He SNAPPED at my dog. What I’m doing about his RESOURCE GUARDING. Reality Dog Training

He SNAPPED at my dog. What I'm doing about his RESOURCE GUARDING. Reality Dog Training

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When we first got him we had an issue Where he went to protect his bone while He was in his crate and inertia got Nearby what i don’t want to do is just Go in and take it there’s moose in our Backyard Ever since mankind has existed we’ve Wondered what is my mixed breed dog made Of go go go go go go are you ready yes Go this is reality dog training Subscribe and click the bell so you Never miss an episode Here’s the thing we brought this wild Street dog into our home to try to teach Him some manners so that somebody would Want to adopt him and well when you Bring a new dog into your life it takes Some time for them to open up so chop Has been slowly coming out of his shell And while he’s been settling in of Course i’ve not been perfect about Preventing every single possible bad Thing And listen i’m a dog trainer so deep Down i know that the best possible thing That i can do is keep chop from Establishing bad habits i can’t choose Every single battle and this is Something that even a lot of Professional dog trainers disagree on And of course this is bound to trip some People up they feel like they have to be A hundred percent consistent all of the Time but in reality that can be a lot

More complicated than it seems i believe It’s really important to be tolerant and Patient when dogs are adjusting to their New life and so Here we are excuse you Excuse you what are you doing I’m trying not to touch him Out of principle here Good man that’s right and he made the Correct decision there that’s the first Time i’ve caught him jumping on the Furniture but i’ll be looking for him to Think about it or attempt it moving Forward here and try to show him how to Appropriately act Okay our vienna sausage leather pillows Are not a toy buddy No sir That’s that’s not a dog toy uh-uh Leave it Leave it alone All right so his house Training needs support in general Just general conduct in the house uh you Know he keeps going at the carpet I’ve had to get on him intervene a Couple of times this morning and see his Drool there but i’m determined to make Sure he spends way more time Outside of the crate today That’s the only way he’s going to learn It’s a good time to do it right now with All that rain and chop seems to Understand the assignment which is

Apparently to spend the entire day Finding things to get into i really Thought we had dog proof this house Leave it Leave it This is what i do when dogs grab things They’re not supposed to do sit in the Real world you have to balance bonding With your dog and training and enforcing The rules and just getting to know one Another very well is pretty much the Most important thing when you’re Training it all Good man another thing we’ve been Working on is showing chop how to share His toys more politely and he’s been Doing much better Why you gotta steal hers Okay i said he’s better he’s not perfect Yet but fortunately my dog inertia is Just great at sharing her toys even Though sometimes shop will be way more Intrigued by any toy that inertia has Possession of it seems like he’s Learning that sharing toys is much Better than not sharing toys look at These two look how they are starting to Trust one another starting to build a Relationship with one another and Hopefully that will extend to other Aspects of chop’s life moving on and This looks to me like a great boost in Chops confidence i mean you’ll remember When he first came to us he was much

More defensive around possessions like This And so far with inertia we make sure to Supervise him 100 of the time and that’s A good idea when you’re getting to know Any dog by making sure we’re Methodically reinforcing chop when he Behaves well with inertia and Discontinuing play when he gets Inappropriate we’ve been able to teach Him that life is much better when you Share with your friends of course it’s Hard to blame him for wanting to play With these i mean that cactus is from Barkbox and the little fish inertia has Comes from superchewer and they make Some of my favorite toys on earth Whether you choose barkbox which has Fluffier toys or super chewer for dogs Who need tougher stuff it’s likely that Your dog is going to love the toys and Actually bark guarantees it the details Are what matter about these toys both in Their imagination and their build Quality you can immediately tell super Chewer boxes are heavier because they Make tougher toys like this is a very Firm toy under here so even if your dog Rips this off you have a real like Serious toy see that it’s not like a Plush toy it bounces they are giving you Guys a free memory foam dog bed what Subscription yeah in addition to the bed They’re even going to give you a free

