1 Year of Training My Dog Stay in 1 Video

1 Year of Training My Dog Stay in 1 Video

How to train stay! Here is an entire year’s worth of training stay to my dog! Thanks for sponsoring this video Solid Gold Pet! We LOVE your products! Go here to see Solid Gold Pet’s deal of the week just for our viewers:

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In this episode I’m gonna show you what We did over the last 12 months to go From this to this stay I’m Zach George I Trained dogs this is my new dog and I’m Gonna show you how I train her from day One things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can take up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notification So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Stay is one of the most important skills Dogs have to learn and if you want your Dog to learn effectively you have to Find a diet that works for them let’s Talk about solid gold it’s one of my Absolute favorite brands feeding your Dog a high-quality and nutritious food Can make a big difference in their Training Solid gold foods are different they’re Because you get really great ingredients In this formula for example instead of Filler grains like corn wheat or soy They use higher-quality grains like Brown rice pearl barley and oatmeal They make next-level supplements – our Favorite is the C meal they have two Forms of this you can use the powder This is a superfood supplement right Here and they also have the soft chews

And you know what the secret is they Don’t even know these are good for them So I make a nurse and do a cool trick Before I’ll give her one of these okay You can have it told you she loves them Solid-gold has an entire line of awesome Products they have dry dog food wet food The supplements we talked about even Human grade bone broth – see solid Gold’s deal of the week check out solid Gold pet calm slash Zac once again That’s solid gold pet calm slash Zac I’ll have a link in the description I’ve Now been training inertia for almost an Entire year I can’t believe how much Time has passed and I’ve been Prioritizing teaching her stay in a huge Variety of different situations and by The way I’ve taught her how to stay Without using any harsh methods or force Here’s the thing there really are just Three aspects to teaching your dog how To stay in order for them to truly Understand how to stay no matter what Since we filmed the past year of Training with inertia and all of her State training I’m going to show you Exactly how I trained inertia to stay Starting with when she was a puppy up to Right now At just over a year old yet my Books too so that you have all of my Training advice in one place for easy Reference

The first step to teaching your dog to Stay is teaching them how to stay for a Short period of time in other words not Walking away and not using distractions With inertia one of the first stay for a Period of time lessons I did with her Was teaching her how to stay when I Opened the crates for this super early Version of stay all I was working Towards was having a nurse’s stay for Just a few seconds whenever I opened the Door to her crate when inertia was a Puppy I used to click or very often the Train basic concepts like this remember The click just means good dog I like What you’re doing here’s a treat this is What the experiences really like here It’s lots of repetition now that we’re Getting into a really good rhythm I Think I’m gonna slow down the pace with Which our reward remember that’s the Rate of reinforcement because she’s Demonstrating stability here I’m Definitely seeing progress so that’s a Good during these early sessions I’m not Walking away or trying to get fancy I’m Just focused on the amount of time that She’ll stay she’s not allowed to just Rush out she has to hold the sit or down We won’t get a letter out oops Alright see that was my mistake I got a Little clumsy if I can get her back in See that’s damage control right there Since I made a mistake see the mistake

Was not intervening quickly enough to Shut the door before she rushes out more New sounds reacting well in fact she’s In normal training mode which I loves I’m actually working on teaching her not To run out of the crate just because it Opens Okay come on and just to give her the Opportunity to let her know that it’s Okay to come out when I say okay Understand that every time we change a Variable like our dog’s environment it’s Generally a good idea to make the Exercise easier so if you’re at home and You can get a 30 second stay that’s Great but when you go to a park or in The city you might want to shoot for a 5 Seconds stay at first adjust your Expectations based on your dog’s Training environment with eight-week-old Inertia I mean look how many treats I’m Giving her that’s because in the Beginning I would give her treats just For staying a second at a time because It eight weeks old I mean she didn’t Really know too much but today I can Have her stay for minutes at a time Without giving a retreat at all it’s Really easy to assume that a dog will Become reliant on treats but as long as You have a plan and a strategy to Systematically wean them off of treats Then this won’t be an issue long term When you feel like your dog understands

