After 7 Days with this TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG, I can’t believe this happened… Reality Dog Training

After 7 Days with this TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG, I can’t believe this happened... Reality Dog Training

It’s been 7 days with this untrained dog and this is what’s happening. This video is sponsored by PupBox! Get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi month subscription. Enter code ZAK

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This is going to be one of the rockiest Training sessions i’ve had In a very long time moira no ma’am This is moira and i’m zach george moira The german shepherd dog is looking for a Home and i’ve only got Two weeks to teach her how to behave so That someone will be willing to adopt Her Okay we have a situation and as you can See it’s Not going to be easy she jumps Excessively Lunges at almost any distraction moira Loves to bark and she Definitely pulls on leash and uses her Teeth to interact with the world A little too inappropriately i am Feeling a little bit overwhelmed If that was a dog she would be like i’m Not paying attention to you i’m paying Attention to that I will train this dog look at this loose Leash right now Shake yes much better yes Look at me she getting trained this is Reality Dog training [Music] There’s no doubt that moira is a very High energy dog and high energy dogs Like this can be a Lot to handle but remember these High-energy dogs can be some of the

Easiest dogs in the world to train that Is Once you get some traction which can be The most challenging part Let’s see what’s in our pop box this Month that’s hopefully gonna help with That This go dog dinosaur toy is right up her Alley it’s extra floppy dogs love it and It’s made of really tough fabric as you Can see by this german shepherd dog Playing with it this is gonna be useful Oh Boy she’s gonna love this she likes These really durable rubbery toys and i Love the fact that they Last a long time you gotta earn it here Give me a sit Stay okay pup box will send you training Supplies and treats based on your dog’s Specific Age and what’s really cool about pup box Is they give you this detailed training Guide and advice on raising your dog It’s front and back there’s a lot more Information on here than you might Realize so between pup box and these Training videos you should be set nice Natural chew here she’s gonna love this I’m gonna save this for later when i put Her up And hopefully she’ll sleep all night Again i like the safety light Really important for young dogs that

They’re easy to see at all times of day We got some treats today for you too i Wonder how many things we’re going to be Able to teach you with these All of you can get 50 off of your first Pup box when you sign up for a Multi-month subscription at Zach and enter code zack i’ll have the Details below in the description Today we’re going to work on some of the Most important things that any dog needs To know not the least of which Is leash walking moira super hard Challenge on leash walking Come and stay as well as something that I really want to focus on with her and That’s Also not the easiest task this dog is Like 100 miles an hour he just goes and Goes And the minute we start our training Session we’re presented with a dog Walking by This is going to be one of the rockiest Training sessions i’ve had In a very long time looks like we have a Puppy coming by i’m gonna hold her and Manage her Good girl no not now relax No wow you’re so tall Today we’re gonna really focus on those Life-saving skills Come and stay for this first lesson of The day and i’m hoping to make some

Progress there now One thing i definitely know about moira Is that she just Loves to play fetch so i think i’ve got An idea as a way To really reinforce come when called With her Come good that’s look at that let go do You see that I love teaching dogs to come when called When playing fetch i mean it’s a great Way to kill two birds with one stone You’re giving your dog a great way to Release All of that energy while at the same Time they’re in this fantastic mood Because they love playing fetch And they’re running back to you that’s The mindset you want your dog in when You’re teaching them And i’ve got a nice long 30 foot lead Today what i love about Reinforcing come when called like this Is that she’s not just walking to me She’s enthusiastically running to me and We love that So even though it looks like we’re Playing fetch right now and we are the Emphasis on this lesson is really on Teaching moira to come to me when i call Her there are many ways to teach a Recall and this is just one of them not Every dog likes fetch That’s okay but this one certainly does

That’s why i’ll continue to use this as A training strategy Good girl now if at any point she starts To veer off like that There she lost interest she wants to go On a sniff break moira Come yes i’m gonna go ahead and keep the Lead shortening here just In case she changes her mind so she Doesn’t get away with running away from Me and not listening And there’s no harm in reeling them in There sometimes sometimes you just have To do that In order to really enforce the rules Moira come Yes look at this come when called is Looking really good so far at least in This context i’m sure we have a long way To go in other contexts but we got to Start somewhere but how about Stay i mean you remember stay is Something that i’m training and proofing In a variety Of different situations i mean she’s Learned stay at the doorway she’s Learned stay for a period of time in the Living room but Learning to stay while we play fetch out Here in this new environment tour is Quite a different thing let’s change up Our currencies a little bit and see if We can get her a little more engaged Stay yes stay

