Check out my dog’s new skills!

Check out my dog’s new skills!

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She’s very intrigued by this horses whoa Whoa what have you been wondering how Inertia is doing around other dogs me Too In this episode we’ll check on that We’ll also check on her awesome trick Training and see how she continues to do Around extreme distractions I’m Zach George I train dogs this is my new dog And I’m gonna show you how I train her From day one things definitely won’t Always go smoothly you can start from The beginning or you can take up Anywhere subscribe and hit the bell Notification so you never miss an Episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever remain in motion This is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience If you’ve been watching the series you Guys probably know that I always say it Takes lots of practice to have a super Trained dog but did you know that it Only takes about 30 days to learn all of The basic skills you need in order to be Able to teach your dog anything you want I have a completely 100% free digital Dog training class that will make it Super easy yes it’s actually free the Entire thing 30 day perfect pup is an Online course and an app that guides you Through 30 days of training your dog all Of the basics you get exclusive video

Lessons daily emails with training tips And advice from me a downloadable guide And access to an exclusive private Facebook community there’s even an app Called the pup furred app that goes Along with it so you can have all of the Lessons wherever you go and you can keep Track of your progress there – I’m gonna Have links to join the course and Download the pup bird app below I’m Really anxious to show you guys how Inertia has been doing around other dogs But I also want to check in on some of The other skills that she’s been working On – you might recall we’ve been working On SIPP pretty lately and I want to show You where she is on that we’ve really Been focusing on getting her to hold the Position for a lot longer and sit pretty Stay Okay good work so you know pretty solid She’s able to hold the position there For a few seconds I’m really proud of it I wouldn’t have some money trick right There she’s good let’s check out how her Form is doing on crawl you might Remember we ran into a stumbling block With crawl because when she would do it She was dragging her hips and only Moving her front feet so I really want Her using all four legs when she crawls Crawl and I’m just having her go just a Couple of inches at a time right now Like I’m not really pushing her on that

Because it’s more important for her to Have the right form than it is for her To do some impressive long crawl it’s Really important when you start to see a Trick or behavior go in the wrong Direction that you stop and not try to Push them through that and instead Really focus on the right form or Whatever issue it is that you’re working On with them it’s much better to take a Step back and repair than it is to try And fix it later Hey Oh wow good girl so her crawl has Dramatically improved it’s also worth Mentioning the reason we teach things Like this are to keep our dog’s brain Stimulated to keep them active I mean sit stay down and come only go so Far and those things tend to get kind of Monotonous and boring to your dogs so if You’ve got a bright dog you want to Continually teach them new little things Get creative with it for example let me Show you I’ve got this chair right here So you might recall she knows pawza I’m Really focused on improving her balance As well my goal here is to see if I can Get all fours up on the chair okay come On get down and come on can you get up Here almost that’s alright let’s try it From over here maybe yes good there we Go so just kind of coaxing her and Getting her to brainstorm there was Really beneficial so we’re teaching her

How to stand on the chair let’s see if We can move it around a little bit make Sure she’s extra comfortable well stay Ok good job had nice work this is all Fine but I think we can do better than This so here we have something a little Bit taller and a little bit more narrow I’ve also modified this stool a little Bit with some grippy material so that if We can get her to jump up here she’ll be A little bit more secure inertia Very good yes so she went right up there I love that she seems to be really Comfortable putting her paws up on Things this is going to be a lot more Daunting to jump up on than the chair Was because it’s a smaller surface let’s See if we can motivate her to do that Here whoa whoa what ah okay I’d say She’s getting the point up here now one Of the reasons I like to train a stall Like this on a stool is because you know I like to have her stand on my back Sometimes that’s kind of shaky this is a Really good way to help her work on Balance I mean look at those toes and Feet look how they’re really holding Positioned as I move the stool around Look at that shake shake shake stay good Work stay so look we can even go as far Here is putting it on two legs look at That and you can see I mean she’s really Having to think there and keep her Balance but I think this is just a

Really good miscellaneous skill for her To have you know for pictures maybe you Want your dog to jump on something in Pose when you’re at the park you never Know okay good job You might recall one of inertia is Biggest struggles lately is paying Attention in the presence of other dogs While in public so let’s check on it a Nurse’s progress and see how she’s doing A few months ago I took inertia out here I gave her an introduction to the Perimeter of this dog park and she found It pretty overwhelming at the time so I Thought we would do a checkup see how She’s doing around the dog park and all Of the other distractions that the world Has so right now I’ve got inertia Positioned around some birds over here We’ve got the dog park over here there’s Steady flow of traffic and people and Stuff walking by so I’m trying to reduce The use of treats for training sessions Like this I’m not asking a lot of her Other than just basic calm everyday Behavior I think a better reinforcer is Probably just you know general access to The environment dogs really enjoy Sniffing around they enjoy being Outdoors checking things out so being Able to keep the experience moving and Check out new things is often motivating Enough we’ve been here less than five Minutes and inertia is already able to

Look at other people and dogs while Staying calmly with a loose leash this Is a dramatic difference in how she Would have acted in the past so rather Than going right up to the dog park I’ve Been walking across the street I’ve been You know walking maybe 20 sometimes 30 Minutes with her and then I’ll just Gradually give her more exposure to dogs And the reason Doing this is that I want to keep her From stressing out or reacting when she Sees the dogs so I’m just gonna kind of Approach the dog park with caution right Now I’m not gonna run right up to it Because right now she’s being great and I just want her to normalize this which Is another reason I’m not using treats I Want her to just take it in I’m gonna Let her do a sit stay now she checks out Other dogs that are walking past us on This path over here there are Distractions from all sides right now You know this is obviously something She’s been prepared for we’ve worked up To this so now that we’ve been up here For a little bit I’m gonna see if I can Get her attention on me voluntarily and Escort her back to the path over here Just to get her accustomed to seeing Exciting dogs and then paying attention To me and moving on look at me Okay let’s go nice work so we have Another screen saver over here that

