EPISODE 1: My First 24 HOURS with the WILDEST, UNTRAINED DOG I’ve Ever Lived With

EPISODE 1: My First 24 HOURS with the WILDEST, UNTRAINED DOG I’ve Ever Lived With

My first 24 hours with the biggest totally untrained dog I’ve ever lived with: Reality Dog Training. Thank you Playology and Pupford for sponsoring this important episode!

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Viewer discretion is advised Previously on reality dog training i’m Very impressed at your strength thank You yeah this is worked out for moira But i feel like you might need to work Out more for george well moira was my Workout for george i think oh my gosh What is george the workout for this Season on reality dog training we’ve Traveled to the last frontier to take on A rescue project like we’ve never done Before the single worst thing that has Ever happened in my dog training career Just happened This is chop a wild alaskan dog who grew Up wandering the streets of a remote Isolated northern village This dog has literally never been inside A house He’s a completely untrained adult dog He’s had very limited interactions with Humans I mean His teeth are huge and strong inertia my Own dog may never be the same there’s no Doubt if she does have a negative Experience it will likely set us back You know i think we might have Accidentally let a wolf into our house Chop will force me out of my comfort Zone and challenge me as a trainer like Never before Come here 15 minutes ago i was ready to quit being

A dog trainer forever I’m a little discouraged We were talking about How much we already love him So it’s like here we go again giving a Dog that’s almost 100 pounds their first Bath it’s like washing an suv Here Yes That’s you what do you think of you We can’t fail this dog [Music] He’s really thinking Good man there we go We’re getting somewhere here [Music] How about that Starting to understand stuff [Music] Here we are in the final stages of this Series i felt like in that moment every Bit of training i had done with him was Meaningless I would sincerely feel quite guilty If he misses out on a home like this Because i didn’t prepare him a nightmare Scenario unfolded This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell We’re on our way to pick up chop there’s So many unknowns with this dog he comes From a small village that you actually Have to fly to you can’t even drive to This village he is most likely an insane

Crazy mixture i know myself and i know That it is going to be very hard for me To not want to keep this dog So we’re not keeping this talk yeah keep In mind he’s been living outside with His rescue family because they’re doing Everything they can just to buy him some Time right now until he finds the right Family this dog has literally never been Inside a house so potty training an Adult dog should be interesting Last time i saw him he didn’t even know How to sit he doesn’t know how to sit 98 Of dogs you hold up a treat they go into A sit you know what i mean he literally Knows none of his basic skills at all i Think he hasn’t had a ton of Socialization as a young dog that’s my Best guess because when i first met him He was really fearful now that might be Limited more towards men or it might Just be more contextual i’m really Hopeful that we’ll connect but right now We have no relationship there’s no bond Between him and i that’s the first thing I’ve got to establish he could not care Less about me right here Wow [Music] And i’ve got to tell you at this point As we are driving chopped to our Semi-rural place in alaska the reality Is really setting in about what we’re Doing right now

Oh it’s the baby it’s the same one she Might attack the car i’m gonna not move Because she’s watching us i think that’s A coyote at least it’s not a wolf this Time [Music] I’ve never seen so many bears in my life We basically live in bear valley Whose idea was it again to train a dog In alaska i mean i think we would have Been safer training a dog on the plains Of africa chop i really hope you’re Going to listen to me boy now i’m Determined to not have anything bad Happen to this dog while he’s in my Custody nice looking moose there so There And there this is my neighborhood I love it [Music] I think the first thing i want to do is Introduce him to the yard to give him a Chance to relieve himself and then we’re Gonna take him inside should be Interesting i’m gonna let him walk Around here for a second then i’m Probably gonna take him off leash but i Just wanna quadruple check the fence Make sure there’s no issues good boy i Think i’m gonna go ahead and let him off The leash here Let him Explore on his own just give him a Second to have some free time to himself

