Dog Training 101: What an ACTUAL, REALISTIC Day of Training Looks Like With My Dog.

Dog Training 101: What an ACTUAL, REALISTIC Day of Training Looks Like With My Dog.

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Wow i mean in person it’s pretty Dramatic here Feels very much like new orleans today I’m zach george i train dogs this is my New dog and i’m going to show you how i Train her From day one things definitely won’t Always go smoothly you can start from The beginning or you can pick up Anywhere subscribe and hit the bell Notification so you never miss an Episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Today i’m going to show you what a basic Day of training looks like these days With my own dog inertia It’s natural for each and every one of Us to want to go above and beyond with Our dogs and their diet is no exception So you can see it comes in a packet like This this is the chicken but you also Have a beef recipe too which Inertia loves it always arrives in a Refrigerated box and it’s always Super cold when i get it i like that you Can see all of the ingredients and i Love how Easy it is to just open a packet and Know it’s just right so i never have to Worry about Over or under feeding you can taste

All of the whole food ingredients in Here too it’s great but between Balancing all of the important nutrients Your dog needs Getting the portion sizes exactly right For your specific dog And just actually preparing large Batches of food every single week Feeding your dog a fresh homemade diet Can feel pretty much Impossible that’s why nom nom is so Incredible When you tell nom nom your pets age Breed and wait Their team of nutritionists will create Healthy fresh restaurant quality meals That are pre-portioned Just for your dog try nom nom today by Going to Zach to get 50 off of a two-week trial I’m gonna have a link below We’ve been traveling so much lately and We’re finally back from alaska back Here home in new orleans and i was so Pleased with how well Inertia did in that crazy wild alaska Atmosphere But now we’re back here which in many Perhaps most respects is one of the most Challenging places to train a dog of all A city so it’s been a minute since we’ve Done an update with inertia in this Specific environment a place like this Is so much harder for training a dog

Because you have to keep your dog pretty Close to you you have to keep them from Enthusiastically greeting people when They walk close by as inertia sometimes Likes to do But you can see right now she’s very Much on alert you can tell she hasn’t Been In the city for a little bit here Ideally you just want your dog to be as Sharp as possible In a setting especially like this There’s a lot that goes on i mean Coming out and training in a place like This is critical you can see the Motorcycle here that’s driving away Immediately gets her attention but hey That was a pretty good reaction Let me make sure i can get her eyes on Me we’ll get started right now Inertia yes i’ll take that I’m gonna give her a treat for it i love It so today i’m gonna take you with me And you’re gonna see what a training Session looks like and the public when You can’t control Every environment why don’t we work on Leash walking first and see how she does Out here We’ve got an immediate test right now Good girl inertia good job Here look at me good yes Nice job got some drums over here to my Left she’s doing well there

Get a little ahead of me though so let Me see if i can call her back Right now inertia come good give me a Heel Yes you can hear the church bells we Even have a Beautiful looking doberman over here Walking past us I’m going to let her look at the Doberman but i’m also going to ask for Her attention Good here yes Stay Here yes good girl you might notice here I’m letting inertia look at the dog and Then i’m asking her to look at me And so i’m kind of trading that with her Giving her the opportunity to look at The dog but still requesting her Attention from time to time as well Wow i mean in person it’s pretty Dramatic here You’ve got all these auditory Distractions you know we continue to Work on inertia’s leash reactivity when She encounters a dog sometimes so she’s Doing really well there Heel look at me very good switch Yes okay i’m gonna go ahead and reward Her for the switch and for the leash Walking there she’s doing great Like how she’s staying fight goes by Good girl yes She’s really interested in her

Environment right now i’m going to move On but instead of giving her a reward if She complies i’m just going to let her Continue to explore all right let’s go Here inertia come Pay attention heal easy stay Heal look this way Good that was very good here Lie down stand Yes [Music] Okay good girl you can tell she’s really Excited right now she’s smelling the Ground and Kind of getting a little sideways from Time to time due to the excitement But i was there able to get her Attention back on me and these are the Kind of drills That i really like to practice here so Feels very much like new orleans today So here she’s so interested in the Trumpet So i’m gonna let her look but i don’t Want her reacting and barking at the Trumpeter here i have an idea we have an Alley over here And there’s not as much distractions Over there so i’m wondering if i can get Her to do really well through there Then perhaps i can get her to be a Little less wired right now come on Let’s go Good yes perfect

[Music] Good girl yes [Music] Here heel Good oh my goodness look at you Look how good you’re doing i like the Attention So you can see here less distractions a Little more focused I’m gonna stop got the automatic stop Let’s keep going Here leave it good leave it Lie down stand Yes i’d like to see how well she Responds now where it’s a little busier Over here You’re doing great look at you inertia I’m gonna turn around right here Here oh we got trumpet player Yes love the attention around this Distraction Yes good [Music] Here good Good girl come on here keep moving yes So there she got a little distracted but Was able to get her attention back on me Which is cool Here girl Pay attention we’re switching Good so throwing those random Change of directions and that’s very Helpful Good girl

