4 Things to Teach your NEW PUPPY Right Now!

4 Things to Teach your NEW PUPPY Right Now!

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Today I’m gonna cover some of my Favorite things to teach your new puppy On day one this video is sponsored by Pet flow when you have a new dog you can Get started with teaching them lots of Interesting concepts almost immediately Like thumbs up for the legendary bb-8 Also make sure you’re subscribed to my Channel so that you see all my future Videos too and if you want to get the Most out of my videos pick up a copy of My best-selling book dog training Revolution it’s perfect if you’re Thinking about getting a dog or want to Get serious about having the best dog Possible if you want your very own Signed copy check out my patreon Campaign for the details link in the Description if you’ve gotten a new dog You’ll obviously need to make sure they Have their dog food now I’ll let you in On a little secret the most convenient Way to make sure that your dog’s food is Always there when you need it is to set Up automatic pet food delivery at pet Flow comm slash Zac George all you need To do is select a really good food for Your new dog and how often you want it Shipped to your house it really is that Simple and you can forget about ever Waiting in traffic again well at least For your dog food anyway I’ll have a Special link and a coupon code in the Description of this video plus remember

By changing the way you buy dog food You’re helping us change the way people Teach dogs now let’s cover some of my Favorite things to teach your new puppy On their first day Since basic communication is lacking With most new dogs we have to come up With other ways to keep their attention Especially in that first few months of Training that’s what I like to call the Communication building phase which Usually lasts a few months treats are a Great way to do that I’m using tiny Pieces of real chicken lure training is Where you encourage your dog to be in a Particular physical position by kind of Coaxing them with a tree you can see That right now bb-8 is in a lie-down Position why would encourage him to come Up so I’m gonna use his nose right here Right here gonna use it like a magnet up To kind of encourage him to come up did You see that and let’s see if we can get Him to spin around in a circle Wow that’s pretty awesome how about sit Lie down and you got to be kidding me Look at that roll over first attempt Guys not even kidding I honestly have never worked with him on Any of this stuff so he’s doing a great Job That’s called roll over so you can see He’s really doing well there’s a lot of Power in lure training especially at

First it’s not just about the treat Either always inject your training with Lots of enthusiasm positivity and Encouragement when you’re working with Your dog that’ll go a long way to Teaching them to do lots of new cool Things teaching your dog to come to you When you call them is absolutely vital And you can’t practice this too much Always make sure that you have a leash On your dog whenever teaching them Anything in the first year you want to Really maintain control of the Environment a good rule of thumb when You’re teaching your dog to come to you Is to always call them in a really Encouraging optimistic happy voice do What you can to be real exciting to make Sure your dog wants to come to you bb-8 I mean come here good boy you did so Well the other thing you got to remember Is to go out of your way to make sure That they understand that coming to you Results in something amazing and for Dogs like bb-8 there are a few things That are more desirable than a piece of Real chicken at first keep your distance Is short with your dog don’t ask them to Come to you from a massive range the Closer you are to your dog the more Likely they are to listen to you and Beginner training now let’s go running Away from them is also a great way to Encourage them to come to you because

Instinctively most dogs really like to Chase you’re doing a terrific job if Possible try and get down to your dog’s Level And encourage them with your eyes to Come to you that always helps bb8 come On come here come on oh right there it’s A good thing we have a leash on see There we go baby hey come here come on There we go good job so right there we Work through a real-life distraction so That’s pretty awesome you don’t always Have to use food as your primary Currency when teaching your dog to come To you either Consider using toys too sometimes it can Be really frustrating if your dog Doesn’t come to you immediately you Might be tempted to use a really firm or Even angry voice but don’t resort to Doing this keep it optimistic for your Dog and enjoyable if you go out of your Way to reach deep during these moments You’ll get a lot more out of your Training and your dog will appreciate You a lot more perhaps one of the most Important skills any dog needs to know Is how to stay when you ask them to this Is a potentially life-saving skill let’s Go over what a beginner state training Session should look like I think we’ll Focus on stay for a period of time and Stay while I walk away a key thing to Remember when teaching your dog to stay