Bark toy as well this is a good deal it Really does come with a toy it’s a pee You know princess and the pee under the Mattress right all of you can get a free Memory foam bed for your dog and awesome Toys and treats every month when you Sign up for a bark box or super chewer Box at both of my special links in the Description These guys continue to play out here as A way to pass the time And enjoy each other Their indoor play is getting very Polite and this is all part of getting Him acclimated to living in a house like This He’s only recently started getting on His back and today it looks like he’s Taking it to a new level just really Getting on his back and staying there Or he’s just stuck Of course inertia taking advantage of The opportunity See the mirror the mirroring play look At that It’s funny When dogs imitate one another during Play this has been correlated with them Being on the same page so to speak and Feeling great about their play session They’re building trust with one another It’s an important thing for dogs to do Ah there she goes She’s like your turn

She still kicks her legs oh my gosh Yeah he’s in the mood to be on his back Today that’s so funny sometimes inertia Likes to put her whole mouth over chop’s Neck which he seems to be fine with Okay whatever you guys If you’re happy i’m happy We’ve been working on this all morning They’ve been romping around the house For i don’t know the last couple hours But you know give them enough time and The dogs will lie down and settle i’m Really determined to keep him out of the Crate while i’m in the room today he’s Doing so much better i really want to Make sure this dog is acclimated to a Residential home setting before i place Him in a new home i heard you talking About the subtle that’s happening right Now yeah this is a continuation Of a settle A few minutes ago i don’t know if you Even realized this happened because you Were really focused on working because It’s sunday so we just uploaded a video Right you were working on a thumbnail And chop came up and kind of mouthed Your ipad and you said don’t eat my ipad I need you to settle right now And then he just kind of started Standing there like thinking about what You said it appeared to me i was Thinking about what you said and he was Thinking so hard that i started filming

Because i was like what’s he gonna do Now is he gonna like is he gonna choose To be good like i felt like he was like All right i think i get that this guy Wants me to chill or at least doesn’t Want me to bite his ipad So i filmed it he stood there thinking For the longest time just still and Thinking And then he settled and it felt like our Best Most genuine in the house settle yet Because it wasn’t like we told him to or We gave him a toy to pacify him or Inertia said hey chop we’re settling Right now Like he just did it on his own and it Was beautiful i’m so proud it was great Yeah these early like relaxes or settles Or whatever you want to call it when You’re trying to get a dog used to their New home or any home for that matter as We’re doing are really important and you Really have to work for these settles in The beginning but right now i mean this Is great ever heard the expression let Sleeping dogs lie and on that note you Might notice how low-key my praise was When chop hit that settle Relax Good boy And that’s because i do want to keep Chop in that relaxed calm state of mind And typically when i praise a dog i tend

To get really excited Oh what Chill dude Context I think he actually went to sleep this Is i love this Oh it’s so great to see him just happy In the living room He came from a pretty rough setting Probably i met with some village dogs Yesterday there was one of them that um Was shot in the leg so the rescue Organization had amputated the leg dog’s Doing very well and happy and Fortunately doing great as a tripod dog But some people in this world just don’t Value dogs in the same way that other People do you’ll remember when we first Got him we had an issue where he went to Protect his bone while he was in his Crate and inertia got nearby one of the Things that i want to be able to do with Chop is to be able to take away Something that he’s really into like a Bone without him reacting negatively i Don’t Know that he would necessarily try and Snap at me or anything but i’d rather Play it safe and set up a guaranteed Success to get that bone away from him And kind of condition him hopefully by The end of the lesson to be able to Exchange the bone with me i’m just Trying to build that trust with him what

I don’t want to do is just go in and Take it the reason dogs tend to guard Things like that is because they value Them they don’t want you to take them Away they’re fearful they may never see The bone again probably check out my Books if you want a written guide to Resource guarding and all sorts of other Stuff too i want to use something really High value to get his attention off of That bone what i’m going to do is i’m Just going to drop a piece of chicken Right near the bone since chop seems to Be feeling happy and calm i’m going to Work on teaching him that good things Can actually happen when humans pick up His bones so by giving him bits of Chicken that he loves while he lets me Hold his bone we’re counter conditioning Him that is changing his emotional Response from one of defensiveness to One of acceptance this is a great way to Really de-escalate your dog and put them At ease Good man look at that And i can pick up the bone i can secure It that’s really good what’s this Yes Good man Right now he prefers the chicken to the Bone you see that that’s exactly where i Want him see this Yes good man Good boy so right now he’s showing