The umbrella there seemed to throw her Off as here Good girl look at me keep moving [Music] Yes Okay heel while running is Not exactly going terrific i think we Should refine that Looks like she mistook my running or Let’s play and bite the leash Okay we’re not playing right now you’re Supposed to be a well-trained dog Come here heel give me a switch good Here let’s grab it come on This way here Good Here Come on good job Here good Lie down stand Yes okay great all lease training is not Equal i mean you can see how doing lease Training in a place like this is far Different than Doing a lease training session like this In the country for example So here you know we’re in casual mode And nurses just Walking you can see like she’s pulling a Little ahead right here i’m not too nuts About that so i want to make sure she’s Responsive Inertia come Good stay not too bad

Okay let’s go all right Good job you’re doing great Squirrel good girl she really wants to Chase that squirrel Here yes very good Look at her like you’re gonna get to Chase that squirrel give me a break A couple of more things that i want to Practice with her out here at this now Park are come And stay inertia look at me come Good yes sit stay Stay good girl Nice job okay Get it get it Stay so her and her stay are looking Pretty good as well Let’s try a couple of tricks and see how She does stand Sit pretty good Oh it’s a pro hey crow Can i borrow your tree to do a dog trick Real quick All right come on inertia ready pause up That’s very good okay Good job got a cute little lab that She’s focused on over here And again i want to practice getting her Attention on me While also letting her look at the lab Over here Here inertia look at me nope Yes very good That’s great there you go

Yes i like that she automatically looked At me that time No problem letting her look at the puppy And so since inertia can be reactive With other dogs from time to time it’s Worth mentioning it’s important to Show her how to conduct herself it’s Okay to look at dogs But we also need that attention to Inertia here Yes i know so much going on you miss the Big city huh It’s time to give you an update to on Inertia’s frisbee training you might Notice she’s off leash out here she’s Been very reliable In this particular type of setting off Leash you might recall that i like to Use frisbee or fetch as a way to Get a dog tired before serious training Often times so to me it’s a really Important part of training a dog at Least If you have a dog who is really high Energy or A dog who likes to play so if your dog Is a high energy dog It’s really worth the time to invest in Them To really get their fetch looking good So we can see her come around as looking Good You might remember that’s important in Order to really get her to run

Straight out good girl you know in other Words what we want to avoid Is come you know having your dog face Like this she’ll be okay because we’ve Worked on it enough But you don’t want them to have to do That awkward twist necessarily So come around looking good she’s Returning it well Good job lie down look how well she’s Responding to Lie down for example when i use the Frisbee kind of as a motivator Here get up stand good Yes come around we’ve also had a lot of Progress On getting her to do various tricks and Behaviors like that with the frisbee As currency perhaps one of her bigger Areas of Improvement lately have been in her leg Weaves keep going Come around girl so we’ll send her out There for a reward And those throws don’t have to be super Long either you know for her just being Able to Have a quick catch of the frisbee even When it’s a few feet away seems to be Enough Incentive for her here we go good good Lie down and roll over good girl Nice enthusiastic roll over good job Girl

Looking good nice return there let go Good let go and i like how she’s eagerly Awaiting the next throw here As well let’s give her a long one make Sure she can Keep that focus look for it here we go It’s another Thing we’ve been working on is look for It on those longer throws it’s just kind Of a Reminder to let her know hey that Frisbee is coming your way so be extra Alert for it rather than just being on Autopilot so frisbee is looking good See how her over is looking stay Over we’ve also added through To our frisbee practice stay through Go very good and that’s just running Through the legs right and the whole Point of teaching Many of these things to her isn’t that i Require a dog to run through my legs or Roll over or stand on their hind legs or Even to catch a frisbee for that matter But the whole point of all of these is Just to really continue to build that Communication with her Because that communication will Translate into many many different Things down the road moving forward all Right looks like she’s starting to get a Little tired over here i’m going to Encourage her to take a break how about Take a break here we go good girl

It’s really important to get your dog Taking a break when you ask them To chill out because they’ll just go and Go some dog so it’s important to really Regulate how much they’re going and err On the side of caution I like to be really conservative with Inertia so all in all you can see this Is what a typical Day might look like we might train in a New place or you know on another day i Might train out here on the lakefront And see how her training is doing or i Might choose to focus on a couple of Different tricks but this is kind of Typical you don’t need to train all day Long you just need to be very consistent That’s what we’re trying to do inertia You’re looking so good girl go to Zach to get 50 off of the two-week trial Of nom nom subscribe to my channel too Follow us on instagram facebook and tick Tock and get both of my books i’ll have Links In the description see you guys next Time

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