He ACTUALLY Jumped Off My Balcony! How I’m Getting Him to STOP being WILD and SETTLE DOWN!

He ACTUALLY Jumped Off My Balcony! How I’m Getting Him to STOP being WILD and SETTLE DOWN!

He won’t stay, he can’t settle… and I’m supposed to be a dog trainer… This video contains paid promotions.
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This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell so you never miss an Episode Sometimes i feel like i’m totally losing My grip on training chop he hasn’t even Been here a week and he’s already jumped Off the freaking balcony he doesn’t even Know how to stay yet and from what i’ve Seen he gets way too excited to manage When he sees other dogs in public it’s Never too late i feel like today is the Day that we’re really gonna get started Training Him stay really is a life-saving skill That all dogs must know one of the ways That i love training stay is by teaching A dog how to stay at a doorway do you Know how we’re always saying though that You should make training your dog Something new as easy as possible let me Show you what i mean by that this is a Great example of how you can make Training very easy for your dog so Yes Good i love how he’s holding the sit That’s what i’m doing i’m not just gonna Open the door he’s very used to Anticipating i mean if i just open the Door you can see he walks right out of The door maybe just jiggle it like that Yes So now the moment of truth i’m going to Just crack the door here Yes

Did you see how he started to smell the Air as i opened it i didn’t want to Continue to have that temptation so i Caught him succeeding and rewarded Rather than setting him up to fail and Then correct i want to see if i can get This door opened a little wider and keep It open for longer In order to make his stay more reliable With this temptation oh See i pushed him to failure there come Here And what did i do that i was able to Close the door to prevent him from Getting through so i had to fall back on Management there by closing the door Which isn’t ideal ideally you don’t want Your dog breaking at all but Reality happens Good Here Stay Good i’m gonna teach him the word stay And also i want him to hold his sit so i Don’t think there’s any harm in teaching The word stay and also Teaching him that sit means hold his Stay until you release him from it Here Yes Stay Good man I also want him to understand the hand Signal so i’ll accompany a hand signal

Here Here Yes Since i’m going for duration here i’m Gonna go ahead and reward periodically But not releasing him since he’s picking This up so well right now i think i’m Gonna throw some small curve balls at Him right now like asking him to leave a Piece of his meal alone as i drop it in Front of him so now i’m able to get his Attention with an open door which is a Pretty significant distraction and while Dropping a tree so we’ve got two Distractions now the whole purpose of This is to teach him to use his brain in New ways so that hopefully he’ll be able To draw upon this in real life Situations later i’m sure there’s no Problems with those plans at all In general it’s a great idea to train Your dog with their meals today i even Added this nutrient boost meal topper so He’ll get some extra enticing rewards Mixed in with this training solid gold Makes some of my absolute favorite pet Foods with really high quality Ingredients nutrient boost is their new Premium line of pet foods and meal Toppers that contain actual plasma which Is insanely rich in nutrients and great For your dog’s digestion and immune System our viewers can get 30 off select Solid gold products i’m gonna have a

Link in the description And that is a really good looking stay i Don’t want to lose him here Chop Okay let’s go So Pretty good there you see how we broke Stay down and to stay for a short period Of time at first and then stay with some Minor distractions here towards the end We still do need to teach them stay when We walk away but that’s a different Lesson but that really is the point That’s why we started off making the Exercise so easy so that’s a great Example Of how you can start small and very Quickly but very progressively Make it more challenging to your dog Until they’re just staying at a wide Open door where they’re used to going Out of it it’s very obvious to me that Chop needs a lot of experience taking Direction from me in an outdoor setting Before we go into public again there’s No doubt chop has a very high iq for a Dog i mean he is smart but in terms of Generalizing these skills we’re teaching Him that means paying attention to me in A broad variety of settings he’s far From accomplishing that i’m just hoping The light bulb is going to go off at Some point here Am i talking about me or chop i’m going

To get started with making sure he Understands super basic stuff outside Like sits because honestly he’s not even Reliably processing that request from a Human being like myself i’m gonna try it Without a treat just give him this lure This will be a good sign if he retained It Just gonna fake him out a little Scratching like this can be associated With frustration from a dog so he may Not remember quite what i’m looking for Here i’m not just going to insist he Remember it and tell him to sit sit sit I’m going to try to make this easier for Him by taking a step back i’m actually Going to save like 10 times more time on This i’m sure the reason i’m rapid Firing some of his food to him right now Is to encourage him to hold the position And then Okay Yes Then there’s the release from the sit You see that he’s definitely not a Default sitter that’s so funny Yes Sit Seriously if you find yourself being Frustrated with your dog because you’re Thinking i know they know how to do this If you will put that aside and take a Step back and really pretend like your Dog doesn’t know it at all and reteach

