4 Annoying Dog Habits you can Stop with a Simple Crate Pad

4 Annoying Dog Habits you can Stop with a Simple Crate Pad

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If your dog jumps on company beds while You’re eating gets on the furniture or Doesn’t behave when you take them to a New place using crate pads to show your Dog how to behave can be a great way to Get these things under control and today Sky-blue and I are going to show you how Click thumbs up for sky blue subscribe To my channel for everything dog and Pick up a copy of my book for the best Dog training experience possible so There’s two kinds of beds larger thicker Beds and lightweight beds now a lot of People overlook the versatility of using A quality lightweight bed there’s a lot Of lightweight dog beds on the market And the quality is really kind of all Over the place look at the bottom of These this is how a lot of companies cut Corners by putting these thin flimsy Bottoms and just using cheap materials Today I’m going to be using this one This is sweet ease dog bed by pet dreams These are the original highest quality Lightweight dog beds on the market Sky-blue already approved and look the Build quality on this is superior to the Other knockoff brands these are Double-sided – you can use them on both Sides Clearly sky-blue already knows how to Use both sides this training lesson is Off to a fantastic start so far another Benefit here is at this side which is

Made from cotton is considerably cooler In the summer time I’m going to have a Link in the description where you can Get yours but I can’t tell you how often Someone gets a brand-new thick expensive Bed for a dog that can’t differentiate Between it and a chew toy these are a Lot less expensive to replace you can Just throw the whole entire thing into The washing machine and dryer an Unlimited amount of time a thicker bed Is still fantastic for support Especially for older or more mature dogs But if you really want to protect that Expensive dog bed putting this on top of It will do a much better job than a bed Cover these beds fit precisely in all of The popular crate sizes – that’s a good Fit how on earth would you use these Crepe ads to improve your dog’s behavior Let’s start with jumping when you’re Trying to resolve hyperactive behavior With your dog it’s ideal to show them What you prefer they do rather than Simply yelling at them for being a bad Dog so the goal is to eventually evolve Your communication to a point where you Can have your dog go to a specific spot And lie down instead of say jumping all Over guests when they first arrive so We’ll need to teach sky blue how to lie On this crate pad so that she’ll have a Place to go we need her to stay away From yes

All right you ready to learn how to line Your crepe ad she’s obviously Comfortable walking back and forth on Her bed over here and let’s see if we Can get her to lie down on the bed come On over here sky-blue good will you sit Okay you’re not all the way on the crepe Ad okay you can lie down she’s on the Right track I mean she’s halfway on the Great pad halfway off of it come here Can you get all the way on it’s good Will you I doubt yes good job I just Love working on training like this when I’m hanging out not really in a huge Rush I mean my goal is just to get sky Blue comfortable hanging out on her Sleep ease dog bed lie down on your bed Good job and I’ll say something like lie Down on your bed when I’m reasonably Confident that I feel like she’s gonna Lie down on her bed when I ask her to And with sky blue she’s such a smart dog That I feel pretty comfortable teaching Her the language as I go You got Turkey you got a soft bed life Is good isn’t it now in order for this Training to actually be effective it’s Important to practice this when you have Guests over so that your dog will Eventually learn to hang out on their Lightweight bed in that exact scenario But maybe I don’t always want sky blue Lying in the middle of the floor so my Goal is to make this bed a bit of a

Magnet of sorts so that sky will be Attracted to it wherever it is well Let’s put the bed over here and see if We can kind of encourage her to lie down Over here yes good you’re doing great I Like that you’re paying attention to me So I’m going to give you a reward Wonderful lie down over here and she’s a Little unsure right now come on good Nice work I’m not really totally Positive that she’s lying down on this Because it’s a bed I think she could be Lying down because I’m telling her to Lie down right here but my goal here is To see if I can just kind of Automatically get her to go to the bed Wherever it is on your bed well good Let’s go right here come on get on your Bed ah-ha there it is nice work you’re Such a smarty Scott get on your bed Let’s put our training to the test and Bring out some really delicious 10-page Job and see if we can work on sky the News habit of begging and having her Chill out on her bed while some great Food is placed near her You can’t try to get the food just Because you think I’m not paying Attention she wants it I know sky-blue is smart she knows There’s some pretty good taste in food On this plate right here so I’m just Going to put this here just so that I Can practice with some distractions or

Food in this case and I’m going to move The crepe pad over here and see if I can Get her to lie on it rather than being Super close to the chicken so come on Over here Skyy go onto your bed so you Can see she’s thinking about it trying To teach your dog to listen to you at a Distance like this is a little tricky so You have to really kind of work with Them I’m kind of picking up the pace and Being exciting with her and just trying To get her into a rhythm come on let’s Go you can see I’m escorting her over Here to lie on the bed right and what I’m hoping is that she’s going to Anticipate in just a moment come here Good girl nice work all right Scott goal And your bed Yes and now rather than just staying Right there with her I’m going to hang Out over here so I’m creating distance Between food and her I don’t mind that She’s looking at it but I want to make Sure that she can channel the discipline To lie down on her bed when it’s way Across the room and the food’s way over Here so I tell you what just for Trainings sake why don’t we make it a Little bit more difficult and if our Training has worked well she’ll notice Stay on the bed and leave the chicken Alone good job and and this is going to Be a really tricky moment I’m gonna go To try and sit on the couch dogs are

Smart she knows if I’m not right here to Keep her from getting it that she might Have a shot at it but I have faith in This guy I think he can do this so now I’m able to sit over here on the couch And sky blue is just chillin on her Crape pad with fried chicken right in Front of her I’d say she’s doing a Pretty good job what do you guys think I Can’t believe you can lose that fried Chicken alone like that I’m often asked Is it okay to let your dog on the Furniture my answers always been look if It’s okay with you it’s okay with me Everything is okay with permission in Other words dogs are capable of Understanding when it’s okay to do Something and when it’s not okay to do Something provided you take the time to Teach them but if you do let your dog on The furniture You should still protect your furniture And that’s one of the big benefits to a Crate pad I’m not sure about you but I’ve never seen an attractive furniture Cover now let’s see if we can transition To having rely on the crate pad when I Put it on the couch I like the blue side Get on the furniture that’s right oh Wait I’m over here because right there Her foot was on the furniture and since I’m trying to discourage her from Actually lying on the furniture itself Want her to lie on her crate pad and

Look how comfy she looks these come in a Lot of different sizes too so this one’s Kind of big for this couch but that’s Okay so if you spend the time really Working with your dogs showing them that They’re sleepies dog bed is a fun place To be then you might find that they come To prefers overlying anywhere else but If you bring your dog to a friend’s House it can be really handy to have a Spot that your dog knows is theirs that They can just hang out on no matter Where life takes you and since these are Lightweight dog beds our mega portable I’m going to have a link in the Description where you Pick yours all this training is going to Go a lot smoother if your dog is getting Regular exercise and if you’re doing a Good job of preventing behaviors you Don’t want to occur from happening in The first place I’m going to have a link In the description to a playlist that’ll Show you how to teach your dog all of The basics and beyond in order click Thumbs up for sky blue make sure your Subscribe to my channel thank you so Much to pet rooms for sponsoring this Video and I glue you did a spectacular Job

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