Dog Training: New Dog? You Need to Know This!

Dog Training: New Dog? You Need to Know This!

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In all of my classes and with all my students, my goal is to illustrate how easy teaching a dog really is.

Dogs are individuals that react differently to things depending upon their personality. Sincerity is one of the required components of having a super obedient dog. I find that I can only guide people to that point as you cannot easily teach this trait! To my surprise though, many people quickly ”get it” and, therefore, they also get rapid progress during training. On the other side, dogs do not respond (well) to a frustrated trainer.

Does your dog know how to sit? Almost all of you will answer ”Yes” to that. BUT, will your dog generally sit the first time every time? I’ll give you some guidance in this video. One of the least-known things among beginners when it comes to training is the importance of training in various environments. Dogs are brilliant animals, but they do not generalize well. I’ll try and give you some advice on that and more in this video!

When do you think the best time to teach a dog is?

This is Rocco right now he’s one of the Dogs here at central bark doggy daycare. He’s just hanging out. I have no idea What this video is going to be about but Hopefully, we’ll learn something. The reason I like to encourage you to use The clicker is that it teaches humans To have very good timing. when you have That button in your hand to press the Moment they do something you like then They’re going to be a lot more Responsive. we’re going around all the Dogs and seeing how they’re doing with The click making sure that they understand what the click means. Rebecca And Simon are doing a beautiful job here. You can see the nice proximity they are Nice and close to each other. watch me Very nice Look at that And go ahead and lift it up Awesome job very good moose has been A little shy in this environment but He’s opening up he’s doing a lot better. I want you to go to the next level Taking your treat and dropping it on the Ground when something has moved to it. Our dogs are far more likely to go after It as opposed to being set in front of Them and be prepared to cover the treat up. Now that’s a dog using restraint Floor training is a fantastic way to Teach a dog something new for the first time it’s not good enough to teach your

Dogs in your house or in your living Room or even in your front and back yard If you want your dog to listen to you in All environments you have to train in a Huge variety of environments even moving From that corner over here is a Completely new experience for them it’s Important when we’re working with our Dog to be understanding to be very real Did you see that we’re just luring him i Would click him if he didn’t know lie Down to let him know i like that Behavior yes Ah why did i say at and pull my hand Away He got up you got to communicate to your Dog nope that’s not what i’m looking for Does she know Does she know what lie down means oh Okay well there should be a treat at her Nose and you should be lowering her down Not telling her to do something very Good almost for doing so Lots of genuine love here Which i know you guys aren’t short on But you just have to inject your Training The counterpart to the click or the word Yes is the word no followed by Withholding of a reward So yes very good i’m gonna let him have A tiny piece out of my hand yes Ah right there now when he goes into a Down i’m gonna say

Down Just like that you can use any hand Signal you want but dogs are heavily Responsive to body language so make sure You’re using your hands Yes look at that moose Does he know what it means So don’t say sit he has no idea what That means The first 100 times we’re teaching him To sit we don’t say it until he does it Okay So Sit that’s called sit very good you just Sat wonderful job so i talked to my dog That’s exactly and watch right here it Works very good you’re doing wonderful It’s a special dog he’s a good dog when Our dog does not sit and they know sit Sit Sit what is the next word out of our Mouth the word is no that’s correct so It’s never sit sit sit it’s sit No Your dog will learn how to sit the first Time every time if you always apply that Rule it’s really natural to work with a Dog when you don’t try and over Complicate it but anyway i hope you guys Like this video make sure you click Thumbs up and leave a comment and let me Know what you’d like to see in future Videos or what you liked about this Video alright we’ll see you guys next

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