3 Training Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog (In depth puppy training)

3 Training Exercises You Can Do With Your Dog (In depth puppy training)

Train your dog to pay attention in lots of training circumstances like while outside and on leash. How to teach your dog or puppy not to be scared too! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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Today’s video is sponsored by Peplow if You have a dog you’ve got to feed them Right but sometimes going out to get Their dog food can be a chore because You always run out of food at the worst Possible time this problem has been Totally fixed though because all you Have to do is go to Pet Flo choose your Dog’s favorite brand of food tell pet Flo how often you wanted to arrive at Your house and it will just be there now To make it extra easy to try Peplow is Gonna give you $10 off your first three Automatic shipments just enter my Special code Zac 30 when you check out I’ll have all the information in the Description below click thumbs up for a New video we are about to meet Argyle The west highland terrier This is Argyle and I’m here with Bethany Bethany’s are Kyle’s mom and we’re gonna Kind of figure out what he’s all about See what we can train him to do boy he’s Quickly isn’t it what’s his energy like Would you say he has two speeds he Either is asleep or he’s running all Over the place I love his energy levels But we need to kind of figure out a way To make them work constructive I just Want to check his play Drive here and Just see how willing he is to play Because play is one of the fastest ways To accelerate a bond and a bond with our Dogs is definitely the most important

Thing when training them I mean the more Into us they are easier just to teach Him I know you mentioned within your Training videos about that that train or The the bubble that you understand yes And so I definitely noticed that he’ll Stage him a certain distance but then Once that breaks its he’s done the Training bubble is so fragile in early Training so that’s why it’s all down Here on the ground real close up he’s Like he’s a little reluctant so that’s What I’m trying to do right now since He’s kind of a little cautious of me I’m Trying to get him playing with me and Let him know look I’m play okay let him Win that and take it I know that this Might seem a little counterintuitive Because biting is an issue with him and Here I am encouraging him to bite but I Think it’s good to show him the right Things right on his plays getting more Intense it’s getting more comfortable With me now he’s a relatively high Energy puppy too which means he’s Probably gonna need a little bit more Attention and time than than the average Dog who’s a lower energy dog because He’s curious and really wants to Interact with his world so it’s extra Key that we take lots of time to show Them the right way to interact with the World we let go wow did we get lucky yes The more energetic a dog is

Or attention they need from us so since You have to work one thing I’d recommend Is maybe like doing some exercise before You go to work with them exercise in the Morning for an energetic dog is a huge Life hack yesterday I was cooking and he Got very excited very hyper and I was Pulling stuff out of the oven so the Only thing I could do was put him in the Kennel to keep him out of my way at that Point in time so I’ve been trying not to Use the kennel necessarily as a Punishment technique do you have any Other kind of ideas of maybe what Workarounds for that or do you think That’s not I’m an acceptable way to be Using the kennel it’s a it’s the ideal Way to do a kennel I mean that’s what Because actually dogs shouldn’t spend Too much time in a kennel but my Favorite way to use a crate is to have a Dog in there for short periods of time And exactly the type of situation you Just mentioned like you know your safety Is important I can’t focus on you right Now so I certainly don’t trust you at This age like when you’re in the house With him and he’s not in the crate he Still needs to be on leash and tied to You ideally I mean that’s the best way To supervise him it’s a good way to kind Of split the difference between making Sure he can’t get into trouble and Controlling his environment while still

Giving him the opportunity to explore And experience the world he’s saying let Me go I want to go explore and I’m Keeping them on leash right now just to Kind of keep him in this general area Right your videos I’ve noticed you do a Lot of positive reinforcement you were Saying when he’s not jumping he should Be rewarded when he is doing something Bad what is the best way to deter that And that’s a great question redirecting Is generally the best way to do that and That’s just simply to show hey Tonopah Let’s come over here let’s do this Instead so right here I notice he’s kind Of messing with your shoe a little bit Hey what’s this so getting his attention Off of the shoe that’s it very good Let’s see what you Sifford a toy or not Wow I was really good I just sometimes Feel like I’m constantly telling him no Like every two seconds and I just feel Like being that negative all the time Just gets confusing that’s right and That’s a natural thing to do I mean There’s no harm in telling your dog no And letting them know I don’t want you To behave that way but the focus then Needs to quickly shift into what I want You to do instead so in the case of Jumping or biting I want you to sit and Stay for two seconds good all right now Give me a five-second stay the other Trap to avoid falling in is to only rely

