DAY 1: I Took This UNTRAINED DOG Out for the FIRST TIME & HE LASHED OUT. Reality Dog Training

DAY 1: I Took This UNTRAINED DOG Out for the FIRST TIME & HE LASHED OUT. Reality Dog Training

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Do you know what it’s like when you First get on a roller coaster and you’re Going up the hill and the roller coaster Is going clickety-clack clickety-clack And you have no idea what it’s going to Be like maybe you’re going to have the Time of your life Or maybe you’re going to be terrified If he’s acting like this i’m starting to Second-guess my decision to have him Interact with inertia my dog again by The way did i mention that i’m not fond Of roller coasters this is choc a wild Alaskan street dog with minimal human Contact his manners leave a lot to be Desired we are in alaska to get this man Ready for his new life If we can survive it This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell so you never miss an Episode So today i’m taking this untrained dog To a public park and my wife who’s just Sitting behind the camera isn’t even Trying to stop me right now If he’s acting like this around other Dogs out here i’m starting to Second-guess my decision to have him Interact with inertia my dog again this Is the second half of our first day Together i touched on some super basic Training with chop earlier today to Start building that communication i was Using his meal to train him we were

Having great results for the most part Have you ever had a dog food that was so Good you were tempted to eat it yourself I’m not saying i have eaten my dog’s Food This tastes exactly like if i was trying To eat super healthy Don’t be jealous People make fun of me for it but tell me That doesn’t look like something you Would eat i mean it looks like human Food because it is human food nom nom Has veterinary nutritionists that will Actually design a fresh meal for your Dog and they ship these pre-portioned Meals right to your door and yes that Plastic is recyclable use my special Link zac to get 50 Off a two-week trial i’m gonna have a Link in the description so even though We had progress this morning having Progress carry over in a more enticing Place you know than my driveway is not Super likely on day one but ready or not I feel i need to take chop into public To see how he behaves it will be a Fact-finding mission so we have some Dogs walking up here there’s so many Unknowns with him i have no idea how he Reacts to other dogs yet so he’s curious About them We’ve just gotten out of the car so i Want to let them clear out that actually Caught me off guard there i was a little

Surprised by that i barely know this dog And i’ve only got a few weeks to train Him by taking him out to this real world Environment this is going to tell me What i need to work on in order to find Him the best home possible i’m keeping An eye on chop’s overall demeanor to try To get some clues about his emotional State during his experience here look at His tail more alert he sees this dog Over here Playing all right let’s go come on He may have never been to a place quite Like this you know he sees a lot of People there are a lot of distractions Here at this particular park so you can See he’s very interested in his Surroundings for sure it may not look Like it but he’s definitely pulling Quite hard you know just because he’s Pulling right here i don’t like all that Tension around his neck so i’m going to Go ahead and put him on the harness and I’ll reiterate the really big objective Here is to let him get out to see this World because he’s going to have to be a Well-adjusted dog with his new family Since we have bikes on this path i’ve Got to be extra careful too Boy look at him he loves Investigating the grass here We’re in a much different environment Than we just were so you can see if i’m Like hey

Here Look at me Not interested i’ve just gotta let him Check things out i’m gonna create some Distance though i mean you guys remember Just a couple of hours ago he was Looking at me and paying attention to me Almost perfectly at times right he was Doing it in the living room just fine Then we went outside and there was even Dogs barking in the background and i was Still able to get his attention like it Was nothing but out here he’s pretty Clearly overwhelmed so far okay so he Didn’t look at me but he didn’t have an Outburst either so that’s fair in General it’s probably not a good idea For him to interact with dogs in public I want him knowing that there’s a time And a place to interact with dogs but When we’re out on a walk like this That’s not the time so i don’t want to Reinforce that by having him go up and Greet other dogs right now some dogs can Really react to things like bicycles or Rollerblades and you might recall i Struggled with this with my own dog Inertia when she was younger don’t know If he’s ever seen a bicycle i do know he Has seen four of them right now though So that’s a pretty good experience as I’m looking at him sometimes he appears More relaxed and other times he seems More on edge from time to time i’ll see

