7 Things To Teach Your Dog!

7 Things To Teach Your Dog!

How to teach your dog tricks! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

Let’s see how Jacob the rescue dog is doing! We’ll cover how to train dogs hand signals and see how hop, stay, roll over, play dead, spin, shake, leg weaving and come around are looking!

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How to train your dog to roll over and play dead:

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Today’s episode is sponsored by barkbox Your new bark box is here bark box Automatically sends you really original Toys and treats every single month so That you can keep things exciting for Your dog check out the licked and ice-t Toy cuz it squeak Max’s main lobster Roll well you have the lettuce and the Lemon and of course the lobster You’ve got the textured claws here I Mean look how Jacob is immediately Interested in those look how strong that Is cuz Jacob is a very strong dog but That holds up perfectly let’s do a Check-up on Jacobs let go let go look at That perfect In my experience dogs really like the Toys in the barkbox but if for some Reason your dog didn’t like it you can Always send it back in barkbox will send You something your dog does love for Free you’re always gonna get really Premium quality treats these have Fantastic ingredients I like it when They break up makes it easier for Training you want some duck nuggets and A dog like Jacob needs a solid cheese Amazing how much dogs love the box Itself every one of your dogs can get a Free bark box when you sign up for 6 or 12 month subscription just go to bark Box comm slash dog training I’ll have That link in the description below click Thumbs up for a new video Jacob the

Rescue dog is joining me today and make Sure you like my Instagram page I’m Gonna be giving away 5 sign frisbees Over there you can go check out my Instagram for the details it’s been a Little while since we’ve had Jacob in a Video so I thought it would be fun to Kind of see how he’s doing see if we can Refine some of his skills and take him To the next level how about we start With hop hop very good think about Jacob Though is when you give him a lot of These requests you have to use a lot of Body language and really encourage him To do it right now his signal for hop is Hop so let’s see if we can get him to do A hop with a more subtle signal hop see That see how he doesn’t know what I’m Saying when I say hop like this hop see He thought about it there I’m actually Gonna reward that in hop yes a lot more Subtle that time ha yes and that was one Hand signal that time can you do it Verbally only ha how about hands behind The back state Jacob hop Hop is looking really good and overtime I think that can be improved I know Jacobs really good with roll over And play dead let’s see how that’s Looking roll over look at that roll over Other way roll over good and how about Play dead the tongue out is a nice touch Jacob stop breathing did you see that he Actually stopped breathing I was pretty

Amazing roll over and play dead is Looking fantastic if you want to see how We taught Jacob how to roll over and Play dead I’m gonna have a link in the Description one of Jacob’s Crowd-pleasing tricks is spin around Spin hey how about the other way Spin spin nice job but the thing is Jacob still needs that really dramatic Lord so it’d be a good idea to start Teaching him how to spin with a more Subtle signal and spin nope come here Spin Yes and I’m just gonna reward on one Spin there that was a very subtle signal And you see that let go and spin that One was too subtle let me try to get Though spin yes spin no it’s been good It’s been good spin yes good right there I kind of gave him a little bit of a Different hand single and he kind of Anticipated but I want to take advantage Of that and let him know hey I like that You spun without me having to lure you With the frisbee yes stay out of the way Good very good I’ll take that that was excellent Jacob So to be clear we were able to kind of Alter the signal from spin to spin spin Yes good work so right there he gave me A spin with absolutely no visual signal At all in general it’s a good idea to Teach your dog both hand signals and Verbal signals so that you have the