This concept of stay for a period of Time you’re then ready to start phasing In distance and slowly walking away from Your dog now this is actually harder Than it sounds because in general dogs Naturally like to be close to us so if Your dog is new to this you will need to Be extra patient and go extra slow and As with all new concepts make things as Easy as possible for your dog in the Beginning adjust your expectations for What you mean by distance so with some Dogs especially young ones you may just Need to move your eyes away from them Just a few inches at first she’s gonna Come out I’m not gonna reward you I’m Gonna let her know that doesn’t work for Her if she wants more treats when you Start taking steps back go right back to Your dog and remember this isn’t stay For a period of time so keep it short And focus on being able to take one two Or three steps back from your dog at a Time push her too far if your dog breaks Their state twice in a row you’re Probably asking too much so break it Down into easier steps to help your dog Succeed you can teach these elements of Stay time and distance simultaneously Just like you can teach sit and lie down Simultaneously but I think it’s Important to really have structured Lessons focusing on each of these Independently before you combine them

The point is break things down to be Really easy in the beginning before you Start combining the elements of stay so That you don’t overwhelm your puppy or Dog out of sight stay is important You have to leave the room and you Really want to be assured that your dog Is gonna hold that statement so I’m Gonna turn my back on earth very often When you turn your back on your dog like That They’re like oh gosh I better go chase Them let me try out of sight right here Real quick oh did you see that sometimes You have to break down your training Into smaller goals than you originally Plan for here I’m pre-empting likely Failure points by acknowledging success Before she breaks her stay maybe Someone’s knocking at the door and you Want them to hold a stay I mean there Could be a million reasons that you want Your dog to stay no matter what and the Best way to set them up for success to Accomplish that is to practice it often Sometimes I’ll say stay sometimes I Won’t say stay sit means don’t move Until I ask you to but it’s okay to Reiterate stay as well just to really Remind your dog what you want it’s Really counterintuitive for a dog to Resist the impulse to be near you when They have access to you so I’m just Gonna go out of sight for a quick sec

Did she hold it oh good yes I’m gonna Mix things up and I’m gonna go to the Right this time They don’t always generalize if you mix Up a variable like that they can be like Oh wait I don’t understand it in this Particular context keeping your dog Guessing is very important when they’re Ready for it when I first introduced the Concept of stay while distracted I like To use a distraction an easy one Something like a toy and remember things Like the environment are a huge variable So practice somewhere easy at first like Your living room uh-oh See that the idea is to bombard her at Some point with tons of distractions and In seemingly random ways at its most Basic you’re simply training a dog to Stay when they don’t want to you’re Asking a lot of your dog here therefore Find the most minut examples of your dog Staying yeah okay good job train with Distractions often but avoid Overwhelming your dog with distractions This can be a little tricky wait I mean This is so hard for idea stay inertia Disaster disaster oh gosh remember to be Flexible if your dog is having a Particularly tough time training Consider rewarding more often to keep Them more engaged that’s like probably Our third trick or treater that we’ve Had and now she’s starting to be a

Little bit more reliable putting her Into a Down stay held but really all That I’m trying to accomplish with this Exercise is getting her attention on me While something random and exciting is Going on the idea is you take your dog To so many places that they all just Become normal like new places or just a Normal thing we do so there’s no need to Act really crazy just because you go to A new place environment causes dogs to Act more uncharacteristically than Anything else just about I’ve been Training with varying levels of Distractions with inertia from early on And you really do need to train in a lot Of different settings and places if your Ultimate goal is to get your dog to Listen to you in all types of places for Example teach your dog how to stay when You’re having a party or if you’re going To the city maybe you’re going to the Park this is a great opportunity to Train your dog to stay or you’re Teaching your dog how to stay when you Approach a busy intersection for their Safety and of course there’s those times When your dog sees some kind of wild Animal and you want them to stay this is Why training in so many different places Is so valuable do not however rely on Waiting for natural distractions to Arise in order to teach your dog how to Stay instead you must create artificial

