First 24 Hours with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG! NEW SERIES: Reality Dog Training Episode 1

First 24 Hours with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED DOG! NEW SERIES: Reality Dog Training Episode 1

The first 24 hours with an untrained dog! How will I train this German Shepherd dog?! Hope you guys enjoy this new series! Tell me below what your favorite part is! Thank you Nom Nom for sponsoring this video! Go ​ to get 50% off of a 2 week trial!

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[Music] We are about to meet Moira the german shepherd dog she’s a Rescue dog she has A lot of what we’re looking for in terms Of a dog that Needs a good bit of training that i Think might be a great Pupil for all of us to learn some things From Honestly i had no idea what i was Getting into This is moira a 10 month old rescue dog Who grew up on the streets of new Orleans Because she is a very strong german Shepherd but she’s also 50 plus pounds Of raw energy That’s enough whoa Relax with a desire to how do i say this Enthusiastically interact with her Surroundings This is exactly the kind of behavior That can scare a lot of people if that Was a dog she would be like i’m not Paying attention to you i’m paying Attention to that Okay there’s yes Okay i have to be totally honest with You i am feeling a little bit Overwhelmed So much for the tie out huh she’s Looking for a new home and i’ve been Given two weeks to teach her how to be

Better behaved Oh geez that’s my mic there is no way See not as easy as it looks but if she Keeps making first impressions like this She could have a hard time okay we have A situation no This is going to take longer than two Weeks moira loses complete Composure anytime she sees a dog there’s Virtually no chance she’s going to Disregard a dog Anywhere within 50 yards of her this is Going to be a relatively unconventional Dog training lesson how am i going to Get through to her This polling is insane i think i’ve made A miscalculation Jumping on the furniture is definitely a Problem with moira if she keeps behaving Like this Nobody is going to adopt her and it’s Going to be my fault we have to address This biting this biting Must stop she is way too old to be doing This kind of biting I will teach this dog [Music] Oh my gosh how about this way look at Her a whole cluster of dogs over there Look at this loose leech right now here Come on Good girl much better yes Come is she getting trained [Music]

Okay thank goodness i’m able to teach Her something This is reality dog training revealed [Music] We are gonna do a dog training series Unlike any other series that we have Ever done before we have heard you loud And clear you guys have been insisting That we work With an adult rescue dog with an unknown Background with various issues So we’ve been combing through dozens of Dogs who have applied to be on this Series and we have made Our selection you’re crazy i will let You hold this bag You can just set that on the ground what We were looking for So there you go sit you taught her down You said Uh just sit oh okay sit Very good oh she’s perfect she’s great Oh you’re strong aren’t you yeah Good girl do you know how to let go Let’s see what the person who knows her Best has to say about her Hey i’m valentina i’ve been fostering The german shepherd moira rose One morning i woke up with me and my Roommate we looked outside and we found Moira laying in my front yard i sat with Her Probably for about an hour before i Could tell

If she was friendly because she was Really scared of my roommate And then eventually she just approached Me when she finally came to me and she Ate She immediately vomited that’s why i Contacted arno Animal rescue new orleans and i told Them the situation And they made a vet appointment for her The next day i’ve been fostering moira Rose for about three months She’s really sweet but she has some Issues from the moment i saw her i saw Potential she met a few people that Turned her down because she was jumping All over them She’s had some unfortunate run-ins with Birds Since i’ve been fostering her moira Definitely needs help controlling Herself around Birds other dogs meeting people for the First time I’m also hoping that she can learn a More reliable stay and recall and that Generally she’ll just be more obedient Pretty sure she’ll never learn how to Let go of a toy also It would be great if she could learn Some more tricks for potential adopters Just to show off a little bit she’s so Smart and she’s funny she’s really Clumsy and goofy

Marie rose deserves the chance to be the Best dog that she can be Hey moira hi beautiful girl come on in Good to see you we have the other two in The studio right now just so we can give Her some time to Check it out that’s why we filmed Okay i need to work on your furniture Jumping i see I really do she’s a jumper Valentina her foster mom has just walked Out of the door and you can see moira is A little distraught by it So we need to make her feel right at Home i don’t know about you But the thing that makes me feel really Comfortable is food I mix some nom nom here with her regular Food so she can adjust to it hopefully She’ll extra like me now that i’m giving Her really good food I love how you can see all of the Individual ingredients and know exactly What they are In this formula they obviously use real Chicken and vegetables that are human Restaurant grade I also love how it arrives at my door Freezing cold Every two weeks and these meals are Actually designed For your individual dog they take their Breed and their weight into account A big faux pas is to try to feed your

