How I’m Introducing My Puppy To Our Cat For The First Time!

How I’m Introducing My Puppy To Our Cat For The First Time!

Today I’ll introduce my puppy to our cat, we’ll work on fetch, potty training, whining in the crate, some awesome trick like the back stall and more! This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

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I’m confident that Angela would probably Set a nurse’s straight yes good good I’m Zack George I trained John and this is my new dog Inertia I’m taking you along as I train Her from day one you can start from the Beginning or pick up anywhere and start Learning Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode we’ll deal more with the Nurses barking outbursts she’ll meet our Cat Angela for the first time and it’s a Somewhat rocky introduction and she’ll Learn one of my must teach tricks that You’ve probably never heard of it’s safe To say that inertia has definitely been Conditioned to look forward to her bark Box she knows what’s going on here at Her store one great dog training hack is To mix up your toys and treats and Various types of rewards and barkbox Does that beautifully so I’ve Consistently every month getting Something new each bark box has a theme – this one looks like a Vikings theme Look at the tail Fluffy and crinkly and then firm and Squeaky here a lot of dogs are picky About their textures very well made toys This illustrates my point do you see how Much she lights up for a brand new toy Something she’s never seen before That’s really powerful when you’re Trying to turn it on rabbit and pork

Stew I know she’s gonna love that in Here slammin salmon bark box always uses Top-notch ingredients and retreats a Nice natural chew she’s been loving These I’m gonna save this for later if You want a free bark box go to bark box Comm slash dog training sign up for a 6 Or 12 month subscription and they’ll Send you a free bark box I’ll have that Link below oh boy yep good thing we’re Gonna be working on fetching a little Bit now let’s talk about fetch inertia Is now 14 weeks old and her fetch has Really come a long way in the past Couple of weeks or so she’s been showing Increased focus on all aspects of the Game while inside and that’s the point It’s inside here’s how her indoor fetch Is looking let go good equally awaiting The throw as you can see I’m gonna throw It running in a straight line bringing It back in not quite a straight line She’s still running around with it Sometimes I think that’s because it’s a New toy but I think we’ll get into a Rhythm here obviously we still have work To do indoors it’s not quite as good as I may have stated so I’m just gonna take A step back and show her how to play This game real quick then we’re going to Run towards the door that really gets Her to come to me better can I have it I’m going in real slow Not rushing to get the toy get with two

Fingers here I’m not gonna pull it from Her okay good Nice job come on yes good brought it Right to me that’s how I’m gonna Immediately throw it I’m dwelling on Fetch because it’s important to be able To get your dog’s energy out into the Future on your terms in your schedule The most convenient way to get a dog’s Energy out is to play a quick game of Fetch with them and so I really want This skill nice and polished moving Forward especially as she enters one Year two years of age where she’s just Like super athletic and super curious She’s not very interested in playing Fetch outdoors most of the time every Once in a while I’ll catch her in a mood But about 90 plus percent of the time I Cannot get her to play a reliable game Or anything resembling a reliable game Of fetch outside I’m hoping to work on That and I have an idea as to how to Phase this in right now she’s really Into the toy let’s see something here Let go let’s go out here let’s go over Here on the grass well she’s gonna pee First that’s good I like that But let me see if I can get her Interested in me hey what’s this well What’s that get it see that Instantaneously complete loss of Interest in a toy while in an outdoor Environment so this is something I want

To work on you know look at that I throw It inside and all of a sudden she’s Interested in it if only there were a Way to merge outside with inside so I Could introduce this concept of playing Fetch at least partially outside go get It perfect so this is actually really Significant right now come on look at That even picking it up while outside I’m merging the two environments here Come on [Applause] Yes come on see I’ve got her on leash Out here she’s a lot less reliable go Come on let’s go running from her to Encourage her to come to me it’s really Normal for a good game of fetch to take Many weeks if not a few months to teach Your dog so be very patient and be very Consistent about practicing if you can Find the creative way to do things like This it might speed up your progress Inertias puppy biting is definitely Subsiding and getting more under control With the exception of probably biting at The lead so this is still something that Really tempts them sometimes I’ll use This long 15-foot lead before a potty Break or before training session you can See how dangly it is this is a good Example of being a step ahead of your Dog I mean her action is fairly Predictable here so I’m prepared with a Treat and I’m gonna be prepared to get

