Everything You Need to Know to STOP Your Dog From JUMPING

Everything You Need to Know to STOP Your Dog From JUMPING

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Britta and Chris called me in to show them how to resolve some pretty extreme unwanted jumping with their dog June. I chose these guys for an episode of the Dog Training rEvolution, because I know that many of you are in this exact situation. June listens great as long as it’s just her and her family. I’ll show you everything you need to know to get unwanted jumping under control!

Today’s video is crowdfunded by you and Sponsored by Pepsi okay today I’m going To introduce you guys to June the jumper Now June actually listens really well When it’s just her and her family it’s Just that when guests come over she Tends to get pretty excited in today’s Video I’m going to show you how to get Your dog under control when guests come Over what is the one thing that you wish You could make more progress on with Your dog tell me in the comments below And we might make a video about it click Thumbs up to tell me you’re enjoying the Videos and of course don’t forget to Subscribe so you’ll be notified every Time we upload a new episode of the dog Training revolution if you understand That the most effective type of training Needs to be enjoyable for our dogs share This video so far around two hundred and Sixty of you have made monthly Contributions averaging between five and Ten dollars a month those contributions Have been tremendous in helping us do so Much more with the videos that we’ve Been making lately so thank you now Let’s go meet Brita Chris and their dog June Chris why don’t you tell me a Little bit about June June is a rescue Berta has a job where she drives around Rural parishes a lot and she was Visiting shelters and found June at Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society so

June seemed like a good fit Britta why Don’t you tell me some of the issues You’re having with June right now she’s A really happy energetic dog so you know One of the main things is if she’s Meeting new people she’s jumping all Over them she’s kind of demanding when She wants to play um and she doesn’t Want to stop because she’s just a year Old so you know it’s hard to tell her no And she’s always nipping at you I’m Trying to keep you playing all the time So those are the two main things are They struggling with writing yeah I Think that probably sounds familiar to a Lot of you at home as well you know this Sounds like a great dog to work with Energetic dogs are my favorite dogs in The world because they’re just so Enthusiastic and so ready to get into Learning though that’s sometimes at odds With teaching a dog to not jump because You want to be exciting you want to be Playful you want to be happy but that Might also encourage the jumping so we Have to kind of strike a balance that’ll Be part of our challenge today I’d like To kind of see what we’re working with Is she allowed on the furniture right uh I see that you know this is normal as You can see we don’t want to just come Down hard on a right now for jumping we Haven’t really introduced this concept To her so we’re gonna be kind of

Tolerant let her adjust to her Surroundings usually a good way to Reduce jumping like this more woody it’s Very vocal is to have them on a leash so I think we should put her on a leash Right now definitely it’s super common For dogs to jump especially friendly Dogs because dogs like to greet us at The base are trying to get up and say Hello to us and give us lots of kisses So that is the reason most dogs jump hep Float calm has and continues to be an Incredibly valuable partner to the dog Training revolution I don’t know how Many of you have tried having your dog Food Auto shipped by Peplow comm to your House but it makes your life incredibly Easy pet flow will allow you to set up Any time increment you want between Every two and sixteen weeks to have food Automatically shipped to your house now If something changes or you’re going out Of town or you just want to edit that Time period you can do that any time Or if you see you know what it’s not Working for me you can cancel as well You must know by now that Peplow comm Has almost every brand of dog food Imaginable also the prices are very good I think you’ll be surprised when you see That you’ll be supporting the dog Training revolution as well So visit Peplow comm slash Zac George And enter code Zac 20 to get 20% off of

Your first purchase you can see that June is ready to get into training now I Think this this is an issue guys before We can reasonably expect our dogs to Listen to us we have to be able to get Their eyes on us especially when they’re Really distracted now remember unlike Traditional dog training which focuses On jerking the leash to get our dog’s Attention on us we’re gonna focus on a More potent form of communication which Is getting that eye contact now I know You guys watch my videos and I know You’ve worked a little bit with look at Me I was hoping you kind of demonstrate That she’s capable of looking at you in The eyes how do you feel about that sure It’s okay to hold up a treat right now Because she is so distracted I’m here But if we can just get her eyes on you In any way while she sits awesome look At me and good just humor me here do you Think you could show me if June can look At you without you holding the treat up In other words doing something like this And then treating her yeah Hey Jude sit give me great really good Notice the difference here it’s able to Say look at me and then treat rather Than simply holding a treat up the best Time to address any unwanted behavior is Before it occurs so in this case with Jumping June very clearly foreshadows Before she’s about to jump you’re able

