3 Easy Things to Teach Any Dog That Most People Think Are Hard (Teeth brushing, let go of toys…)

3 Easy Things to Teach Any Dog That Most People Think Are Hard (Teeth brushing, let go of toys...)

Train your dog to like getting their teeth brushed, and learn to use toys to their fullest potential when training dogs! PupBox sponsored this video! Go to and enter discount code ”ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!


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Welcome to the dog training revolution We just picked up Cupid the rescue dog Who is currently available for adoption From Zeus’s rescue Cupid what’s this I’ve got a surprise for you it’s a pup Box Check out the dentist Soros this is Really good for eight month old dogs Because it has this kind of texture to It that helps clean your dog’s teeth as They chew on it talk about a serious tug Toy look at this I mean that is tough I Have never seen a tug toy quite like This this is really cool basically you Just add this to your dog’s water it Helps prevent plaque and tartar and it Gives some fresher breath it also gave Us this finger brush in toothpaste kids Cupid you have such beautiful brand-new Teeth I think we should show you how to Get your teeth brushed today pop box is An age specific subscription box where They give you toys and treats based on Your dog’s age plus other items that are Specifically aimed to help you train Your dog and they give you a guide every Single month so that you know what to Work on with your dog chicken-heart Treats let’s see what Cupid thinks of Them how appropriate what box is giving Viewers of this video 50% off of their First pup box when you sign up for a 3 6 Or 12 month subscription just go to pup Box comm slash Zac and enter discount

Code Zac I’ll have a link in the Description click thumbs up for another Rescue dog video subscribe to my channel Too if you’re looking for the best dog Training experience on Instagram be sure To follow us I’ll give you dog training Tips every day I go live over there all Of the time and my Instagram followers Are the first to know of any special top Secret dog training news that I have Check out my new book guide to a Well-behaved dog how many of you have Ever attempted to brush your dog’s teeth You know what a chore it can be most Dogs don’t like having a brush stuck in Their mouth and scrubbing around and They’re usually less than cooperative by Age 3 so many dogs already have teeth Problems it’s really important to do This this will save you money on your Vet bills and just keep your dog looking Good at 8 months old Cupid has these Brand new teeth and it’s time to get her Comfortable with getting those teeth Brushed but the thing to keep in mind is You don’t want to go super quick and Just start brushing your dog’s teeth You’re likely to create a complex we’re Gonna work up to using the finger brush Here in a minute but we’re gonna start With peanut butter so first I want to Let Cupid know I’ve got something really Good I’m just gonna let her flick this Peanut butter I want to get Cupid

Comfortable with having my fingers stuck In her mouth and so we’re gonna go Pretty slow here see how I’m not having To restrain her see how she’s being very Operative right here good nice job now If your dog war to get uncomfortable That probably means you’re moving too Quick but really you just want them Comfortable with having their teeth Touch having the upper bit of their Mouth touch that our gums touch just Everything over here this may take a few Training sessions the important thing is Not to rush it so this is doing a couple Of things she’s getting desensitized by Letting me touch the inside of her mouth And we’re also creating that favorable Association with that action in this Case she’s getting peanut butter which She’s very into so by implementing Desensitizing and conditioning were Really getting her to be very Cooperative pup box sent us this finger Brush and toothpaste kit you put your Finger in it like that so it makes it Really easy to be accurate when you’re Brushing your dog’s teeth this one’s Extra safe so that big end makes it Impossible to swallow and by the way you See how optimistic she is right now see How she’s trying to grab the toothbrush I actually love this how many dogs would Put their ears back and read it if they Had that bad association your dog does