Own dog a homemade diet without having An extensive knowledge of dog nutrition If you think your dog will enjoy nom nom They likely will You can get 50 off of a two week trial At my special link Zach i’ll have that in the description My first objective Is to literally just get her comfortable With this downstairs area where she’s Going to be hanging out with us And like every dog on earth she’s Immediately drawn debris Each room is a new environment to her With different floor surface different Smells I think what i really should do is take Her outside that Just occurred to me as she’s smelling The carpet to immediately let her know Where to go potty When you have a new dog that first 24 Hours Should in part be focused on giving them Ample opportunities to go potty in the Right place i mean they don’t know That they’re not supposed to go inside Or anything like that so it’s really on You to prevent those accidents that’s Really the biggest thing you can do for Potty training I want to get moira comfortable wearing A basket muzzle The reason i want moira comfortable

Wearing this is because i don’t know her That well but i do know that she’s very Strong and she has an extremely strong Prey drive and since i’m about to take Her in public i’m going to take every Precaution Understand that muscles do have a stigma Associated with them a lot of people Will see a muzzle on a dog and assume That it’s not the nicest thing to do But actually these are extremely humane Muscles you’ll notice all the openings In them So a dog can breathe they can drink Water they can take treats so they’re Really just designed To protect all of the dogs interacting With one another and you never know how Things are going to go It’s much more responsible to use the Muzzle and not need it than Realize you needed it after the fact Even when i introduced our older dog Indy to inertia i had a muzzle on her as Well so When you’re putting a muzzle on a dog It’s much better to prepare them for it Ahead of time Rather than just throwing it on them so A really clever way here to get your dog Comfortable with sticking their snout Into The muzzle is to feed some chicken Through it

And just kind of let them nibble it Looks like she’s doing just fine Good girl i’m gonna let it come off just Like that good girl Make sure you choose a muzzle that’s big Enough for your dog to be able To easily eat drink pants and bark Moira is actually between sizes so we Started with this one but i think i’ll Upgrade her to an even larger muzzle Next time Fasten it on a little reluctant there But here let me see if i can get her Motivated about this chicken Can you sit i’m asking her to do the one Thing she knows how to do Sit because i want to make sure that She’s comfortable enough to focus on me Instead of this new contraption on her Face yes Very nice rei and i are going to take Our evening walk with inertia and moira It might be nice for these guys to check Each other out from a distance but will Keep the dogs way far apart to avoid Overwhelming either dog this will also Be a good opportunity for me to see Firsthand what i’m dealing with when Moira encounters other dogs on a walk Okay moira is so worked up bree and Inertia are down there but moira is like Really really wound up So you can see we’ve got a lot of work To do here

This rambunctious behavior with moira is Probably Just play but i can tell you i know that Inertia does not particularly love This type of rambunctiousness and that’s Okay it’s so important to be an advocate For your dog Over everything else you don’t want to Put them in a position Where they’re extremely uncomfortable And i suspect if i were to let them Go much further here that inertia would Feel pretty overwhelmed If this is the kind of behavior i can Expect when she sees other dogs moving Forward it’s clear to me that the Priority needs to be teaching her to Listen to me As a human being in fact i’m hoping to Be able to teach her to stop paying Attention to dogs and pay attention to Me instead i don’t want to reinforce This crazy behavior by letting her go And meet dogs that she’s lunging at we Put inertia up so now we’re going to Continue on our walk With moira and see how she does we Should probably talk about the muzzle A little bit more here as well i mean The world is a very unpredictable place And moira has a history of not being so Nice to A particular chicken i understand and i Don’t want to take any chances i at

Least want to get to know her better I mean out here in an environment like This it may look like there’s not many People But people occasionally like to take Their dogs off leash out here And i just don’t want to take any Chances because she’s not a 12 week old Puppy That’s for sure it’s okay here we go i Mean straight away i’ve got this clipped To me for Redundancy here just in case because she Is a very strong german shepherd and i Want to emphasize this is more of a free Walk than anything i’m really just Trying to assess her and see what she’s Like i’m not trying to prevent the Pulling so much just yet because i don’t Even have any basic communication with Her i think i can see why my audience Has been asking me To take on a dog exactly like this Because she is gonna be some work That much i can tell i mean you can see There’s the tension right there she’ll Just keep going And going oh boy she hears dogs All right i’m gonna see if we can keep Moving here come on girl Not bad got a bike coming up over here Let’s see how she reacts to the bike And again this is really just a science Mission to see

