Why it’s important to be the leader of the pack and how to be the true pack leader of your dogs.

Being the leader of the pack is an important role for any trainer or dog owner to take on. There are several ways to become the leader of the pack and keep that position.

First, establish yourself as the leader from the start. Let the other dogs in the pack know that you are in charge by keeping a calm, confident demeanor. This means that when it comes to playtime, you should be the one initiating it, and when it’s time for eating, you should be the first one to eat.

Second, it is important to set and enforce boundaries. If you don’t want the other dogs to jump on the furniture, make sure they know this is off-limits and that you won’t allow it. When the other dogs break the rules, calmly and consistently enforce them.

Finally, it is important to provide structure and consistency to the pack. Setting a routine and providing structure helps the pack feel secure and stable. Everyone should know what to expect and follow the same rules.

By taking on the role of the leader of the pack, you can help ensure that the pack is healthy and happy. It takes patience and consistency, but with the right approach, you can be the true leader of the pack.