Do this ONE THING to ELIMINATE 90% of Behavior Problems

Do this ONE THING to ELIMINATE 90% of Behavior Problems

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Teach your dog to ”Leave it”:

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As a dog trainer, people always ask what the best way to eliminate destructive or other unwanted behaviors. While most people realize that controlling our dog’s environment is key, very few people realize that THIS ONE LITTLE THING is the best thing you can do to discourage your dog from being destructive and your dog will be happier too!

What do pulling on a leash, jumping on people, barking for ”no reason”, and destroying property all have in common? The SAME solution!

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Today’s video is sponsored by the internet’s leader in pet Food delivery services peflo offers pet Food and supplies from over 150 brands Including prescription food take Advantage of reliable delivery right to Your door you can even set up the Recurring shipping option and get Deliveries at the frequency you choose Plus get free shipping on any order over 39 when you use promo code zach george What is the one behavior you’d like to Fix with your dog or are you happy with The way your dog behaves the way they Are now tell me in the comments below You guys remember beau right beau was an American bulldog that i worked with to Try and overcome his nervousness of Strangers well a lot of you asked for a Follow-up so i decided to do one he’s Much more accepting of me he’s very Comfortable in his home environment as Well but he is dealing with a Destructive behavior that many of your Dogs are dealing with that is Destructive chewing now the advice i’m Going to offer you in this video will Help not only with that but also with Other types of unwanted behaviors like Unwanted jumping or digging up the yard Even excessive barking most dogs that Are destructive towards property are Usually dogs that have a lot of energy Remote control recently yes when tracy

Told me that beau was destroying the Remote controls in the house i knew Immediately this was a lack of Structured exercise we try to let them Out and let them play but all they want To do is just stand at the door do you Know many dog trainers make the mistake Of catering to the ancestral wolf Qualities of our dog rather than Catering to the human influence of the Dog all domestic dogs were bred to work With human beings to one degree or Another therefore if we cater to that Part of the dog will get much faster Results this breed is a very physical Breed i mean they’ve been created by Mankind to be very strong to have tons Of stamina and endurance exercise Results over 90 percent of behavior Issues we don’t have the time in the Morning To do anything we let them out in the Morning and we We try to let them out and let them play A lot of people think that if they have Multiple dogs that their dogs playing Together counts as exercise for most Dogs that’s usually not sufficient Enough chasing each other doesn’t Provide enough mental stimulation they Need direct interaction with people i Would be willing to bet that 10 to 15 Minutes before work would almost resolve All chewing issues usually a dog that

Has issues relating to hyperactivity is Almost always receptive to learning a Good game of fetch but very few dogs do Fetch perfectly without some specific Training for example in bo’s case he Likes to go for the toy before you can Pick it up or try and take it out of Your hand you can see there i’m not Moving the toy away from bo any more Than i have to i already know that he Knows leave it because he learned that In class at least with food so i’m Trying to tap into that part of his Brain and apply it to the toy when our Dog shows that they’re trying we need to Let them know it since beau wants that Toy more than anything i’m going to give It to him once i feel he’s earned it our Dogs don’t know the rules yet we have to Teach them how the game is played So i’m going to try when all right That’s what you do when he goes for it Like that you immediately it’s really Important to use a lot of engaging body Language When you’re training your dog No Dramatically remove yourself i mean i Bolt from them to let them know look That made me get way far away and made The game come nowhere close to happening This is how we handle it when he picks It up premature Ah

No You see that and look at that look right There train in slow motion don’t try and Be fast let your dog think let them Process what’s going on here If he’s smart enough don’t feel like You’ve got to outsmart him with this no Leave it alone Yes good Right there i mean he worked for that One he was really good teaching a really Structured version of tug of war with Your dog can be very beneficial as well Okay good good let go Yes good now get it so i think with my Dogs i like to teach him get it and let Go Let go good Leave it Get it Let him think That’s good good let go Oh that’s pretty good pretty good my job Is not to train dogs my job is to teach People like you how to teach your dogs Let’s see if tracy can get the same Results with bo because he doesn’t touch That unless you say get it A lot of this is because he’s already Had exercise so he’s much more compliant If you can burn off that initial layer With with a high-energy dog like this Then they become the most obedient best Dogs on earth

Okay let go good cool Epo is an example of an extremely Intelligent dog he’s got a lot of energy But as long as you Meet his energy needs he is the best dog In the world a tired dog is a happy dog As you can see what’s the one behavior You’d like to fix with your dog or are You happy with the way they are tell me In the comments below click thumbs up if You like this video and want more like It also help me get to 25 000 likes on Facebook by going to my page and Clicking like over there as well actually sent me a few Products to give us a sample of what They sell now as we know they already Have tons of dog food including Prescription food a lot of these items Are part of their daily door buster Sales which are one day only sales where Many of their products are up to 80 Percent off it’s important that we have A good squeaky toy seriously this can be Like a 10 bill to a lot of dogs and this Is no ordinary squeaky toy this is one Of the really good ones plus it bounces Plenty you can see the way it bounces so That’s pretty cool too i like this this Is a pretty interesting thing i haven’t Tried this yet but i like the concept It’s called a whoa buddy bowl apparently You put food in here and since there’s Grooves that come up from the bottom it

Makes it a little bit more challenging For them to eat so it slows down their Eating pace if they tend to eat really Fast this has got to be the most Original thing they’ve sent me a Blueberry flavored cow ear as if the cow Ear didn’t taste good enough there’s Some good stuff in here things like Apples bananas oatmeal flaxseed those Are actual ingredients in here it’s a Pretty short ingredient list but anyway So Zach george the link will be in the Description see if they have the food You like see if they have the toys that You like and see if they have any other Products that you think your dog might Enjoy enter the promo code zach george In order to get free shipping on Anything over 39 site-wide no exceptions

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