It to them in that place i think you’re Going to be a lot happier as a teacher To your dog a dog needing a reminder in A different setting like this is a Thousand percent normal sit yes It’s two quick ones let me see if i can Get the momentum Oh yes i like that he gave me his paw There he also prefers it when i’m low to The ground i notice a big difference see When i do this it tends to back up more Than sit Okay come here but when i do this Yes sit see So that really supports the hypothesis That the closer your eyes are to your Dog’s eyes that the more likely they are To uh pick up on what you’re asking them What’s going on you want to take a break Now that scratching could be because of The new collar it could be because he’s Frustrated or it could be because he Just has an itch but i want to be Mindful of those subtle cues He’s over here sniffing these toys that Was another thing i wanted Okay He just stole his play ology toy until Many hours ago chop didn’t even really Understand what toys were and chop is Pretty particular about the types of Toys he plays with so far but i think That if i can really manage to get Chopped to love playing with toys and i

Think that’s going to open up so many Doors training-wise good Good i’m going to let him win there see How i’m going for it and letting him run Around With it good man There have been studies on these too That have shown that dogs stay more Engaged with these playology toys than Other toys so that’s pretty awesome Look at that Yeah Good What a man this is also a play algae Ball again oh Squeaks go get it and he’s been loving This one too i’ve been experimenting With different toys they embed scents Into the material itself so with a lot Of dogs it keeps them more engaged and So i want every advantage i can get with A dog who’s kind of borderline with toys Like chop i’ll have a link to playology In the description let go Those are real teeth Look at those you got to respect those Teeth at all times We let go please Yes Right now honestly guys there’s no real Method here i’m still really in that Data gathering phase i’m trying to Understand this exact individual not Trying to understand his breed

Stereotype because i don’t even know What breed or breeds he is but i do know That i’m dealing with a domestic dog That has been selectively bred for Thousands of years and is predisposed to Take direction from a human being and That is what i’m going to trust look at Those eyes come on yes sorry short wrap Oh see right there i went to go touch The ball and he bolted away i don’t like That so i’m not going to go in for the Ball so maybe if we use some reverse Psychology here We might encourage him to come back here Generally dogs don’t care who does the Chasing so get him to chase you so They’re at least running to you that’s Good He dropped it over there i kind of like That if i can get to it i can throw it And let him know there’s this game Called fetch All right he’s let me walk up to him Here Good and so to communicate with him That i’m not trying to take it away I want to immediately come on let’s go Give it back to him so he knows i’ll Play Look what i can look at that guys Yes if we could get this boy fetching Let me tell you what that would give me So many options in terms of exercising It sorry for the bad camera work thumbs

Up for bree If you think her camera work is better Than mine Good man Yes Look at that nice run look at that Energy getting out of them Sorry about the dead grass we’re going To improve this over time Yes So i really also want him to understand Yes means he’s getting something great Good man Nice yes And that something great is that ball Good man good boy i’m gonna get low to Be inviting See how he’s coming near me now he’s not Running with it What’s great about playing with your Dogs too is that there are lots of Different brain chemicals that come out I mean we know with humans for example That we feel better after exercise and i Find that training dogs post exercise Can be helpful i feel like i’m in a Stephen king movie all the time up here So i accidentally threw his ball over The fence the one time i go to get the Ball i know i’m gonna come face to face With a black or brown bear i like to Make sure it works Yep it works I probably should hold my breath though

And go this way You know i’m not being dramatic if i Haven’t updated you lately we do live Basically in a bear preserve in the Mountains And i’ve seen enough now to know that They just disappear In that brush so they could be Absolutely anywhere But i mean generally they leave you Alone you just want to be prepared i Mean they’re not trying to hurt you All right back to work I used to be scared of alligators in new Orleans now i think they’re basically Nothing and this ball i’m gonna keep it Very special whoa Okay he just totally stole that from me No So i want to keep that as a currency Right there because he’s really into it So i need to make him earn it or make Sure i’m doing only supervised play with It Good man all right all done Chop is still learning better social Skills with other dogs and one of my Side goals with this project is to get My own dog inertia extra comfortable Around larger more exuberant dogs like Chop and as we were viewed in episode 1 And in inertia series bigger dogs Sometimes appear to cause inertia stress And something is telling me that chop

