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Please Like and Share. Sincerely, I cannot express how important it is for dogs to know fetch if they have a lot of energy. If you are struggling with fetch or don’t know where to get started or just want a refresher, watch this episode.

I’ll cover the most common problems I hear about with teaching fetch including what to do if your dog chases it but won’t bring it back, won’t let go, gets bored quickly, or plays inside, but not outside and more!

Lafitte has been doing some property damage to the walls, so Michael and Dianna asked for some help. Did you know that a well played game of fetch on a regular basis will dramatically reduce or stop virtually all excessive unwanted behaviors like chewing, scratching, digging, jumping, leash pulling and more?
Plus active dogs generally live a longer, happier life if they routinely and vigorously exercise.

My experience tells me that a lot of people stop too soon when it comes to teaching fetch. In fact, most people are about 3 training sessions away from having a dog that understands the basic rules of fetch, with the proper guidance of course ;).

[Music] [Applause] [Music] This episode of the dog training Revolution is crowdfunded by you and Sponsored by midwest homes for pets Because life goes better with pets You might remember Lafitte from a video We did earlier this year on puppy biting Well the good news is Lafitte is over The puppy biting stage and he’s doing Great However he has developed this habit of Destroying the walls inside the house if Your dog digs chews or scratches I’m Gonna show you exactly what you need to Do in today’s video as a matter of fact Some of the advice I’m gonna give you Today will even apply if your dog is an Excessive jumper or pulls you down the Street on a walk if you like videos like This and you want to see more of them Click thumbs up and make sure you’re Subscribed so you see all of my future Videos and I’ll tell you everything I Know about dog training now this is Possible in part because of our patrons On patreon com / the Zac George I’ll Have the details in the description Below Unfortunately a massive number of dogs Are surrendered to pounds and shelters Because of the issues that relate to Destruction so few people realize the

Relatively simple steps you need to take To completely resolve this share this Video with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter and your other Social networks now let’s go meet Lafitte and his family what happened to Lafitte you could fit 25 of the old Lafitte’s into this one he’s massive now Just keeps eating he won’t stop what Issues are you having specifically with Him he is scratching or chewing the Drywall does this behavior of him Digging out the wall and other Destructive behavior does that typically Happen when you’re at home or when You’re at work typically when I’m at Work or out with friends or something is When he does it I’ve only maybe caught Him once looking at it when I was at Home but he wasn’t actually digging at The wall then I’ve never caught him in The act of doing it Oh interesting okay And that makes it really tough doesn’t It I think we’ve ruled out any type of Severe separation anxiety as being the Reason for this if you guys at home need Help with separation anxiety I’ll have a Link in the description that will help You I think a lot of us make a genuine Attempt to address these issues at what We think the source is for example when The dog chooses the baseboards you can Get a bitter spray and spray it on there So it tastes bad when they chew it or in

The case of pulling on a leash it’s Common to think that when our dog starts Pulling that’s where the problem is Starting so A lot of people will get a special Collar like an e-collar or a choke chain To discourage the pulling the flaw with Addressing jumping digging leash pulling Chewing or other behavior when you see It occur is that you’re addressing the Symptom not the cause the source of These issues originates before all of This starts happening it’s really common To misdiagnose the source of why our Dogs behave this way if our dog is Jumping chewing digging or anything like That it’s most often a sign that they’re Not getting the appropriate mental and Physical outlet that they need many People think they already know this but Greatly underestimate the amount of Mental and physical stimulation their Dog needs which is why you’re taking Them on long walks which is why you let Them play with other dogs but I would Say that if your dog is a 7 or above on The energy scale you got to do a little Bit more than that the best most Efficient way to get a dog tired and Satisfied where they don’t feel like They need to chew is to teach them a Very fluid a very polished game of fetch Ok that’s what I hope to do today while We let Lafite get adjusted to the

