How I’m Getting My Crazy Puppy Under Control!

How I'm Getting My Crazy Puppy Under Control!

I’ll be training my puppy around Dogs, work on biting, shake, fetch, address fear around noises, leave it, potty training, leash walking, working through frustration, settle and more I’m sure!

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Oh boy Ericka’s wasn’t anticipating this I’m Zack George I trained dog and this Is my new dog inertia I’m taking you Along as I train her from day one you Can start from the beginning or pick up Anywhere and start learning Welcome to the dog training experience In today’s episode we’ll go to puppy Class do some leash training try to get Inertia to listen better in public work On wave puppy biting and continue Working on teaching her to settle down In the house today’s episode is Sponsored by pet flow make sure your Dog’s food is always there when you need It have pet flow ship your food every Two or three weeks or whatever time Interval you choose all you do is select The brand of food you want and how often You want it get a substantial discount For trying it out enter code Zac 30 and Get $10 off your first three orders I’ll Have a link below as you know we’ve been Taking inertia to puppy class to give Her lots of experience playing with Other dogs as well as doing some light Training in a distracting environment Nurses a little more warm pretty quickly That’s different than the last couple of Classes but she’s gotten to know the Dogs oh boy Here it goes little wound up during this Class we alternate puppy socialization With some basic training and Emma sit

Yes perfect can I have a down Oh that’s wonderful that’s very good Okay can I have a sit again Yes here we’re working on puppy push-ups That is sit and down over and over a few Times can you sit yes notice how in this Session I’m rewarding intermittently – Not bad inertia alright it’s time for Some more play it’s funny how she Gravitates Saru the– inertia loves to Play pretty rough but everything here Appears pretty friendly Remember pairing your pup with other Dogs of a similar play style is likely To make things go smoother she’s dialing It back a little bit but still trying to See just how rough she can go a nurse is Just like you can get on me she keeps Offering way they’re really into each Other ok back to training let’s see how That leave it look at me combo is doing In this distracting environment inertia Look at me good yes leave it alone looks Like we still have a little work to do To polish up that impulse control look At me good here we’re working on general Training like come win called in getting Her used to having her harness grab her Attention is a little in and out right Now but she’s showing improvement all in All that was a great puppy class inertia Has been displaying signs of minor Anxiety when the yard guys show up Motorized things like lawn mowers and

Leaf blowers really throw her off and Since they don’t call before they come I Have to really be ready to snap into Training mode this is why secondary Training sessions are so important I’m Doing some counter conditioning here and I’m just making sure that I get her in An optimistic mood keep her focused on Something she really loves well in the Presence of these things and if she Wants to retreat I’m gonna let her do That it’s really important for her to Feel comfortable on her terms Oh she’s noticing right there yeah look At that isn’t that neat I’m just gonna let her go under the Table if she feels more comfortable I’m Gonna see if she returns good girl hey You want this inertia you want this feel Safe with mommy over there huh needs Good girl Yeah perfect like how she looked at it Nothing wrong with me and cautious of Something new and loud like that now she Seems to have tuned it out that’s great These are really good training Opportunities when you’re in an indoor Environment you have some of the Outdoors bleeding in like this maybe It’s a dog barking maybe it’s the weed Whacker or the lawn mower it really Allows you to kind of ease in new Environments she was in her crate when They first got here and like what if I

Wasn’t here on the yard guy showed up And I had her in her crate I want her Comfortable in her crate when I’m not Yet prepared to jump into one of these Conditioning sessions I want her to get Used to being in her crate feel very Comfortable with that going on at close Range you can see that leaf blowers Right there and look she’s a little Nervous it’s okay there you go little Cautious but let’s see if she’ll take a Treat that will tell us how drover she Is here [Music] What this yes okay so she’s taking a Treat now let me see if I can walk away And I’m gonna monitor her body language To make sure that she doesn’t get too Too nervous yes I’m gonna come back here Let her know hey you’re there all alone Motorized objects are happening around You and everything is wonderful now I’m Gonna decrease the rate of reinforcement Here a little bit because she’s doing Really well I’m hoping that she might Lie down in the presence of these sounds So you can hear the sounds you can see She’s naturally relaxing and gonna let Her get into this hopefully more relaxed Frame of mind and then I’ll come and Give her some chicken again so there She’s been lying down good work inertia You are such a brave young lady I’m so Proud of inertia she did really well