Let me see if i can do that from farther Away though yes Good Stay i want to be very clear about stay With her I want to get her warmed up nope let’s See if we can fix that Here we go sit stay Being very clear with my stop sign hand Yes Stay Stay i’m going to reiterate stay only One additional time i want to avoid Saying Stay stay stay but there are times where You can Give your dog a gentle reminder and i Also don’t want to keep her in An eternal state either lyra okay yes So i want to give her an end that was Pretty good so we have stay for period Of time we have stay while we walk away In this new environment Let’s see if we can make some progress On a more significant stay while Distracted Stay no All right okay it looks like i got to Get her warmed up not reliable on stage Just yet Sit stay Okay okay good borderline right there She started a break but did you see how She thought better of it

Good so i’m gonna go ahead and give her A free toss there for that one i like That Sit stay let’s see if we can Button that up let me make it easier Here okay good girl Nice job and i’ll release her there from This stay so this is a really good Example of Sticking with your dog and really Teaching them from the inside Out stay well distracted is the kind of Thing that requires Months and months of reinforcement with Your dog but this is where we start Stay [Music] Moira come ah i love that wild card Okay good you can go get the toy if you Want that was a really good example Right there Combining stay income i had her stay While distracted i then called her Away from the toy in the other direction Which is something you really want to be Able to do to get your dog away from Something And believe me teaching moira to walk Away from a dog When we’re on a walk is at the absolute Top of my priority list She looks like she’s really into that Other toy now maybe we can use that as a Distraction

Let’s see if we can go nuts sit Stay Stay Come yes sit Is she getting trained is this happening Right now Yes good girl as she continues to do Better and better with this exercise i’m Going to continue to challenge her by Doing the same exercise but from farther And farther away In general the farther we are from our Dogs the more Fragile our communication becomes so we Have to work hard to strengthen that Communication this is how you do it Good girl i’ll go ahead and give her an Enthusiastic tug of war here Just to keep training up let her know i Love that energetic dogs like this Definitely a lot to take in a lot to Work with but they can be So bright once you start getting through To them they’re so motivated to exist in This world and have a good time So we just have to take that into Account when we’re training them Energetic dogs are super misunderstood In that way So if your dog is like this use things Like this to your advantage Good girl and she’s really understanding The concept of yes and no here Two concepts that she didn’t seem to

Fully understand just a couple of days Ago Okay get it good girl let go I want to give her a few tosses in a row Right now because i want it to stay fun I don’t want it to be like stay throw The toy stay throw the toy Stay okay okay get it I like how she wants to make sure that I’m really sure about okay that’s Pretty cool too so i want to be really Obvious about what okay means Stay really close to her that time love How she’s looking at me Throw the treats at her this treat bag Stay she wasn’t expecting that Come get it good girl So i’m real pleased with that i’m gonna Continue to work on that throughout the Day but that’s where our stay And recall lessons are right now i’d Love to be able to go on a walk with her And see how she does too i’m gonna give Her a little bit of a mental break right Now that’s important Not to throw too much on your dog at one Time and then we’re gonna go on a walk And see how she does Now look throughout this series many People have commented that i need to Throw a choke chain or a prong collar or An electric collar and get this dog Under control As if that is what it’s going to take

For a dog like this to learn We’re really starting to see glimmers of These advanced concepts like Stay when distracted for example without Having to use leash pops or Excessive leash pressure or electrical Stimulation With a special e-collar and modern Science has shown us that our guiding Principle as Dog training professionals needs to be To use the least Aversive or least harsh method that’s Likely to get the job done When we avoid using these quick fix Methods in exchange for a thoughtful Approach that goes a layer Deeper it may take a minute to see Actual results but at least you’re Getting a true Authentic result rather than something That has the Illusion of a result for example let’s Say I gave moira a firm leash pop with a Prong collar For going after a distraction and Training she would likely stop Lunging at least in that instance for a Moment to avoid that unpleasant feeling Around her neck right but she could also Start to associate those very Unpleasant corrections with her overall Training sessions with me

Or even things around her like other Dogs or even people Because of the high risk of side effects And the fact that every scientific study I’ve been able to find tells me that These training methods are not worth the Risk I prefer to take the time to show her What i actually want her to do Like come when i call her or stay in the Face of a distraction Not because she fears the result but Because she understands the concept Bottom line choke prong and electric Collars are super basic they’re Superficial and i’ve never encountered Once in my entire dog training career an Instance Where using those tools was the least Aversive method that was likely to work I know all of you love science so i’m Going to have a lot of sources in the Description of this video to back all of This up More as leash manners what What leash man moira doesn’t have any Leash manners She’s only just had her first outing in Public last episode which was kind of a Complete nightmare I mean look she was actually doing Pretty good that is until she saw a dog That was like two miles away And i can tell you spoiler alert that’s