Her attention on me instead of the leash Wait okay Okay see once I am She just loves biting at that leash now Of course with the gentle leave it I can Get her to stop there as long as I get Her focused on me and I’m careful to go Ahead and follow that up with a reward I Like to do many dedicated training Sessions to things like this to help Inertia understand how I want her to Behave Leave it yes good so when your dog is Doing something predictable pre-amp Those undesirable behaviors before they Occur once something has happened twice In a row its pattern before we go out I’m gonna have her do a sit good I’m Gonna open the door look at me make sure I can get our attention before going Outside yes very good because I don’t Want her going outside without Permission but I’m not gonna make her Wait too long so this is what a potty Break looks like you can see she Immediately pees when I let her out Sometimes I’ll treat her sometimes I Won’t I’ve also been teaching her go pee Like this as she goes pee and go poop When she goes poop sometimes it’s Convenient to give your dog some Direction in the future as to what they Need to do Maybe you’re just in a hurry for

Whatever reason you have to run home From lunch and get them out And so you need them to hurry it along a Little bit but I can’t express how Important it is to be tolerant of Puppies during the potty training Process usually I’ll stay out here not Much more than four or five minutes at This point because she kind of gets to It within that time see there you go go Poop perfect and I’ll do a potty break Like this maybe every couple of hours When I’m at home I don’t have to get up In the middle of the night with her at All which brings me to my next point let Me go show you what I’ve done with our Indoor living area but I’ve been using a Double door crate you might notice here I have enlarged her area well we pretty Much always have this up most of the Time we’ve moved to keeping the second Door over here open full time so that She has permanent access to a larger Area she’s got lots of toys in here lots Of different textures of things to chew On and play with it was becoming very Routine for her to spend a couple hours Easy at a time in here and not have any Accidents the other night I tried Leaving it completely open overnight no Accidents and then it’s been like three Nights in a row now no accidents over Here so there’s no reason we can’t Expand for a living area a back stall is

Where your dog stands on your back it Looks cool Than it sounds but training it is kind Of ridiculous if you’re training it by Yourself Sit she really loves this barkbox toy so I’ll use that to motivate her oh my gosh I mean first attempt I swear I promise You that was the first attempt I felt All four paws on my back for the first Time dog trainers get really excited Over stuff like this I should remind you We have over an inch of padding here on This floor so it’s extremely soft and I’m gonna stay extremely low and try to Minimize those Falls wait stop oh my Gosh oh my gosh I write about this in my Book but it is one of the most magical First tricks to teach for me there’s Just something about it like your dog is Trusting that you’re gonna be there to Support them and they’re relying on you I want to switch it up and see how she Does with food now sit wait okay good Yes good good good okay good job good Job good job here you go take it all Take it all so I’m gonna give her a Jackpot reward there tried to give her a Soft landing that’s something we Definitely need to work on sit wait okay Wait stall that’s called stall wait Stall okay good a nice landing that time So that was really good we really want To encourage a nice safe landing on that

It’s one of the flashiest easiest tricks To teach and that really was minute Single digits of training it felt like Very good yes good job We’ll continue to work on that that’s Enough for today back stall is looking Awesome inertia gets really hyper Sometimes so we need to practice Settling down when asked she’s barking It India and that toy just outside of Her reach I’ll give it to you later Currency toy I like to keep those toys Extra-special by only using them during Training times where we’re both Interacting with the toy I’m ignoring the whining gonna walk away It’s a fine line between giving them too Much attention and acknowledging success So right now you can see Indy is over Here soliciting attention for me Inertia wants in on the action and I Don’t mind that she’s looking over here I just don’t want her barking every time She sees Indy or the cat or something Like that so it’s time to start teaching Her proper conduct quiet yes Seems like I’ve left a treat on the Table and Indy sensed an opportunity you Might notice I’m avoiding saying settle Settle settle [Music] We settle Look at her eyes you can tell she’s Really trying to process the request