What her issues are because some of that We have to discover Good girl you’re doing great alert right Now i see a couple of dogs in the Distance These dogs coming up are moving pretty Quickly so i’m going to let them pass by It’s often easier to focus on containing An outburst if you’re not Walking at the same time with your dog She just gets extremely excited and Activates every muscle in her body When she sees another dog i mean if they Were just a little bit closer she would Have really been losing her mind i Suspect So now we’re going to change a variable On moira right we’re going to go into The neighborhood and see if she Acts the same different better worse i Don’t know The neighborhood is a different Environment all together there are Houses there are barking dogs behind Fences cars all of that And again i’m just on a discovery Mission right now to see what i’m Working with for the next two weeks She’s acting a little bit more pully a Little bit more Interested in her environment and here I’ve got to keep her on a more narrow Path it wouldn’t be very polite to let Her go into people’s

Yards oh gosh poop bags did you bring Any i know You guys would totally cancel me if i Got caught not picking up my dog’s poop Okay poop bag secured one of the things I love about Dogs that have ears like this you can Very easily Tell what they’re listening to by the Way they’re pointing their ears And so when they’re ahead of you you Kind of like to see if their ears are Peeled back Paying attention do you see right there But she’s got a set of ears right there Look at them I enjoy making series like this i think They’re So much better than just like one lesson With a dog you get to See what you can accomplish with a dog Over a period of time which is Fun and i just love showing you guys how Every single dog is so Different but you have to take different Approaches sometimes with different dogs To get to the same place You can tell she’s a really smart dog Though i mean she’s really interested in Everything that’s going on around her Oh boy look how she’s looking at this Duck though Make sure i have a good grip on her Because they’re not really scared of her

At all Whoa boy i mean you see what i mean that Is why we put a muzzle On a dog there because she doesn’t know How to react yet she’s a strong dog it’s Perfectly conceivable to think That you know she might get an extra Couple of feet there and that Is something we want to avoid with her And i’m resisting doing too much Training with her because i want to lay Some groundwork first but we’re going to Be focusing on that exact behavior Moving forward She’s already starting to pull towards This ugly duckling over here I got a bite coming so i can’t really Move right now so i’ve got to really Keep control of her let me Create some distance here pulling is Starting to Recur and she’s getting a little more Amped up i mean i feel much better Holding on with two hands With her because if she decides to get a Burst of energy She’s a lot to handle stronger than she Looks and she looks strong Using the handle right here to really Get control of her she’s really trying To go after these ducks so i don’t want To Encourage this these are the moments Where you have to be careful and

Really be responsible about managing Your dog so i’m going to probably go Around over here Hopefully that’ll be enough oh my gosh Gosh girl no ma’am come on over here So what i need to do there when she has Wow Here because i need to create distance Right there but she doesn’t know any Better i mean that’s on us to teach we Don’t blame our student right She’s not been trained and these are Some of the issues you deal with with Rescue dogs who don’t have extensive Socialization with the world They haven’t been taught specifically How to act in those kinds of situations So Honestly it’s a very puppy-like behavior But Puppies often learn because they have People teaching them and raising them So she’s managed to retain a lot of Those puppy behaviors but she’s Metamorphosized into a full-grown german Shepherd dog It’s not the ideal combination but That’s okay because dogs are smart And they can learn i’m gonna just gently Encourage her to go this way now Okay got another duck we need to get out Of duck valley here There’s a belief by some in dog training That using a harness like this will

Encourage a dog to pull my view is a bit Different though See my goal is to achieve authentic Communication with moira over time That is not contingent upon a particular Collar or harness The idea is to get her genuinely paying Attention to me and listening to me Because she understands the concept Not because she’s wearing a particular Device let me see how she does with loud Trucks cool awesome I mean it might seem silly but a lot of Dogs are like whoa that’s weird that’s Crazy let me bark at it And so that doesn’t look like an issue At least so far that we’ll need to Address So these are the things i’m looking for Okay i’ve got a pretty good idea as to What i’m working with here This tells me what i need to start Working on next if i am to have Any success training moira i’m gonna Have to really Establish a bond with her you’ve heard Me say before the best way i know to Establish a bond with a dog especially a New dog Is to get him playing with me Unfortunately she Really loves to play tug of war right Now so before i go to bed tonight I’m going to get her a little bit more