Before we go inside Oh goodness all right yep all right so He’s got a problem peeing on the house i See i mean i’d rather he not be on the House i don’t know if i’m gonna make a Training issue of it but we need to Watch that behavior inside that’s what One of my immediate concerns are is he Gonna do that marking behavior when Inside the house and he certainly Doesn’t understand that humans don’t Really appreciate it Oh look at that you backed away there so I want to be careful of that looks like We could potentially have An aspiring escape artist on our hands Here the rescue sent this to me and Showed me a hole that chop had dug to Escape his pen when he was there i’m not Gonna let that happen you can see him Exploring the fence potentially looking For any weak points that he can dig Under and there are a couple here that I’ll probably need to do something about Plus i don’t intend to leave him out Here unattended at all i never trust a Dog in training i’ll introduce him to The house then i’m probably going to Introduce him to inertia hopefully They’ll do well together inertia is a Little intimidated by Bigger dogs so she’s actually a little Bit more of a concern to me at this Point than he is i think she’ll be fine

But i want her to feel comfortable and To open up so i’ll have my fingers Crossed there at this point i’m even Wondering if he wants to be inside i Mean he’s been outside his entire life Maybe he’s more comfortable sleeping Outside but there’s no way i could leave Him out here because there are way too Many bears and moose and danger around Every corner and remember moose are Extremely abundant here and they are the Most dangerous animal to dogs in the State of alaska and that might be Because they evolved to interact with Wolves and defend themselves and chop Happens to look a lot like a wolf maybe A little too much I think we should go inside introduce Him to the house now see if he walks Right in or what yeah all right so far So good i don’t know if he’s done stairs So that’ll be interesting looks like He’s figuring them out if he hasn’t Hey good man hi Let’s go Look at that he’s a little weird a Little awkward on the stairs isn’t he I’m gonna put this gate closed because As you know Controlling the environment is Everything So hopefully we have kind of control but You can only do so much to control the Environment for example if he is

A chewer i mean you know he could chew On the couch here the leg There’s still furniture formed you on so I’m still not gonna just let him have The run of the house Inertia that’s okay you’ll meet chop in A minute the nurse is in the bedroom Right now i want to give him a second to Check things out i’ll be watching him to Make sure he doesn’t pee and lift that Leg something that’s common with dogs When they’re in a new place and so this Is really going to be the only area that He’s going to be allowed in but i want To supervise every move he makes for Right now but i mean even things like This i’ve got these tomatoes out and the Citrus over here like You know he could still jump up there so I could have No i can’t Here we go so it’s not completely dog Proof in here you know especially when Your dog’s nose is the same height as The counter but that’s all right i’m Gonna teach him all of that again the First day or two or three is really About getting to know this dog i’m not Gonna have a heavy emphasis on training Immediately with him you can see we’ve Got his crate set up for him which i’ll Introduce him to later i’m just dying to Play with this dog but the problem is he Doesn’t seem to know how to play yet we

Saw that with moyer we saw that with George they love toys instantly when i First met chop i did test him to see if He liked to play he didn’t even seem to Understand what a toy was or what to do With it chop is truly a wild animal if I’m to have any hope in communicating With him i’ve got to show him what it Means to be a dog in a human’s world and Training a big strong dog like chop is Not going to be easy unless i can show Him how to play Start to be intrigued by it you can see The scent immediately has his attention These are new toys that actually have Scents embedded in them i’m really Hoping that these are going to bridge The gap and make my job easier as your Dog chews playology toys it continues to Release the scent over time another Thing i was planning on doing with these Toys was kind of leaving this one out Here so he has something that he can Actually gravitate to that isn’t my Furniture He’s got a soft mouth see that look at That there he goes he’s interested he Just doesn’t know what to do with it That is so funny There we go there’s the fire Good Yeah there you go he’s got such a soft Mouth i don’t know if we’ll keep that But we’ll see you can see this is not