Outdoor environment and the fact that New people are at his house let me show You the coolest travel carrier on the Market from Midwest homes for pets so we All need to travel with our dogs from Time to time whether it’s on an airplane Or in a car one of the things I really Appreciate about their products Midwest Homes for pets is that they of course Take your dog’s safety and security into Account as their number one priority but Their products are so easy to use for The person – this handle is a great Example of that so obviously you can use The handle to push it around or pull it Very easily so that that’s very Convenient but you can also lock the Handle into place like this and when you Need to pick up the crate look at that Just like that so you don’t have to like Plug the thing to move it around it’s Really easy to transport but you have These really convenient storage Compartments right here so you can put Your supplies any documentation you need While traveling your leash your treats All sorts of things and there’s not just One of them but there’s two of them The optional caster wheels make it very Convenient to push your dog with ease Without having to locate a special cart Midwest homes for pets doesn’t just make Crates and travel carriers but they also Make bedding and accessories I’ll have a

Link in the description that will show You all sorts of stuff about them and You should check it out support our Sponsors Well I think Lafitte’s ready to get into Some fetch training now if you have a Dog that’s a little bit interested in Fetch but you’re having breakdown on Letting go or them not bringing it back Or playing inside but not outside or Running all over the place when you Start to play understand that that is Completely normal even the best fetchers In the world all do that in the Beginning let me put this into human Terms for you if you’ve ever played a Video game you’ll know that they’re not Immediately easy in fact they take a Little bit of practice and sometimes They’re frustrating but as you continue To play them you start to enjoy them a Little bit more and before you know it You’re hooked for your dog fetch is like Learning a new game and they get more And more interested over time it’s our Job to keep the game interesting and to Keep it fun and remain enthusiastic to Show them how fun this game really is Today I’m gonna start at the very Beginning of how to teach your dog a Really nice game of fetch so that you Can begin to resolve almost all of the Unwanted behaviors you’re currently Dealing with the two raw ingredients to

Teaching your dog how to play a good Game of fetch or chase and tug of war I’d say we got tug of war pretty solid Here do not use treats when teaching Fetch dogs use their mouths for two main Things eating and grabbing stuff Therefore from a training perspective They are either in food mode or play Mode the two are not simultaneously Compatible for most dogs though the Reward is continued play with the toy Not food we’re trying to bring the Energy to the surface so that we can Direct it in a manageable way even a lot Of dog trainers make that mistake now You could use treats to teach your dog To go and retrieve something but that’s Different from a proper fetch the way to Start teaching your dog fetch is not to Throw the item it’s to get them Interested in the toy first you actually Teach fetch in Reverse so here we’re Gonna just get really interested in it Just like this and I’m okay with him Tugging right now but we have to teach Them how to let go in a nutshell Teaching fetch to your dog starts with Teaching a good tug of war and a good Let go most of you at home can actually Expect results on this and the first Training session maybe two so how do you Get your dog to let go of a toy by using Some very basic reverse psychology I’m Gonna make light uninteresting right now

By stopping polling see Like it when we pull back that’s very Gratifying to them we’re just gonna hold It right here we’re gonna wait and when He lets go I’m gonna immediately give Him the rope toy right back because Remember the toy is the reward let your Dog know just because you let go doesn’t Mean I’m gonna keep it forever all our Dogs really want to know is hey can I Have it back show them there is a very Clear path to play tug of war all day Long if they play by the rules just make The game uninteresting for a minute if You have to sit here for five minutes so What your attitude is look I got all day Long if your dog gets a little Rambunctious during this part be patient And maintain a cool head if you have a Really amped up dog a long walk before Fetch training might be just enough to Make them manageable for teaching them To let go yes good Tiny microsecond that he like Oh even Though he went to bite it again I want To let him know that that little bit of Progress right there was very Appreciated by me avoid when they let go Pulling it away putting it behind your Back asking them to sit and adding all This other criteria you want to make Sure that you really just focus on hey I Like that you did that let’s start there I’m really satisfied that he’s starting

