to leave things Alone do you want this no that’s okay I’m gonna let her just usually within About five minutes she’ll become more Responsive she’s like giving me light Responses if I asked her to do something Really difficult right now Like he’ll she might give me a hard time And not want to but I think she’ll come To me and I can call her off this ground Scent under chef’s come here what’s this Yes good really conditioned to respond To come when called very well but let me See how she responds to a stand stay if I was inside she would have followed That hand signal into a heel position But since we’re outside she’s like that One’s a little hard out here and the Reason for that is because she’s not Used to doing it out here and it Requires a little bit more brain power Since it’s new to her ownership here yes And there we go though there it is okay So on the second attempt she did it but She broke before I released her let me See if we can get that looking cleaner Inertia come here yes good yes okay good Job quit while I was ahead there I’m Really happy with that I love that she’s Going into a heel let me see if I can Get a step or two in wait she went into The sit but that’s okay ideally I don’t Want her to sit unless I asked for it so

That’s like you know a minute of Training now let me be fair to her and Let her explore so she doesn’t think oh I just have to constantly be a soldier When I’m in a new place Inertia come yes right there I’m just Proofing come Lynn called she was Clearly not in the mindset of paying Direct attention to me and you Definitely want your dog to respond to Come when called even when surprise so Practice surprising them when you ask Them to do things often inertia look at Me hey what’s this leave this alone I think if left unchecked she has a Desire to keep going back to the ground She went to the ground there then she Looked back up at me I’m gonna Acknowledge the fact that I like that She made that decision to resist the Impulse and look at me instead she looks Well-adjusted inertia come oh she didn’t Come to me I’m a bit surprised by that Because she seems to be in a responsive Mood so I would have expected her to Come there though let me get her Attention on me Inertia come here what’s this Let’s go yes getting peppy running away From them can get dogs a little more Into you let’s go yes good you’ll look At me yes go we’re trying to get he’ll One step at a time right now so that was Like two or three steps of good looking

Heel inertia is still very intrigued by The ground sense and unwilling to pay Attention and with her being brand new To the world I’m happy to be Understanding of this of course but Maybe she’s looking for something more Exciting let’s see how she’s doing with Fetch and frisbee in this new place I Just took this out it got her attention I’m gonna roll it right now she hasn’t Seen this since our last frisbee lesson Because I don’t leave things like this Just lying around for them to get bored With I always keep them exciting cuz I Really want her to like playing frisbee At first fetch and frisbee can be a Clumsy process but the fact that she’s Even interested in this over the ground Sense is super encouraging come here This way trying to get her to bring it To me good job very good come on see She’s spearing off so I have her on lead She’s not reliable yet get it right let Go Yes looking like a frisbee dog isn’t she I’m gonna let her learn how to pick it Up what’s this get it get it yeah look At that did you see that that was almost A catch now she’s never caught a frisbee Before let’s see if we can go for her First catch here kid yes Teaching her how to just take it yes See she’s grabbing it by the rim that’s Good ready get it oh he’s going for it

That was excellent okay that’s alright She was starting to lose interest so I Wanted to go back to the last thing that She liked which was rolling it and Chasing it come on Here she picked it up successfully do You see our four to pick up when it’s Upside down Of course trading in the real world Means coming across unexpected things Like other dogs Let me show inertia how I’d like her to Behave when she encounters a dog in Public a nurse is taking notice but Behaving very what I would consider Appropriately Okay there was a failure point there she Started to lunge towards the dog sit It’s important that our dogs understand That sometimes they can socialize with Other dogs and sometimes they can’t That’s one of the reasons that I Primarily discourage interacting with Strange dogs in public because if it Happens enough then your dog kind of Thinks all right sometimes when I pull I Successfully get to engage with another Dog so there’s a time and a place for Dogs to play meeting strange dogs in Public spontaneously is probably not Generally a good policy especially when Your dog is in early training like this We’re gonna go check out the fountain Let her see something new you want to