She’s just unsure as to what to do right Now so I need to help her out a little Bit [Music] Settle I said it three times there but Each time I did it I kind of changed the Deliberateness with which I asked her to Settle finally I got load in the ground Got a small training bubble remember That’s the distance between your eyes And your dog’s eyes dogs are more likely To pay attention to your requests when You’re close settlement You might remember when we introduced Settle there was a de-emphasis on Rewarding with treats it was more just Capturing that state of mind here I’m Opting to reward with food unsettle Because I’m trying to kind of speed up Her progress to a relaxed state of mind Right now she’s got some anxiety you can Tell by her body language the frequent Yawning kind of the frustration that she Can’t be out here right now we’re Certainly going to work up to having her Have access to all parts of the house at Some point but right now she is only 14 Weeks old and controlling the Environment is how you manage a young Dog to keep them from destroying things Or acting inappropriately or running out Of the front door if it opens Unexpectedly there are a variety of Reasons to keep a young dog like this in

A heavily controlled environment now she Also spends a lot of time on leash in The house I use a 15-foot lead you’ve Been seeing that throughout my video Series that’s kind of how I manage her In this larger area here okay so we have Another outburst over here Look at me see how she won’t look at me Right now she just really wants to Engage with bindi and there’s a time in A place for that but not right the Second right now even when she wants to Pay attention to India I wanna begin Teaching her you should pay attention to Me instead by the way there’s nothing Unreasonable about this behavior she’s a Young dog she’s doing what comes Naturally in the meantime I’m gonna keep It pretty easy burner shibai keeping India a little bit farther away now look What just happened over here we got a Natural settle it’s almost as though she Picked up on me talking to Indy there And was like I know that this is Actually a training session about Phasing in Indy So that inertia normalizes her and Behaves acceptable in general though I Do put Indy up when I’m working with Inertia one on one but Indy has a right To be down here it’s time to formally Introduce our cat Angela to inertia Inertia has been clearly intrigued by Our cat Angela over here and Angela

Usually avoids a nurse so she has a lot Of places to go to but she’s been Getting more and more brave lately and I Know a nurse I just wants to run up to Or if I’m quite confident that Angela Would probably set a nurse’s straight if She got too raw inertia has had some Interactions with some cats like at our Friend’s house and she’s taken her Corrections well so far when she Encounters cats but let’s go see if She’ll play nicely with Angela okay come On you want to say hi to the cats up to This point an Ursa has been exposed to Angela at a distance but Angela looks to Be in the social mood today Of course we’re gonna give Angela room To retreat here yes that was really good By the way that was a very friendly Interaction do you want to go say hi Okay maybe she’s not feeling too social But inertia is taking the hint turns out My cat is better at communicating with Inertia than me you could see inertia Wants to play but she’s not gonna push Her luck either she’s like come on I Just want to play I’m not looking for Trouble intuitively she seems to Understand that she shouldn’t get too Close I think the behavior is acceptable I Don’t mind her being playful and Angela Is free to stand her ground as well of Course you know it’s a good opportunity

To try and stay with a distraction of a Cat here because just because she sees Angela doesn’t mean she’s always going To be able to go up to her I may want to Be doing a training session of one or Two ignore Angela leave it check it over Here have her leave that alone leave the Cat alone look at me Yes that was a brief introduction right There that was a good opportunity for us To get them a little more acquainted I’m Sure their relationship will evolve over Time so I want to take a quick question I’ve been noticing on Instagram a couple Of you have asked you know how long are These training sessions that I’m doing Typically they’re between like five and 15 minutes depending on how she’s Feeling if I push her too much sometimes She’ll get frustrated and I’ll do like Maybe three training sessions a day and Usually I’ll do a fetch session before And after but I vary that up a little Bit just depending so now I think we Need to go work on the back stall a Little bit more and I’ve got some things I want to do to make it a bit safer Since she is so young so let’s go work On that back stall round two there’s a Couple of things that I want to get a Little bit more tight and looking better About the back stall before I move on Any further you know we had that one Training session she did pretty well but