Him yawning coupled with other signs of Anxiety so he’s kind of in and out here Not yet All right here we go I can’t get him to look at me he’s not Paying attention to me at all out here i Halfway expected this i thought he might Be a little more compliant than this but I’m not deterred by it because this is Completely normal it’s clear he just Needs more desensitizing to the Environment so i think walking around Even parking here and just Hanging out is probably our best bet he Did react to the first dogs he saw but The last dogs he’s done really well with Albeit at a slightly farther distance so As this dog approaches hopefully he’ll React favorably Sorry Interesting that’s the most significant Reaction i’ve seen out of him again i’m Almost positive Okay That was definitely less than ideal If he’s acting like this around other Dogs out here i’m starting to second Guess my decision to have him interact With inertia my dog again now inertia’s History with other dogs has been fraught With challenges one thing we can say for Certain is that chop acts exuberant and Sometimes hyperactive in the presence of Dogs and inertia doesn’t always love big

Exuberant dogs okay let’s break down What happened so leading up to this Point we had been in this spot for a Good while and chop was pretty calmly Watching things go by at various Distances but as this dog is approaching Chop is completely fixated so the next Best thing that i can think of to do Here is to let him observe the dog Calmly just like he did with the last Dog so hopefully he can simply satisfy His curiosity and we can begin to move On from this This is an example where chop is clearly Over threshold that’s where your dog’s Emotional state is so high they become Unable to pay attention to you when this Happens when i have a dog i fall back on Management in other words i just try to Control the dog keep him from acting out Or getting access to the other dog Obviously and trying to get him away From whatever is causing him to behave That way in other words i’m trying to De-escalate the situation moving forward I’m going to be doing my best to Minimize outbursts like this in the Future while also trying to make Progress with him over the time that i Have him so the best thing i can do is Try to better prepare him for situations Just like this sorry buddy you okay Relax i’m pretty positive he just wants To play nonetheless

He cannot be doing that when he sees Dogs So we’re starting probably to see some Of his True nature come out here a very Enthusiastic large Strong dog but right now you can see He’s not interested in paying attention To me in fact quite the opposite he’s Reacting and lunging at least it gives Us something to work on one of the Problems with Where i am right now is i couldn’t Really get farther away i kind of backed Myself into a corner so i’m gonna stop The walk right here i’m gonna pull off To a bench and hang out and let chop Just check out his environment and Hopefully experience what it’s like to Be calm in the presence of dogs we’re About to get a test to see if he can Even manage this distance right now Okay Relax Man it’s okay okay good boy he seems to Be recovering okay here but it’s pretty Borderline something that might be Complicating matters is the fact that we Have him on leash at all obviously in an Environment like this he has to be Comfortable on leash but he may not be Very comfortable with public outings Like this while being on a leash he Doesn’t know how he’s supposed to act

Yet remember until recently chop was a Wild dog wandering the streets in a Remote village and my hope is that he Will Naturally relax here at some point maybe Lie down and enjoy the cool breeze Looks like we’re far from that right now But I feel like if i stay out here long Enough maybe Just maybe Hey siri set a timer for three hours all Right so to be clear my hypothesis here Is that chop just needs a little bit More time to take in this environment so He can stabilize mentally and act more Calmly so i’ve got my whole afternoon Blocked off for him since this is my First day working with him yeah it’s Gonna be interesting to see how this Develops even though we’ve taken efforts To get away from other dogs there’s a Dog coming right at us pretty quickly so Rather than stay put this time like i Did last time i’m going to try to be More proactive by getting farther away From this dog because i’m trying to keep Him under threshold this time distance From that dog is going to be my friend If you’re wondering why i’m not giving Him treats right now he’s not really Into the streets he just wants to check Out his surroundings and i anticipated That coming out here today because it is