Distractions that are basic at first Work up to ultimately imitating or Exceeding distractions that your dog is Likely to encounter in the real world as Your dog gets the hang of this a Wonderful way to practice stay with Distractions is that a doorway that Leads to the outside teaching a dog to Stay is important teaching them to stay At an open door is extra important yes I’m just gonna open it just a little bit And then I’m gonna reward up right there I’m gonna close the door limiting access To the environment where she wants Together no need to pull back or provide A harsh correction here she wants to go Outside so I’ll show her that there is a Strict protocol before passing through An open door leading to the outdoors Wait Okay good and so right there will let Her go through only with permission so Hey not bad what’s so great about Teaching stay at doorways is that you Can merge two environments you have the Indoor easier environment and you’re Starting to introduce that outdoor Environment and let it seep into your Indoor training session you see for Example if I say stay and I open the Doorway right now look what she does she Just walks right out that’s no good if There’s something exciting going on or She sees something across the street and

Wants to run out of the door that could Potentially be a life-threatening Situation so first of all safety first I’ve got her on leash and harness right Here so check out the first step right Here look at this Just move the doorknob now let’s move on Notice how I’m on the ground to to Really keep her focused on me Protocol moving forward is to insist That she hold a stay every single time This door opens in a perfect world That’s what my goal will be and perhaps In the future I will try to make it more Distracting and really really ingrained In her that she is not supposed to go Out of this front door at all without Permission this is the kind of thing That’s trained you know five ten seconds At a time when you go to let them out For a potty break you have them stay at The door while you open it and you can See now we can open it really fast I can Move the door back and forth and she’s Holding that stay let’s get a baseline Here and just see what happens if I say Stay that’s why we have a safety net you See that she completely didn’t pay Attention to stay ran out the door after The ball that’s unacceptable so let me Take a step back and make that a little Bit easier for her I’m gonna get real Close to her here and emphasize stay Good look at me very good nice work see

I’m just trying to walk her through the Motions here of staying while the ball Goes good work Once your dog is really starting to get This concept of stay with minor Distractions you can up your game by Asking them to stay and even more Exciting places I love that you can Practice stay at a threshold at a place Like this because when you’re in a store You want to be able to look around the Corner sometimes to see what’s around There you never know or even make it Super challenging and ask them to stay Around other dogs at first keep these Days really short and stay close to your Dog remember you’re just working on Stay with distractions right now not Walking away and not for a long period Of time distraction training is hard for Dogs and requires months of training in A variety of situations in places before Your dog will generalize listening to You reliably in the face of heavy Distractions and temptations once your Dog is good with distance duration and Distractions individually you’re ready To start combining them and so one big Mega stay with distance duration and Distractions all at one time Check out this recent example you’ll Notice I’m far away from inertia in a Public environment I’m requiring her to Stay for an extended period of time and

I’m introducing distractions and she’s Staying around organic distractions that Are all around us – like people dogs and Even a random ball that catches her Attention remember to work up to this Really methodically and always be ready To take a step back to make things Easier for your dog if they’re Struggling it really is one of the most Important things that any dog can know Practice this often to keep them sharp And make it a permanent part of their Regular training I hope this lesson was Helpful consider taking your dog’s diet To the next level to see solid gold’s Deal of the week visit solid gold pet Comm slash Zack subscribe to my channel And get a copy of both of my books to Have everything you need to learn how to Train your dog follow us on Instagram And tik-tok to keep up with a nurse’s Progress in real time all of the links Are in the description below in the next Episode I’m going to show you exactly How I taught inertia to stop puppy Biting and how long it really took

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