Around the lawn guys let’s take her to a New public place and let her explore the World we are at the park whoa you’re Gonna love this place I’m carrying her Because she’s not yet fully vaccinated But I think we’ll be okay once we get Inside this sports field over here Inertia is just about 12 weeks old now I Brought her back out to the sports field Because last time I was here she got a Little bit nervous in fact some people Were playing soccer before and she got a Little nervous about that so I thought I Would bring our own soccer ball out Today and see if we can get her more Comfortable first introduction to a Soccer ball they go get it look at her Jason that’s nice I really want to introduce an Ursa to a Variety of new toys as well as Experiment to find out what she likes Remember every dog is different if it Turns out that she loves this thing Enough you can use it as a currency in The future get her to do stuff in Exchange for just playing with the Soccer ball for a bit okay let’s see how Her fetches looking in this brand-new Place good yes come on oh that was great Look at that good see if she’ll give it Up voluntarily gonna take this very good Well she didn’t protest I get really Excited when my dog listens to me in new Places like this that’s one of the

Hardest things to do in dog training Walking away from her to encourage her To keep Seeing me inertia what’s your toy go Let’s go back and get your toy she’s Getting there still needs some Improvement so this is what beginning Fetch with a puppy looks like you’ve got To start somewhere so that was a good Experience overall good job inertia Inertia has the very common annoying Habit of picking up everything off of The ground so I like to stop what I’m Doing and focus on unplanned training Sessions like this periodically but Remember it’s a balance so you’ll need To be very tolerant of this obnoxious Behavior so right now you know I’m Tempted to do a real life leave it Session but this is some rough stuff Here cuz it doesn’t take much for her to Grab a hold of this grass let me see if I can get some traction though cuz right Now she’s pretty resistant see this Leave it alone yes good see this leave It yes good see this leave it I’m gonna Try and get some momentum here fine take That good girl Leave it leave it alone look at me yes Very good this by no means means that She’s never gonna go for this type of Debris on the ground she’ll probably do It many more times today but this is how You at least start to introduce them to

The idea go the extra mile Hey oh look At that leave it yes I like that she Came over here she snipped the pile of Grass and she didn’t pick it up leave it Alone leave it yes you want a treat She’s like yeah take a treat we have Like a little league baseball game going On in the background here and so I think We’re gonna try and get a little closer To the action so she can see a little Bit more detail as to what’s going on Right now she’s just into smelling Around and checking everything out so I’m not too concerned with rewarding her As much as I am concerned with just Giving her exposure look she’s less Interested in the soccer ball over here That could be because of the game going On over here it could be because this is Technically a new environment there may Be completely different smells on the Ground over here so this little patch of Real estate is something she’s never Seen before and everything is so Interesting to her as it is to most Puppies be understanding with your dog If they’re not me You’ll be paying attention to you in These new places inertia is meeting Lucy For the first time we’ve been going out Of our way to schedule playdates with Other dogs for inertia so we invited her New friend Lucy to come over to the Studio Lucy is a little nervous of

People but she looks like she’s opening Up quite a lot here to inertia they’d See their body language is healthy right A nurse is wagging her tail Lucy’s wagging her tail they seem to be Playful right off the bat but hard to Say and chase me chase me cute this is Worthy of an Instagram story this is Lucy and inertia playing Lucy’s Typically pretty nervous of people but This is a good way to help her overcome That so I’m loving what I’m seeing here I mean both dogs are reacting very Playfully you can see inertia goes on to Her back a lot voluntarily which is a Good way to encourage play they’re both Mirroring each other’s play style here Which are all indicators that they’re on The same page and clicking well you can See throughout this series we are Featuring lots of different play Sessions with inertia and other dogs Because she’s so young but your dog can Be any age to get benefit from this this Is how they learn social skills with Each other obviously do your best to Pair your dog up with dogs that play in A similar way a nurse is trying to Initiate a play mount hopefully it’s a Play moment I’m gonna be watching that Right now because I don’t want her Trying to mount a dog and pin them down As many dogs will instinctively do so Usually when that happens I’ll just

