Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this? [Reality Dog Training EP 9]

Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this? [Reality Dog Training EP 9]

Do you know how many people are going to troll me over this?! Reality Dog Training isn’t always easy. But George the pit bull is awesome even when he’s challenging!
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Previously on reality dog training Okay yeah lunch is a duck sometimes Noted george is oh Geez okay so he definitely needs some Help with his impulse control to say the Least Wildlife seems to be very tempting for Him so far Look at that complete focus on the ball No leave it i’m zach george and this Is george no relations george has spent The last four months living in an animal Shelter with Minimal contact with other dogs or People and it’s my job to transform him From a wild and crazy dog To an incredible pet seems Straightforward right Holy cow not getting that ball George is a dog like i’ve never known Before i don’t know if i can let this Dog go Let go this might be the single Greatest transformation i have ever seen In a dog that i’ve worked with The hardest thing about foster dog you Fall in love with them This is reality dog training Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode Throughout this episode you’re going to See george obsess over his absolute Favorite thing his super chewer ball Super chewer box and barkbox are some of

My favorite sources for incredible dog Toys and high quality treats Super chewer is made just for dogs like George who are Really tough on their toys space jam Lebron james baby Dude this is authentic that’s bugs bunny Oh it’s a basketball hoop it looks like You put treats in it Nothing but nets see i know basketball I’m gonna have to teach you how to Dribble Okay okay good you’re more defense i see This is a real hard toy here some dogs Really like to gnaw on these extra chews Too And barkbox is for dogs that are a Little bit less rough or Any dog who can’t get enough super Awesome feature packed Plush toys it’s lebron james i know Good taste there is an art to making Awesome dog plush toys and barkbox blows It out of the water Every time and top quality treats in the Chew Every single month you can get a free Bark box super chewer box or Both when you sign up for a multi-month Plan at Dog training and dog Training i’ll have the links below A lot of you guys i know live in hot Places like we do

And sometimes you ask what am i supposed To do When it’s 80 or 90 degrees outside and i Have a high energy dog And if you want to know what we do it’s Get up super early like we did today And go try to train our dog although Honestly we’re already a little late so I think it’s going to be hot regardless But you got to do what you got to do Right So yeah but early in the day that’s the Thing yeah You got to work around the schedule keep Your eye on the weather make it part of Your lifestyle But you can work with different climates Yeah or when it’s really cold We wait till the middle of the day when The weather’s perfect We work it pretty much any time of day George is way way back there And we are headed to find some birds and Dogs we’ll see how he does There’s no doubt that george has been Excelling At so many aspects of his training Impulse control has been one of the Challenging things and leash polling Has been intermittently horrible and Sometimes good so that’s kind of what We’re battling with Now we’ve been laying a lot of Groundwork with him because

Even on day one he would get very Excited by bird life so we’ve come here To a bird sanctuary to do some training In our area also i’m hoping to encounter Additional distractions like other dogs As well i’ve noticed he started getting A little bit more alert now that he’s Getting settled in with us When he sees dogs right now i kind of Feel like we’re going through the One step back phase and i’m curious to See how that goes how long that lasts This is a completely normal part of Training remember Our progress isn’t linear and since We’ve literally just walked out of the Car i want to give him a second i don’t Want to overwhelm him It amazes me at this park how many Exotic birds there are you can hear them It sounds like we’re in jurassic park or Something At this distance he’s actually doing Quite well Here george look at me Yes good job that’s our first look at me Of the day Look at me a little tougher to get his Attention today Yes there we go waiting for the Automatic look at me i mean you’ll Remember Recently when we were training with the Ball he has a strong

Will i can see why some people Stereotype pit bull type dogs as being Stubborn but honestly he’s just really Intelligent and focused George come No okay much i mean he’s He’s very in and out right now not very Focused at all and The major variable we’ve changed is Taking him to a new place With wildlife all around him so let me See if we can just i need to get some Yes Basic behavior out of them here yes you Pick Up george sit look at me Stay yes Right now george is working for his Breakfast and i’m throwing in some Barkbox treats here and there but i want To be able to reward him A lot out here yes good Okay and now i’m gonna give him a little Bit of a break to evaluate I just wanted to make sure i could get His attention it’s not reasonable to Insist that he just constantly pay Attention Out here do you hear them I think we’ve come to the right place Let’s go check out those geese and be Good Do not lunge at the geese please i don’t Want to just surprise them so i’m going