Something that’s Completely instinctive to him this is The kind of behavior we typically see With really young puppies who are just Learning how to play for the first time So it’s so cool to see it with such a Big older dog like this i think one of The reasons we’re being really Successful with this ball is because of The encapsula scent technology that they Use with playology toys i mean you can See him using his nose and he’s really Into it here you can see how well made These are too i mean look at that Stitching they actually embed millions Of these microscopic scent molecules Into the material of every toy they make For a dog that doesn’t love to play Really seems to be working out for him There so remember this isn’t just any Ball guys and it’s worth its weight in Gold right now because it’s getting me To build some initial bonding and Communication with chop we’re watching Him be very puppy-like and cute with the Toy but there’s actually something Really substantial happening here he’s Learning how to interact with our Culture i’m hoping to be able to use Play like this for training but we’re Really trying to teach him that people Can interact with him they can teach him Things they don’t just bring him food And water and give him love but they

Actually can teach too ready get it What a man Look at this already look at the focus On me over the ball yes Just the fact that he’s looking up at me He’s following me more eagerly than he Was before much more interested Or did i speak too soon you’re not Getting in that refrigerator And it’s also worth mentioning some dogs Are really into harder toys like this While other dogs really like plush toys Like this that’s also something you have To really evaluate with every individual Dog clearly he appreciates the more firm Texture If that’s what you can call appreciation I’d say so ready go get it All right good and his first real fetch Good man he’s playing tug for the first Time here look at that look he’s pulling Back yes I’m gonna immediately let him win Yeah there he is good boy get it It’s a magic moment it’s so rare Is it that you get to catch a dog Especially this age playing tug for the First time good boy yeah Let him win All right and Wait for him to get bored and then yes Throw it And look at you Look at you

I’ll have a link in the description Where you can check out playology Products And now it’s time for inertia to meet Chop and i’m a little bit uneasy because He is a really large dog we need to talk A little bit about a nurse’s history Because some of you might remember that Inertia had issues with some bigger dogs Before and this is the largest dog that I’ve had stay with me ever when inertia Was a puppy i was very thorough about Socializing her with all kinds of dogs And she played really well with dogs her First bigger dog experience was our own Dog indy and she loved tahoe the Rottweiler too i mean they hit it off Really well so early in life you know i Thought she was doing all right because I wanted to be thorough and because she Was doing so well i really wanted to Introduce her to the biggest dog i knew Which happened to be satchmo the irish Wolfhound i know satchmo really well i Know that there was very little risk in Terms of him harming inertia he’s very Good with dogs nonetheless inertia was Like okay that is a huge animal i don’t Even know what that is it was like she Was meeting big bird or something so i Took a step back right and continued to Socialize her with more dogs over time And things were looking up and as Inertia was doing really well you might

Remember a certain episode where i took Inertia to the dog park long story short She got overwhelmed and a larger dog Bumped into her causing her to have a Fear response to that dog inertia is Somewhat of a sensitive dog she can play Rough but there are dogs that can play Rougher for sure so she required a Certain play style and i wanted to be Very delicate so i didn’t put her in a Situation where she felt like that again That was a really critical moment for Inertia and i because when your dog has A negative experience like that as a Trainer you really want to do everything You can to avoid it happening in the Future to the best of your ability and That’s because the more something Continues to get reinforced the harder It might be for a dog to rebound from so After that i continued to take a step Back make sure that i had her play in Smaller play groups then eventually kona You’ll remember from new puppy’s Survival guide moved in with us for a Few weeks and that gave her a lot of Experience with a puppy that she got to Know Conan was valuable because when inertia First met kona she was tiny but when Kona and inertia had a reunion kona was Giant that was the most confident i had Seen inertia with a dog that was larger Than her maybe ever and then moira the

German shepherd moved in with us now Moira moira was a really high energy dog I elected to not have inertia and moira Meet because i didn’t want to risk Another bad experience for my dog and That’s nothing against moira i just Didn’t feel like inertia was quite ready For her dog with her more intense Playstyle yet i mean the idea here is to Make progress and i didn’t want to set Her back and then Came along George and george and inertia just hit It off amazingly well now george isn’t a Giant dog by any means but he’s Definitely solid he’s definitely strong He was a rougher player they just played Together really well endlessly and over The few weeks that we did have george he Gave inertia so much confidence i’ve Never seen her play that comfortably With such a strong dog so i really think Inertia is ready i really hope that i’m Not wrong because there’s no doubt if She does have a negative experience it Will likely set us back how bad i don’t Know but we’ve been working for Over a year to get to this point chop is At least double her size and don’t get Me wrong i mean inertia should be able To communicate with another dog and say Hey you’re playing too rough and do that In the way that dogs do but those Corrections should be measured and i