Definitely going to be the biggest issue In this training session Stay i feel genuinely honestly in the Bit that i’ve been working with her Today that we’re actually just now Having Serious breakthroughs like we’re really Starting to be able to talk to each Other i’m pretty happy now with where we Are but i hope i didn’t just jinx this Lesson Yeah i totally just jinxed this lesson Okay nice job girl it’s normal to feel Disconnected in those first few days It can be challenging to build that Initial communication and to teach your Dog something as basic as Yeah that’s good and no let’s not do That which is what we’ve been focused on Along with some basic skills so you can Ask them to do incompatible behaviors With things you don’t like like when They’re jumping you can ask them to sit And stay for example Okay i’m on a tangent we gotta go leash Training come on let’s go I’ve elected to go without her muzzle at This point because There aren’t too many distractions out Here yesterday we went to one location To do dog training it wasn’t very busy And moira did basically okay i mean she Definitely had some issues and outbursts But

More or less she did well and then we Went to a second location it had just a Few more distractions and moira was Extremely Challenging to work with in that Environment so i figured this park Is a little bit of both like we have the Occasional dog the occasional walker This is kind of a hybrid between the two Places we went to yesterday See the puppy yes Here it’s an excited puppy too here as This dog approaches i want to do a test And see if moira is receptive to taking A treat so i’m going to offer her one Right at her nose but as you can see She’s a lot more interested in watching That dog than she is in my tree So here my communication has completely Broken down because She’s over her threshold the next best Thing i can do here is manage her and Increase the distance and i can do that By letting the dog get farther away or Escorting her farther away I think now the dog is getting far Enough away where i can communicate with Her Okay moyra let’s go you read my mind A little aroused but at least she’s Going wrong yes good girl Here that was wonderful do you want this Good job it seemed as though she was Saying

I really want to look at that puppy as a Beginner i have to be okay with that to A degree we have to let our dogs be dogs And so even though she was acting really Excited there the fact that she was Moving away from the puppy Definitely worth rewarding and Acknowledging so as soon as the dog got Farther away moira started to get more Receptive to listening to me this Is a step in the right direction so Right off the bat there we had a little Bit of an issue but i’m still pretty Encouraged it’s already better than Yesterday And just when i thought i was far enough Away moira had another outburst As someone walked past moira moira No ma’am hey here Here come on yes good Sit ideally that we don’t want that Outburst happening So i want to prevent it yes i want to do It before she has another one See what i mean sit good Stay look at me let’s go Yeah nice job there’s a car coming by The police like to Patrol the levee here so it’s a police Vehicle coming by so far she hasn’t Really been reactive to vehicles but Maybe she’s like those aren’t supposed To be here Because they are unusual to see

There we go hey good job let’s go Trying to see if i can get her in play Mode we have a couple of dogs coming Here Whoa go get it maura can’t focus on me Toys treats or Anything else if she detects a dog Anywhere On planet earth the other dog is quite Excited as well so i want to make sure i Have a good grip on her want to keep Full control When you’re doing early leash training Sessions with a dog like this the Process can be Very bumpy to say the least it’s hard to Keep your dog’s sustained attention at Times for sure You can see me trying here and failing Miserably at times but i’m not gonna Give up Oh my gosh so you can see I’m going to try and create some Distance here Let’s go come on girl What i also like about this training Location is that i can very easily Create as much distance as i need to in Order to gain a better Understanding of her working distance That is the distance from a distraction Where she’s still Able to listen to me you can see she’s Just unruly here

So this is what i’m gonna do i got her Attention come on let’s go Here come and my goal is to get her to Walk towards the dog and Away from the dog while i ask her while We’re teetering at the edge of our Working distance And take note of how far away that dog Actually is from us Pretty far yes good job Good work my goal for this lesson is Just to see if i can walk and get Into a groove with her where i feel like She’s starting to understand the concept Of walking nicely on a leash Which we haven’t really seen a ton of Yet And you know with these types of lessons You have to pick your battles There’s a little bit of tension on the Leash from time to time but more or less I mean she’s walking okay right now so i Want to let her know i appreciate that By letting her continue to walk moira Here Yes good girl nice job there we go So if you feel like when you’re training Your dog to walk on leash that there’s No End in sight understand that’s a Completely normal feeling i was feeling It yesterday I was almost having a meltdown oh my Gosh what if we don’t get moira trained

