Dog Training: Are You Doing These 3 Things?

Dog Training: Are You Doing These 3 Things?

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Is it true that huskies are destined to pull on the leash? Can a super young, super excited puppy reach deep enough to leave meat alone when dropped directly in front of her without being pulled back?

One of the more challenging things to teach people is how to be real and non robotic during training. We delve into that topic in addition to how build stay in the early stages of training in this particular class. What do you find to be the easiest and hardest things to teach your dog?


This is one of my favorite classes that I had going on right now a lot of unique Dogs a lot of very cute dogs I’m curious To see how their progress has come so Enjoy the video leave it was your big Homework remember we wanted to be able To drop real meat right in front of our Dogs and have them leave it alone the More hyper and the younger your dog is The more impressive this is when they Can do it so with Leila we have a young And hyper dog that’s that’s it good nine Months old make sure you get there but That was good that’s good what we’re Working towards is being able to do a Half circle a whole circle around our Dogs here initially we’re introducing a Brand new concept right now we just set Them up for success stay good just Getting them warmed up so rather than Walk away we want to get our dogs used To seeing movement however if they do Break stay we want to correct them Without verbal correction communicate to Them no you should have got enough stay And then set them up for success on the Second time make sure you’re always Reaching deep to be genuine and Authentic with your dog be real with Them have that awesome real Communication with them in other words We’re not just saying a word and a hand Signal at our dog you know what I mean It’s it’s yes I like that however you

Communicate that to your dog humans are Among the slowest of all animals on Earth so asking a four-legged animal who Can new who can run 20 miles an hour To walk at our pace is very difficult For them to do yeah exactly one it’s Like you can’t teach a husky to walk on The leash right they’re gonna pull you That’s what they’re bred to do but the Fact is what they’re really bred to do Is to communicate with people and that’s What this is illustrating perfectly Right now if you enjoyed this video make Sure you click like leave a comment Below also the like me on Facebook slash these act or JH and Don’t forget to share my videos we want To encourage as many people as possible To learn how to teach their dogs it’s Very very important we’ll see you guys In the next video

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