No guarding behavior whatsoever around This That’s really nice that’s very good this Exercise is important but chop Tolerating a human near his bone is not The same as chop tolerating another dog Near his bone dog to dog resource Guarding is a complex issue but the First and most important step we need to Take is to prevent it from being able to Happen at all ideally what i have been Doing since that happened is really Managing them not leaving a bone out When they’re playing making sure i put These things up so i’m very much relying On management right now while i continue To build communication with them so It’ll be easier to teach them more Complex tasks like leave alone the thing That you want to protect the main Priority with resource guarding for me Right now is to make sure that i can get In and take something from him if i need To that’s uh really valuable to him Good man yes You never know when a young child or Something is going to come up to a dog And try and take something from them It’s really important that they have Experience with a person so very good Good job buddy all done We just got chops breed results and i’ve Been more curious about his breed mix Than any dog i have ever dna tested i’m

So excited Ever since mankind has existed we’ve Wondered what is my mixed breed dog made Of are you cheating what go go go go go Go go go are you ready yes go okay well I want to show you right okay go ahead Just tell me Tell us all hi Wokiness hi wolfiness that makes so much Sense because he’s an alaskan dog 1.5 How do you want me to tell you uh in Order of most abundant no least abundant To most abundance least to most okay Okay okay so we started with wolfiness Okay then what percent is the next thing It’s four percent Akita but i had a hunch did i say that On camera Because i did you remember right 10.2 Percent Alaskan type husky which i think is cool That they have pinpointed that Because the next one is 12.4 Siberian ah i definitely have guessed That one but that’s a small percentage I’m thinking malamute still but go ahead Malamute was also my top guess there’s Only two left 20.9 percent German shepherd dog whoa It’s so kind of a surprise but not like I thought instantly definitely german Shepherd but i thought that shedding Could have been due to the husky in him

But okay what percent 24.99 only 20.99 so it’s not like he’s a half Shepherd so he’s 80 Not german shepherd dog if you combine The two husky types he’s 23 percent Okay that siberian alaska yep so husky Mitts shepherd mix you want to know the Number one breed what’s the percentage 37.6 percent this is our last read yeah And that you know what i see it now In his personality Don’t say labrador No What your lab mix After all of this You’re a lab mix He’s 37.6 Labrador retriever oh mon I don’t want a stereotype but he’s got a Laby heart he’s the sweetest oh man okay But wait 15 super mutt malamute is in There and also i’ve never heard of this One what is that star trek oh i’ve never Either i know so the malamute we Predicted golden retriever ah that’s Cute but what’s this thing i’m gonna Click it It looks like that Do any of you guys have this breed of Dog i will be impressed because i’ve Never heard of this Do you think there are only 3 500 Picards left in france a rare and

Ancient french sheepdog that kind of Breaks it down by parents which i find So fascinating and they can do that Because of um of the maternal dna one of His parents was a pretty solid lab mix a Lab and a lab mix where his grandparents So it was like a three-quarters lab mix Was one of his parents And his other parent was a german Shepherd siberian husky mix Plus an alaskan husky akita mix made his Other parent we found chop’s cousin too Look at this demon von vogel house That’s awesome that looks like a big Shepherd too yeah see the resemblance It’s interesting to see what some of his Shepherd family members look like did You say first cousin yeah as related as Human first cousins yeah Yeah Here’s one of his lab um First cousins I see it Silly dogs dogs are great All right so we know a lot more about Chop’s dna i wonder how all of that Genetic material is going to come into Play the next time he sees an alaskan Wild animal there’s a place in our Backyard This is reality dog training all of you Can get a free memory foam bed for your Dog and awesome toys and treats every Month when you sign up for a bark box or

Super chewer box at both of my special Links in the description subscribe to This channel for more dog training info And click the bell because we still have Quite a bit to do with chop and beyond Follow us on tick tock and instagram and We’ll see you guys in the next video

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