What if she doesn’t learn anything Youtube’s gonna cancel me but no in all Seriousness i Can tell that maura is a very smart girl And even if she didn’t show a lot of Progress or success i would be Completely Fine with that because we have to accept Our dogs for who they are i’d love to Get up here to the Path so i can get her used to walking on The pedestrian path let’s go this way Okay right now complete lack of focus I’m just going to stop right here let Her come to terms with reality for a Second And then ask for her attention before i Proceed good girl here Yes now i got her attention i just had To wait it out I’ll take the sit okay let’s go come on One major part of training your dog to Walk on a leash is to make sure that you Can quickly and easily turn directions In case you have to for whatever reason You don’t want to be negotiating with Your dog like that Moira yes let’s go this way it’s a great Way to reliably get their attention once They get good at it So there she gave me her attention i Gave her a treat i let her continue to Sniff Pretty loose leash right now moira come

On Good girl she’s more interested in the Environment than she is a treat right Now that can be a reinforcing event for Her because bottom line she’s not Lunging at anyone And she’s not pulling too obnoxiously Right now so as long as she’s generally Good the walk continues Let me test her attention again Moira here I give that a c minus No doubt this training session has been Very challenging for both moira And me when you and your dog are Struggling like moira and i were At the beginning of this training Session it can be really hard To see the light at the end of the Tunnel but it looks like our last Several days of training are about to Start paying off Moira yes good Moira this way Good like those circles sit Yes good Good girl okay it looks like moira Is really focused in right now i’m gonna Give my complete Attention to her as i walk i’m just Going to let this play out Uncut for a while and just let you guys Watch how it looks Yes any attention i’m going to reward

While we’re moving Moira yes Yes I think at this point i’ve done zillions Of leash walking training sessions with Dogs and it’s rare when they start off Like this one did to have any hope of Success During that particular lesson at least Any dramatic success Girl yes Really on a roll right now here This way good it’s normal to have an Absolutely terrible training session and The very next day Things go completely different as long As you’re really consistent and you keep Things positive and fun for your dog While you’re training them there’s no Reason they won’t continue to learn at a Pretty fast rate And always make an effort to connect With your individual dog No two dogs are really the same so you Have to cater your approach to your Dog not somebody else’s Gonna a little sniffing is fine But that’s enough come on wow I’m just blown away right now You might notice the rapid rate of Reinforcement right now because with a High drive dog like this a lot of you Will know this just because you have Treats doesn’t mean they’re going to pay

Attention to it so You really have to take advantage of Those moments in the beginning when They’re really receptive to try and get In there and then you don’t want to Overdo it either you know you want to Make sure that they Have time to be a dog and do the weird Things that dogs like to do Let’s test it here we’ve been doing this For a minute Moira come on Good girl yes I’m doing fewer rewards right now Here good girl Isn’t this good let’s pick up the pace a Little what do you do if i jog Look at that prance here Yes what this is our best leash training Session to date Right now here moira too much Here You’re doing so well right now i can’t Believe it Okay this is good but you remember those Dogs from earlier you know the ones that Made Moira completely freak out yeah they’re Coming back so Hey what a great training opportunity it Looks like we’re gonna get another Chance Okay these are the same dogs that passed By earlier that moira just went

Crazy over so we were wrapping up this Lesson but i’m like let me give it one Last shot to see if i can get her Attention At all as these dogs got closer because She is so Sensitive the second she sees a dog She’s just tuning everything out i think A lot of you will know what i’m talking About Laura here yes sit No yes good girl Yes Yes yes Yes watch this Okay come on good girl once your dog has A significant barking and lunging Outburst towards whatever it is Your training has stopped at that moment That’s when we fall back on management Just try and get your dog under control And away from the thing that’s causing Them to react if possible consider Picking them up that diffuses a lot of Dogs if you can Your goal when working with a reactive Dog is to try and get as many Successful instances of compliance as Possible even when they’re micro seconds In the beginning Acknowledge yes i like that you’re not Barking at that dog whereas you’ve Demonstrated that you would easily bark At that dog just a couple of days ago

You know so i really want to let her Know in no uncertain terms yes I love that and what else are we doing We’re also counter-conditioning her In other words we’re giving her really Good treats there to let her know hey When you see a dog you get treats you Pay attention to me Life is just really really great we’re About halfway through this experience And i’ve seen a Huge shift in what moira has learned i Want to remind you guys she Started this series completely untrained Literally the only thing that she knew How to do was to sit There’s still so much to do though like Her jumping on guests and her biting Which we’re going to address In the next episode get fifty percent Off of your first pop box when you sign Up for a three six or twelve month Subscription At zach using my special code Zack follow us on tik tok instagram and Facebook and get both of my books to Learn Everything about training your dog i’ll Have all of the links in the description Below We’ll see you in episode 7.

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