3 Things Your Dog MUST Know to Walk Nicely on Leash

3 Things Your Dog MUST Know to Walk Nicely on Leash

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Today I’m going to cover three things That your dog needs to know before you Can expect good leash walking manners Out of them in the description of this Video I’m going to have a massive Selection of leash walking videos with Dogs of all kinds of personalities to Help keep these videos coming join our Crowdfunding community on patreon I’m Going to have a link in the description Click thumbs up for Sophie make sure you Subscribe to my channel think up a copy Of my book dog training revolution Perhaps one of the biggest things wrong With dog training today is the use of Harsh training tools that are designed To train with pain and unfortunately so Many of the big name retailers make These tools readily available to the Public for this reason I’m so Enthusiastic about working with pet Flo As my main sponsor because they refused To sell choke frong & electric collars Let them automatically ship your dog’s Food to you making your life easier and Rest easy knowing that you get your dog Food and supplies from a company that Endorses modern ethical dog training Methods and rak’ahs act 30 when you Check out you’ll get $10 off your first Three orders I’ll have a link in the Description leash walking is usually Taught over time and remember it can be Pretty unnatural for dogs because most

Dogs walk faster than we do walking Slowly next to a person while tethered To a leash that’s a bit unnatural for Many dogs first your dog has to have a Very reliable sit or down stay that’s Because if you’re caught off guard say For example there’s a nearby off leash Dog or another stray animal you want to Make sure that you can get your dog to Reliably hold their position so that you Can assess what to do next Sit think nice work month sick stay good More let’s go this way Oh I know you’re so excited huh / sit Stay is extremely reliable while on Leash and a distracting environment the Time to teach your dog sit and stay is Not during a leash walking session Dave And right there there’s a duck I’m Telling Sophie to stay and look at her See such a rock star holding that stay Making sure you have control over your Own dog when real-world distractions Present themselves it’s going to make Leash walking much easier next I contact You must be able to get your dog’s Attention on you no matter how excited Or how distracted they are maybe you see Something that’s likely to distract your Dog like crazy birds flying around Call those situations is to make sure That you get your dog’s eyes on you so Be fixed stay look at me Yeah nice work we’re being surrounded by

Seagulls right now and I’m able to get Sophie’s eyes on me you’re doing a great Job you know that that’s fantastic icon That girl practice look at me as often As possible and in many scenarios if You’re serious about having a dog that Listens to you on leaf Sophie is quite Distracted by ground sense there’s lots Of interesting smells what do you mean Yep you got sit next your dog should be Able to come when called see if your dog Is pulling towards a distraction or even Thinking about pulling towards a Distraction you don’t want to have to Rely on jerking their leash and collar To get them to come to you you want your Dog to do it voluntarily and because They want to listen to you Sophie come Here yes good job let’s go let’s walk Come on she’s getting ahead of me I want Her to be able to come back to me when I Call her Sophie come here girl come on Yes I’m going to let her get ahead Sophie come here come on yeah come on Let’s go look at that nice work so Whether it’s in your back yard your Living room or on a walk encouraging Your dog to come to you when you call Them is P this is what it truly means to Teach your dog to think from the inside Out rather than relying on physical Superficial training no amount of force Are using special collars is a Substitute for thoughtful teaching

Remember if you’ve got a really high Energy dog that doesn’t behave well on Leash exercising then thoroughly with a Game like fetch is required before leash Training now if your dog doesn’t yet Behave ideally on leash I’m going to Have a playlist in the description of This video that’ll show you everything You need to know with lots of different Dogs of all kinds of different Personalities if you love learning from Our videos consider joining our Crowdfunding community on patreon click Thumbs up if you think Sophie did an Awesome job demonstrating good leash Manners today subscribe to my channel And pick up a copy of my book dog Training revolution and get your dog’s Food automatically shipped to you from Pet flow from now on

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