Does your Dog Jump on Everyone? Here’s what to Do!

Does your Dog Jump on Everyone? Here's what to Do!

How to stop your dog from Jumping! This video is sponsored by Petflow! Here are the treats I used in today’s video!
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Thank you so much wellness and peploe For sponsoring this video I’m committed To showing you how to teach your dog With free modern dog training advice Help me continue this mission by Supporting this channel on patreon if Your dog is just a little bit too Enthusiastic about greeting you or other People this is the video for you zees I Have to teach you how not to jump in Front of thousands of people so I need Your help here click thumbs up per Zeus The wild Belgian Shepherd subscribe to My channel get a copy of my book too and Make it your handy go-to guide any time You’ve got a question about raising your New dog I got to meet the Zeus not that Long ago and needless to say he’s got a Ton of energy he doesn’t know his teeth Are as big as they are the idea of the Treats is to keep you from jumping not To encourage you to jump these grain Free crunchy wall bars are awesome these Are peanuts and honey how often do you Come across dog treats that smell good Wellness is one of my absolute favorite Brands this is the lamb and apples Recipe Zeus he’s devouring these things When you have a good treat like this Your dog will be very focused down Wow If you’ve ever been curious about a raw Diet and you want it way to introduce a Raw meat to your dog these wellness core 100 percent meat freeze-dried snacks are

Awesome they are literally single Ingredient treats so the boar ones are a Hundred percent boar you can tell that Is real boar impressive it’s healthy Stuff you know dogs are gonna love that The salmon ones a hundred percent salmon They even have turkey and beef ones too This is so healthy you’re gonna live Forever man you can use them as treats Or it is a tasty topper for your dog’s Regular meal these are quality Ingredients they’re good tasting Zeus You’re gonna have to earn these buddy as With any raw product you’ll want to wash Your hands after feeding them you’re not Gonna find corn soy wheat or artificial Colors and flavors in any of these All-natural snacks and you can get them All shipped to you from pet flow I’ll Have a special link in the description Also have a coupon code that’ll give you $10 off your first three orders when you Elect to have your dog’s food Automatically shipped to you – there’s a Few things we need to consider before Teaching a dog like Zeus not to jump you Know you just drank water you were so Julie right now nothing Suze I love you But I love no we have a video to shoot Here you’re not making me look good Right now first make sure that you’re Providing regular intense mental Stimulation if you’ve got a dog like Zeus just look at him I mean he’s super

Wired right now and that’s not because He’s a bad dog if you Sit I’ll give you a treat let’s try this Okay we said yes and you’re taking the Treats so much more gently now I Appreciate that so where’s my can well Gosh okay it’s so big it’s just dying to Engage with me and that’s a good thing In fact that’s something we’re gonna use To our advantage in today’s lesson I Hope next all of this excess energy can Make it really challenging for a dog Like Zeus to listen to me I mean think About it he was bred to herd sheep for Hours on end Now he’s just got a normal life in the Suburbs which is totally fine but we Have to find other ways to make sure That our dog is satisfied mentally and Physically we human beings we made them Like this so we have a responsibility to Keep them satisfied fortunately fetch Early in the day and just before Training will likely do the trick if You’ve got a high-energy dog I’ll have a Video in the description that will show You how to teach your dog a perfect game Of fetch the reason dogs jump like this In the first place is because they like To greet us at the face they want to say Hello and really interact with us now if You’re struggling with teaching your dog How not to jump your issue isn’t that Your dog no don’t bite my ankles dude

Your issue isn’t that you have a jumping Dog the issue is that you haven’t taught Your dog how to sit and stay when They’re excited we’re gonna see how Juices sit stay is looking sick that was Kind of a disaster Zeus now you can Clearly see how teaching a dog like Zeus To sit and stay is different than many Of the other dogs I work with I mean He’s bigger he’s stronger he’s more Intense his mind is going a million Miles an hour that was a good sit stay Okay good job his focus is really strong With dogs like this you have to Constantly engage them during a training Session and if you’re new That’s not very natural so you’ll have To be extra patient until you acquire The skill here’s a good example Teaching your dog to leave it the second I put the Treat in front of me is trying To get it so you’ve got to be really Quick about being one step ahead of them Back here sit no and see I mean I’m Pulling away at you you can see it in His eyes dogs will foreshadow very Obviously if you know what you’re Looking for and as you get to know your Dog yes then you’ll be able to predict That that was a good leave it right There i rewarded him because he left it Alone for a little bit longer than he Was on the prior attempts just doing Exercises like this build communication

Between you two that’s why I do leave it With almost every dog that I work with And that’s good because he needs some Impulse control a lot of it I often use Turkey or chicken when I’m training These are really extra convenient though Because they’re dry they’re not wet These are really good to store around The house if you have a new dog and you Need to get treats really fast having Your dog stay like this when you’re Completely focused on them that’s one Thing of course getting them to pull This sit stay when things get more Exciting well that’s a tougher thing to Accomplish so if I’m acting ridiculous Zeus obviously gets excited and starts Playing or biting or all of that other Stuff so we’re gonna work up to this yes Good so I provided a distraction you Might have noticed there it was subtle But I got his eyes on me too by making a Little sound yes good job Just practicing is is going to make Things a lot easier when the real-life Situations present themselves you don’t Wait till you have company over or You’re in public to then attempt to work On this sit good stay yes Steak Yeah now that’s a home run now if I tell Zeus to stay and I throw this toy he’s Likely gonna go and chase it so let’s See if we can improve that just a little

Bit up here yes Good stay stay good correction sir yes That’s what I mean dogs like this even Though he’s really hyper did you see how He stopped mid stride when I said half As he went to go for it so he really Self corrected there and that’s very Good it’s natural for a dog to be Confused when you’re telling them to Stay and there’s something exciting Going on it’s not reasonable to expect The dog that’s only been on this planet Less than two years to just understand They’re supposed to be good stay yeah Good boy up here look at me please Yeah oh you’re on the right track now You want your dog to exercise Self-control in so many different Circumstances especially exciting one State ah yes I’m gonna get on the ground And start acting ridiculous now because That’s gonna be even tougher for him Stay good looks like he thought about Braking there so I want to make sure I Reward him before he breaks and again Even though this is teaching stay this Is central to teaching a dog not to jump In the beginning stages I’m able to pet Zeus right now give him a little bit of Love and he’s not jumping on me up hey Have a well bar it’s really impressive Let me see if I can do that if you know That you’ve got guests coming over Exercise your dog just before guests

Arrive make sure they’re on a leash or In another room so that you can minimize Or prevent the jumping from occurring in The first place And once your guests are settled bring Out your dog and practice sit and stay In front of them have them pet your dog And if your dog attempts to jump simply Intervene and redirect them into a sit Or lie down like we did earlier yes That’s how you do a redirect right up Yes sir it’s your responsibility to do This training not your guests a lot of People are tempted to have their guests Do the training but your dog needs to Learn to listen to you when they’re Excited click thumbs up bruh Zeus get The treats I used in today’s video from Pet flow I’ll have a link in the Description and subscribe to my channel For more great dog training content And help us fund more videos just like This I’ll have my patreon link in the Description thank you guys so much for Watching and we’ll see ya

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