Can You Train Cats? We’ll Find Out! It’s not what you think!

Can You Train Cats? We'll Find Out! It’s not what you think!

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This cats doing amazing tricks all Around right now I don’t even know what To look at what today guys I’ve got a Really special treat for you You’re gonna meet animal trainer Extraordinaire Samantha Martin and the Amazing acro cats a world-record-holding Cat and more in this video you’ll learn How to teach cats amazing things and You’re gonna see that modern training Works on all animals click thumbs up if You like cats rats chickens and of Course dogs too right subscribe to my Channel read or listen to my book it’s a Fantastic companion to this YouTube Channel for those of you with cats out There you’ll know what a pain it is to Have to halt their litter and their food Home a couple of times a month if you Want to have your cat or dog supplies Automatically shipped to you at any time Interval you prefer check out that flow You’re gonna get your food and supplies Anyway make it like easier to choose Your food and supplies or any other Items you need and for those items that You want to have automatically shipped To you just tell pet flow how often You’d like them delivered enter code Zach 30 when you check out you’ll get $10 off your first three orders on Qualifying purchases I’ll have that link And coupon code in the description of This video let’s check out Samantha the

Acro cats and see what they’re all about Samantha the show was absolutely Incredible tonight we saw a groundhog We saw cats we saw chicken chicken I Knew I wanted to be an animal trainer Since I was seven years old started Training the family dog when I was 10 And then started my own company with Trained rats when I was in my early 20s The acro rats yeah wait wait so you had A show called the rats that’s how I Started my career is the acro rat dogs Are so great to work with because They’re just like I’m ready you know yes What do we want to do they’re so excited About everything and it’s exotic animals And house cats are a little bit more on You in a second I don’t think so no I’m Just gonna leave in the beginning was Just a nightmare whenever I had a show Book I started out in like art galleries And in places that I’d be like hey I’ve Got these cats gonna bring them to your Gallery opening they’re like sure people Would show up in droves is these cats Pretty much not doing anything I was Still trying to figure everything out And then I have all these spots where The cats just look at looking around and Going what do you want me to do it’s Just crazy what you’re talking about and I’m like I got seriously what are you Talking about you’ve seen those like a Million times we’ve done this like now

It’s not ringing any bells sorry I added some other animals to show and I Wanted to really train animals for film And television but and I didn’t get a Lot of calls for for alligators and Binturongs and kinkajous and and Chinchillas it’s the second most Requested animal for film after the dog The cat and they’re notorious for being Difficult to work with so I thought okay Well there’s got to be a way to do this So I got I’m gonna put a show together Like I did with the rad stuff all those Years ago maybe you could show us some Of their impressive tricks and maybe Give us an idea of how you taught them Just kind of the overview what do you Say yeah sure Charmaine is bringing out One of our rising stars ahi tuna ahi Tuna is about five months so give us an Idea of how you get these cats Especially such young cats responding to You and listening to some of these Really sophisticated advanced concepts Well we have a target stick okay we have A clicker and treats they see this Target stick they hear a click a treat Is delivered it really only takes like Three or four times and they hear that Click and then the treat magically falls From the sky that they’re like hey There’s something about this stick right Well if I touch that stick I hear that Noise and the treat falls from the sky

So they they pick up on that very Quickly so of course you’re gonna want To follow this stick It’s like magical stick and then you Hear the noise again and there’s a treat Some cats I’ll teach the follow and Follow the target with their nose and Reward for that Wow and then sometimes I’ll do something more paw oriented so If I have a cat that really likes to Grab at the target stick with their paw As opposed to following it with their Nose then I’m going to teach something That involves their pop so you just made It easier there mm-hmm because she’s Obviously was hesitant so you always Want to set them up for success then I Would bring in something that maybe was A cool thing for them to touch like a Bell oh cool I’m gonna hit the target stick and then Fix it so the target stick is on the Bell or once they understand that the Click equals treat and they’ve learned To touch the target stick you take the Target stick away and you just wait for Them to like just make it like they Touch the bell a little bit they just Touch the side of the bell and I’m like Well that’s pretty close so I’m gonna Reward that and any time they make a Move towards the eventual goal I’ll Reward it and the next step will be to Put it on a specific keyword it could be

