5 Cool Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know

5 Cool Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know

Interesting facts about dogs! This video is sponsored by PetFlow!

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Today’s episode is sponsored by pet flow Winston good side to the camera please Click thumbs up for Winston the giant Really big rescue dog make sure you’re Subscribed to my channel pick up a copy Of my best-selling book dog training Revolution 2 it’s important that if You’ve got a dog especially a big dog Like Winston that they’re well-behaved So having a really good currency is Essential these are from Natural Balance And their limited ingredient diet many Rewards treats when you’re using a Currency you want to make sure that’s at The right size so if you got a big dog Like Winston you don’t need bigger Treats small treats are great when You’re selecting a good training treat You want to make sure that they’re nice And soft see if they’re too crunchy it Takes your dog too long to eat them you Want them to just go through the treats Quickly so that you can keep the Training session focused on training and These aren’t just limited ingredient Treats meaning they have a small number Of ingredients but they’re also grain Free these come in three flavors turkey Chicken and salmon they always use a Single protein for each formula they Come in this cool canister too so you Can open it up and it’s snap shut so Liddy back great for traveling or if Your dog comes up and tries to steal the

Treats out of your hand like you natural Balance has all kinds of limited Ingredient diet offerings including wet Food dry food dental chews and treats You can get these at Peplow I’ll have a Link in the description and you can sign Up for automatic pet food delivery as Well by entering code Zach 30 when you Check out that will give you a ten bucks Off your first three orders dogs are Pretty awesome and I’m always excited to Learn something new about them so I Thought you guys might be too here’s Five cool facts about dogs that you Probably didn’t know although there are Ongoing debates on how long the dog has Been around scientists do agree that the Dog was the very first animal to be Domesticated and this happened anywhere Between fourteen and thirty six thousand Years ago maybe even longer because Humans have spent so much time Coexisting with dogs we’ve been able to Artificially select for so many Incredible traits including a special And unique attention to human behavior Humans have domesticated so many animals Some of the oldest are sheep goats pigs And cattle but none of these were Domesticated as early as the dog what do You think about that Winston we’ve had Over 10,000 years to artificially select For things that we find useful and And it’s no wonder dogs can do

Incredible things which brings us to our Next fact fact number two dogs can be Trained to do incredible amazing things To help humans like alerting a diabetic Person when their blood sugar gets too Low or guiding a blind person through a Busy city a German Shepherd dog named Orient led his blind handler all the way Through the Appalachian Trail that’s all The way from the state of Georgia to the State of Maine 2,100 miles through the Woods I’m just thinking about me walking The Appalachian Trail I mean I’m willing To do a spin-off YouTube series you want To join me Bree Back number three out of all of the Species in the animal kingdom dogs come In the widest variety of shapes sizes And colors for example throughout the Entire human race our genetics is people It only varies between five and ten Percent but dogs of different breeds can Have as much as 27.5% variants within Their DNA I mean that is huge Just like you all right this is why dogs Can do so many amazing things like Managing an entire herd of sheep or Sniffing out a scent trail that’s hours Or days old their range of skills is Unmatched in the animal kingdom Winston Has one really good skill and I think It’s asking for more treats how can I Say no to LaFace like that fact for this Is really interesting

Despite the United States being the Third most populated country in the World we actually have more pet dogs Than any other nation we have over Seventy million dogs in the United States Brazil is second they have around 36 million dogs and the dog population In the United States has been growing at About 4 percent a year since 1996 at That rate there’s gonna be more dogs Than humans in no time What will our videos be about in a world Where dogs are more common than people How to teach a person to give you more Treats maybe I think that topic would Get a lot of hits in 2017 the average American household had an average of 1.5 Dogs for a household I wonder how you Train half a dog fact number five all Puppies are born functionally deaf and Blind their ear canals and their eyes Remain closed for the first few weeks of Their life Now most puppies will open their eyes Around two weeks old but it takes Several weeks after that for their Vision to be fully developed their ear Canal is open when they’re about two Weeks old and it develops a little bit More quickly than their vision so for Those first few weeks puppies really Rely on their sense of smell to get Information and take in the world around Them they need lots of extra help from

Their mothers and their caretakers while The rest of their senses develop what’s Your favorite cool dog back tell me in The comments below Hey click thumbs up for Winston pick up Your natural balance limited ingredient I of mini rewards at pet flow I’ll have That link below get a copy of my book Too and thank you so much to our patrons For supporting us on patreon see you Guys in the next video Winston come back there we go love it

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