Tired by playing She’s also getting me a little more Tired as well boy you got to watch that Bite right there You want to be careful when you’re Teaching an adult dog like this how to Play tug-of-war Because their aim isn’t always the best So they could bite you by accident we Want to avoid that I noticed when she got dropped off she Definitely doesn’t know how to reliably Let go So i’m going to go with my favorite Method of teaching a dog to let go of a Toy I’m going to become an oak tree and make The toy boring And when she lets go i’m gonna say yes And give it to her Yes good did you see that she only let Go for a Minute fraction of a millisecond there And what did i do i Immediately rewarded her and gave the Toy right back to her that’s really Important not to be too greedy when You’re first teaching let go but let go Can be taught in a single training Session with many dogs that remains to Be seen with you though Let go yes very good good girl Good and Yes a little bit longer that’s on that

Was at least a full second that she let Go of it you have to do this like i Don’t know 10 or 12 times in a row maybe Yes good you can see i mean she’s Instantly getting this Let go is one of the easiest things to Teach a dog i’m pretty confident she’s Going to let go this time so i’ll say Let go before she does it since she’s Starting to make the connection Let go yeah there you go You can see how she let go ahead of time So we’re gonna continue working on that For sure Good girl let me see how she does on her Basic fetch Let go since she is learning the concept Of tug I will be transitioning that into fetch Later on Okay looks like her fetch needs a little Work and fetch for her Is going to be really important because She’s got a ton of energy i’m going to Put the leash back on her because she’s Not yet reliable in the house Good job and there’s her first Successful pee So i’m still trying to let her out she Didn’t pee at all on the walk not one Time so that’s Really good well at least potty training Is off to a good start There she goes oh boy i suspected she’s

Been wanting to just get out here and Run a little bit and get rid of some Steam boy she’s quick Whoa gosh that’s my mic boy she is Wild i would rather she probably chased Me than me chase her So when she comes in my area i’m gonna Run from her that’ll be good for Reinforcing recall it’ll be good for her Fetch training when we get to that point Later on Dogs love to chase and if you know what You’re doing you can use that to your Advantage you can do this instead of Cardio it’s actually proving to be a Great way to burn Some of that energy off right now don’t Know if i can hold up much longer though As fun as that is for her and me to be Honest with you It’s a really great way to just get your Dog enthusiastic about running to you And obviously this isn’t something That everybody would want to do but if You’re up for it have some fun with them Oh my gosh boy that dog running at you At full speed is no joke she may be the Fastest german shepherd dog i’ve ever Seen So far she’s doing great in her crate You might notice That i’ve set up an air mattress i’m Going to be staying down here As is customary on the first

Really i brought your pillow thank you i Appreciate it you’re welcome So yeah we’ve got her in the crate here I’m gonna Keep you posted on how she does on her First night so far she’s doing really Well in the crate although you might Notice she’s Chewing on a chew right now a beef ten Didn’t you and she’s enjoying that so That’s really Putting her at ease you know giving your Dog something they really like when You’re trying to get them Comfortable in a crate oh my god look at My hair it has been that kind of day It has yep yeah can you tell we’re worn Out already So a picture is starting to be painted As to the direction we need to take for Her training but I have to be totally honest with you i Am feeling a little bit overwhelmed Um i’m still quite confident we can do a Lot but i only have Like 14 days to try and get her Ready to be a well-behaved dog For her future family whoever that might Be and she has a lot of bad habits that A lot of people don’t want to deal with I mean this is one of the issues with Rescue dogs very often They have a history of getting away with Things jumping on people or

Running after wild animals or anything Like that that can be really difficult To manage Once the habit has been established but You know it’s nothing that we can’t deal With but it is gonna take some extra Focus and patience And i think we’ll be okay i hope so Anyway Okay so maura decided that she wanted to Hang out up here on the bed I don’t think i’m gonna let her sleep With me but it is so tempting because There’s nothing more cuddly than a German shepherd dog Hey moira how are you gonna do over the Next two weeks She’s just looking for trouble to get Into i’m positive of it I’m trying not to keep her in the crate For very long periods during this first Night So i have her tied out right now See she’s right there she’s right next To me i really like to introduce the Environment and the general house Slowly over a period of time not all at Once so that might Put her at ease i mean she’s not I wouldn’t say she’s like super stressed Out or anything moira You know what i think you’re ready for Another potty break i just want to be Cautious and careful and there she goes