Something subtle where it could be a Hand movement or it could be you know me Turning my head but right now because She’s young and we’re just trying to get Her used to being in the show and Ringing this Bell anytime she rings his Bell she’s gonna get a treat so this is Where she has me trained I love it That’s great and yeah I mean you can see She’s enjoying herself and she’s having A great time you want to keep the Session short you want to keep the Animal happy do you think you could show Us some more tricks yes I will bring out Buggles These have to wait it out cuz her trying To hurry them will just make it slower That’s so cool and look at the hind legs Amazing Wow and how long does it take to Teach something like that this took About three weeks that actually doesn’t Seem that long for something that Sophisticated it’s like several Different behaviors put together right Because first you’ll teach them to just Walk across this and be comfortable Walking across this and then you’ll want To teach them rolling this ball some you Know like lower on the ground where it’s Like feels easy to roll and then you Combine the two and rolling on the ball Is even more detailed and intricate the Problem with cats is they don’t adapt Well they don’t like change so if I

Created a constantly changing Environment for these cats then it would Be like it wasn’t changing because it Was what they’re used to is we always Had rescue kittens coming our way so I Started training working with them and Tuned of the star of our show I started Taking her around and highlighting what She could do any place I could take her Movie theater or his friend’s house hey You can’t bring over the cat okay yeah Weirdo sure bring your cat over see Socialization is the key so I just I Take them everywhere but then the show Took on a whole new life of the tone cuz I started getting involved with rescue And fostering and we found home 491 cats And kittens since 2009 so it’s that’s Amazing they’re so imaginative been Creative GX is our troublemaker kind of The wild card of the group probably 75% Of the time she does not do her trick She would rather go out there and lavish The crowd and get petted and loved on Then stay up here and do her trick for a Piece of tuna right on there so slick so Smooth so impressive how she’s varying The speeds – oh that’s incredible I’ve Worked with us on dogs before and it’s Tough with dogs I think in some ways That it’s a little bit easier with cats Because it was sort of a natural that That’s what are their skill sets is to Balance on precarious places once they

Figure it out they have that lightbulb Moment where you just see that I got it in their eyes yeah Alley was a Very weak kitten when we first got her She was very shy she really struggled at One point we didn’t think she’s gonna Make it because she was so she was so Weak and sickly we finally got her Healthy and we started clicker training Her and she just blossomed into this Amazing cat that eventually became the Guinness world record holding cat for The longest lead the world record for Longest jump by a cat yes Wow great trainers understand the Importance of going in very small steps And that’s what you keep underscoring Time after time here it looks like You’ve got something fancy going on here There’s so much going on here and They’re so focused jumping over cats You’ve got them weaving through poles You have three different cats up here at One time it’s cats to an amazing tricks All around right now I don’t even know What to look at what would you do if a Cat doesn’t perform if they don’t feel Like doing their trick especially in Front of an audience do you worry about Like hey that doesn’t look good for the Show or how do you address that our Audience are cat lovers right they know I’ve just learned to roll with it And the crowd loves it the audience

Likes seeing cast B cats the fact that They do something amazing from time to Time in the and half the time they’re Just cats gives them hope that maybe They could do this at home all of these Cats are very special to me a lot of my Bottle raise I brought from the brink of Death it is very time consuming but very Rewarding because I have such a close Relationship with these cats This has been such a treat such an honor Thank you for sharing your amazing past With our YouTube audience click thumbs Up for all these cats and you can find Out so much more about the acro cats at Circus Don’t forget to set up automatic Delivery of all your pet supplies at pet Flow link in the description make sure You’re subscribed to my channel pick up A copy of my book to go out and train Those cats we’ll see you guys in the Next video You

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