BarkBox VS Super Chewer Box: Which one is right for YOUR dog?

BarkBox VS Super Chewer Box: Which one is right for YOUR dog?

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They smell like fresh home-cooked Cookies I’m not gonna eat one I’ll Forget it I’m gonna try it These are good let’s open these and put Them in our Puckle that is the sentence I never thought I would say we’ve got a Really fun video today I’ve got to bark Boxes and – super chewy boxes to show You and hopefully I’m gonna help you Decide which one is right for your Individual dog based on how they play And by the way you can get 50% off your First box with either subscription I’ll Have details in the description My friend Janette the dog trainer is Here with her two dogs Tahoe and brookie Who each have a different play style so They need different types of toys so When you’re choosing toys for your dog You want to take into account their life Stage their energy level what they love To do and what’s most safe for them tell Me about brookey’s personality Ricky Loves to play with toys she loves to Play fetch she loves to play tug and When left alone with toys she loves to Chew oh it’s the Franken toys box this One is so cool I’ve heard about this They’ve taken their most popular bark Toys ever and combined them like with Velcro do you see this I love this so You know part fish part ballerina it Makes perfect sense in dog logic Trust me it’s just hard enough to rip

Apart there you can make one giant toy Here by sticking them together This is ridiculous what a surprise I Swear I enjoy these more than the dogs Do sometimes go get it this like the Greatest part box of all time I love This one and it’s worth mentioning I Mean these have the squeakers and I’m The squeakers are really important Because dogs like those high-pitched Sounds so it keeps them really engaged With the toy so you can ask them to do Things like sit okay or not these treats Are always a hit too I love how they Always give you two bags in each box Blueberry and duck may not sound the Best to you but dogs love it and then We’ve got blackberry and bacon they have That real cookie like texture even Though it says bacon and blackberries These smell like fresh home-cooked Cookies I have to remind myself not to Eat these because they smell so good Forget it I’m gonna try it these are Good they are I don’t understand why They are only selling these four dogs These are good and of course a Franken Shoe so this is something to give your Dog on a special occasion or maybe to Keep them preoccupied while you’re Entertaining guests or whatever Brookey look at this check this bark box Out it’s a must squeak TV it’s so funny Because every bark box has this really

Unique theme she’s like I don’t care About the theme I want to see what’s in Here so this is like a little book bag Toy you might hear that crinkly sound Which is really exciting for dogs Brookey can rip that open there’s Another toy inside of it like a little IPhone inside of here it has squeakers Isn’t and I can say from a dog trainers Perspective their attention to detail to These toys is extremely impressive let’s See what else we’ve got Oh the sloth so I actually have some Experience with this toy this happens to Be my dog and nurses very favorite toy On earth right now I’ve taught like four tricks using this Toy as motivation and so there’s no Stuffing in here but yet she’s still Very interested in it I can tell you I have so much in genuine Love in my heart for Bart toys in the BART company because they really do make Interesting innovative toys for dogs as A trainer and pet parent myself I really Appreciate how innovative they are check Out this one you have this smooth Texture up front but on the back you’ve Got this real fuzzy texture and you can See she’s immediately drawn to that Fuzzy texture she loves it there are Three different squeakers in here as Well so this is the kind of toy you can Play tug with or you can play fetch with

Depending on what your dog likes to do And look at these streets here you can Always be confident that bark is going To give you really high quality treats With good quality ingredients they’re Always made in the United States or Canada your first two ingredients right Off the bat or beef and chickpeas you Also have things like spinach in here so Good stuff you’re eating better than I Am but the real test is will she like Them here you go I think that’s yes just Like what the toys different textures Can come invaluable for lots of things Whether it’s just to give your dog a Snack or because they prefer a different Texture – these piggy puffs right here have that Like pork rind texture here you go these Are all-natural – grain-free Let’s see if she’ll sit for a piggy pup Sit it works that’s awesome if your dog Needs more of a challenge than the toys In bark box you’re definitely gonna want To check out the super cute box if You’re not familiar with the super cute Box your mind is about to be below tell Me about Tahoe’s personality he likes to Play he loves to chew that’s his Favorite things to do he chews Everything I have to keep a lot of chew Toys and phones and really strong toys For him it’s really strong the soft ones He’ll just tear apart really easy these

Super chewy boxes are from the Bart team But they’re completely different than The bark boxes as you can tell by the Name these boxes are filled with items Designed for really tough dogs that Demand more of a challenge with their Toys the themes of super chewy boxes are Focused on giving strong dogs the Physical and mental outlet they really Need let’s check out this box big game Fetch oh okay and it’s a football theme This is like my two favorite things in Life fetch with dogs and football I got A good feeling about this Looks like Tahoe is ready to play so This whooshes when you throw it and Close in the dark – I’ve been Tahoe’s Definitely ready but I mean that that is A hard choice okay you’re edelman I’m Brady let’s go touchdown Wait catch it yes good job Hey look at This False start that’s what he thinks of That penalty this has made a ballistic Nylon and if you need any more evidence But this is one of the toughest tug toys You can get check out Tahoe look at him Let’s play tug with the other end that’s So he could really grip it he doesn’t Have to hold back you don’t have to Worry about this toy getting ruined with A dog like Tahoe you’re free to play With them at their fullest potential so You have this like heavy textured ball