Good girl even if you’ve had a dog for Years when you go to a new place it’s a Good idea to be extra thorough about Letting them out to do their business Always remember if your dog has an Accident inside the house that’s on us It’s our job to teach them so resist the Urge to blame your dog or punish your Dog And just take them out more often that’s Usually the solution And do that for like an extended period Of time weeks Months whatever it takes you remember Let go Yes good your training’s already Starting to work I got some toys for her to play with She’s enjoying them Squeaky keeping her engaged what percent Chance do you think there is that she Will end up sleeping in your bed tonight I mean i don’t know i oh would think About a hundred No i’m just kidding right now i’m not Trying to be too strict as much as i am Just trying to get her To acclimate to the house and the new Place and everything I don’t see much harm right now with her Getting up here But nonetheless i think it will be Important for her to feel comfortable in Her crate as well so we’ll try to

Balance those things And i’m definitely trying to avoid the Mistake of too much freedom Too early though i am trying to grant Her some freedom so i don’t overwhelm Her with rules straight away but Managing the environment is super Critical When you’re training a dog i mean you Can see that even though i’m managing The environment There’s stuff on the chair over here she Can get to dogs are smart i still have To really watch her I’m content that i’m watching her good Enough and she can only go within about A 10-foot radius here That’s why i exercised her and that’s Why i gave her plenty of play time And we’ll do lots more tomorrow i know We’re starting to bond already you’re Doing great So great that’s the shot okay fine i Will play with you Now i’ve been working out for you okay I’m ready Ow she got my finger a little bit but She eased up so that’s a really good Thing we’re actually having dinner Delivered right now i’m curious to see How she reacts If she even notices someone comes up to The door let go Someone not good girl i like that she’s

Focused on me right now I noticed when i opened the door it Looks like she would have wanted to run Out the door so another reason To control the environment and even more Important reason to train your dog how To stay At an open door which i’m sure we’ll get To at some point Time for dinner this is not for you She’s trying to take my dinner you had Nom nom it was just as good I’ve had her tied out there she looks Really comfortable i’m finished with Dinner And i’m ready to go to bed so i’m going To go put her in the crate i still Haven’t ruled out the possibility that She may not be a great dog because she Does get pretty Frantic in there all right she’s back in Her crate now She does i mean i’m really starting to Get the picture here this is what i mean When i walk away from her Hey brie when i walk away from her she Really starts to get frantic Starts to walk in circles in her crate And pace back and forth you’re trying to Get out of the way You’re so in the shot that’s okay though You beautify the shot but when i come Right over here This is the logic of having the bed

Right year for now as she adapts She’s more likely to relax See what i mean i think she gets a Little more comfortable I mean she’s still you know the yawning There of some anxiety probably Or maybe she’s tired so the bottom line Is i think she might have separation Anxiety Okay good night for now and hopefully I’ll see you in the morning but if Anything happens overnight You guys will be the first to know say Good night good night It’s three in the morning right now and As you can see moira Is starting to feel a bit frantic i got Up to get some water And she just is like oh my gosh It looks like she’s stressing a little Bit i’m gonna go ahead and give her an Opportunity to go outside And let her go potty and it’s raining But i have to tell you guys she was Doing really well So i got up there so she whipped pee so That’s good All right maybe that’ll make her feel a Little bit better we’ll see Looks like she’s coming back in now good Mood so hopefully now she’ll relax We can both get some sleep because we Have a lot of work to do tomorrow All right good morning you did so well

Last night i’m so proud of you You only got up one time okay let’s go Good job i’m gonna stay here because It’s cold and wet out there I’m using a retractable leash i don’t Want to let her just Run outside right now to do her business Even though we have a fenced yard Because I don’t want her to experience getting Away with not coming back when i call Her or Chasing a dog up and down the fence if One walks by for whatever reason So i still want to have some control Over the environment here for her Morning Break there she goes She doesn’t mind the rain so much which Is great Then i’m gonna go get ready for life Okay Good girl we got a lot to do today Oh my gosh we have a lot to do including Stopping jumping Okay we might have a little bit of a Situation here i had to go and get ready For the day And i know that bree is extremely Experienced with dogs So i felt perfectly comfortable putting Her in charge of moira Oh boy oh my gosh so you were really Good about making sure she

