Hard to Train, Stubborn, Excited, Hyper Dog? You’re Probably not doing these things.

Hard to Train, Stubborn, Excited, Hyper Dog? You're Probably not doing these things.

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How to teach your dog to look at you:
An introduction to clicker training:

Do you feel like your training goes out the window when your dog is distracted? Face it, many dogs are so happy that they cannot get a grip in order to listen to you! No need for harsh training methods! Try some easy, basic communication. Easier said than done? My latest video is out! Check it out!

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Today’s sponsor is audible.com a leading Provider of spoken audio information and Entertainment listen to audiobooks Whenever and wherever you want audible Is giving a free audiobook to viewers of Zack Georgia’s Dog Training Revolution And a 30 day trial if you want to listen To it audible has it with over a hundred And fifty thousand titles and virtually Every genre you’ll find what you’re Looking for Visit audible.com slash as Zack Gorge The link will be in the description also Click thumbs up if you’re enjoying the Videos in my last video you guys said You needed help with working with High-energy dogs so I’m going to give You some tips on that and if you’re Interested in bettering your Relationship through training make sure You’re subscribed and like me on Facebook as you know by now I find great Enjoyment and offering affordable dog Training classes here in New Orleans We’ve been doing a little while now and It’s been very rewarding in fact we Donate a pretty sizable portion of the Sales back to local animal rescue groups Thing is though you never know what You’re going to get in these classes in This particular class we had so many Hyper dogs now I was excited about this Teaching basic things to our dogs is Really important but how do we get them

Even receptive to learning especially if You have a high-energy dog I encourage people to get to class early The first time they do bring their dogs To class so that they can get them Familiar with the environment right now Puppy horn is here in class and he’s Playing fetch before class it’s so Important that before you introduce new Concepts like basic obedience to your Dog that you really get them nice and Tired with a dog like this you have to Be really exciting that that’s good good Because he’s so full of life so exciting That if you’re boring and you’re like Very methodical they get bored with you So quickly so many people think that These are the behavior problem dogs These are the right dogs these are the Smart dogs they just need a lot of Interaction with people if you have a Dog like this that has behavior issues And they’re not getting structured Exercise that involves the mind and body You’re not going to get anywhere but if You’re prepared to do that dogs like This will learn anything in the world This is evidenced by their clear Interest in everything curiosity and Intelligence are virtually synonymous a Dog like this has been bred for 500 Years to be the ultimate working dog if You look at puppy Born right now look at that tail Waggin

This is a happy dog this is the mindset You want your dog in when you’re working With them but look at this ball I’m not Even using a leash right now because He’s so interested in a ball We’re being engaging I mean look at this We have practically a perfect heel Simply by holding up a ball good go get You know the power of a ball for a dog That likes to play don’t underestimate It it’s amazing Puppy Warren loves to play fetch now as A review if you have a high energy dog Remember that taking them on walks is Not usually sufficient exercise for them I’m not even focused on teaching Anything specific to him I’m just trying To get his general attention onto me Here he has a clear currency and I’m Gonna use that see he started to drip There what did I do I put them all right Over here to get his attention good and I’m gonna pay him you don’t want to be Too stingy with your rewards and you Don’t want to over reward depending on Where you are in your training I am so Excited to introduce you to Samson he is A high-energy happy pitbull pitbulls are Among the sweetest dogs in the world yes Good that’s it finding a rhythm and a Fast pace with your dog is required to Achieve that initial spark with that Usually the problem with teaching a Hyper dog is that we as people are way

Too slow when we engage them and they Get bored fast I mean they’re going a Million miles an hour we have to keep up With them one of the first things we go Over in my dog training classes is how To teach our dogs to look at us when we Ask now this will make future training Much easier if we can get their Attention when we ask you can see the Description of this video if you need More information on teaching your dog This skill yes right there and look look How fast I’m moving when you got him you Got him you got to be prepared to move Quick if you have a high-energy dog You heard me click there with the Clicker I love using clicker training With high-energy dogs especially in the Beginning stages because that synthetic Sound can really get their attention Remember the click means that we like What they did and we’re going to follow That up with the reward for an Introduction to click our training see The description of this video look at me Yes good very good keep that energy Sincere cat real don’t be a robot our Dogs are very responsive to our energy And if we move slow they get bored with Us so it’s on us to be more engaging That takes a little bit of practice if You’re not good at that instantly don’t Be too discouraged by that be patient Very often hyperactivity is exaggerated

With Young puppy I mean who could blame them There’s a lot to take in in this world And their new be understanding of that Gracie the Yorkshire Terrier is a great Example of that if you make Sam with Like a chilled-out dog sometimes those Moments are very brief because those Moments with our dogs are often so brief Especially when they’re young especially When they’re high-energy you have to Really prioritize your timing understand This might be a bit challenging at first But commit to it and get better at it if Your dog’s attention is dying off speak Their language get a little bit goofy With them be appealing be interesting to Them hey hey hey Look at him yeah sometimes you got to Get a little peppy like that look at me Yes remember that dogs are extremely Receptive to body language from us we Will want to use hand signals throughout Our training with our dog because there Are times we’re on the telephone and we Need to just be able to tell them to do Something with our hands or their any Distance and they can’t hear us and we Need to be able to give them a hand Signal so always ask yourself what’s the Hand signal I’m giving my dog and you Can make them up by the way you do What’s comfortable to you look at me Very good if you have that eye contact

That is your moment to play there’s no Treat my hand this time so I’m saying Look at me when we can get eye contact At will from our dogs we can direct them So much better we can communicate with Them so much better and we don’t even Need words when we have solid eye Contact very often they learn to read us So well Look at me that’s some kind tone of Voice is a great way to communicate Sincerity to our dogs remember that dogs Respond much more to sincerity than they Do to a drill sergeant or a monotone Trainer keep a nice quiet on a voice a Lot of us tend to use a loud voice if we Use a quiet voice our dog is more likely To listen to us when we’re using Positive training like this because they Have to Zone into us more they have to Know if I want to get paid I better be Paying attention I don’t want to miss it You know it’s amazing how fast dogs Start to learn once you get some Momentum going Like down sit and stand piece of cake I’ve always known that exercise for dogs Makes them more manageable and more Receptive to learning one of the very First audiobooks I ever downloaded from Audible I think this was back in 2010 or So was a book called spark in a nutshell It’s a book on how structured physical Activity benefits the brain and

Cognitive ability with people it’s not a Stretch to say that when a dog gets Regular mental and physical exercise That there are a lot easier to work with And there’s so much more receptive to Taking on new tasks don’t forget you can Get your free audio book as well as a 30-day trial at audible.com slash is act Gorge that link will be in the Description of this video now I have a Question for you guys do you guys prefer Training videos where I feature young Puppies or do you like adult dogs in This video you may have noticed that When touched on how to teach our dogs to Sit lie down come back up and to an up And then into a stand in my next video I’m going to show you Knox the adorable And awesome Border Collie puppy learn How to do these tasks in a single Training session so make sure you’re Subscribed so you don’t miss that video Or any of my future uploads click thumbs Up if you enjoyed this video and for the Complete experience make sure that you Like me on Facebook – at facebook.com Slash V Zack George and we will see you Guys in the next video

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