We’ve moved closer to which has its Healthy share of pedestrians and getting Her to feel calm and relaxed around People and dogs and everything else is So important to me right now So if she’s feeling up for it I’d like To see if I can get her walking around The perimeter of the dog park so in Other words getting her to pay attention To me and not fixate on the dogs it’s a Double-edged sword because it’s a Wonderful place to train and give your Dog lots of distractions in order to Proof a lot of their behaviors but it’s Also a pretty hard environment to train Into but I just keep telling myself that If she can do really well out here then She can probably do really well in just About any park and so this is an Exercise that’s been really valuable for Inertia being able to walk outside the Perimeter of a dog park right up on it Dogs come by they notice her she’s at Close range with them gonna stay right There girl good girl okay come on let’s Cool and so there are times when there Is some minor tension on the leash where I’m encouraging her to keep moving but Keep in mind I do this very sparingly To me it’s the equivalent of taking a Toddler by the hand and encouraging them To stay with you at a shopping mall for Example but if it were ever perceived as Something painful or intimidating to

Your dog you would want to avoid doing That stay good girl very good all right Come on let’s go let’s go so you’re Starting to see a theme here it’s Totally acceptable for inertia to notice Things that arouse her teaching her how To conduct herself is my main priority And she’s really doing well course she Not perfect yet but I don’t know that Any dog ever is Okay now that inertia has adjusted to This crazy environment let’s see if she Can do any of her other tricks here Remember it takes practice to get your Dog to be able to perform in a place Like this it’s much more challenging Than doing the same stuff in your living Room for example look at me can you Switch good job Very good so her switch is coming along Nicely too I’m able to get it with a Hand signal can you lie down and play Dead I’ll take that that was a good one Come alive look at me Can you sit is it pretty yeah good job Lie down lie down is a really good way For me to kind of encourage sort of Really stay still this is what you want You get dogs speeding past and she’s Accustomed to holding her position and Not lunging and barking saying I want to Play I want to play alright so it’s been A minute since we’ve done the somersault I don’t know that she’s ever done a

Somersault outdoors what’s that what What is that that’s not a somersault I Think she got like heel and a somersault Confused there tried to do them both Wait what’s this there you go what’s That there we go nice one these are Tricks that we started training inside And then in the neighborhood and then at The local park and now we’re doing them Right next to a bunch of dogs at a dog Park so getting your dog to do a lot of The skills that they know in a variety Of places is really what makes a dog Trained I guess good job girl this is Why I like doing flashcards because okay Paws up on something the only thing I See around here really is this so I Wonder if I can get her to just kind of Put her paws up on this frisbee golf Thing paws up Yes state now that’s fascinating state Look at me Okay good job that was great I mean that Excites me I know it might not look like Much that was her first attempt at this And she just didn’t hesitate so she’s Starting to generalize putting her paws Up on things so – a dog trainer that’s Exciting stuff all in all very Successful day I mean doing exercises Like this and getting your dog out into The world and practicing around things That challenge them Really essential but finding ways to do

It in small doses over time and working Your way up that’s really the key I Think to lessons like this Okay let’s up the difficulty now and Take her to a park where there are even More distractions and there is an Offense between her and the other dogs Upon our arrival there just happened to Be a herd of horses she’s shown great Improvement in listening to me around Giant mammals but I’m still not Confident that she’ll tune them out Completely so it’s on us to introduce Those things to our dogs in a safe way That allows them to take it in and then Train them how to behave over time Around those things can you look at me Let’s go this way so in this case I’m Happy that I can ultimately get her Attention on me voluntarily and get her To walk away from the horses when we Were in the French Quarter that time and She was barking at those mules this is Definitely an improvement from that Practicing around distractions requires You to consistently get your dog’s Attention on you even in short bursts in Other words you’ll have to get them to Walk back and forth a few feet like this While paying attention to you before you Can expect them to give you sustained Attention on a long proper walk okay Here comes a dog let me practice on Getting our attention on me in the

Presence of this dog stay and notice how We’re off the walking path here in order To make it easier for inertia my goal is To prevent an outburst towards another Dog and practicing farther away like This makes success more likely switch That’s right that’s right good job it’s Really important for her to get used to Saxophones living in New Orleans I think She likes it the horses are back and We’re at a greater distance than we were Last time once again protocol here I’m Just gonna let her check him out at a Distance if she’s reacting like this Well then I’m gonna get her attention on Me and ask her to do something look at Me just to prove the fact that I can get Her listening to me when she’s Distracted let me see if I can get Enough focus out of inertia to do a Little bit of frisbee training with me In this brand-new place With heavy distractions go Inertia at first inertia gets a little Distracted here but I’m going to try to Keep her engaged with this game good Girl yes go there you go that’s the once Gay skateboard when I’m in public places Like this I’m always looking out for Intense distractions which is why I’m Using this long lead as a safety net go Inertia come Hey we-we-we good stay Stall stay stay an Ursa is doing great I’m thrilled with this frisbee session

In a distracting Park in the next Episode I’ll teach inertia about Boundaries so that she can start to Learn where she can and can’t go plus I’m finally going to teach inertia one Of your most requested tricks and more Speak sign up for my totally free Digital dog training course 30-day Perfect pup and download the puppet app To follow me on instagram and tik-tok For the most up-to-date info from Inertia and me subscribe to this channel And get my book guide to a well-behaved Dog for all of my most detailed training Advice in one place I’ll have all the Links below You

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