May be the key to helping inertia work Through this For now my plan is to give inertia and Chop some play time every day together Some good social interaction so that Hopefully they can build a good Relationship together i mean as long as Everything is going well Last time they played he got a little Too rough and i had to break it up i Mean they were just playing but he’s big And i don’t know that he understands how Big he is play is really the language of Many dogs especially younger dogs i mean This is how dogs very naturally interact With each other and how they express Themselves and how they get to know each Other i’m really thrilled that inertia Is being so polite here inertia is Really trying to get chopped to play a Little more rough but she’s also not Being so overbearing by touching him and Trying to tackle him she’s really Respecting his space She’s just too quick for him He may be big he may be strong But agile he is not not by comparison He’s also ah No we don’t do that no mounting sir I’m gonna discourage that mounting Here’s a shift in inertia’s body Language it’s clear to me because i know Her that she needs a break So i’m going to intervene hey

Easy i probably should have separated Them a little bit quicker but in my view That was a very measured correction from Inertia towards chop i think she was Being very reasonable and chop Definitely took the hint pretty well Oh now look here inertia does look a Little unsure And so their inertia goes i think Inertia and chop are really starting to Build some trust with one another I’m proud of inertia and i love that she Feels comfortable playing this rough With shop in the past play like this With a dog like chop might have been too Much for her He went a little too far there but he Does seem to be taking a nurse’s cue Pretty well so i’m going to make the Judgment call to hold back and i’m going To see how they do for a second and it Looks like chop is trying for some Verbal communication i wonder if that’s Gonna work And it’s always worth saying here not All dogs need to play with other dogs Some dogs really don’t enjoy being Around other dogs and so if inertia to Me was the type of dog that just didn’t Enjoy being around chop i would not Insist that she’d do this i’ve seen her Quality of life go up when she does Engage in vigorous play with other dogs In the past so i want to make sure that

I give her the option to do that as much As she wants it This is awesome look at how chop is Trying to get inertia to chase him Instead reciprocal play like this where Dogs take turns chasing and being chased Is a really fantastic sign especially With one-on-one dog play and inertia Doesn’t care who chases who as long as She’s playing chase of some kind so i Want them to continue to play as Vigorously as they feel comfortable Playing together so i’m letting them Escalate a little bit here as long as All the behavior appears to be playful All right easy enough No more whoops inertia got a little bit Irritated there and again that’s why i’m Right here that’s why i’m supervising to Make sure that i can separate them give Them a break and reevaluate so i’m going To secure chop by his collar because he Doesn’t know what stay or stop playing Means and i’m going to have inertia lie Down and relax for a second both dogs Shake off this is a good sign it looks Like neither one is overly stressed They’re just shaking it off Can’t be too rough now inertia’s Sensitive This is where i think we should stop Plus i still have a lot to do with chop One on one and i want to get out into The real world it’s a nice wet cool day

Which i like for dog training at least The cool part Nice Puppet salmon treats how appropriate for Alaska i bet he’ll like these i’m gonna Bring some of these this is like a Normal box for us guys Well and we’re going to go through them I know that’s what i’m saying good sweet Potatoes So there’s this wonderful park right Here and it’s fenced i like that a lot But it is right in the middle Of the woods there is so much wildlife All around it actually is a real danger And i figured since we have the drone Why not use it bree normally flies this Thing so let’s see i’m gonna fly over Those woods and everything whoa whoa Nice don’t get hurt that was a good shot That was a bird of prey oh my gosh this Is going to be a super fun casual Training session with him today we’ve Really thrown a lot at him the last few Days i want it to kind of sink in and Just kind of lightly cover what we’ve Worked on and maybe see if we can get Some more advanced versions of some of The skills we’ve worked on the ground is Very wet right now and when the ground Is wet it actually seems to be more Interesting more fragrant perhaps to Dogs so that’s something we’ll be Contending with and that’s why your

Training sessions just can be so Different based on so many different Things going on around them in our last Lesson with leash walking i focused on Just a short patch of real estate up and Down the road where we worked until he Got really familiar with it and then it Was easier to communicate with him by The end of the lesson i’m trying to do a Similar thing here by letting him scan And sniff the area and become familiar With it and see it and understand what It’s all about and i’m trying to let him Do that on his terms as much as Reasonably possible i’m just going to Give him several minutes 10 15 minutes To just smell the ground Smelling is a dog’s strongest scent so Letting them explore through their nose Is really critical and so i’m really Testing to see how willing he is to stay Near me when he’s in a brand new place I like that Good man yes And i think rather than give him a treat Or rather than give him a toy right now I’m continuing to let him explore that’s Because that appears to be where his Preference is now there he went to the End of the lead that’s why i keep them On lead even when i’m in a fenced area Because this is a very large fenced area And it would still be challenging to Track him down i’m hoping to do some