To tell before she jumps aren’t you yeah That is our cue to get our dog’s eyes on Us and put them into a sit stay Have you taught her sit stay stay good Girl We have the two ingredients of teaching Her not to jump now which are stay and Look at me I’ll have great videos in the Description that will show you how to Teach those things to your dog if you Haven’t already but I think we’re ready To get serious about training day and Then if you see she’s about to jump Interrupt even if it’s on you at this Case good hey no nope good Rebecca Lewis is it good they’re good And she’s still looking at you there’s No need to cue her to look at you yet so That’ll come later Very good uh did you reward her okay Yeah that’s okay we want to reward Really generously in the beginning when Introducing new concepts the harder it Is the more we need to reward that will Change later but it’s much more Important right now to create the habit Than it is to get the treats out of the Equation right now promoting those Little moments when your dog holds that Sit and doesn’t jump is what we have to Do when we’re teaching this cuz right Now she’s got this habit of jumping we Can’t expect her to do it get out of the Habit of jumping just like that so it

Takes a lot of repetition a lot of Practice and a cool head by you now We’re gonna make matters a little bit More challenging for her I’ve got the Squeaky toy stay hey what’s that time Okay alright so right there we see that She gets excited with the toy what dog Would before she jumps this time I want You to do a really good look at me do Anything you can to get her eyes on you That make sense yep stay alright so look At me see that the second I squeak you Got those eyes right back on it that’s What you have to get good at stay this Is a really distracting choice and look I mean on anything really really good if Your dog does jump on your guest and Your guest isn’t really cooperative and Moving away you’ve got to create a Barrier and come over here and say stay You can’t expect your guests to teach Your dog so if she jumps on me it’s Really You to intervene and say no like you to Sit and stay no matter how much I’m Encouraging her to jump if your dog Jumps on you as opposed to other yes It’s important to not give them a place To land so when they start to jump get Out of the way immediately put them into A sit stay and reward generously on even The smallest progress at first gradually Asking for a little bit more time in Good behavior she has this habit of

Jumping right after you give her the Treat right right yep okay raise usually Alright so and that you know there’s a Time for that that’s why we want to be Understanding sometimes if our dog Really breaks new ground on something Else We’ll be tolerant of the jingler not now Yeah good really good nuba good nice Work put her into a sip June fit good Make good go five seconds stay five four Three two one Okay good it’s important that the Emphasis of our training be on what we Like our dogs doing you know it’s very Natural for us as people that when our Dog jumps on us we tend to let them know No I don’t like that bad dog but it’s Much more important to let them know What you do like because they’re much More likely to respond I mean thinking About being a kid in grade school did You like the teacher who acknowledged The good things you did or did you like The teacher who is always getting on you Or every little mistake think like that If you know you have company coming over Get your dog tired before they get there The best way to do that is to play 5 to 20 minutes of fetch in the backyard or a Nearby park have them on a leash the Moment company walks in the door if you Want your dog out with you but be warned You’ll need to give a hundred percent of

Your attention to your dog to enforce a Sit-stay because they’re gonna be very Amped up they’re gonna be very excited If you’re unwilling to have them on a Leash and you want to visit with your Company I would advise you to have your Dog in another room until you guys have All settled and then bring your dog I Really want to thank you guys for giving Me the privilege of doing what I love More than anything which is showing you And others how to teach their dogs and Together with other like-minded trainers We really are changing the way people Are teaching their dogs remember that When you contribute ten dollars or more Per month I will send you a sign Rizvi We have lots of different colors and Also give you a clicker right here which Is what Awesome dude if you guys enjoyed this Video click thumbs up also don’t forget To subscribe to my channel so you’ll be Notified every time I upload a new Episode Tell me what you need help with you in The comments below and maybe we’ll make A video about it you guys did absolutely Terrific I appreciate everything yeah Oh June is awesome you’re really good Trainers I hope you guys enjoyed the Video here are some relevant videos to This lesson teaching your dog to look at You is essential if you ever want to

Have them listened to you when they’re Distracted plus I guarantee you’re gonna Love that video the single most Important skill that all dogs need to Know is stay don’t settle on this one I Have an amazing video on how to teach Your dog to stop jumping with tons of Different examples from one of my Classes how to teach your dog to swim is It really relevant to this lesson but it Was a super fun one alright enjoy and I’ll see you guys next time You

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