Break up the play session give them a Minute to chill out and then let them Resume your dog eventually learns that Hey when I get that ruff the play Session ends that’s no fun and as with Class alternating general training Sessions with play here is a good idea We’ll play in a minute but you gotta Listen to me so here you know she’s Trying to play and I don’t want her Playing just yet I want to get her Attention on me maybe do a sit or down And then I’ll let her play again the Clarence he isn’t quite strong enough Right now and I didn’t bring chicken out Here so let me see if I can get more Exciting maybe that’ll help okay yes No Sit yes good I think I’ll pick my Battles here though and let her get back To playing and doing some training later She’s testing they’re getting a little Nippy little Mountie but so far it’s Within reason she’s using restraint and Luci returning the behavior so that’s What I mean by mirroring behavior They’re both playing in a similar way Yeah a nurse is getting super wound up I Don’t want her to get overly wound up That’s why I’m continuing to intervene And get breaks here just breaking them Up now that dialed back the intensity of The play learning how to greet each Other and dog acceptable ways this is Great now you can see both dogs are

Actually chilling out an Ursa isn’t just Obsessed with her so she’s learning how To not be overbearing just because the Dog is around that’s also very Beneficial and part of social skills Alright let’s start with a potty Training update you know it’s going Pretty well We’ve gone like three or four days Without an accident at all I’m fully Prepared for setbacks as is common with Potty training so I’m not gonna get too Excited yet but to review in short the Formula for potty training is Relentlessly controlling their Environment while taking them outside More than they need to go every time That I catch her having an accident I Just kicked myself because it’s like I Should have let her out but I just you Know pick her up and take her outside There’s no scolding or anything like That because I don’t want her to get This complex about going potty can you Shouldn’t you stop chewing shoe laces by Now okay We’re still working on the shoelace Thing she seems to have a preference for Nike / adidas can let let go yes good Perfect wonderful so by having like Currency on me I’m prepared to reward The fact that she let go right there and I’m not gonna hide my shoes in fact Let’s see we leave it alone so she’s

Like I’ll leave your shoelaces alone but I’ll bite your thumb instead ouch Leave it yes good nice work yeah okay I Think she’s starting to anticipate Treats here what’s this Leave it alone yes him you sit nice and Give me a down oh look at that and how About back up into a sit here we go sit I didn’t repeats it over and over I saw That she was in a pretty stable position Held that Treat up cuz I knew that Eventually she was gonna go up to sit Yes good and I’ll even take the way We’ll cover that in a minute she’s been Offering that a lot more okay good job It can be obnoxious right now I’m Focused on making a dog training video But she keeps interfering with my points So I’m having to stop what I’m doing and Focused directly on her so that I can Teach her yes very good Notice the position of my shoe right now I’m not keeping it away from her I want To be able to put that shoelace right Under her nose and have her leave it Alone this has become a huge part of This series right you don’t always get To focus on what the lesson is on paper Because well you got a 12 week old puppy On your hands and you never know what These guys are gonna do sometimes when I Have her in the house still on leash I’m Much better about detecting when I think She’s about to go now again I think

That’s probably too late I should be Letting her out before I even detect That she’s sniffing around because she Has to go like what do you think this is Do you think maybe she has to go right Now I don’t know that makes me nervous I’m gonna go outside let’s see okay come On you have to go potty do you have to Go pee yes look at that Good job that’s exactly what I mean You’ve got to really get to know your Dog’s individual body language and the Way that they foreshadow hey I’m about To go potty so if you ever have a Question as to whether or not you should Take your dog outside take them outside We were doing an Instagram live and the Nurses started offering her paw and it Was a really great moment I want to work With her more on wave / shake they’re Almost the same trickling wave is where A dog picks up their paw and you don’t Touch it and shake is where you actually Shake their hand They offer it I like teaching way first Because it’s really cute for pictures I’m gonna be using the clicker for this Remember the click just means good dog I Like that here’s a treat ready and sit Good I’m gonna start off by rewarding With an easy sit getting her in a Positive mindset Yes wave see that so it’s kind of like When she sees the treat she starts