Look okay all right so she’s a little Reluctant she’s like ooh water I’m gonna Be a little cautious around that so mom Inigo she was like give me away from This water now she seems to have adapted Pretty quickly she’s very interested in The smells which is really the main Reason we’re here if she listens to me In this environment that’s great that’s Bonus but at just over four months old I Think it’s important that you have a Strong emphasis on just letting them Poke the world around a little bit and See what it’s about look it has a Fishing lure what’s this leave it alone Wow leave it alone no show come coming Yes since this place is completely new To inertia asking her to do tricks is Likely to be a little more challenging So let’s see a nurse that will you sit Yes wait and hug she doesn’t feel like Giving me a hug right now yes tomorrow I’m gonna be doing a nurses first real Neighborhood training walk normally We’ve been walking out on the levee Behind our house cuz it’s big it’s open And she can kind of wander and explore But you can’t really do that in our Neighborhood because she’s gonna be Going in people’s yards and I want to Minimize that obviously this represents Kind of like a hybrid situation to Prepare her for that because it’s still Pretty open but I have a path that I can

Walk on over here so it’s got some Aspects of a neighborhood training walk To it I’m just gonna do a quick dry run Of that and right off the bat we have a Significant distraction to deal with I Mean this could go either way dog coming Up here so I’m just trying to keep her Attention on me I think it’s unlikely That she’s going to hold her stay here So I’m gonna be prepared to Over here to see right there almost yes Good job hello yes thank you yes what This bowl you’re too excited I know I Like to do my best to take advantage of Organic real world encounters like this Having a brand new dog pass us at close Range is a great time to teach inertia Calm stay yeah in training trying to Teach her not to run up to dogs yeah She’s a border collie wait yes you’re Doing very good that was nice of that Lady to stop and talk to us you might Have noticed how my attention was Completely focused on inertia and I was Trying to get a treat every few seconds Into her so that she knew that holding That stay was really working at one Point she was a little too distracted You except the tree but she still Managed to really hold her position and The presence of a dog just a few feet Away little glimmers of success that Started merging the more you train your Dog and then they become frequent

Occurrences of success notice how we’re On a paved path here this is a Completely different type of walk Because I’m encouraging her to stay on The path instead of say roaming ten feet Around me my goal for this lesson is Since his keeper on this sidewalk as I Walk so that she’s not just going Wherever she wants wherever the leash Will go inertia let’s go come on okay Nice job yes right there she started to Go off offroad so bring her back here Since remember my goal is to keep her on The sidewalk I’m using the leash to Manage her and keep her closed but I’m Not using it to provide an over-the-top Physical correction yes that was very Good okay look at me yes let’s go come On I’m not gonna make her heal I’m Restricting the length of her leash I’m Not pulling her back but I’m like saying No you don’t need to be going off of There come here let’s go yes So I changed directions there to kind of Change her momentum and get her more Following me than walking away from me My goal is to really get her to Voluntarily get her attention on me I Know it can be tempting for people to be More assertive in this situation but I’m Really focused on teaching inertia how To voluntarily think through her actions As I know this will make future training Infinitely more pleasant if I take my

Time on skills like this now it’s my Goal to teach inertia how to think Rather than physically making her do Something pick Up the speed all of that really works Well I’d recommend that you do training Sessions like this at least two three Times a week when you have a dog this Young and inexperienced with the world I Know that can be seemingly a lot but you Have a couple of days off a week spend Them with your dog at places like this And get creative and imaginative the Thing I love about a setting like this Is that it has a whole different set of Challenges than a wide-open grassy park Like behind our house that we go on Every morning but yet it’s not quite as Complex as a neighborhood walk it’ll be Interesting to see how she does with That tomorrow It’s a big day a nurse is going to have Her first walk in a proper neighborhood For a dog trainer like me this is a big Deal but there’s a few things I have to Do before I do that because remember the Neighborhood it’s a tough situation to Walk in our routine in the morning here Is to get up go out here and take you Know about a 30 minute walk or so just So she can really explore remember she Doesn’t have the skill or discipline to Stay close to me so I intentionally walk Her in a place where she can roam and