Option to use both depending on the Context in which you’re asking them to Listen to a specific skill maybe you’re Moving boxes and you need your dog to Spin in a circle for some reason you Also might notice that I’ve been Rewarding with the frisbee so far we Haven’t used any food at all with Jacob But he loves frisbees so he’s just as Happy to work for a quick toss of the Frisbee as he would be for a treat so if Your dog has a lot of energy consider Rewarding them with toys it’s absolutely Required for every dog to be able to Shake hands shake yes good take it good Let go and she Yeah oh shake from a standing position You’re getting smart if you need help Teaching your dog to shake I’ll have a Video below it’s always a good idea to Frequently test and prove things like Stay while distracted so I’d like to see How Jacob is doing on that in here and What better distraction than his Favorite toy so stay stay good boy Get it very good that’s clear evidence That he’s doing a great job of Understanding the language stay get it Pretty nice but you might notice I’m Really having to say stay and really put My hand up close to make it obvious Which is good when you’re really Introducing the concept of stay and in The beginning stages of proofing it in

Various environments let’s see how Jacob Does if I simply say stay without a hand Signal now Jacob stay that’s very good Stay I think I’m gonna go ahead and Surprise him now with a toy he hasn’t Seen before and I’m also not gonna give Him a hand signal Jacob Stay Jacob come here come here Leave it come good job ah Jacob come Stay I’m gonna go back to the hand Signal right there because you can see He went back a couple of times to try And go after it stay and he’s much more Reliable when you give him the hand Signal so that’s something that needs to Be improved over time stay I’m gonna Take a step back on my training give him A stay good stay good and remember this Is a new toy so new things for a dog Like Jacob anyway are very distracting So now I’m gonna try it without the hand Signal stay Jake will you look at me Nice good boy Love it okay good job when it comes to Asking your dog to do something verbally Or giving them a hand signal one is not Superior to the other they both have Pros and cons to them so it’s really Important that your dog be able to Understand both but what if I do this Stay Stay and you notice I mean look at my Body position right now he’s behind me I’m standing not facing I’m okay go get

It those are the kind of things you Really want to teach your dog in order For them to truly generalize skills like Stay if they’re only used to you saying Stay in a specific position all the time They’ll probably only listen to you when You do things exactly that way so go out Of your way to create those training Sessions that genuinely surprised your Dog and throw them that wild card I Understand that Jacob has not yet Learned how to do figure eights between The legs I think we need to resolve that Immediately I’m gonna actually continue To use the frisbee though food would be Really good here if you wanted to use That see there’s a little confused good Where you go through yes good get it Catch it Good good boy ready this way good okay He’s on the right track so I’m gonna go Ahead and reward him there with the Frisbee to let him know that I like that He’s trying so he’s a little all over The place here good oopsie he has a Tendency to back out so I think I need To go a little bit slower yes good get It good yes that was a nice little turn There I like that and I’m just actually Letting jump on it that’s as good as a Catch to him this way eat it eat it Yes that’s it come on get it and catch It I’m not gonna push him too much Because that was an early success

Sometimes it’s tempting to keep it going Like that in this case I thought it was Best go ahead and reward the success While we can catch him succeeding this Way good there’s one this way good two And three I’m gonna go for four I’m Gonna get greedy and maybe five okay Good job Wow so far I’m having to Heavily lure him there and for a new Trick I might have to do that for a Little while let’s see how Jacobs come Around is looking good go on look at That tight orbit I love it come on come Around keep going Go boy that’s a nice good boy what you Can’t just take the frisbee you have to Wait for me to give it to you all right Let’s check out your other frisbee Skills come around good job do you think You did a good job today oh oh me too Give Jacob a thumbs up make sure your Subscribe to my channel and remember I’m Gonna be giving away five sign frisbees On Instagram go to my Instagram page to Get all the details every one of your Dogs can get a free bark box when you Sign up for six or 12 month subscription Just go to bark box.com slash dog Training I’ll have that link in the Description below Félicité that don’t know jacob we Actually made a video literally the very Day that I met him I’m gonna have that Link in the description below I actually

Have a playlist of things that we’ve Worked on with jacob but this just goes To show that some of the greatest dogs In the world come from pounds and Shelters and there’s no limit to what You can teach them if you’re prepared to Be very dedicated to them and give them The time attention and love that they Deserve we’ll see you guys in the next Video

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