To try and ease up to them and verify That i have his attention maybe we can Practice our heal while approaching the Geese that might be a bit much But it might not be good boy yes Yes good all right i’ll tell you what Let’s walk backwards yes Nope okay yeah see he’s very interested I can’t really get His focus he’s just too focused on these Geese right now Here yes good I’m getting very intermittent attention Out of them so i have to really kind of Keep my expectations realistic for this Training session Geese are not stupid they’re cleared out All right Whoa look at those flappy wings and you See how he gets alert i mean you can Understand how that’s like Amazing to a dog like him you do not Want to mess with geese Sir they are bad oh yeah check out his Pilot erection right now do you see that You see his little mohawk up here that’s A dog that’s a little unsure A little thrown off by it he is below Threshold so i think the healthiest Thing to do here is just let him check It out Can’t expect him to just tune out Something wild and new like that And so really here what i’m battling

With is like how much training do i do Within the first several minutes of Arriving how much time do i let him Adjust And devote to desensitizing him around This new variable His focus is so impressive when he’s on But right now It’s so tempting to try and power Through and get him to focus on me But i think i really want to be fair to Him and just let him check this out for A minute And then i’m going to switch up my Currency i suspect That if i use the toy i might have his Attention a little more reliably It’s really important to walk that fine Line sometimes between letting your dog Observe things And requiring them to listen to you Check this out let me look at the Immediate focus for his ball here This way good boy sit Stay yes okay Good boy powerful currency here Good boy look at the attention yes I’m i’m gonna periodically give him a Toss of the ball like that that’s as Good as a treat to a dog like george Nice job george good boy i’m gonna put The ball out of sight here a little bit And see if i still get his focus Yes good boy

All right let go good boy Ah a key moment look at that looking at The ducks George yes there we go he’s like i’ll Take that ball Instead love it let’s keep moving Good boy so we’re doing a number of Things here we’re Desensitizing him by giving him exposure We’re Counter-conditioning him by saying hey When birds are around something a lot More enjoyable happens at least some of The time in this case A ball and we’re generally improving his Overall focus Good boy i’m just gonna walk back and Forth here nice loose leash Yes hard not to reward that Good boy all right let go please thank You This is the value of knowing your dog’s Currency sometimes we’re really tempted Or we’re really set On using a particular currency with our Dogs the main thing is you want Something that your dog is Really interested in like a ball in his Case Trying to keep that ball out of sight Because i do want the eyes on me not on The ball Yes even the dog barking in the Background he’s doing well we’ll have to

See how he does with dogs later But birds are what i wanted to check First while we’re out here Then maybe we’ll check out some dogs in A little bit look at this What a man What happens if we mix the currencies up Here let’s see yes Good yeah he’s still into both of them Pretty good more the ball probably good Job sir hey george What’s up buddy yeah i love that don’t Look at me Look at that focus stopping you’re doing Great I’m gonna go slow i’m varying my speed Here Very good keep moving you see how the The ball is out of sight here It’s important you’re doing great i’m Loving this And when he is looking at me with those Gorgeous brown eyes Really trying to let him know in a Genuine way how much i appreciate his Compliance Easy yes Teaching them the word easy in context i Usually mean Easy to slow down or hey check in and so Right there it seemed like the light Bulb kind of went off in his eyes where He’s like Easy does that mean something and of

Course i stopped when i said it so he Understands the context Of easy this is how our dogs learn Language when we teach them language Contextually Hey george let go No can i have the ball Gotta let go And if you you got to have patience to Work with your dog through this he’s Let go no He’s in a playful mood he’s just Enjoying chomping on that ball Nope no All right hey I’m going to try something a little bit Different here i’m going to offer him a Treat You can’t do both at the same time i Don’t typically use a treat to get a dog To let go of a ball because with many Dogs that really quells their play drive In george’s case it does not you see how Promptly he bites into that these turns Are looking great let me see if i can do A left turn left turns are particularly Challenging But and i haven’t spent a ton of time on This but look how he stops Just want to see if he kind of figures It out here I’ll take that yeah good boy Here I’m gonna speed it up i’m gonna turn