Is to build it in small little bits let Me show you what I mean stay yes that Was like a half second stay that’s where We start I’m also being really Purposeful with my hand signal here so I Can really communicate what this word Means stay yes since he stayed I’m going To reward him and I’m gonna give him a Good reward there to let him know how Much I really like that he’s staying ok Good Come here I’m letting him know that his Stay is over now stay one two three full Old boy I pushed him to failure did you See that he got distracted by these Lovely people walking behind us so since He broke stay there you know what I Messed up I pushed him to failure and I Want to make sure that doesn’t happen Two times in a row so I’m gonna take a Step back on my training right now and Try and set him up for success on this Next attempt so over here good sit stay Yes I wanted to make that one extra easy For him and he did really well my goal Here is to see if I can work up to a Good four maybe five seconds stay so let Me get his attention Good stay one Two three four five yes good you might Have noticed that he went into a down There that’s totally fine because he’s Not up running around everywhere he’s Still kind of staying in this general

Area so I’m cool with that especially at First now let’s see if we can get him to Stay while I walk away this is gonna be A little bit more challenging though Especially in this distracting Environment just as we kept stay really Easy for a period of time I want to do The same thing when I walk away stay yes Good I move back just a little bit to Kind of plant the see that I still want You to stay even though I’m going over There remember with young puppies like This that are under five months of age They’re particularly clinging to you so They like to stay near you so stay with Distance can be particularly challenging With these guys stay he’s in a Down now Nope yeah good job did you see himself Correct there I love it when they do That that was great means he’s starting To get it that’s the thing you want to Reward good decisions that your dog Makes on their own that’s really what Dog training is all about it’s not about Making them do something it’s about Making them want to do the thing that You’re asking them to do now let’s see If we can combine stay for a period of Time while I walk away at the same time Stay Okay good come here good job toys add a Completely new dimension to training for Many many dogs you know the philosopher Plato once said that you can learn more

About a person in an hour of play than a Year of conversation I think that is so True especially with dogs when you’re Introducing a new toy to your dog go out Of your way to make that first Experience really exciting for them so That they’re super intrigued by it even Sees them play keep-away with it at First to make them even more interested In it of course let them win here and There as well so that they keep interest In the toy experiment with a variety of Different toys just because your dog Doesn’t like one particular type of toy Doesn’t mean he won’t love another So variety is super cute toys like this Are very different than chew toys you Don’t leave toys like this or tennis Balls or frisbees out when you’re not Attending to your dog that keeps these Extra special if your dog always sees That toys like this are super exciting Then they’re a lot more likely to focus On you when you’re playing with toys Like this sit yes stay ok good yes good Job We just rewarded by playing with him on A basic skill like stay you have to Practice these in a huge variety of Different circumstances situations and Environments especially during that First year of training this is just one Example of what one of many training Sessions should look like if you want to

Help us continue to do our part in Raising the standards and what it means To teach a dog make a contribution to Our patreon campaign I’ll have a link in The description give a thumbs up to bb-8 He did so well today as usual also make Sure you’re subscribed to my channel set Up automatic pet food delivery at Peplow Comm / – Zack Jorge I’ll have some more Videos in the description that’ll give You more detailed lessons on some of the Things we covered today Bb-8 you are a legend sir Wow to get the Most out of my videos pick up a copy of My best-selling book dog training Revolution I’ll have a link below now if You’ve got a new puppy you are Definitely at the right place if you’re Struggling with puppy biting see my Video on that course potty training is Something you will want to get started With immediately I’ve got a great video On that with Mediate as well making sure That your dog is comfortable with a Leash Super-important see puppies first leash Lesson also featuring the amazing BBA Thanks to all of our patrons and thank You so much for subscribing we’ll see You guys in the next episode

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