Just kind of be a little bit free that’s The reason I’m using this retractable Leash which I know it’s quite Controversial amongst my peers and People but I think that as long as in a Very specific situation where you want Your dog do we want to do a potty break Or it go and just kind of smell around And not be in training mode these can be Really good you don’t use a retractable Leash with a dog who doesn’t listen well Or a dog who’s in a more congested area We have a gate here going out I want to Make sure that inertia knows not to just Run out when I open it wait wait I do This so that I can check and see if any Other dogs are coming or people and There’s not a soul to be seen for miles And miles okay good job So let’s go it’s looking really good I’m Very proud of her we’re gonna make our Way to the top of the hill here but I’m Gonna do a walk that goes on for a Little bit the purpose of doing this Longer walk is because I want to get Some of that pent-up energy from Overnight out of her system so she’s More likely to pay attention to me in The neighborhood environment where there Are people and houses and pedestrians All close together when we do our Neighborhood walk in a little bit I’m Not going to be using a leash like this This is just to give her some limited

Freedom to run out and explore it now That inertia has had her normal less Formal walk I’m hoping she’s satisfied And less excited and more willing to Focus on me in a more congested setting Like a sidewalk now I’m starting to get in a more normal Pedestrian area so this retractable Leash has to go and we swap out the Leashes and let’s get started with our Lesson she’s relaxed she’s lying down Here in this public area that’s a sign To me that she might be in a trainable Mindset but you know how we test I’ve Got a treat let’s see if she’ll be Responsive to tree training come here Let’s go yes good and sit perfect look At me good see sometimes when your dog Is overly excited they won’t pay Attention to treats the fact that she’s Paying attention to treats is good my Goal is to kind of stay on the sidewalk I don’t want her running into people’s Yards or upto other pedestrians if she Attempts to do that it’s also worth Noting that we’re doing this lesson Early in the morning where there might Be less pedestrian traffic in the Neighborhood right now right off the bat She’s like no I don’t want to smell this She’s not used to being on this kind of Leash on a walk so let me see if I can Motivate her to come to me she wants to Smell the tree let’s try the classic

Foot shuffle move Hey let’s go here we Go Getting a little peppy that seems to Still be working with her but remember My goal here isn’t to do like a classic Heel and have her discipline glued to my Side my goal is just have her walk in a Semi civilized manner I’m going to Discourage excessive pulling on the walk Doesn’t mean there won’t be tension at All and it’s also worth noting my goal Isn’t to make it anywhere if I just have To do my entire walk right here on this 7 8 foot stretch of sidewalk that’s Where we’ll stay this isn’t necessarily A relaxed walk as much as it is showing Her how to stay on a sidewalk basically Ok good Yes whoa inertia what are you doing Let’s go back this way come here so I’m Gonna do this classic back and forth Motion here just to get her zoned in to Me good yes good girl when she pays Attention to me periodically I’ll go Ahead and reward her right now let’s see How she’s just pulling ahead I don’t Like that at all Come on let’s go let me see if I can get Her over here inertia what’s this I know She should come pull unsuccessful there This is gonna be a bit of a challenge Here and that’s okay I welcome the Challenge there’s some goo on the ground Over here I have no idea what it is it

Looks gross and she’s trying to get to It but that’s the real world things are Not going smoothly here at all I can Get intermittent attention willingly From her but not in a reliable manner Yet inertia leave it alone leave it Leave it alone here That’s gross nice good girl okay Come on let’s go yes there we go there’s A nice success we’re gonna go back this Way all right we’re about to pass that Goo again let’s see if she automatically Leaves it alone it’s it good okay Come on leave it alone okay she’s not There yet rather than just pull her away Let’s Zone in on this it really pays to Clearly show and teach your dog to think And listen in these dedicated leash Training sessions so I’m actually gonna Take advantage of this gross stuff on The ground and yes very good right there She looked at it and she’s like alright That’s not working for me Whoa that’s exactly the kind of Excessive pulling I want to discourage See excessive pulling we’ll go back the Other way right as she starts to pull I Stop and I kind of anchor the leash Right here to my hip this would be an Unreasonable standard to hold her to if We hadn’t pre exercised her at this Early point in her training so that’s Why I’m emphasizing it’s important to Let your dog explore and get that

