4 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong With Your Dog In Public

4 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong With Your Dog In Public

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Today’s episode is sponsored by barkbox Click thumbs up for Brody the 11 week Old struggling Shepherd puppy make sure You’re subscribed to my channel and pick Up a copy of my best-selling book dog Training revolution you guys know we Post a ton of bonus content on Instagram And Facebook too I’ll have that link in the description You might not be aware that you’re Committing some social faux pas when With your dog in public today we’re Gonna cover some of the most common Things that people do wrong when taking Their dog in public Brody I’ve got Something that’s a lot better than my Ear and our theme this month is age of The fur Oh what do you think go get it Look at the attention to detail in that Toy play until the war with it on either Side there’s a squeaker here and in the Center but King Cobra watch out Brody That’s the opposite of watch out squeaky Toys come and many varieties dogs Respond differently to each one let’s Try on your pharaoh collar you’re not Supposed to eat that you’re supposed to Wear it there’s literally none of these Ingredients that I wouldn’t eat myself Yeah they’re really good you can really Taste the coconut peanut butter and Bacon sandwiches you see them light up Immediately you can’t just get these Without doing a trick let’s see how your

Crawl is looking a salmon shoe you lucky Dog smells like salmon barkbox will Cater your box to your dog’s specific Needs and preferences they have stuff For heavy chores and even treats for Dogs with food allergies if you want a Free bark box just go to bark box comm Slash dog training sign up for a 6 or 12 Month subscription and you’ll get one Bark box also ships free in the Continental United States I’ll have a Link below what things might you be Doing wrong with your dog when you take Them out in public listen up and share With your friends who need to hear this So what’s the first thing that many People will be wrong not staying alert Enough I mean even if your dog’s Well-behaved all sorts of unexpected Things can happen when you’re out in Public together you can’t control the Environment as well when you’re in Public dogs are really quick and very Perceptive so practice noticing things Before your dog does watch for dogs Other animals cars things on the ground That your dog might want to eat or Investigate kids playing with exciting Toys that your dog might want to chase And everything else the better you can Be about noticing things before your dog Does the better position you’ll be in to Teach them how you want Them to respond the next thing that

People do wrong is not having a good Plan for when the unexpected does happen Always have a plan if you’re approached By an unknown dog for example know what You’re going to do now if you’ve got a Small dog like Brody the quickest way to Separate them is to just pick your dog Up otherwise work on teaching your dog a Super reliable down stay with heavy Distractions in public because if you Know you can get your dog under control It’s much easier to deal with another Dog never assume that you know how a Strange dog is going to interact with Your dog there’s a time and a place to Socialize your dog but while in public And with unfamiliar dogs is usually not In take charge of the situation And if the other dog is under the Supervision of a person feel free to say I don’t want my dog interacting with Other dogs right now or they’re still in Training could you give my dog a little Bit of space please no your dog if They’re at all likely to react Unfavorably to another dog or person It’s a great idea to condition them to Be comfortable wearing a basket muzzle That way you always have a safety net Should something unexpected happen by The way I’ll have a video on how to Teach your dog to enjoy wearing a basket Muzzle in the description of this video The other thing you might be doing wrong

With your dog is approaching other dogs Or people without their permission keep In mind that not all dogs like all other Dogs and even if yours does you must be Respectful of others you shouldn’t let Your dog run up to people either Uninvited as hard to believe as it is Not everyone enjoys being approached by A dog if you want to approach a dog Always ask permission and do so Cautiously when you’re greeting a dog Off of the back of your hand to be Sniffed and then go from there to make Sure the dog is comfortable in other Words don’t come on too strong with a Dog that you’ve just met most dogs Actually prefer to be pet under their Chin at first instead of on top of their Heads It looks like Brody’s fine with both There are certain dogs out there that Just love every single dog they meet and If your dog is like that and they Encounter another dog like that and some Social time could be a great thing for Both dogs the next thing you might be Doing wrong is having your dog off leash When they’re not yet reliable under all Scenarios if your dog isn’t virtually 100% reliable off leash they should not Be in a position or in areas where they Can easily run up to people or get away From you or get away with not listening To you if you’ve taught your dog to

Listen to you off leash that’s been Stick but remember there’s a time and a Place to have a dog off leash even the Best trained ones that’s because even if Your dog is reliable off leash fluke Events can happen to the best of us your Dog could get totally distracted or Surprised by something like a loud sound Like a thunderclap for example and react In a way that you didn’t quite Anticipate a leash is the ultimate Safety net and of course always bring Bags with you and pick up after your dog Click thumbs up for Brody go get your Free bark box when you sign up for a 6 Or 12 month subscription at bark fox Comm slash dog training I’ll have that Link below follow us on Instagram we Post so much fun bonus content over There I’ll have that link below to at Sack George and make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel to see you guys Next time if you need some help with Teaching your dog to behave on leash or Around distractions I’ll have a link to My playlist that’ll show you how to Teach your dog all of the basics and Beyond in order

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