Fetch with him to see if he’s interested Out here i really want to work out with Him though on come when called i know he Likes the ball so i want him to have as Much fun as possible while learning how To vigorously come to me when i call him That is my goal now i’m going to start Off with some short reps to see how Reliable he is on fetch before i start Throwing them farther he is taken to Fetch so naturally yes good man Let go Yes i’m gonna detach the lead from me Since i really have strong attention Right now Sit yes But i’m still gonna track behind it so i Can easily Grab it if any unforeseen things happen Go hoping to get a personal best Far-fetched throw with him because we’ve Been limited to our temporary fence area That we currently have Backing up just to encourage a robust Return Let’s launch this one ready Okay Look at that that’s about as far as he’s Gone so far Look at him run Watch this Chop Come Gonna get low

Okay this could definitely use some Improvement Come on good boy Good Let go yes ready Go This time when he turns around i’m gonna Run away from him to see if i can get Him running to me more vigorously chop Come Yeah that worked didn’t it Come on i’m gonna get low get excited Good man immediately yes Oops And let him go right back to it because That’s what he wants before i totally Wear him out i want to use some of this Energy towards training so one thing i Want to do is get him following me Backwards like this you can see how he’s Super motivated by the ball yes Gonna periodically toss it a few feet Come on Come on chop Throughout training sessions like this i Like to stay flexible and see where chop Takes me see right there that’s why we Have a lead he’s starting to back away I’m just going straight for the lead if He’s feeling fetch i’ll use it to teach Him come when called but if he’s feeling Heal or back up we’ll do that for a bit Too you know what let’s shift gears and Go into backup for a minute that’s on my

List of things to teach him and he Struggled with this since i first Introduced it but it’s time to take Advantage of the fact that’s a nice Little skill for a dog to have Yes What i’m doing is i’m just rewarding for Him taking one or two steps backwards Back up yes Good man He does that naturally so i’m gonna Capture that and practice it back up yes That was a great one too Good Let me see if he’ll how he does with Heal come on Hey Here Yes I wanted to make sure i could get eye Contact without him just looking at the Ball because my goal here is to have him Healing Good yes He’s looking towards my face not the Ball that’s the goal of that little Exercise good man here Okay to guide him with my hand here this Way see he wants to go this way i want Him over here Chop Here okay Good I’m gonna take a set back see with the

Ball look at this i love his heel Here You can steer him like a boat With the ball look at that boom boom Bring him over here bring him over here But i want him doing that without having To stare at the ball come on let’s go Here i do need to reward this though yes That was pretty good Even though he was looking at the ball But i’m trying to graduate past that yes Good so in small steps i got two steps Of him looking up at my eyes let’s see If i can build on that Here Good man Come on this way come on You’re sticking with me guys look at This One more can i get a turn in come on Look at me Yes Good Excellent so there i had eye contact he Wasn’t staring at the ball and for all Intents and purposes he’s basically off Leash right now but make no mistake About it while he’s with me this will be On him the vast majority of the time Good left turn did you see that turn Real nice Here What See look at that

Look at that look at those turns Come on look at that yes That was excellent he’s such a natural Isn’t he i’ve never worked with a dog Like this before he seems like the kind Of dog that’ll just go and go Yes And so from time to time i’ll throw in a Little heel rep or something like that Come While encouraging him to come back to me Like this So Training with play Is just a wonderful way to connect with A dog i’m going to go this way i like Working against the fence Because it gives you a barrier And so if you can kind of keep them Pinned up against the fence If you need to if they get distracted Like i could come over here that way if He runs from me he’s easier to get One thing that we really have not made a Lot of progress on yet is teaching him How to Chill out in the main living area today He’s gotten the most exercise he’s Gotten of any day that he’s been with me And so i think this is going to be a Really good opportunity to make some Progress on house training him showing Him how to exist in the house without Wandering around and lifting up his leg