Curiosity out of their system before Asking them to do a highly disciplined Activity like walking on a leash on a Narrow sidewalk like this from what I’m Seeing here we have a really long way to Go before she’s trained to adequately Walk on a sidewalk like this but we’ll See if we can get just a few feet of Walking here without stepping off into The grass okay it looks like a nurse’s Attention is starting to wane 15 minutes Into this session she might be done but Let’s stay with her for a little bit Longer that’s barking that’s okay well This is a nice surprise and Jenny is out Here for her morning ride inertia loves Aunt Jenny maybe I can encourage her to Hold a polite sit to be pet remember I’m Not making a nurse’s it physically Because if you have to physically make Your dog do something then you’re not Actually teaching them furthermore I Don’t want my dog doing something Because they fear the consequence if They don’t give me a sip right here Chloe you’re not gonna be wild I know Can I have a sit good job Okay let’s go say hi there you go nice Work no yeah so a good socializing Opportunity here here I’m gently Restraining her to manage her jumping But I’m clear to make sure that inertia Does not perceive this as overly Aversive rather she learns that access

Is cut off to people when she greets Them by jumping this is consequence Enough without being overly physical It’s really important to me to keep the Mood upbeat and positive in lessons like This come on yes okay this way let’s go She’s lagging behind I’ll just keep Walking forward a bit there’s a Difference between kind of encouraging Your dog to walk with you by giving them A gentle tug compared to a correction Where it’s like no don’t do that where You’re trying to actually inflict Something highly unpleasant to Discourage the behavior inertia is doing Okay but I think I should change up my Method to make things a little bit Easier for us both dogs are more likely To follow us than walk beside us so Let’s try that by standing in front of Your dog and leash training like this You’re giving them a slow moving target To focus on and leash walking in part Comes down to showing a dog how to walk Slower than is natural for them good yes So we’re getting a little bit this is More what I’m looking for Let’s go yes I get a bite a chicken come On leave it alone good girl Leave it alone yes one of the advantages Here of staying on this stretch during Our training walk is that it becomes Familiar to her if I were to just keep Going and every new inch is a new place

That she’s never been to this would be An impossible task right now I mean it’s Borderline impossible right now so if I Can just get one success in I’m happy This was her first real leash walking Lesson on a sidewalk like this in the Neighborhood setting we didn’t get very Far at all I was hoping we could walk Past a few houses she’s not there yet I’m not gonna continue to insist on Failure out of her we’ll wait until she Matures a little bit we’re gonna Continue to work on this and hopefully We’ll see improvement but right now We’re gonna be sticking with our Park Walks and vets training that’s our Primary way to exercise her whether your Dog is a puppy or an older dog these Early leash walking sessions can be very Chaotic because remember there’s nothing More unnatural to a dog than walk Slowly next to a person with just a few Feet of tether that’s not what we Selected for when we made dog it’s a Very unnatural skill to them so just Focus on getting traction with little Tiny bits of success get a free bark box When you sign up for a 6 or 12 month Subscription I know you’ll love it see More videos from us on Instagram and Tick tock subscribe and hit the bell to Be notified when a new upload happens And pick up a copy of my second book it Is literally the most detailed dog

Training book I’ve ever written in the Next episode I’ll give you an update on How inertia is doing at home in daily Life I’ll see if I can ever get her to Catch a frisbee and we’ll see how she’s Doing with our cat there’s a proper Squat good job Angela

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