Pawing at it and I’ve decided to capture That behavior like if I hold my hands Right there that’s where she offers it If I were just to say wave she’s like What are you talking about but if I do This little motion right here wave then She’s like hey that that’s kind of my Cue to to start pawing at your hand wave Now there I didn’t do it so she’s Starting to anticipate so feel them out Don’t be too rigid on and yes on Insisting that they do it your way like Find what works for your dog and go with That Let’s see if we can start to introduce a Hand signal maybe like wave good see how It kind of cheated right there I did This right and then wave good and then I Kind of snuck in a hand signal this is How you kind of evolve your hand signals And wave yes good thing she’s like wait A minute I’m confused again what was That thing I did sit she gets a little Nippy when she gets confused little Frustrated – you’re scratching right There let me see if I can bring her back Down into a more patient frame of mind Here I’m gonna give her some easy stuff To do new tricks can be challenging for Your dog and it’s natural for them to Experience a little bit of frustration I’m gonna let her sniff around here for A sec this is a normal part of training You can’t just always power through a

Training session you can try and get Them back in and reward them with Something easy but if they’re just like Ah this is so frustrating give him a Break you want to try again And sit good alright so there she’s like Fine yes yes wave good and now she Remembered see sometimes you just need a Second to remember what it was we can Relate with that as people can’t wait Yes wave sit yes and wave good See the timing there that was a good Example she started to go into the down But I was there to acknowledge she’s Brain storming wave good you can see She’s well on her way to learning this I’ll keep you posted on it hey you’re Doing great let’s switch gears and do Leash walking leash walking is Definitely one of the most challenging Things to teach any dog and it can take A long time so that’s why I’m starting Now and I’m really focused on still on Indoor leash walking not even outdoor Leash walking where there are tons of Distractions a lot of people are in a Hurry to get leash walking skills taught Immediately but you’ve got to remember This is a much more advanced skill than Sit or lie down or stay this takes a Long time because it’s one of the most Unnatural things you can ask an Energetic dog to do so remember we’re Asking them to walk slowly while

Tethered to a person Border Collies like Her and many other breeds and mixed Breeds out there were bred for the Complete opposite thing they were bred To have endless stamina and endurance While at a distance while retrieving Something in in her case herding sheep So there is nothing intuitive about Leash walking to a dog okay come on Let’s go and I’m you can see what’s Going on here right leash biting oh boy Wasn’t anticipating this I hope we have This under control inertia all right so Let’s call it audible now and address This real quick Hey look at me good Since we’ve been prioritizing look at me Like that that’s kind of what I’ve been Relying on when she does go into those Biting phases see the scratching over Here she’s like what do you want me to Do what’s going on I just want that Chicken okay come on let’s go yes good Girl notice how I’m hunched over keeping My training bubble pretty small over Here yes good girl I’m walking backwards Cuz that’s a more natural way to Encourage your dog to follow you come on You can be eye to eye with them teaching Them how to walk slowly by being in Front of them keeping them focused on You good work notice how she’s not going For my laces as she has in past leash Walking sessions so that’s improvement Come on this way yes good work very nice

Much more focus okay come here Uh-uh she thought about it can you give Me a sit I’ll take it you see how she’s Just now really fighting that urge to go Into the biting the pant legs and biting The shoelaces because that’s what’s Natural for her to want to do so this is Starting to get a little bit of traction This indoor leash walking in this easy Setting you’ll know if you’ve ever had a Dog that when you take them on a walk if There’s any debris on the ground Especially puppies they tend to want to Go for that and grab it and interact With it so we really have to get her Leave it under these primary training Sessions looking a lot better so I need To now start introducing distractions in This controlled setting before I can Expect her to listen to me when organic Distractions arise in public for example When we were at the sports field and she Was picking up the dirt clods on the Ground it was just too much for her and We did get a little bit of traction but It wasn’t ideal do you see what she’s Doing right now she’s saying I’m bored Give me chicken let’s see if I get her To let go without pulling the leash out That doesn’t teach her that’s why I’m Not doing it Inertia look at me see that giving them That alternative behavior to do and Saying paying attention to me is what

