3 Easy Ways to Know if You’re Ready for a New Dog

3 Easy Ways to Know if You're Ready for a New Dog

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This episode is sponsored by rover quick Thumbs up for juice subscribe to my Channel and pick up a copy of my book it Goes great with my videos and if you Want better access to me join us on Patreon I’ll have a link below a new dog Can be an incredible addition to the Family but there’s a few things you Should consider before bringing a new Dog into your life getting a new dog Means that you’re going to have a lot Less time to do your regular daily Activities the Rover app is awesome for Those times when you need that little Bit of extra help to give your dog the Care and attention that they deserve you Can get 24/7 access to pet care from In-home boarding to daycare Pet Sitting And even dog walking and you can quickly Book and pay all within the app I think You accidentally just booked your own Drop and visit you’re paying for it I Wonder if we can get someone who’s going To let you bite them all day it’s really Great for those days when you have to be Away from home a little bit longer than Expected and you need someone to drop in At the last minute to give your dog a Walk so if you want Thursday Friday but Not Monday Tuesday or Wednesday and You’ve got two dogs you can adjust how Much you’re willing to spend here you Can check out reviews free detailed Descriptions of how they’ll interact

With your dog for there’s three people Within six miles who have five stars if It keeps your dog from destroying your House it’s probably money well-spent So even send you a map of their exact Walking Ralph complete with potty spots I mean we really do live in an Incredible time don’t we visit Rover Comm splashes act George and enter promo Codes at George when you check out and We get $25 off your first booking I’ll Have a link in the description before Deciding whether or not you’re ready to Be a new dog parent weigh the pros and Cons I mean almost every aspect of your Life is going to be heavily influenced By the arrival of a new dog there are Three main things that I think are Really important to consider before Saying yes to a new dog first time you Have the time to raise a new dog raising The perfect pet takes serious time your Dog’s going to need daily exercise and I Found that you get the most bang for Your buck when you exercise your dog Early in the day that means for most of You you’ll have to wake up earlier each Day and give your dog the attention he Needs before you go to work or start the Rest of your day so if you work long Hours you’ll need to bring your dog to Doggy daycare get a dog walker or break Up your shift so that you can come home And give your dog a break yourself

You’ll have to commit to taking your All over the place number one so that They can become well socialized and Secondly they can learn how to behave in All types of situations I know being a YouTube star is so much work isn’t it it Takes about one year really teaching a Dog how to listen to you in lots of Different scenarios before you can Expect them to generalize communication And you know what that takes a lot of Your time second cost I mean sure There’s the adoption or breeder fee and That’s usually between a hundred and up To thousands of dollars your initial vet Visit which can be a few hundred bucks General supplies may be a few hundred Dollars and spaying or neutering now of Course a benefit to adopting a dog from A shelter or a rescue is that many of These initial costs and procedures are Included in the adoption fee well if These costs are insignificant compared To how much money you’re going to have To spend on your dog over the course of Their life for example a proper quality Food can definitely be pricey your dog Is going to need yearly shots and Monthly preventative like we take an art Worm pills which are an additional Several hundred dollars a year and Medical emergencies well they’re not Exactly rare and they can cost at Minimum hundreds of dollars but more

Likely thousands of dollars over the Course of your dog’s life their vet Bills are likely to get more expensive So really think about whether or not you Can afford to provide a lifetime in Quality care and if you want help with Professional training well that can get Pretty expensive too but fortunately I’ve got all of the free dog training Content you could ever want right here On this YouTube channel if you can’t Afford these costs it’s really nothing Compared to how much dogs really enrich Our lives next patients I mean you’ve Got to be prepared to be mega patient so That your dog can learn what you expect Of them puppies are going to have to be Potty trained so that means that Accidents are inevitable as is the Classic puppy biting phase which can be A major inconvenience and it can last For months if it goes on a dress and Even if you do address it it can still Last for weeks the more patient you are The faster your results will be I’m Gonna have a playlist in the description And I’ll show you how to teach your dog All of the basics and Beyond for free And in order you’re subscribed right Check out Rover comm Flash’s ask George And enter promo codes at George when you Check out to get $25 off your first Booking that link will be in the Description deucey thumbs up he did

Great today and I’m answering a lot of Your individual Questions on video over on patreon so if You want better access to me go check Those out we’ll see you guys in the next Episode good job buddy [Music]

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