Wouldn’t want it to escalate as they Often can if we don’t keep our dogs in a Situation that they’re they’re Comfortable with and i’m hoping to show You how i walk you through the steps That i take with my own dog on this very Sensitive issue throughout this series She looks like she’s Excited to meet him You can see inertia has a little pilot Erection here where she’s a little Thrown off she’s cautiously optimistic Which is very much Her style but she looks more Enthusiastic than not which is a good Sign And there’s the shake-offs we like to See there Yeah like a Good girl Let them smell each other this is all Very nice at first and fortunately chop Is being quite respectful Of inertia so far i gotta say this is Pretty awesome oh look at this so chop’s Offering some play behavior but the Nurses like don’t get too rough here Throughout this meeting i’m looking at Inertia she’s not without nervous body Language her tail gets in between her Legs sometimes she’s hunched over she’s Not just saying hey i want to play right Now but i know her best and i can tell Or at least i suspect that she’s quite

Curious about playing with chop but Chop’s size does not appear to go Unnoticed by inertia inertia has learned That she can come up to me if she needs Separation from a dog i like that she Does that naturally see that i won’t Good girl And i want to let her know that i’m here To protect her as well she feels safe Near me good girl It’s worth mentioning that by Restraining some dogs in a situation Like this you could risk escalating Their undesirable behavior being Restrained or held back seems to trigger Frustration in some dogs but i feel Comfortable here because chop seems Alert but generally neutral to playful He doesn’t seem like he’s over threshold Or about to be there and i’ve got a History with inertia i know her very Well and i feel like she’ll be more Secure if he’s a little bit more stable And as long as i keep chopped from Coming on too strong inertia seems to Trust me to intervene on her behalf Good man Just the fact that he came to me Voluntarily i’m gonna make sure i give Him a treat there because remember he Backed away from me earlier it started To rain out here i think they’re cool to Kind of get to know each other better While inside hopefully they don’t get

Too rambunctious we’ll find out he’s Very polite i like how he’s not mounting Her or using his paws i know she really Doesn’t like that see if she opens up She looks like she’s thinking about Hitting a play ball there one of them is Anyway Yeah there she goes Oh god i knew he is he fun are you Playing with chops What did he do he looked at his leg but He didn’t pee but he definitely lifted His leg so good job on brie for Detecting the potential potty accident She’s trying to get him going Let me take him outside for a quick Potty break so i’m going to put inertia Up and give both of the dogs some space And quit while we’re ahead for now they Seem generally okay so far anyway but i Do suspect there will be more bumps in The road ahead i’m just really focused With him on Getting him comfortable with me i’m Trying to bond with him it doesn’t take Anything to do that he seems to love Being pet see how he’s resting his head On my hand right now I think we’re starting to connect A little tiny bit Hope so anyway You can’t force it though you just have To hang out with them and look at them And pet them and play with them and love

Them Here we go So every time i call him i’m really Going to try and give him something Great he doesn’t know come when called So i’m just whistling right now Anything that gets his attention so Good man yeah So that’s one thing that i kind of want To start on pretty quickly because Teaching come when call’s really Important just a fun easy game to play Straight away Okay See this So essentially i’m just waiting for him To naturally go through the act of Coming back to me to look for a treat Here is it to say hey i want some more Treats come Yes See how he like Perked up a little bit i’m not trying to Do too much training with him on the First day so doing this 30 seconds at a Time Reinforces Come Really well Now you have to do this a lot this is This is just one way to start as a dog Trainer i’m always struggling with this When i get a new dog into my life i just Want to train them immediately and i’m