Pays not biting on the leash that’s not Done overnight this has been weeks we’ve Been dealing with this let me see how She’s doing on leave it with something Low value like her kibble leave it alone Good perfect I love it I’m moving them Around on purpose because that’s Typically more tempting remember leave It yes good job perfect but it’s quite a Different thing to have your dog leave Kibble or any other distraction you Introduce while you’re moving I know so Come here leave it leave it leave it Alone see that because the context is Completely different than this set up Training session I’ve got to work on This because she’s like if we’re walking Leave it doesn’t apply so let’s try that Again this time I’m gonna slow down my Pace a little bit I’m not just gonna go And drop it and say leave it Whenever you’re introducing new things To your dog go in slow motion like this Come on let’s go Leave it look at me yes Good ok click I could say yes very good I’m gonna turn around the other way now Come on intercept come on leave it look At me Yes very good Ok come on let’s go I’m gonna drop a piece of chicken now Make it a bit tougher oh so right there She was going for the piece of food I

Didn’t want to pull her back I’d rather cover up the piece of food on The ground this kibble right here Because it’s a good training opportunity This way one leave it look at me Yeah good job really good moment there Up here look at that not having to touch Her at all not restraining her in any Way teaching her to think from the Inside out don’t ever let anyone tell You forces necessary to train a dog come On leave it alone look at me nice job Girl very good so I’m able to start Doing a little bit more of a realistic Walk now standing more upright than I Was before that was a good little Training session so later on it was time To build on that lesson inertia is Really picking up on this whole concept Of walking on a leash when I throw a Treat as a distraction and she’s leaving It alone and I’m able to get her Attention on on me in an easy indoor Environment but I don’t want to limit my Training to only throwing food treats in That setup instance so I’m gonna work on Using a toy that she likes as a Distraction you might be wondering if That’s confusing to your dog but Actually you know dogs are capable of Understanding when it’s ok to play with A toy and when it’s not I mean I’ve got To make sure she’ll leave alone Something familiar in an easy

Environment before I ask her to do it in Public Let’s go leave it alright so she just Went right for it there let’s try that Again let’s go come on it’s ok leave it Leave it alone Not quite there right there that’s okay Though that’s why we practice Leave it good okay Come here perfect good you saw her pause When I said leave it she’s like wait a Minute this is a test I know it but She’s using that noggin okay come on Leave it alone Yes good very good and this way come on Leave it Ha oh that was cool I mean did you see That it’s like she was thrown off for a Sec but it’s it seemed to click I’ll be It a little bit late come here let’s go Let go Sit yes okay let’s go Leave it yes good leave it yes perfect Very good come on let’s go leave it Alone Good sit all right let’s throw a Curveball now leave it yes good okay Come on let’s go let’s go it’s okay Look at her look at her think leave it Look at me Love it leave it I’m gonna throw a treat Out there just to keep it interesting Look at me Yes see leave it and look at me works

Get creative with this the point is that You have to do this with so many Different household objects so that your Dog eventually learns hey by default I Leave things alone Shoes are a temptation all right well What the heck maybe for the video let’s Throw a sock out there Leave it good okay good job I’m gonna Give her a jackpot reward there just Because she did so well I’ll be doing Exercises like this daily for the Foreseeable future with her our latest Trick is weave through the legs pause You can wave is coming along nicely Though as you can see she’s like I’m Gonna wave I’m gonna not reward the way Because I want to focus on teaching the New things for this one I’m actually Gonna take her leash off because the Leash may get in the way I’m gonna lure Her here yes look at this how about this Well oh oh well let’s let me do a better Job luring oh yes that’s wonderful here Yes this way good my end goal is to have Her do a figure eight pattern through my Legs do you see how I’m luring her right There That’s all I’m doing you can find the Best way for you to lure that was Awesome good job yeah it does take a Little mechanics on your part she gets She’s getting a little distracted by my Pant leg that biting right there is

