Dog Training 101: What matters most in dog training?

Dog Training 101: What matters most in dog training?

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I think it’s really interesting for me As a dog trainer to work with so many Dogs and see That every dog is unique as long as you Take the time to connect with them it’s Not about the breed it’s about you as The trainer and your relationship with Your dog sadie still gets a little Distracted but she’s only eight months Old watch how patient he is we’re gonna Walk from that distance over here Because when i get into her area she’s Like oh i want to play but see how hard He’s a big guy but he’s down there Eye-to-eye with it you see that lots of Love lots of genuine interaction right There I think they need to practice leave it a Little bit though They’ll get there in a second abby gets A little reluctant of strangers normally She’s very guarded when i come up so We’ve made progress on that that’s why Socialization is so important for a dog Especially when they’re under eight Months i think abby’s only five months Old six months six months six months old If your dog is responsive to play use it I mean a ball can be like a hundred Dollar bill to some dogs let me see Leave it over here So i’m looking for watch me and leave it We’ll do both here at the same time so i Can look at this as i come around oh

Excellent job sadie Very good can you make it a little bit Harder for him put that right in front Of her Look at that that’s what i’m talking About very good Eight months old guys i mean it’s it’s All about communication You don’t need to pull your dog away to Teach them that you connect with them we Talk about the training bubble a lot See that look at that line right there Boom that’s a laser beam you know i’d Like to see ooh yes It’s like an ounce Of turkey in front of bixby look at her And i mean you talk about a connection These guys have such a strong connection Love watching them work together that Looks awesome it’s very good and huge Training bubble between her and pearl in Other words she’s able to get really Good communication from way up here and Her dog’s way down there That’s good I like to see a solid 10 second sit stay With duration and distance uh at this Point in the class so let’s see if They’re able to do that in this Distracting environment look at this Eight months old on the first day she Was all over the place and they were Like what do i do when your dog Looks at the distraction but then looks

Back at you That’s your cue that they’re paying Attention Oh she’s thinking and there’s that look Beautiful chihuahuas have a stereotype For being very difficult to train but i Can’t i mean she’s absolutely immune to That stereotype and that’s why we Shouldn’t stereotype so much i’m really Big on that Because every it’s all about the Relationship look at that you see the Look Yes right there that’s good that’s it And that’s the moment you wait for it See the body language here very clear There’s no Breakdown in communication here Wait for the look Boom Right there i mean you know that’s what We built on again only six months old Six months old here already like showing Major progress on stay with distractions Beautiful bixby is a boston terrier Italian greyhound mix how about that for A combination bixby come here There’s turkey in my hand here look at This makes me biscuity i got better Turkey Good girl what’s talking about man I mean that’s tough good girl Like i say traditionally these are Things that you wouldn’t even approach

Until you get to at the advanced level In dog training And see right there you see her timing And that’s what you do when your dog Jumps see look she boom oh you got such A weird mouth yes play dead good Good job stay and right here training Bubble nice and tight stay Look at this I’m pushing it trying to get a roll over But that’s okay but you see where i Would go here Almost oh roll over she did it i get so Excited when this happens The reason i like trick training so much Is because it puts people and the dog in Such a What’s the right word for this in such a Positive frame of mind that your Training launches itself more important Than the trick is the communication you Build during the trick training process Look at this Roll over that quick that quick Yes she is that’s wonderful look at this Look at this look what What What Wow i’m sorry i got excited there and Rather than almost it’s yes you’re on The right track so just shift that Emphasis a little bit that’s awesome That’s good we’re working on sit pretty Over here with bixby come on

Yes good i mean right there that’s all There is to it with some dogs every dog Requires that unique tailored approach Let me know what you think of the video I’m really curious to see how you’re Liking this format how you’re liking the Uh the different dogs it excites me Because it allows me to show you so many Different situations what people are Doing right what they’re doing wrong Leave a comment below Click thumbs up we’ll see you in the Next video loving it alright talk to you All soon bye

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