Such a dramatic change to his Environment that was a great example Wasn’t it he did really terrific so you Can see how just being a little Preemptive we likely prevented a third Outburst from him notice the minor Tension on the leash here i’m having to Get a little bit more physical than i’d Like with chop and that definitely isn’t Ideal but it’s the lesser of the evils In order to prevent a full-on reaction At least that’s what my thinking is here In the moment that’s what we mean by Management desensitizing your dog Managing them these are critical things When training a dog like chop so far We’re implementing three major Strategies to hopefully make gains on Improving chop’s behavior we’re giving Him extended time to observe his Environment and calm down Desensitization and we’re also relying On management that is having him on a Leash and restricting his access to Everything that he wants to go after That way we can keep him from fully Acting on these natural impulses he has This will also go a long way to counter Conditioning them that is if he can have Calm good experiences while in this Environment he’ll be more likely to Repeat that in the future i really break These down and give you good examples in My second book if you’re interested in

Learning more about this if your dog is Kind of like chop i would definitely Recommend that book for you i’ll have a Link below look at him smelling the Trail the dog just walked right through Here right that also gives him some Satisfaction that is a good idea let him Check out the dog kind of indirectly I’ve never done a training session here But you can see how easy it is to adapt To your environment we found this patch There’s a trail going around us so we Get consistent exposure there’s two more Dogs coming up over here there’s three Over here now this is going to be a bit More challenging but you know what if he Just sits and chills let me see Good man So he’s fixating here let me see if i Can get him over here What yeah good man Good boy chuck I’m learning a lot about chop’s working Distance out here you’ll remember that Is his responsiveness to me when there Is a dog or any distraction a certain Distance away from him the idea is to Not overwhelm him right now but i also Want to be proactive and escort him away Before dogs get too close to us at least Wherever possible and i’m not really Giving him treats right now either That’s because he wouldn’t take them Anyway even though he generally loves

Streets he wouldn’t find that Reinforcing out here in this particular Context instead his environment is much More interesting to him and the Environment can be a great way to Provide positive reinforcement to your Dog if you can show them how to interact With it in an acceptable way Easier said than done so i mean this is Evidence the more time we’re spending Here we can correlate that with less of An outburst of course i am more focused On managing him than i was before Probably i’m definitely starting to get A better idea of when chop will react it Definitely is more likely when dogs are Closer it seems but the thing is he Seems somewhat unpredictable at times Sometimes he’s completely fine other Times he completely loses his mind all Right let’s go back come on Yep Noticing the dogs again acting Appropriately here Thrilled with this And since i’m out here to give him Exposure i’m gonna practice just walking Back and forth here as well letting him Check out all the smells out here Let him get familiar with the Environment a little more Keep him moving along so so far the Reactions we’ve seen i believe have been Limited exclusively to dogs but we’re

Also setting ourselves up for success Aren’t we i mean we’re not right on top Of distractions we made sure that we can More easily distance ourselves from Things that cause him overwhelming Excitement Got it yeah that’s it yes You want a treat He’s not taking treats but he is Interested in his environment so again I’m going to try to use that to my Advantage by giving him increased access To what he wants when he’s being chill We have a dog over here coming up so See how he does while we’re in motion Because the idea really I’m not trying to say never be excited When you see a dog what i am trying to Say is When you become excited get used to Paying attention to me so that i can Escort you Away from that thing causing you to be Excited so here you can see he’s He’s doing well this is interesting Because chop is mildly fixated but he’s Also not acting out towards this other Dog it might be best to keep him moving Though in order to deter an extended Fixation on this dog which might be more Likely to lead to another negative Reaction come on good boy that’s right Remember i’m using the word good to mean You’re on the right track a reward is

Probably coming if you keep trying and I’m using the word yes to mean you’re on The right track and you get something Great right now Now i’m gonna let him look at the dog From a farther distance i don’t want to Deny him totally it’s not reasonable to Keep those experiences from your dog but It just so happens that when we are Farther away he can take in and Experience that dog in a more Appropriate way you see what i mean look At this fur are you kidding me Oh my gosh it’s just blowing in the wind We have to give him a bath but we have To brush him for five hours first thank Goodness for vacuum cleaners i like how He’s leaning on me right now seems to be A trusting behavior look at that guys Good man Just trying to keep him calm good Good boy that’s right you know i hope He’s slowly starting to get the picture Just because we see a dog that looks Like fun we can’t just play with them in Fact we can never play with them in this Particular context chop is starting to Do pretty well i’m going to take him on A little walk the thing is though part Of it involves a walk through a narrow Path in a pedestrian area now it’s just A short bit but i’m definitely going to Have to keep good control of this dog i Mean look at this as we continue his