Didn’t pick up anything she wasn’t Supposed to right Oh no okay well you were able to keep Her from getting any worse at Her play biting right She’s still play bites you need to stop Biting Here you want to bite like this that’s What you can bite But if there’s anything you’re great at It’s keeping dogs from excessive barking One of your Best skills she’s barking at me So when she was working was she asking To go outside or go potty or anything I tried that i brought her outside we Stayed out for A few minutes and she didn’t seem like She had to go so i think she was just Super bored so i gave her a toy okay and She was good from that point on right Moyra’s tied to me now why you ask This is why so much for the tie out huh Oh my goodness it happened so Fast this would have happened to me too Honestly i mean we Have really underestimated what it’s Going to take To manage this dog’s environment don’t Get me wrong she’s bright She’s sweet but she is raw and there is A lot of work to do here So we have a new tie out it’s metal Inside oh yeah yeah it’s a steel it’s an

Actual tie out this is Actually a long lead right so it’s are Bad for using a thing that For not the purpose it was intended this Is what i love about this series though Making the adjustments for the Individual dog that you’re working with Showing you the miscalculations So she does seem to get pretty anxious In the crate the second i get more than About 10 or 15 feet away from her she Was good Sleeping in the crate last night but i Think i want to be very careful about How i use the crate moving forward Because she stresses Easily in the crate when she’s in a Crate you can see her pacing Back and forth she starts panting so These are Telltale signs of anxiety with the dog And we want to minimize that I’m not going to give up completely on Great training though because I mean there are still times where it’s Useful to have your dog go in a crate And she’s not totally traumatized she Still goes in voluntarily i don’t force Her in so i’m probably gonna have her Sleep in the crate tonight but like During the day when she’s hanging out She’ll either be on leash with me or Hover tight out or cover in the backyard For some outdoor time

Tonight i’m gonna have to sleep down Here and probably For a good bit i’m really still trying To get my bearings with her and Figure her out i mean it takes me a good Three days of working with a dog to Really start to get to know them i feel Like and this is just day one Yeah that’s true and i remember on day One with kona i Totally thought you were gonna sleep Downstairs every night for Three weeks because she was very very Anxious When you left her alone and you ended up Not having to so we’ll see maybe there’s Hope I think with rescue dogs like moira too Like they’ve had experiences who knows What her background is but It’s common for a lot of people who Don’t know dogs to keep their dogs In a crate for too long so she could Have had some experiences in the past I don’t know where she was in a crate For a long period of time but i still Haven’t ruled out the possibility she Just might not be A dog that does well in a crate so i’m Gonna be watching that closely By the way i mean i’m discovering she is A proper level three german shepherd dog Meaning the highest energy one would be A couch potato two is probably what most

Dogs are in that range and She crosses into three territory for Sure I’ve been giving moira so much attention That i decided to give Inertia a little bit of time and play Some frisbee with her to make sure her Needs are being met And obviously i did some instagram Stories make sure you’re following us Over there too All right let’s get back to moira oh There’s a dog walking Past our fence here Girl what’s this oh yeah good I was just doing a test that i wanted to See how easily i could get her attention Off of the dogs but you can see she’s Definitely quick To react to dogs and notice them very Similar to my own dog inertia in this Way I’m hoping to really teach her how to Focus on me when i request her attention So that’s something i’m going to Immediately get started with It’s finally time to get down to Business with moira and do some serious Training with her I put her back on leash right now Because she tends to want to roam a Little bit too far so i’m going to let The leash drag So that i can more easily get to her

Right now i’ve got a piece of chicken in My hand and you might be wondering why Because before this training session is Over We’re hoping to perform a magic trick a Magic trick that will involve Moira leaving this piece of chicken Alone when i drop it in front of her Let’s first see how she does sit that Looks good leave it Okay so she didn’t listen to me i’m Going to teach her how To leave that piece of chicken alone in This training session in a matter of Minutes I hope so anyway i’m going to try Something a little different with moira Because she is a really high drive dog I’m going to put the chicken aside And i’m going to take something a little Bit less valuable to her these are sweet Potato treats she still likes them But she’s a little less excited by him We’re gonna practice teaching her how to Leave these alone do you know why we do This the reason we do this Isn’t to necessarily teach a dog how to Leave a treat alone it’s to teach them What we call Impulse control right that is leave the Thing alone That you want to get we’ll let her know I have sweet potatoes in my hand I’m going to close it i’m going to wait