To get the concept so I’m gonna ask him To leave it alone for an extra second or Two this time no leave it alone no and Again I just created a bit of a barrier There just so he could think and resist That impulse yes good very good I’m Gonna attempt to stand up and keep the Toy right in front of him yes good boy That’s what I’m talking about so once Your dog has tug it and release kind of Down it’s time to go on to the next step And that would be throwing this way but Keep those first several throws short It’s better to get lots of reps at first So that your dog becomes familiar with The structure and the process of the Game if you’re right there to encourage Your dog to chase you back to the point Of origin This will discourage your dog from Playing keep-away dogs love to chase but They don’t really care who’s chasing who Make them chase you Now shorten the distance between you and Your dog right and then when loopy Doesn’t we’re gonna go back see oh so we Are to our dogs the more likely they are To chase us so we don’t want to just Stay put we want to make it a real Interactive game so if you shorten the Distance after the throw is On their way to it you’re right there to Kind of lure them back with your eyes And encourage them to chase you does

That make sense fun is the number one Priority when teaching fetch all right So what do you do if your dog just loses Interest in the toy while you’re trying To play this happens a lot when a toy Stops moving Dogs get less interested watch this Lafitte Lafitte what’s this look what’s That I’m bringing it back to life but Just a little bit there good good did You see that so if you can bring a Little bit of life to the toy like that It’ll reignite their interest in it then There’s the classic instance of your dog Getting distracted during fetch training This requires immediate and prompt Action on your part we have to go bring The toy light and then run there we go Just like that and so the priority there Is getting them to bring it back not let Go immediately it’s normal for dogs to Be really interested in one toy at first Or maybe a couple but as time goes on You’ll probably see that will start to Generalize the game with all sorts of Toys sticks you name it and rather than Take the stick away make the other toy More exciting see that and just move it Around a little bit avoid picking it up Completely just move it around see if You can ignite his interest in that toy Instead of the stick and then run that’s What I’m talking about you are a pro sir So if your dog chases a toy but then

Doesn’t pick it up and bring it back That’s how you handle it the ideal way To get your dog to bring something back To you is to run from them but not Everybody can do that So if you can’t do that the next best Thing to do is to have your dog on a Really long lead kind of encourage them To come back to you that’ll take a Little bit longer but you’ll still get There if you notice that your dog is all About fetch inside but then you come in The backyard and they’re like no I don’t Care about fetch anymore I just want to Smell around understand that changing Your dog’s surroundings or environment On something they’re used to doing in One place but not another is the biggest Thing you can do to throw them off now You can take a few minutes for them to Acclimate because you’ve got to get in Time to sniff around or it can take a Much longer period of time you just have To feel your dog out if your dog will Chase the ball or toy three or four Times in a row and then they get bored That’s also very normal there are two Major options you have here you can give Them a 5 to 20 minute break let them Recharge a little bit or you can get More interesting this involves getting Really crazy jumping around dancing dogs Are really drawn to a super happy Exciting person it’s normal for this to

Take between one and ten weeks to teach Your dog a really good game of fetch Just varies from dog to dog depending on A variety of factors what time of day Should you play fetch if your dog is Destroying your property first thing in The morning get up fifteen or twenty Minutes earlier than you normally do get Out there in the yard play with them or Drive to a nearby park this is part of Having a dog and this is the maintenance That they require in order to be Completely satisfied oh man that’s a Workout tell me if you ever experience Destructive behavior with your dog in The comments below and what did you do To resolve it you guys have done really Awesome with them thank you don’t forget To click thumbs up on this video make Sure you’re subscribed to see all of our Future videos like me on facebook Facebook.com slash V Zack George Consider being a patron on our patreon Campaign I’ll have all the details in The description and of course support Our sponsor Midwest homes for pets I’ll Have a link in the description that will Tell you everything good job buddy I’m Proud of you thank you I loved working With Lafitte he did really well Sometimes destructive behavior is the Result of separation anxiety see my Video on that topic if you think your Dog might have separation anxiety do you

Need help with unwanted jumping check Out everything you need to know to stop Jumping and that lesson will get you Exactly where you need to be if you have A puppy biter or you’re new to teaching Your dog make sure you don’t make these Five common mistakes and finally if You’re in the mood to teach some tricks Here are three tricks you can teach in One day I hope you guys are enjoying the Videos I really appreciate you Subscribing and we’ll see you in the Next video [Music]

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