She kind of jumps on my back prematurely See I’m not ready for to do the trick And she’s like come on let’s do it I know this one see that I mean I’ve got To get her in a more stable position so I’m gonna say sit good I’m gonna be very Clear about weight here even though sit Should mean don’t move and yes I’m gonna Do that yes good job you see that I’m Starting to get in position look at me Over here Sit yes good wait wait See how she started to flinch there look At me yes yes yes okay yes good now that She’s up there Wait I’m gonna get real low so we can Have her do proper dismount there there We go maybe not a proper dismount but Certainly a safe one wait stall good Wait okay good job and so we’ll let her Down nice and easy just like that but You know with with tricks like this you Want to use discretion you don’t want to Do these over and over again but they’re Really fun and if you just practice it a Few times a week just to keep them Learning it and practice it safely it Can be a really impressive fun trick Okay on to let go now inertia is good About letting go of a toy if I ask her To do it while I’m holding it but she Doesn’t yet drop it very willingly on The ground which would be preferable in Some situations what I’m working on

Teaching inertia is how to let go of the Toy so I don’t have to actually reach Over here and ask her to let go inertia Come on let’s go get her to chase me Over here this way good let go Yes good nice work get it come on over Here this way Let go yes there we go and so I was just Trying to remind her what I want this Way over here Good let go go right there and so even I Have her actually running out for the Next throw before I even pick up the toy Which is kind of fun nice option to have Come up let go Yes perfect good I had to walk up but That’s all right I still like it so That’s a small update on fetch now check This out let’s see how she’s doing on Figure eights yes Good look at that see that let me warm Her up real quick Yes that’s good yes trying to fade out That lure a little bit starting to Happen starting to happen come on over Here hey what’s this good what’s this Cease light hand signal slight lure That’s the intermediate step there Between the lure and facing in the hand Signal see it’s kind of like a lure but It’s not right out of nose Nice work that’s called figure eights We’re making it a point to regularly Have dogs over in order to give an Ursa

Some social time especially at this Young age Grover the three-legged rescue Dog is on his way over here to play with Inertia and I think it’s probably a good Idea to exercise her before he gets here Just to get rid of a little bit of that Pent-up energy nothing too much cuz She’s had a fairly active day exercise Just prior to play sessions with new Dogs increases the odds of a successful Playdate while she’s in the mood to play Fetch let’s see if I can continue to Motivate her to do some other tricks in Exchange for a toss of the toy I love Having multiple currencies sit waive yes And so they’re a new wave was a pretty Easy trick for her what I just did there Is I got her to offer me a behavior in Exchange for a toy so I’m still really Teaching her that hey you work you can Work for toys I’ll give you these when You do stuff I like wait leave it leave It alone and so I’m mixing up the order In which I ask her to do things see She’s thrown off I leave it leave it Alone Okay go with this toy I still have to Reach it grab it and say let go please She’s so into this toy right now that She’s very very reluctant to just drop It what I asked her to grover’s here This dog is so cute I think inertia is Going to love him coming on a little Strong for her that’s okay she’ll open

Up in a sec he’s got three legs and he’s So fast you would never know it well That was actually a nice test too Because she wasn’t expecting a dog to Come over like when she goes to puppy Class she anticipates at this point now Look at this this is really good that She’s calming down she’s taking her cue From him like okay I guess he doesn’t Want to play super rough and my dad Keeps interrupting play every time I get Real rough so she’s adopted of somewhat More complex Trat adji Center for a six Or 12 month subscription and get a free Bark box I’ll have a link below in the Next episode we’ll take inertia on her First walk in the wild and more Subscribe and hit the bell notification Follow the journey in real time on our Instagram page for you tic toc errs I Have a tick tock now get my books to Help you train your dog better I’ll have Links in the description [Music] [Music]

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