Right here and it even squeaks I mean You have to it takes two hands to squeak It if you’re a weak human like me it’s Not just small dogs don’t like squeaky Toys big dogs like him too but something Tells me you could really squeak that if You wanted it so fighting a squeaky toy That’s all Durable is a hard thing to do super cure Has done it though squeaks like that can Keep a dog really engaged in a toy which Keeps them engaged with you and just Helps their overall quality of life all Right I think he’s ready for a toss are You ready all right let go and go easy To throw it far – good job Tahoe these Are pigs in a blanket right here and so The super chewy treats you really get to See the texture of them up front here From chewy to crunchy these are more Chewy than crunchy and again just as With the barkbox treats these are gonna Be really high quality ingredients as Well because I don’t know if you guys Have looked at ingredients on dog treats They’re not usually very high quality This has things like pork chickpeas and Kale but look look at that they have Filling inside of them and so here are The pigskin puffs and you can see these Are gonna be crunchy I think I heard one Crunch in there you’re such a trip buddy So good another differentiator with the Super chewy boxes it comes with two

Different shoes because we’ll give these To you at another time because we have Another box to go through I don’t want You filling up this box is all about Treat dispensing toys to give your dog That mental workout so whereas the other Box was really fetch themed this is more Mentally themed this is a puck hole the First thing I notice about this toy is How heavy it is I mean I wish there was A way to articulate this to you but it’s Much heavier than you would expect and That’s gonna be good for obvious reasons This is supposed to squeak oh it does That might be the toughest squeaky toy I’ve ever encountered And see check out that wobbly shape Right there things that move kind of Unpredictably can be really exciting to Dogs if you’ve ever seen durable dog Toys in the past some of them might Actually be durable but they’re almost Never exciting super chewy toys are Completely different every one of the Toys they send is actually really Interactive and it’s got these little Holes right here where I can stick Treats that are that make it kind of Challenging for Tahoe to get them these Are boring banana treats they are chewy Let’s open these and put them in our Pocket That is the sentence I never thought I Would say so you can see here this is

Gonna be more challenging to get out Right here here you go buddy let’s see How challenging this is for Tahoe so you Can tell there’s treats in there and see His tendency is to grab the whole thing But look at him using his brain there so If your dog is the type who really likes To be rough with toys he’s really Energetic they really need more mental And physical stimulation and so while it Can be a puzzle toy it also doubles as An amazing fetch toy boom look at that Bounce look at that he doesn’t know if He should eat it or fetch it there but He figured it out because he’s a Brilliant dog here’s a big – there’s More to this toy than you might realize They even give you instructions right Here if you want an overview as to how It works So look you can pull this out see that But it’s not hard or easy to pull out Really you could put peanut butter Inside the orange part here puzzle toys Are great and when dogs use their brains For puzzles or training it can work as Well as exercise to satisfy them and Again we’re talking about very very Durable materials here so then you close It like this and you can actually change The difficulty if you have just a little Bit exposed and makes it a little bit More challenging to get to and then if You want to make it a little bit easier

For your dog especially in the beginning You might make it a little bit bigger Like that so you can put like treats Right here so that’s quite clever dare I Say genius this is called a Brum pee Right here now this check this out they Really pay attention to details with These bark toys so you have this uneven Texture so as your dog licks this and Plays with it it’s going to wobble it’s Gonna continue to bring that motion to It and you can put peanut butter right Here in between these grooves which will Increase their interest over an extended Period of time again really stimulating Them mentally so that they are engaged With the product by the way dishwasher Safe – oh there he’s discovered the Peanut butter do you hear him that’s What a happy dog sounds like and again We’re talking ultra-durable I mean that that thing that’s durable I’d like to see you try to destroy this Check these out on the chewy too crunchy Scale lamb and papaya Check it out and you get two more choose In this box as well Just like with barkbox there are options For dogs with allergies or special Dietary needs Super ture can even send you an alt or All treat box if that’s what your dog Would prefer I love that they offer that Kind of flexibility because some dogs

Are gonna be more into treats than toys And vice versa if you want to give Either of these boxes a shot you’re Gonna get 50% off of your first box when You sign up for a 6 or 12 month Subscription I’m gonna have a link in The description below plus get free Shipping for life anywhere in the lower 48 United States depending on which box You want you can go to barkbox comm Slashes Zac George 50 or super chewer Com / – Zac George 50 to get your discount I’m gonna have those links in the Description Tahoe rookie you guys are The best you are terrific dogs see you Guys in the next video

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