How Does a Puppy Experience the World?

How Does a Puppy Experience the World?

Dogs and puppies see and sense the world so differently than we do. And that matters when it comes to training. This video is sponsored by Petflow! Set up automatic pet food delivery today at

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Combined with our knowledge of eye Anatomy we can determine which colors Dogs see and which they don’t you’re Supposed to tell me if you can see the Green you’re not supposed to eat the Color blind test dogs can see blue and Yellow and white and gray but red green And yellow all basically look the same To them have you ever wondered why dogs Get zombie eyes when light shines in Their eyes when it’s dark or when you Take a picture of them dogs in the wild Or creep us killer hunters they see best In dim light at dusk and dawn this is Aided by their tepee dome lucidum which Is what causes the zombie eye effect a Dog’s vision is about three times Blurrier than ours and because of this Dogs are much better at recognizing Objects when they’re moving when you’re Playing with your dog for example if you And the toy or more animated during the Process while your dog is a lot more Likely to be enticed by you and it’s Easier for dogs to make out individual People from farther away when the person Is moving so if for example you’re Trying to get your dog’s attention on You from far away try moving around a Little bit and you’re a lot more likely To get them to come to you sometimes it Doesn’t work as planned if you’ve ever Wondered if your dog can see things on TVs or displays the answer is yes

Especially on higher definition tell Visions the way dogs really see the World though is with their noses dogs Can detect scents in shockingly small Amounts up to a hundred million times Less concentrated than we can with our Human noses their sense of smell Sometimes is so stimulating that it’s Hard for them to focus on you that’s why It is so important to get your dog used To all of the smells of the world before You can reasonably expect them to listen To you in the presence of those smells Dogs have a much bigger mental and Physical capacity for analyzing and Remembering sense than we do Bottom line their overall physiology Allows them to collect higher Concentrations of any given sense so When your dog is smelling the wind They’re actually gathering information About things that are happening farther Away like maybe a neighbor’s dog is Approaching for example they also have a Special organ in their nose that allows Them to detect hormones like pheromones That animals naturally release to and This is fascinating dogs can smell with Each nostril independently in other Words they smell in stereo that combined With our wet nose really allows them to Detect which direction of smell is Coming from dogs are getting an amazing Picture of what goes on in your

Neighborhood when you allow them to Sniff around on a walk they can even Smell the difference between morning and Afternoon I mean it’s like they can tell Time with their nose so when you’re Training your dog embrace their Incredible nose this is one reason that Using lure training and good treats can Give you an advantage be sure to let Them have extra time to sniff around Next time you’re on a walk – as you Probably guessed a dog’s ability to hear Is vastly superior to ours in fact a Fully developed dog can hear things up To four times farther away than we can If your dog has ever gone crazy when you Turn on a vacuum it could be because They hear a really high-pitched sound From the motor that our human ears can’t Detect and dog’s ears can tilt and Rotate to really zero in on where a Sound is coming from much more Efficiently than we can now as far as Taste goes well dogs aren’t as sensitive To taste as we are see they’ve only got About 1,700 tastebuds compared to our 9,000 how you like that finally got Something on you interestingly dogs do Have one special taste ability though That we don’t have they have taste buds Specifically tuned for water these water Taste buds are concentrated on the tip Of your dog’s tongue which is the part They use to lap up water doesn’t taste

Like anything How can you taste this So dogs can taste sweet salty sour Bitter meat and and fat and it turns out Water to dogs may have another very Interesting sense the ability to detect Earth’s magnetic fields recently a Molecule associated with this ability Was found inside the eyes of dogs while There’s not yet enough definitive Evidence to say that dogs can detect Magnetic fields it is the same molecule That’s been associated with disability With other mammals and birds you’re not Supposed to eat the magnetic field You’re supposed to see it plus a study Suggests that dogs may prefer to orient Themselves on a north-south axis when They pee and poop it’s hi why is that so Important to you so much still learn as For touch well dogs feel touch much like We do but they have special whiskers Above their eyes below their jaw and on Their muzzle these whiskers are thicker And deeply embedded in their skin and Have a huge number of receptor cells Attached to them this helps dogs avoid Things that might hit their face or Their eyes and just generally helps them Be aware of what’s around their face It’s pretty amazing how well dogs and People hit it off and we have so many Differences click thumbs up for dogs Everywhere and of course for ty he did a

Great job today didn’t eat subscribe to My channel thanks for supporting content Like this on patreon and set up Automatic pet food delivery with pet Flow and get $10 off your first three Orders by entering codes at 30 all those Details are in the description hey ty Good job buddy

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