Extreme pulling picks right back up This is what i was worried about we’ve Got another dog approaching during this Short part of the walk and we have Nowhere to retreat to and if chop does Have a full-on reaction using all of his Muscles i’m gonna have to make sure i’m Really focused on keeping him under Control i’m gonna keep him really close While we pass this dog as efficiently as We can He does have a mild reaction i’m not Trying to train him in this moment it’s Not reasonable to try to teach him how To behave here and now that’s an example Of what you do when you’re kind of Limited right you’re on a narrow path You can’t really pull off you fall back On management so since he’s over Threshold i’m gonna fall back on Management and over the coming weeks I’ll be focused on training him to Behave when he comes in close proximity To dogs like this but for now again my Goal is to make sure i keep control and Manage him and keep this from getting Worse this is kind of scary Because there is definitely no shoulder In here let’s go through this tunnel Come on buddy God Man It’s like he’s a sled dog or something Leash pulling is the worst

Get all that energy out buddy Get it all out I love how i’m saying that to an animal Who’s Basically optimized to run Tens of miles every day while dragging a Sled okay we found a spot to have a nice Change in scenery you’re just so fun to Look at So i still have Roughly a little over one-third Remaining on my timer to give him three Hours in this environment a lot of People will raise the point that they May not have three hours but you don’t Have to do it every single day you know You find a time on the weekend to go to The park if you’re really trying to make Rapid progress try to do it three times A week somehow after work maybe you can Combine it with your work somehow try to Get creative he’s doing really well you Know you got kids and people playing on The playground equipment there’s some Dogs over here to distance three of them Wow and he’s looking at those this is a Really good distance this reactivity i Think is manageable as long as we know What to do my hope here is that after Having this long afternoon out here Getting all of these different Experiences he’s going to go home he’s Going to sleep wonderfully all of that Information is just going to really seep

Into his brain and he’s going to wake up Tomorrow and feel like he’s starting to Get it We’ll see I am so Sore right now do you think this is too Much head room So i’m just sitting here well lying here After Our shoot today And i’m thinking I don’t know how zach is going to do This because i’m exhausted just from Following them around we did a nice long Walk and he was a lot to handle at the Park i really have to say it was clear He was really over stimulated but when i Look back on it i’m really proud at how Chop and i really walked the line there Was some testing to see how close he Could be to other dogs before he just Started barking excitedly but we kind of Got to know each other pretty quickly in That regard even though there were some Downsides to the training lesson i got a Lot of data that’s going to help me move Forward his outbursts were surprising to Me because i’d seen him be a little Curious but as he’s coming out of his Shell now the thing that i’m probably Most worried about with him is feeling His full strength during one of these Reactions you know as we test later on I’m gonna do my best to avoid those of

Course and i’m going to do a lot of prep Work but there will come a time where we Have to go into the real world to see How he does so that i’ll have the most Accurate information when it does come Time to adopt him out not to mention That i’m still optimistic that chop and Inertia will be able to coexist together In his time with us but after today we Might have to do more work than i Expected before we get there i’m still Extremely looking forward to what he is Mixed with i feel like he’s definitely Got to be part malamute what do you guys Think at first glance you might think he Looks german shepherd because of the way He sheds in his coloring but huskies can Easily have this coloring especially When they’re mixed and huskies shed Really probably worse than german Shepherd dogs do if it does turn out That he’s part malamute they are a Really ancient breed so that would be Kind of cool to know that i’m working With Very old genetics so far he really Catches on quick most dogs do as long as You’re patient with them and just Explain to them what you’re asking of it And keep things easy for them sometimes The trick though is really finding the Type of training that you have to do That is easy enough for a dog just so You can get traction don’t underestimate

How small you have to go sometimes to Get started with training your dog new Things and next time we’re going to see How inertia and chop do on their second Meeting inertia and i have developed a Really special bond over the last couple Of years and i don’t want to let her Down this is reality dog training go to zach to get 50 off a two-week Trial of nom nom subscribe and click the Bell follow us on instagram and tick Tock and get both of my books too we’ll See you guys next time [Music]

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