Or getting into things and jumping on The counters he’s had several dates with Us now i feel like he’s starting to Understand this communication a little Bit so i think it’s more reasonable to Ask him to behave a little bit better While inside the house because until This dog got to me he’s never spent any Significant time inside you know upon Getting home he’s a little excited here It’ll let him walk around and so i put Inertia up in the other room i want to Make things as easy as possible for him So i’m hoping he’s just going to settle Down naturally i mean you can’t Force a dog to achieve a relaxed calm State of mind these turbo tendon shoes i Think he’s gonna like them I just have a hunch sit oh look how well He knows sit when there’s a turbo tenten Involved Good man Yes okay So i’m gonna let him just do what he Will with that he’s probably He’s like most dogs gonna find a spot to Lie down in And enjoy it Because right now i’ll be honest with You this is pretty much the only way That i can get him to just relax and Focus on something else for a minute Hair saddle Perfect and that is what i’m looking for

Nice Natural Settle the idea here is that you give Them something so they check out Naturally some dogs will just lie down And relax pretty promptly but the fact Is he is accumulating literal minutes of Being out here in the living room Without having to be in the crate and Behaving Desirably That’s my only goal here chop is loving These long lasting natural chews these Are Probably the single Greatest dog training hack when you’re Trying to get a dog to settle down and Be preoccupied for a little while after You’ve done your training and exercise With them of course i’m gonna have links To these shoes in the description the Way that i go about teaching a dog to Settle on cue is just by catching them Performing behavior just like this where They’re in their own world they’re Enjoying themselves they’re relaxed good Man hey let’s settle i would go up and Pet him but i’m not so sure he might not Nip at me when he first came to us he Snapped that inertia when she got near The bone i’m gonna try and be a little Safe here let’s see what happens if i Drop these trees hey what’s this Okay so far he values that turbo tendon

More than the treats i’m throwing at him Which i understand i’m also watching his Body language i’m not seeing him stiffen Up or anything and it’s not really ever Advisable to go in and take a chew from Your dog like this we want to really be Cautious in how we teach them Nope You can see he really wants that talk About a dog who loves a turbo tendon Even with a huge dog like chop these Last a really long time i’m gonna trade Him a little bit of fresh salmon and That’ll help him learn that when people Come to take something he values that He’ll get something better sometimes Chop has been doing really well with his Crate when we leave him for short Periods so far We’re out at dinner Oh it looks like he’s sleeping he’s Doing amazing yeah Let’s see Yep he’s passed out good boy I’m really proud of him i hope that he’s Gonna be good when we watch our movie Though That’s interesting japanese beer huh No i think it’s belgium Oh okay I just like the orange Oh i accidentally pressed it just now i Did not mean to Ah

There it goes Well Let’s see if he chills out i was hoping To let him sleep but That is one of the cool things about the Provo camera though you can just Toss them a treat right from your phone He went back to sleep so scallops huh Yeah It’s called a volcano or something We’re about to watch karate kid part Three because that’s what i watched to Get pumped up about training dogs Yeah look at him I have to emphasize this chop has lived Outside every day of his life to my Knowledge until just a few days ago so He’s got a lot to learn about hanging Out with other human beings while inside We’ve got this tripod set up so you guys Can see how chop did with settling down During our movie night remember all Settle means is that your dog lies down And chills out seems simple enough but You can see how that’s going with chop I’m starting to think he might never Relax in the meantime i must make sure That bree remembers what happened during The first karate kid so this is where i Finished reminding her [Music] She knew who i was before we got married And he’s still not settling down And now he’s counter surfing clearly he

Wants more of those pup for jews Hey But hey at least he came when i called Him i’m going to take what i can get Right now you know what i’m just going To wait him out i mean he has to relax Eventually Right That’s how i look When i have completely messed up as a Dog trainer i’m sitting here watching Him thinking he’s gonna be cool because I just let him out what does he do He lifts his leg and pees right in front Of me he’s not house trained that means You know he’s clearly not ready to be in A house Unsupervised that’s exactly why We use the crates dogs typically don’t Pee or poop in places that they view as Their As their home that’s why they that’s why Crates are so effective If you you know use them right you Introduce them right but it takes them a Second to make That connection in a residential house Thanks for cleaning that up ree sure She’s amazing in so many ways so we’ll Keep him on leash but he has yet to Settle down in the house today we’ve Attempted now two training sessions and Can’t get him to just relax and lie down I have to think if we wait long enough

He will have to Okay nobody breathe i think it’s Happening [Music] And just like that chop is one of us Welcome to residential life buddy now i Just have to teach him how to not pee Everywhere when he’s in here keep him And inertia feeling wonderful about Their friendship and teach him how to Control himself when he sees dogs in Public how many more episodes do we have To do this This is reality dog training check out Solid gold products puffer’s amazing Chews and treats and playology’s Innovative toys subscribe to this Channel and follow us on instagram and Tick tock get both of my books too i’ll Have the links in the description below

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