Around this way come here Good Okay yeah he’s trying look at that look At that eye contact Yes and when he looks at me with his Eyes it’s as if he’s saying hey did i Earn a toss of the ball And sometimes he does and sometimes i’m Going to say you got to do a little Better than that i do want to do a quick Test I mean yesterday we really worked on Staying in the presence of the ball Stay i want to make sure he’s retained Some of that Look at me yes Here Stay And i know people will watch this Especially if they haven’t seen it from The beginning and they’re gonna be like Zach you’re working with a trained dog And i guess at this point i almost agree With you Because he has learned so quickly Since we started working with him but he Wasn’t doing any of this From day one he picks up so fast look at This state he’s still staying by the way I haven’t released him Okay come yes good boy Well done with this being such a high Value currency to him at least during This training session

Sit it’s very important he knows not to Go for it unless i give him permission So even bouncing it right in front of Him Okay you can see instantly on okay he Goes after it what incredible discipline He is showing let’s continue our walk Around the park and see what we Encounter But so far so good if you’re wondering I’m using a 10 foot lead today I like coming out here even without dogs Just to check out all the bird life it Really is incredible So now i want to go into a less formal Way of training right now just leave it Alone No leave it real goose poop good job You did leave it alone my goal right now In the interim Is to just let him explore and then We’ll tackle some more training in a Minute Although why is it right when i say that He starts becoming unruly George Nice work buddy there leave it During these more casual moments the Leash pulling becomes a little bit more Noticeable but within Tolerance i’d say than being as strong As he is he’s not pulling me over Check oh look at that fun bird what is That look at these cool birds

This is one of the great things about Living in louisiana especially southern Louisiana you get So many different types of bird species Look at that Stay Yes fine Good boy stay Yes i put the toy behind my back there Whoa I put the toy behind my back because i Didn’t want him looking at the toy i Wanted him looking at my eyes Since we have a dog coming up i’m going To create some distance and we’ll see if I can Maintain his attention here we go sit Good boy it’ll go like this sit yeah Stay you’re doing a great job Good boy yes good work Like the focus on me or the toy or Whatever i’m just glad he’s not Focusing on the dog right now stay George sit you can see there now he’s a Little distracted I’m giving him a chance though i’m Trying to be sit Very tolerant of the fact that it’s Tough to focus out here Especially when he’s performing as well As he’s performing right now Look at me yes See he was in he was anticipating the Ball i’m gonna go ahead and give him a

Treat though just to Keep my currencies random and mixed up He hasn’t broken his stay yet you see That he thought about it Good man yes You’re doing great george i’m very proud Of you Okay yes As he stops and looks back at me like That i do want to periodically Acknowledge that i don’t want to take it For granted Yes here Buddy and i don’t want to make it look Like he’s behaving perfect out here i Mean He definitely will get hung up on the Ground since he’ll definitely start Pulling but i don’t want my training Session to be about no Quit this stop that so i’m really Resisting the urge of putting a wet Blanket on the training experience for Him By really choosing my battles sit Stay and i’m just periodically testing Other things that we’ve worked on a Little randomly to see if he’s Generalized them That’s amazing the fact that he just Learned how to stay for that ball Less than 24 hours ago and i was able to Completely surprise him i didn’t warm Him up for that particular

Exercise he did great i mean you saw What a struggle it was Yesterday ah no george come Stay He’s trying to anticipate here but he’s Really reaching deep this is a smart man Do you see how i’m not having to Physically correct him when he breaks That’s because i’ve really prioritized Building inside out communication with Him So that he can really start to Generalize and understand these concepts And think through them that’s why we do This that’s why we refrain from Looking for the quick fix solutions with Harsh training callers like choke prong And electric collars Come no Yes and i just use no as a game of hot Or cold there you know it’s like cold That’s not exactly right I’m not saying no bad dog and punishing Him you see what i mean that’s That’s the ideal way to use no at least I think so Stay Okay good boy since that was a tad bit Bumpy i would like to try and polish That up a little bit but I don’t think it’ll take much with him Still The goal is to call him over here and Resist the urge to go after the ball