For her to lose interest here Just for a fraction of a moment see She’s realizing that’s not working Going forward isn’t working you see how I reveal it and then i close my hand Yes good every time i say yes i’m going To give her a treat Let her discover that it’s open again Yes did you see that moment of restraint It was Just a small moment Here we go we’re getting there right now Yes that’s a smart dog let me get it one More time Here we go i like her sit Yes i’m gonna go ahead and reward on the Set Yes good so very quickly able to get her To leave those alone Now let me see if i can get her to leave It alone when i drop it on the ground That is the hard part Actually let me take a smaller step Before i do that the reason it’s hard When you tell your dog To leave something alone and you drop it Like that there’s movement it’s natural For them to pursue it so this time i’m Going to Place it on the floor but i’m going to Cover it up Same logic here but it’s on the ground This time This is the beginning of teaching your

Dog how to leave things alone on a walk Whether it’s Grass or another dog even You have to teach them it just because You want to go for something doesn’t Mean you get it See she’s being persistent i want her to See that it’s not working for her Those are some sharp claws ouch Yes the fact that she moved on there is What i’m going to acknowledge Notice i’m not saying leave it or Anything i’m really just trying to walk Her through the thought process Where did it here oh my god it is a Magic trick I’m going to go in slow motion here look At this Leave it yes Leave it yes so leave it’s looking great We’re gonna test with the chicken and Then we’re gonna teach her how to look At us when we ask And you’ll see why that’s extremely Important and how those two things are Related Leave it and look at me are like the two Things that i teach First to any dog leave it this one’s Harder though this is real chicken Yes leave it I’m starting to say leave it because i Can see she’s really starting to Understand the concept

Now for the big test right let’s see if She’ll leave a piece of chicken alone When i drop It Yes very good and i’ll take that right Now We’re gonna see if we can take that to The next level and you’ll see why Leave it really matters if we’re Training a dog we obviously want to Reliably be able to get their attention On us so i want to teach moira how to Look at me when i ask She’s doing really well now i’m going to Go ahead and take the leash off since She’s really focused on me this is Really easy to teach I think i’ll stick with the chicken she Seems to be enjoying it i’m going to Keep the pieces really small though Holding it up right there and i’d say i Have pretty darn good eye contact right Now Yes so that’s right the first step is Literally holding up a really good treat To your eyes Is she looking at my eyes not really She’s just looking at the treat right Now You see that i mean this is essentially Teaching a dog how to look at our hand Which i will point to my face in a Minute but look at me Yes so this time i’m gonna fake her out

A little bit i’m gonna make her think I’ve got a treat Look at me yes no treat But look i’m gonna come over here gonna Get the treat and give it to her Here yes even making a sound like that Anything you can do Even if it’s accidental to get them Paying attention to your head Is what you want to do look at me yes She followed that finger Right up to my eyes look at this look at Me Yes let me get a few of these in look at Me I’m saying look at me only as she’s Doing it Look at me yes can i stand up now and See how she does I’m extending the training bubble Remember it’s easier for dogs to listen To us when we’re closer to them Look at me yes love how she’s looking up At me remember dogs are predisposed to Take direction from people We selected for those qualities in them So it’s in them to do it very easily Let me see if i can let her attention Wayne for a moment then i’m going to ask Her to look at me Laura look at me yes She responded well to her name there That’s also something i really want to Focus on every time she responds to

Or a sound or her name i really want to Reinforce that Moira yes Look at me yes Watch this now this gets me really Excited hopefully this will go as Planned ah Leave it let me get her warmed up a Little Good Look at me yes okay let’s work up to it The idea here Is to be able to drop an amazing Distraction in front of her And get her attention on me this is the First Version of doing that if we can’t get Our dogs to do this we can’t reliably Hope to be able to get their attention Off of something on a wok like a Squirrel or something This is kind of how we plant the seed And really show them an easy version Of leave it even though it’s still a Little bit challenging but it’s not as Hard as you might think Just kind of take the time to explain Leave it Look at me yes that was a magic moment Right there Leave it look at me yes It’s called the leave it look at me Combo i write about this in my book in Detail as well