On redirecting because that in and of Itself still won’t teach That’s so that’s a little bit of damage Control it’s a way to kind of manage the Situation in that moment but you still Want to set up circumstances where You’re fully focused on him where he’s Still crazy so inviting a friend over Saying all right you guys go chill on The couch I’m gonna work with my dog for Ten minutes here have a drink you know So that way you’ve got the distraction In the background you can focus on sit And stay He’s on leash so he can’t get away from You so it’s really a matter of just kind Of really setting up when working with Them in situations that mimic real life Easier said than done tell me about the Vacuum he’s not a fan for sure I bring It out and put it in the middle of the Room and he starts barking and hides Around the corner and peeks out at it And then when I started he runs and Hides under the bed or wherever he can And he’s definitely afraid of it he’s Skittish of loud noises to begin with so The vacuum he know this is not his Friend loud noises are a thing that Throws so many dogs off it’s a good idea To condition or counter condition by Counter condition I mean create a Different association with something That he has an unpleasant association

With and by conditioned for those of you At home if your dog doesn’t yet have an Issue it’s still a good idea to Condition them to react favorably around Things like vacuums by doing the same Exercise here like if I just turn this On right now you think he’s likely to React Wow he’ll probably run off we Probably guess so that’s the last thing We want to do we don’t just want to turn It on freak him out and then just try to Fix it from there which is really kind Of the intuitive thing to do if you’re Not a dog trainer we’re gonna start off Real small I’m gonna do that I’m just Gonna move it I’m gonna go ahead and Give him a little treat but what we’re Trying to show him here is hey when that Moves that you get something good we see If I can go a little longer that’s good And actually if he you know I wonder if I can even get him to come on over here That’s great Good so far so good he’s a little Curious but he’s not doesn’t seem Nervous Can I be more vigorous louder now making It gradually louder good I’m gonna let Him know the beeping sound happens I’m Gonna stop it right there just to get Easing into it now I’m gonna let the Vacuum come on for just a moment just a Quick moment see that just a little bit If at any point he does become nervous

There’s like whoa what’s that I need to Take a big step back maybe even stop the Training session all together and then Pick up at another point in the future As long as he continues to react like This I’m gonna keep going and I’m gonna Keep providing that positive outcome Turning it off there a little bit louder Right there it actually moved this is Good he’s showing really good reaction To this so far is this about what you Would expect the room and he’s barking Right there he started to back away a Little bit but I mean I think he’s still There and he’s taking treats an Indicator that he would be too nervous Would be that he wouldn’t be taking Treats at all when dogs are really Scared they rarely take treats you could Apply the same type of logic whatever it Is your dog is scared of whether it’s Thunderstorms loud car engines Lawnmowers whatever Good nice good job there it goes coming Back it’s gonna get us look at him Looking at it he’s checking it out like That I like that he’s investigating it Showing some bravery there you’re a Brave man I’m real curious to see how Argyle is doing on his leave it let’s See I’ve got real turkey eyes the second D indicates he’s going towards it I’m Pulling it away so you’re just gonna Keep him motivated I’m gonna let him

Know I like the effort so far leave it So that’s like what to knows in a row I’ve given them their I’m asking too Much you know I cover leave in every Other video but there’s a good reason Behind it it’s because it’s one of the Easiest ways to really get traction with Your dog on the training process and get Them paying attention to you and not Doing the thing that they want to do Whether it be barking at another dog Chewing up your furniture or anything Else Sometimes when you’re training a dog it Can be really overwhelming especially With something like leave it if they’ve Never learned it before but if you stick With it you might have to sit there for 10 minutes for example to really get Them to understand the concept see that Right there yes good job Okay very good this is the most basic Version of distraction training this is How you introduce it with exercises Similar to this and I know this is Taking a minute but the point is there’s A piece of meat sitting right in front Of him he’s using restraint and paying Attention to me instead and I mean this Is meticulous at first but this becomes Second nature the more you do of this Type of training have you been Deliberately practicing leave it and Look at me at the same time be fairly be

But I have been doing look at me but Combine them okay combine them because That’s a that’s a real impulse control Exercise it’s like leave it alone now Actually pay attention to me while You’re leaving that thing alone right in Front of you it’s not great he’s doing Wonderful but there’s just one more Thing that I’d like to take a look at Leash walking for young dogs in Particular Is about the most unnatural thing in the World so I’m curious to see how he’s Doing with that he’s really distracted By all these ground since out here as Just about every dog is especially when They’re young like this now can I get a Look at me from way up here right can I Get a look at me while moving let’s see Come on good job good job come on let’s Go I’m gonna use the treat to get the Attention on me great you want more I’ll Give you more but you got to walk nicely On the leash good work good and you Notice yet we’re just in front of my House you know we’re not we’re not Walking down the street or anything like That we’re just trying to get the Mechanics down and it might be tempting To pull but rather than pulling it’ll Let him think it through there you go I’d love to kind of keep an eye on him And follow up with him to see how he Continues to do though click thumbs up

For Argyle tell me what you’d like to See him learn in the comments below make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel Follow us on Instagram and Facebook if You share a picture and tag add zach George and hashtag dog training i’m Going to share some of my favorite Pictures don’t forget to set up Automatic pet food delivery at Peplow Enter code zach 30 when you check out And you’ll get $10 off your first 3 Automatic shipments we’ll see you guys In the next video You

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