So guilty of trying to jump into Training but really I have to let him adjust so i’m curious To see how he does in a crate here we Got this crate just for him the biggest One we could find i think it’s pretty Big Let me see what happens if i just toss That in there Okay it doesn’t look like he’s too Familiar with a crate Here what’s that There you go well that’s pretty good That’s exactly what we want gonna toss a Pup for treat in there still using Freeze-dried beef liver he’s loving Those you can notice how he can stand Completely straight up in this crate Which is important because even though He’s an adult dog we still have to potty Train them we still have to show them How to behave in a house that’s why Having a crate is going to be critical For times when we can’t supervise him And overnight now of course i don’t want To be too restrictive with the crate i Don’t want him spending too much time in There but if we introduce it right it’s A pleasant place for him to be a great Way to introduce it right is with really Good high quality treats Good job notice i’m not closing the door When he goes in letting him come and go As he pleases right now and so i never

Want to force him into the crate that is My goal i’m going to have these puffer Treats that i’m using in the description See what happens here if i close it i’m Looking for any signs of stress From him Good man yes Here you go i think i’m gonna go ahead And give him a chew along with his Dinner to get him really comfortable in There so far he’s doing pretty well i’m Going to go ahead and offer him Some food i have a feeling he’s going to Like that i just want to look to see how Comfortable or uncomfortable he is when I walk near him Does he get a little on edge if i sit Here he’s doing really well yeah i’m not Seeing any signs of resource guarding Here but i’m going to continue To monitor this and Take actions that will prevent him from Becoming a resource guarder hopefully But we’ll talk more about that later i’m Going to give chop this animal bone here And see if this encourages him to be Calm he doesn’t know to not rush out of The crate here So I want to be careful Check that out Geez Listen to that crunch sound man he’s Strong i think we might have

Accidentally led a wolf into our house Can’t wait to see his dna results and so Far i haven’t seen any really major Obvious signs of anxiety while in the Crate but i am going to stick around i’m Not just going to go walk out and leave Him alone for hours or anything like That i really want to monitor him and Make sure i’m doing what i can to have Him have a positive association with Being in that crate Inertia come Now so we do see Light on Some potential resource guarding over The bone there that is a very natural Thing but that’s going to be something For us to focus on there Shoot She was just starting to get over her Fear of big dogs too i did not want to Let this happen and so now it’s my job To do everything in my power to keep This from escalating from his Perspective he’s just trying to protect Something he values he’s probably never Had a bone like that he’s really excited About it and he doesn’t want to share it And he’s grown up on the street with Other dogs in all likelihood and that is How they talk to each other i’d like to Have inertia back out here but i don’t Want to risk recreating that situation Where he feels like he needs to be

Defensive and also i don’t know how he’s Going to react if i went in there and Took a bone a bone can be a completely Different thing for many dogs so i’m Going to play it safe and i want to show You how i get that bone away from him Without getting snapped at there you go Okay Okay come on i kind of just kind of Holding his stay there All right and it’s that simple look at That rather than trying to go in there And take a bone from your dog and Risking getting snapped at it’s a good Idea to manage that so i’ll give this to Him another time so we’re actually Having to preview our upcoming episode Here on youtube so it’s convenient that He’s doing so well in his crate right Now so far i mean this is another reason That you have to really make sure that They’re in a controlled environment with A dog who’s not house trained there are Times when you got to do you things it’s An episode of black mirror to him like He’s now been in this alien-like Environment and he’s got this video Playing on what we do you know it’s the Whole inception thing every time we film Us doing this I can’t even handle it there is also a Really good chance with him keep in mind That he’s extra subdued right now that’s Really normal some dogs will become

Extra subdued or extra hyper or whatever During their first few days in a new Place when you have a dog who’s been Placed in a brand new environment like This what you see is not always what you Get So i’m going to take chop directly Outside from his crate so he has an Opportunity to relieve himself i don’t Want to give him a chance to have an Accident now Take that i guess You’re a leg lifter huh i’m just looking For a lot of opportunities this first Few days to connect with him and love Him and feel his love i mean you know He’s going to be getting spoiled rotten While he’s here but we are also going to Ask quite a bit of him we’re going to Ask a lot of this dog in his time with Me and in exchange i’m gonna give him Every bit of me that i can Okay There’s his first number two Really not looking forward to picking Those up Gosh you’re handsome we’re out here on The deck you can see we’re installing a Proper yard here but the grass hasn’t Grown so we’re not using that for this Series it’s ugly but just so you know Why we’re not using the main backyard Yet pretty cloudy night here i like to Let inertia out here a lot to have some