I’ll have links to both of my books in The description leave it A lot of movement to that one look at me Yes and this is the kind of thing you’ll Do Five ten minutes at a time you know just Do a few reps here and there i don’t Want to burn her out on it But she’s really starting to get the Concept i think that’s a good place To stop right there so really pleased With her progress Leave it look at me combo first lesson Check okay thank goodness i’m able to Teach her something She is a really smart dog that’s the Thing like high energy dogs like this Often get the reputation of being really Difficult or stubborn In most cases i found it to be the human Being who’s just Uninteresting to the dog because they’re Like come on let’s keep it going let’s Do something cool and we’re just focused On sit and lie down and roll over and we Don’t go beyond that so Really important to keep pushing your Training too like many of you i actually Have a job Making youtube dog training videos and i Have to go preview a draft right now Which requires a lot of focus from brie And me to do producer stuff So i want to make sure that she has

Something to do i’m going to give her A tasty really high value chew to keep Her attention focused on this now you Can’t get by with this all the time But maybe once or twice a day you can Get by with getting them to be Preoccupied And stimulated with something they Really like here good girl And so i’m hoping that’ll keep her Satisfied while we get our youtube job Done We have to stop making a dog training Video right now in order to go watch a Video about training a dog right now but We’re still making it part of the video Oh my gosh that makes my brain Hurt welcome to your new puppy survival Guide For example i’ve lost like six pounds Since this video Right now we are previewing a video Making notes while also you may notice Filming a video Two series at once we’re so productive It’s funny because you’re wearing the Same outfit so it’s like Zach and a red hoodie stacking a red Hoodie and a cam over there Real life sack still in his red hoodie i Cannot even handle all the universes That are touching right now Simultaneously How does she do that yes good work she’s

Such a good dog Oh my gosh kona i wish you were here Right now It would be so much easier it’s crazy Because i actually Learn stuff when i watch my own videos i Learn so much i see where i’m screwing Up and i i mean that’s Usually what i learned yes good Right there yeah i’m going to get rid of Those jeans Oh no look at me i’m so khaki right now They’re in my closet right now I’m donating them they make the shoes Pop she goes back to doing what she’s Doing she’s probably those shoes don’t Need any help I was still still chewing on me at some Point This is a 30 minute video it usually Takes us about an hour hour and a half Sometimes depending To go through this i appreciate the Variation on the youtube channel that We’re going to have With her versus the kona series versus The inertia series Versus the next one which we haven’t Even talked about yet but I’m sure it’ll be good looks like moira Is a little bored oh yeah she just Finally how long has it been Like probably 45 minutes or something She just finally

Stopped chewing that bone but she’s you Know she’s wanting a little bit but She’s I mean you know a little little stress There But not as bad as she would be in the Crate but she also needs to know how to Be alone here for a second while we get Through This she’s doing you’re doing a good job Girl ended up getting distracted looks Like she found a toy to play with My communication see i knew she’d be Okay Yeah cool we got all our notes yeah well I think you know you were doing so well I that was like an Hour of work yes okay so you’re probably Wondering what are The absolute essential items that you Need during the first 24 hours of having a new dog let me Briefly cover those Of course i like to have a crate so i Can easily control the environment If you feel like your dog will not Destroy a bed that’s a good thing to Have Of course a food bowl and a water bowl Definitely have at least a six foot Leash I like using harnesses with dogs this is The blue nine harness if you’re Wondering it’s

My favorite harness that i’ve worked With be sure to have a long lead as well That way you can give them a little more Freedom while being able to still Control Their surroundings and of course two or Three toys of varying textures And some different things for them to Chew on as well of course you’re gonna Need their food and treats i like to Have a variety of different types of Treats because dogs like people Are sometimes in the mood for different Things but we’ll talk more about that Later in the series And as far as their food goes if you Want to try nom nom for your dog You can get 50 off of a two week trial When you go to my special link Zach i’ll have a link below subscribe to My channel follow us on instagram Facebook and tick tock and get both of My books too All of the links will be in the Description now the moira is settled in The real Training will begin wish us luck Episode one is in the books here She has gotten tired first 24 hours is Up And also brie has been working very very Hard too She’s exhausted so we’re taking a break

Pretty good so far though you’re doing a Good job moira

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