Have a bad association just take a step Back and follow the steps we’re doing Today I’d be prepared to go extra slow Now I’m gonna actually put some peanut Butter on here yeah I’m just tapping the Inside of her mouth here tapping her Teeth and everything just getting her Willingly coming up to it so I’m not Having to go to her at all she’s coming To me here alright so now let’s try Actual dog toothpaste okay boy she’s all About that I’m able to actually start Brushing away at her we see if she lets Me touch her here good girl see I’m Lifting up her gums were just a minute There and so you just focused on doing It little by little here and the main Thing is that you’re not having to Restrain your dog I really wanted her Voluntarily doing this and it’s a little Sloppy right now but this is how you get Started oh look at those white teeth Sore very first experience with the Toothbrush with your own dog just start With tapping a single tooth if you have To and working up to being able to brush That one tooth over a few days before You know it as long as you go slow your Dog will be very accepting over time Your goal is to brush all of your dog’s Teeth in a circular motion focus on Their gum line and do this every three Days or so with your dog and just by Frequently practicing and getting your

Dog looking forward to it you should be Successful with this you need to learn How to let go stuff I think we should Teach that now you’ll obviously Understand that rewarding your dog is Key when you’re training them but it Would be a huge mistake to limit your Rewards to only food rewards especially With the dog like Cupid because You see how much she wants to play she’s So energetic and so engaged we want to Keep her that way and nothing keeps her Engaged like play it seems she’s got a Really good tug-of-war going on with her Pup box toy here but you have to be able To work to being able to have your dog Let go and work for a brief tug session As an actual reward so for example you Might want to tell your dog to sit or Lie down and then reward them with a Brief tug session but you want to have a Really good structure to your game of Tug-of-war here because if she won’t let Go and you ask then that’s bound to make Your training session very clunky and Less productive than it could otherwise Be so in addition to having your treats Readily available during that first year Or two of training you also want to have Things like tug toys or balls readily Available as well so that you can Promptly reward your dog when they’re in A playful mood nothing accelerates Training progress like play trust me on

This in order to teach your dog to let Go of something one of the fastest ways To do this is to just make the toy Boring so instead of pulling dogs like This pulling motion that’s what they Find really exciting about it but if you Just go ahead and keep it real still She’s stopped biting for just a brief Moment and we want to let her know wow When you do that I’ll bring the toy back to life Immediately and notice I’m not like Hiding it behind my back I’m not prying It out of her mouth none of that will Teach your dog how to let go you have to Really teach them to think let go yes Good that was a more discipline let go You can see she’s starting to reason Through this just a moment ago she was Very reluctant to let go and now she’s Almost instantly into cupid’s doing Really well with this now if it takes a Little bit longer with your own dog That’s normal if you’re having a really Tough time with this you could always Put a treat at your dog’s nose to get Them to let go however that’s likely to Really quell their desire to play which I think can work against you sometimes When you’re training your dog but you Know sometimes you may need to resort to That once your dog has mastered this Whole game of tug and let go you can use This to reward your dog during training

Sit wait you know what I’ll take it I’ll Take it because it was an effort to Comply she was a little confused even Though I asked for a sit and she kind of Went into that down and roll over I Still want to let her know that I Appreciate that she’s trying to think And work with me here SID yes get it Good go on get Good get it all right let go a lot of People really resist rewarding their dog With play or with tug like this you’re Just talking about a three second game Of tug remember your dog chooses what They love you don’t get to choose that And if your dog who loves play you need To be rewarding with play more often if You’re serious about getting results and Maximizing your training time with them You can even use toys to lure your dog Sometimes let’s see if we can teach spin Get it yes Tug tug tug let go when look at that Drive she is a good dog she’s gonna be Good for someone who has a lot of time For her this isn’t the kind of dog you Want to leave at home for eight to ten Hours a day she needs a lot of Engagement from people but she’s gonna Be one of those dogs that’s incredible That can just do amazing things if Someone’s got the time for her yep 50% Off your first pup box when you sign up For a 3 6 or 12 month subscription by

Going to pup box com slashes Zack and Using discount code Zack click thumbs up For cupid the adoptable rescue dog for Dog training tips every day follow me on Instagram I do tons of live Q&A s over There and you’ll be the first to know of Any top secret projects we’re working on And if you find videos like this helpful Consider supporting us on patreon as Well that link will be below if you have A dog who has lots of energy like this Get a copy of my new book guide to a Well-behaved dog they can sometimes be Challenging if you don’t know what You’re doing but if you do know what You’re doing they’re so easy to teach And make the best dogs in the world [Music] You

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