Come nope okay that didn’t work so well So i mean we’re still not there 100 you Don’t want to get too confident too Early The training dogs takes tons of Repetition george come Good sit yes Good stay Come yes Can you read him like a book i mean he’s Like i really want to Go after that ball and not listen to you But listening to you seems to work But now i really want to give him a good Reward when he has another success Which i think i’m about to get stay George look at me come Here stay Nope sit stick good boy Yes okay good Yes lets him no he’s gonna get it okay Lets him know That his sit stays over so try to be Spontaneous when you’re doing a training Session like this look for Little things to test as your dog is Demonstrating compliance Good work and you have to admit his Leash walking is starting to look Pretty impressive at times You’re doing great you know that You should be very proud of yourself Training was going so well and then out Of nowhere a squirrel caught george’s

Attention and i almost completely lost Control of him That snapped me right back into reality And reminded me how much work we really Still have to do with george on his Impulse control All right squirrels are something we Need to work on that’s exactly Why you cannot be overconfident with Your training when you’re weak into Training A dog like george is he smart yes does He learn quickly Yes is he completely reliable no matter What happens around him Absolutely not this is why it’s Important to get out and train Often for one to two years when you have A new dog so that they can gain that Life experience The next time i have an opportunity to Train around a squirrel running across His path I really want to try to get a success Honestly with a dog like george with his Background Being a stray pit bull picked up off the Streets we have to hold him to a Different standard a higher standard Because if for some reason he were to Chase down a squirrel and potentially Injure or kill a squirrel Sometimes that’s all it takes for these Dogs to be labeled vicious and

Unadoptable when those of us who work With dogs know that virtually every Breed of dog on earth Will do exactly that behavior and i do Want to bring your attention Periodically to the ball placement here He hasn’t forgotten it’s there but he Can’t see it so At least i can be more assured that when He looks up to me it’s because he’s Looking to me and not looking at the Ball See if i hold the ball up here look at It it’s like a magnet and that’s great But i want to transition that so look at Me here which we’re In the process of doing right now come Here here Yes good and so when i get that eye Contact i’ll give him the ball There’s another squirrel stay i love how He looked at me and stay i don’t know That he’s seen the squirrel yet Easy here look at me George come here stay Come He sees that squirrel over there now Come Yes so a little bit better that time He was not perfect he was still pulling Towards the squirrel But he was trying to summon the Discipline To listen to me and he ultimately did

There But i think we can still do better and Out here i’m sure we’ll have plenty more Opportunities I need to be able to call him off that Squirrel george come No george come Yes good man very good Stay Stay yes Look at me Nope come here so george is generally Doing better here when he’s surprised by People As they came and walked at us at close Range and ruined our squirrel shot but That’s okay We even have black swans out here and Remember guys fine line between Insisting on constant focus And letting your dog experience life George no sir he’s getting a little too Pully there i don’t like that George come yes good boy Good boy probably gonna refrain from Using the ball here Only because it could easily fall off The bridge george Here come good boy all right Not rewarding with the ball that time Again because i’m worried about it going In the water and secondly I still want to randomly reward i don’t Want to reward every single time i’m

Working with him that’s how we Eventually phase out rewards like this But there’s the leash pulling he’s Really excited up here so i’m going to Put up with this for a minute George come yes much better that time Good boy you can see how i’m trying to Be Tolerant and understanding this is a Brand new exciting place for george and Asking him to behave perfectly while He’s still in this early stage of Training Is not realistic but occasionally when The polling gets a little extra intense I’ll stop and ask him for a very brief Moment of attention before letting him Go back to checking out the environment That he’s so Interested in george come No come Yes look at me okay then we’ll use The combination of the food reward there And the environment sit We have a dog passing right now so i’m Going to put him in a stable sit stay Stay we keep him on a short leash just In case but he’s been pretty good in This situation i think but Well actually i don’t know he’s never Been in this situation Hi Okay so right there he was trying to Pull towards the dog can i get him back

Under control here let’s try a sit Now we have a hoverboard here sit Stay yes Look at me yes Okay so i wanted to get out of that jam But that was that was pretty good You could see as that dog went by he was A little too interested and he’s not Allowed to do Unleash greetings with other dogs that He meets i don’t like that he wasn’t Paying attention in that instance but That’s because we have to work on it Still So good job buddy all right so that was Interesting huh i mean i didn’t expect Him to be a little nervous Of the birds at first but then he did Really well he was kind of distracted But that squirrel yeah that was my Freakiest moment of the day how about You Yeah i mean he’s doing really well with His training but he’s far from perfect The squirrel he charged at And also when we encountered that dog Around the corner he was being nice he Just wanted to say hi to the dog but he Can’t do that Right and especially a dog like george It’s nice For other people’s peace of mind you Don’t know george it’s nice for him to Really look