Likely due to frustration on her part Because a moment ago I was rewarding Here here here here here Here and so now she’s like wait a minute I got to do all that work for just one Treat so we have to phase that in let me See if I can get her in a more patient Mindset here yes so I’m gonna take a Step back and up my rate of Reinforcement that is the pace at which Our reward see I’m rewarding very Frequently in order to keep her and a Good mindset yes good job This way come here this way this way and Yes good job wonderful now you may need To practice the mechanics of the treat Distribution here before you even Attempt to teach your dog or else you’re Bound to get a little frustrated cuz That’s switching with the treats is a Little awkward and since I’m only at the Luring phase right now I’m not even Anywhere close to putting a word to it In this case I’d probably call it Something like weave or figure AIDS I’d say weaving through the legs looks Really promising we’ll see how it wolves I’ve done a lot of training with inertia Today and I think this is a wonderful Time to start phasing in a real world Settle up to now I’ve had her on leash And in my hand or tied to me at all Times when we’re walking around the House just to keep her in my vicinity

Cuz I have to manage her surroundings Remember she is only 12 weeks old so Management is a big part of preventing Bad habits and very deliberately showing Them how you do want them to behave with The world I know that she really likes To lie on the cold marble floor over Here so I’m gonna encourage her to see If I can put her into a sit down I think She’s naturally getting a bit tired so I’m just gonna try and encourage her to Settle by saying settle settle is Basically where you ask your dog go Check out I’m busy right now and as you Can imagine teaching a dog to just relax On cue is different than teaching other Things because you’re actually trying to Get them in a relaxed calm state of mind Now I have been frequently capturing the Settle up to this point but not enough To trust her to get up and walk away for Example you’ll remember capturing just Means acknowledging what a dog is doing As they’re doing it think she’s going to Settle naturally and if I can Communicate to or what she’s doing then She’s more likely to repeat the behavior In the future no this is interesting I Was gonna get up but let’s see what She’s gonna do if she’s just relocating And she’s gonna hit a settle that’s fine With me I know she likes this spot over Here There we go she can settle yes I’m

Saying the word as she goes into the Settle just gonna put the leash right There go to walk around I’m gonna go Slow I’m not gonna be animated I’m not Gonna be excited I’m just walking around Settle yes Settle I’m also saying yes in a Different way than I normally do when I Follow it up with a tree this is a real Nuanced thing right here because that Kind of yes yes just basically means I Like what you’re doing right now be cool Where is it yes It’s usually followed up with a treat The reason I’m not giving her treats for Settle is because that’s likely to get Her a more excited frame of mind and Less likely to encourage her to just to Now very good job inertia settle I’m Kind of doing a hand signal with it Inertia look at me yes settle yes if I Do exercises like this enough she gets That the context equals okay settle Means I just relaxed maybe take a nap And my dad hangs out around me this is An example of training contextually in a Setting that really strongly resembles Real life so now she got up since she’s Being pretty calm right now I want to See if she goes and naturally settles Down again I don’t mind the shifting or Anything like that I don’t want her Running all over the house and biting Furniture but it looks like she might be

Getting a little more playful so this is Interesting let me think about this for A second what do I want to do I guess I Don’t want her chewing the box right now So I guess I should get her attention Off of that hey inertia come so here I Do have my treats I am gonna reward now Because I want her off of that and let Let us see if we can get her back into a Voluntary settle I’m gonna give her a Hint so I’ll say come on everything here Good can have a sit Put it down so I did give her a treat But look at what she had to do to earn That treat she had to leave the box Alone come to me what I called her come Back to this point do a sit and a lie Down so I don’t want to make it too Advantageous for her to break out of That settle I’m gonna have her hold this Position for a sec settle yes [Music] Settle I’m not just gonna sit there for Five minutes though I’m gonna get back Close to her where she’s more likely to Listen that’s where we are unsettled Training I was able to sit in the chair For like a second and that’s great so I’m gonna continue to evolve that into a Real world settle clearly right now She’s feeling playful so I’m not gonna Just insist on it it’s on me to kind of Wait for her to be in the correct state Of mind to teach something like a settle

Or anything else you have to listen to Your puppy and what they’re willing to Give you the younger your dog is the More say they have and when they get Taught things to keep up with us between Episodes follow us on Instagram and Tik-tok subscribe and hit the bell Notification make your life easier and Get your pets food automatically Delivered to you from pet flow to next Time I’ll teach inertia how to give a Hug focus on reducing her barking Outbursts went in her puppy bedroom We’ll do some training in new public Places more puppy class and lots more Oh

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