Fresh air so i thought he might like That too Okay so we decided to make him an Outdoor dog No i’m just kidding he was enjoying Himself so much out there i mean a lot Of dogs love getting that fresh air so i Think he looks good in the Background yeah he looks great here he Belongs in alaska for sure definitely i Agree he’s so confident he’s gonna make A great dog for somebody I have some concerns obviously one of The bigger issues we saw was when he Snapped at inertia when she got near his Bone i’m very understanding of why but i Really want to nip that in the bud and Do some conditioning with him later on Leash pulling is definitely a standout Issue of his he’s a strong man and of Course you know other issues his Training sit down stake on all of that So there’s going to be a lot to do and Then of course we’re hoping to find him A home some people are really drawn to a Dog like chop and other people might be Intimidated i mean it’s no secret that The puppies go first i understand why People like puppies but one of the great Things about adopting an adult dog is That you get a better sense of their Size their capabilities how quickly they Reason with certain things there’s more Advantages probably to an older dog i

Agree my dog was one when i adopted her I thought it was fabulous we don’t know How we’re gonna get him adopted this is Always the stressful part about these Things i’m so curious about his dna Results it’s gonna happen during the Series we’re gonna let you know when we Know so i think we should keep guessing Until we find out what he is because i Think it’s gonna be crazy i wouldn’t be Surprised if he’s like a quarter coyote And like a quarter wolf honestly when he Jumped on our counter earlier today i Turned around and saw him and it looked Like an actual yeti had gotten into our House and was standing at our kitchen Sink like he’s enormous yeah it’s Blowing my mind agreed i know i’m famous For going to bed really early but we’re In alaska right now and the sun doesn’t Set until like almost midnight so where It’s 8 pm yeah it’s 8 p.m and that’s When i go to bed but that’s because i Like to get up early and do training i’m Gonna camp out up here in the bedroom Chop’s gonna be right there in the crate I’m gonna have the door open you and Inertia are gonna crash downstairs we’re Gonna see you guys tomorrow And it’ll be just Me and chop Tonight Allow me to set the scene for you Here’s chop

Here’s me so i’m gonna be right here Supervising him on a side note it is Nine o’clock at night and check out how Bright it is outside There he is he’s some sleep it’s about 10 o’clock now He’s been doing really well and It’s still light outside It’s getting close to midnight now You’ll be happy to see that the sun is Setting there’s the city of anchorage You can see the buildings were above Them up here because we’re on a mountain Side and this man is doing just fine i Think he just got up because i was Checking on him but so far he’s doing a Good job how you doing bud [Music] He slept so good he did really well Good morning you guys I’m gonna go let him out in a minute but Long story short he did great the first Thing i’m gonna do with him is take him Immediately outside Can we get by without a leash he’s here The door is there and i’m hoping he Doesn’t pee along the way Okay come on I’ll teach him how to stay later Come on buddy let’s go Let’s go All right look looks like you know What’s up let’s let him get some fresh Air he’s been in that crate quite a

While but he seems happy well adjusted i Don’t know if he’ll be that good forever Part of me thinks since he’s been Sleeping outside so much that he Probably really appreciated that bed Last night hey Good morning hello It was so fun dog sitting you last night Because i didn’t have to do anything The first 24 hours were smooth at times They were bumpy at times we’ll have to See how all of this continues but the First order of business is seeing if Inertia is ready to start playing with Chop again not to mention i’ve got to Get this dog trained in just a few weeks And find him a home check out playology And puppet products in the description Subscribe and click the bell follow us On instagram and tick tock too this is Going to be a very different series than Anything we’ve ever done we’ll see you In episode 2. [Music]

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