Very focused and under control when they Walk their dogs And that’s not exactly what we got today Clearly we’ve got to give some serious Attention to george’s manners around Other dogs and i’ve got some big plans In our next training session next Episode And spoiler alert it involves a dog park He’s the kind of dog that if you Really just break it down for him and Really show him in slow motion how you Want him to behave Then he’s quite responsive to training And he learns at a faster rate than most Dogs that i work with so that’s made him So far such an interesting dog for this Series to work with what do you do when You Get a dog who’s raw who’s completely Untrained and who happens to be an inner Genius i mean It’s fun to see how far you can take Them true Yeah he learns faster at most things Except i can think of one That he’s struggling with what’s up let Go Let go let’s go i mean i don’t even want To talk about let go Let go he’s like so good with lekko and Then he’s so bad with let go And then as i’m like in there in his Face saying let go and i’m like

I’m about to lose my mind but i’m not It’s like come on i know you know how to Do this And i’m looking into those brown pitbull Eyes chomping on this hard toy like it’s Bubble gum like it’s nothing Yeah i have to say i literally can’t I’m not squeezing this as hard and i’m a Man He has stronger hands than me he chews It like it’s the softest squishiest Stress ball like he just like smooshes It in his mouth like zach said like Bubble gum it’s insane Stay tuned later throughout the series You’ve seen george do really Awesome at letting go sometimes and be Really difficult At other times it seems like a lot of it Is contingent on his current mood but What you’re about to see Is one of the most unsuccessful let go Training sessions I’ve ever attempted he actually looks Like he might pull us I’m not even kidding right look at that He’s so happy this is the best moment of His life but he’s still holding on Really tight huh Even while sleeping i mean he’s an Extreme case Let’s just say that you know how many People are going to troll me over this A lot of people they’re going to say

Zach george can’t train the dog to let Go Ball i’m you’re gonna say positive Training doesn’t work But what you know in this case i guess They would be right Because he’s not letting go of the ball Yes i guess that is my real intention He’s just blissed out right now like you Can see he’s like it’s fine you can hold It there All right thanks for holding it because I love this i know I’m going to sleep now oh my gosh it’s Adorable but You get a good shot of these teeth you Can easily brush his teeth right now And he would be very still Come on funny george is obviously not Possessive of Isn’t he’s toys a very friendly boy he Really is i mean He’s very intimidating looking But uh it’s been quite sweet He only uses his teeth for good except When he won’t let go of this ball Look at how much your hand is just Getting engulfed by his medium I know that’s true what the heck Can you let go let go Leave it alone how long Six minutes 15 seconds six minutes What happened though oh my god all right I gave it right back to him

Because i wanted to let him know i like That stay Something we’ve been working on stay Leave it alone look at me Stay so he’s very disciplined about Earning The ball so it’s very special so i’m Cutting them some slack on let go i Guess Because they’ll do just about anything For the ball Dear youtube if this makes it here with This windy sound and vertical video My bad because i was doing an instagram Story and here we are eight minutes Later so Yeah yeah i hope you like it George’s barking outbursts continue And so i’ll continue to show you what I’m doing about it George buddy Relax You’ve wrapped yourself up look at you i Love to roll over Good boy quiet fly down Yeah that’s definitely a intentional Rollover Oh yeah seamless man he’s good at it Good boy Lie down roll over with a barking dog Like this my goal is really just to get Their attention on me Maybe give them something proactive to Do parking like this often occurs just

Because the dog is bored or Would rather engage with something okay Lie down Keep going roll over yes Amazing i want to do another one give a Big thumbs up for george if he did well Today Get a free barkbox super tuber box or Both when you sign up for a multi-month Plan At dog training and Dog training links below and if you’re Working on teaching your dog you’ll Definitely like Both of my books too we’ll see you in The next episode unless you follow us on Instagram tiktok And facebook and we’ll see you over There in the meantime Bye guys You

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