5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Under Control!

5 Ways To Keep Your Dog Under Control!

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Give me that soy someone needs to teach You how to let go of a toy any dog Trainers anywhere this video is Sponsored by Carlson pet products for 20% off any Carlson pet product enter Codes Act training 20 during checkout on Their website I’ll have a link in the Description click thumbs up for Cali the Australian Shepherd puppy well you got All kinds of energy today don’t you Subscribe to my channel too and get a Copy of my best-selling book dog Training revolution follow us on Instagram and Facebook to the easiest Mistake to make with a new dog is to Become inadvertently careless about Controlling their surroundings at all Times it’s a daunting task but today I’m Gonna show you some of my favourite ways To keep dogs from doing things they Shouldn’t and to keep them safe see we Often tend to give our dogs too much Freedom too early on in the training Process like this right now I’m not Doing a good job of managing Cali Surrounding dogs are so smart and They’re so curious and they’re gonna Find things to do even though I’ve got Her on leash and I’m still supervising Or she’s still going to chew things like The carpet up if I’m not really on it Whether you have a puppy like Callie or You have a new adult dog step one is to Make it impossible for the most common

Unwanted behaviors to occur at all for Example if your dog doesn’t have access To the couch unsupervised then it’s Impossible for them to destroy it the Second step would be to teach your dog How to actually behave but today we’re Gonna focus on the first step because Management is the name of the game it Sounds simple but dogs tend to be very Crafty about doing things we don’t want Them to when we think we’re supervising Them appropriately supervising an Off-leash 8 week old puppy that’s one Thing because they’re pretty clumsy and Relatively slow and usually pretty Clingy and likely to stay near you but Over the next few weeks those puppies Are gonna become really capable and fast And much more challenging to contain the Optimal way to manage your dog’s Surroundings is to have them attached to You like this during the initial Training phases you’ll want to do this As often as possible strict control of The environment is strongly recommended During the first year of training with Any dog of any age so even if you’ve Adopted an older dog it is not too late To start training them from the Beginning so let’s go over some of my Favourite products and favorite ways to Make sure that raising a new dog goes as Smoothly as possible for times when we Cannot directly tend to our dogs crates

Are wonderful for controlling your dog’s Environment for short periods or Overnight While they sleep this is the large Dumbledore crate from Carlson Pet Products it comes completely assembled Which is a huge plus I like the tutor Option on this crate because it seems to Make introducing a crate to a dog for The first time much simpler ok that’s Nice that’s exactly what I was hoping For it’s much less intimidating to a dog Because you can really open it up when You’re getting your dog comfortable with The crate and it gives you more Versatility as to where you can put it To if your puppy accidentally locks you In the crate there’s this second door That you can escape from I’m just Putting little bits of Turkey in there To just kind of get her comfortable with Going in and out of the crate and she’s Doing really well it’s in chief good job Kelly And then come out over here for those of You that have used to crate in the past You likely found that it’s your dog’s Favorite place in the house in fact to This day I have a couple of crates in my House so that my own dogs can have a Place to relax and call their own I Don’t even need to close the doors Anymore this one sets up and collapses In seconds so they take up almost no

Space when you’re not using them during The potty training phase it’s a good Idea to control the size of the crate And only gradually enlarge the size Using a divider panel like this one this Is automatically included with the crate By keeping the crates small like this During sleeping hours you’re encouraging Your dog to hold it until you let them Out and show them the appropriate place To go but as your dog learns to not have Accidents in the crate you can remove The divider panel and make that crate Nice and roomy for them for that reason I tend to lean towards oversized crates So that your dog can have as much room As possible after the initial potty Training phase but if your dog ever does Have an accident as is particularly Common in the beginning phases of crate Training a dog it’s nice to know that This comes out nice and easily this is Really easy to clean if you do need to Clean up an accident I’m gonna give her some treats right There through the crate just to kind of Make it interesting I’m gonna open the Door So she doesn’t think it closes all the Time you want to really go out of your Way when introducing a crate to make it A fun place to be Closing it for a second unlocking it Come on out good job she has no problem

Going in and out of the crate will you Sit good work nice job and the fact that That’s a good way to test how Comfortable your dog is do they readily Do things that they would normally do When they’re not in the crate in other Words she’s complying with me which Would indicate that she’s not too Stressed out we lie down hey Kiko good Job you’re a crate training puppy Prodigy aren’t you your dog has passed The teething and chewing stage which you Are not you might want to put something Comfortable in there so that they can Relax and hang out you could always put Some old towels in the crate ooh that Might make it a little more comfortable Rather than spending too much money on a Bed but don’t leave your dog Unsupervised with things that they can Chew up and a crate has to be very Secure both of these doors have this Multi-point locking system and that’ll Keep your dog safe and secure not all Dogs are gonna be accepting of crates Though and you should use a crate pretty Sparingly that’s why it’s important to Have other ways to contain your dog and Keep them safe too gates like this or an Incredible way to give your dog more Freedom while keeping them from Acquiring bad habits Kelly you’re not Supposed to choose a gauge dogs neutered Training should only slowly be

Introduced to the rest of the house and Gates are a great way to keep control of Your dog’s surroundings when you’re more Lightly supervising them this is the Tuffy expandable pet gate so it fits Lots of different sizes no assembly Required at all comes out of the box Just like this and the Tuffy expandable Pet gates don’t require permanent Installation it’s easily removed so it’s There when you want it and it’s out of The way when you don’t so that’s nice And firm right there if you have cats They can easily pass through this little Door here so this is a great option for Keeping your dog away from the litter Box which I know that many of you have Issues with these come in lots of Different sizes so you can find the Right one for your dog indoor pet pens Are fantastic too because they allow Your dog to be near you when you can’t Fully supervise them and this Convertible pet yard also from Carlson Is a great option because not only does It work as a sturdy standalone pen but You can also attach it to the wall to Give your dog a giant space this is Probably my favorite use of the Convertible pet yard you can give your Dog a lot of area and most of us can Find an area of the house where it makes Sense to kind of corner it off You can also use this as a really big

Expandable gate too so if you have a Giant room that you want to create a Barrier between this is perfect and you Can also buy extra panels for it which I Like to just before Carlson approached Me to make this video I actually bought One of their adjustable freestanding pet Gates with my own money because we got a New house and we have a staircase that We want to limit our older dogs access To because it can be a little slippery It just happens to be Carlson product And I think it’s awesome I’m gonna have links to all the products We covered in today’s video in the Description of this video and when you Enter code Zach training 20 you’ll get 20% off any product on their entire Website click thumbs up if you think Callie did a great job today make sure You’re subscribed to my channel follow Us on Instagram and Facebook – see you Guys in the next video don’t eat it

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