How I’m Teaching My Puppy To Stop Biting and Start Listening!

How I’m Teaching My Puppy To Stop Biting and Start Listening!

I’ll keep training to resolve puppy biting, focus on training her to “work” for toys. We had an excellent “fetch” training session as well as a productive vet visit too!

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Nurses still biting like do this she’s Still got that habit of running away I’m Zak Jorge I trained dog and this is my New dog inertia I’m taking you along as I train her from day one you can start From the beginning or pick up anywhere And start learning welcome to the dog Training experience in this episode We’re gonna continue to work on Inertia’s puppy biting will take her to The vet and continue working on lots of Our fun general training today’s video Is sponsored by pet flow sign up for Automatic pet food delivery and get $10 Off your first three automatic shipments Just choose your food Peplow has all of The brands and tell them how often you Want it delivered I’ll have a link and Discount code in the description below I’m here at the vet to get inertia her Next round of vaccines I’m curious to See how she responds if she does well Like she has so far she’s a little more Energetic today so she might be a little Less cooperative so I’ll do my best to Mitigate that and teach her how to Behave nicely while getting her shots if You have a puppy and since they need to Go to the vet in multiple times over Several weeks it’s a really good Opportunity to start getting them Comfortable with the vet giving them Treats when they do the right thing I’ve Even like to do some training with an

Ursa here if she’s receptive in this new Environment you can see she’s highly Distractible right now being in a new Place let me see if I can get her to Come to me that would be good I’m not Trying to make things too hard for see How she’s not interested in this chicken Right now get that nope not interested So it’s on me to really try and get her Interested in coming to me if your dog Isn’t responsive to one type of reward Try other things Yes so in this case it looks like Inertia is more responsive to a playful Person than a tree good job so just Getting her to calm at a few feet away In this small controlled environment Anytime you’re in a new place like this If you can get them listening to you in New places that really is the secret to Having a trained dog she’s feeling a Little anxious now so all stops no big Deal it’s been like 30 seconds you can See inertia is in a commerce state of Mind here I like that again you’ve heard Me talk a lot about capturing calmness And acknowledging when your dog is being Calm yes good job see if she takes any Treats now there you go it’s there if You want it so there she goes now she’s Taking treats so that indicates to me That her anxiety level has subsided a Bit and I’m just fine to let her calm Down for a bit if she wants to well go

Ahead and get her to look at you and Then I’m gonna click that when she’s Complying and then I’ll leave you alone That should good job yes look at you Coming down very good yes [Music] Cool [Music] Inertia continues to do amazingly well At the vet I just wish she was doing This well with her puppy biting let’s do An update on puppy biting as you can see Really hurt as you can see inertia is Still biting right I’ve had her three And a half weeks I’m a dog trainer and She’s still biting me remember that dogs Are teething they’re just now learning How to interact with the world those Things combined sit create a biting Machine you can see even some of that Shoelace fighting is still around though We have definitely made progress on it Thank you Yes good job very good that was actually A really significant moment because she Was showing restraint as I tied my shoes In front of her which can be a trigger For biting shoelaces if you’re an 11 and A half week old dog so the behavior is Being reduced that was an unfortunate Relapse there but that’s what you deal With when you have a puppy pant leg Biting good Remember acknowledge the moment your dog

Stops biting good job she was offering a Play dead there which I’ll take right Now because it’s not biting in general Just to give you an update on what we’ve Been doing to manage puppy biting she’s Quite predictable as puppies off an arm The first thing to remember is to get Very good at redirecting and Acknowledging when your dog is not Biting especially when you can tell They’re exhibiting even minor restraint When the case of biting my shoelaces It’s quite predictable like for example I know that if I get up right now There’s a good chance she’s gonna go for My pant leg or something down here let’s See what happens I mean you can see She’s already starting just by walking She’s in one of those moods now those Have been less and less recently however You know it’s still there this just Illustrates the point that yeah you got Our patience and it takes time now since I’m gonna be one step ahead of her this Time knowing that when I stand up I’m Gonna look for a microsecond to reward Yes did you see how she started to look At my pants right there I mean it was Very subtle but what did I do I didn’t Wait for her to fail I acknowledge that She didn’t yet go for my pants I’m gonna Stand up I’m gonna walk this way yes Good no biting that time okay come on Yes good okay come on two three some

Jumping but no biting so that’s okay I’m Still gonna reinforce the no biting come On Yep do you see how quick I’m Acknowledging ah leave it right there Yes did you see that really good moment She started to go for my shoes she’s Like wait a minute I think I’m not Supposed to do this I really want that Chicken what do I have to do to get it And in this case I was right there to Say whoa you made the right decision That’s what puppy biting is all about if You’re a beginner and you’ve never Trained a puppy before getting really Good at managing puppy biting requires Excellent timing which requires Experience but if you’re really Committed and you’re into training your Dog you’ll be there but understand there Is a learning curve and that’s okay it’s Gonna make you a better trainer in the Long term if you prioritize getting Really good with your timing now hey yes So that is like she has just started Probably in the last 24 hours starting To lick where she would otherwise bite That was a pretty good example because Right now a puppy’s default is to bite Bite bite and the next phase is how to Teach them to lick lick lick and in Place of where they used to bite of Course then if the licking becomes Excessive we’ll cross that bridge when

We get to it but this is a priority to Get this biting under control The reason I’m excited about the licking Is because that’s what biting evolves Into if you’re doing your job right That’s a good way to measure progress he Look biting ouch that one’s a little Hard yes good I’ll take the look use I Will for those of you out there with Puppies and they’re going through this Hardcore biting phase right now Understand it is unrealistic to resolve This issue overnight it’s gonna take Some time but by being consistent you’ll Get through it you’ll understand by Training your dog you’ll need good Currencies now in a nurses case she Loves food as currency as you’ve been Seeing today and she also loves to play But the time has come to really start to Get her to understand that we can use Play as a currency in other words I can Teach her to work for play do things That I ask in exchange for an awesome Play session Yeah good job just like that see so she Sat and she got to chase the ball I have dabbled with this but the time is Coming now that we’re starting to get a Little bit of traction on our Communication for her to really Understand this concept of working for a Toss of a ball or a tug of a tug toy for A few seconds we’re not talking about a

Full-on round of five-minute fetch for Doing a sit we’re just talking about a Brief toss of the ball like that over Here what’s this come here we’re here And sit get it yes okay get it perfect Good girl so sits one thing but I don’t Want to just learn how to sit for a toy Sit down with holding the reward she Didn’t do what I asked there so I’m Withholding it what lie down okay get it Good job nice work girl what do you do Here right she’s she’s lost interest in The toy and she’s like I want to play With my leash instead and I have her on Leash because I want to keep her in my Immediate area here for the lesson her Let go has been doing really well let me See if we can do a generalize let go in Other words outside of a fetch session Cuz right now she’s just saying I want To play tug with his leash instead let Go Like oh yes good I mean really good Organic example right there she let go Of the leash and how did I reward I Rewarded with the toy now she’s going Back into the leash this time I need to Get her to let go of the leash reward With the ball and anticipate that she’s Likely to go back for the leash let go Yes get it perfect good now this time When she when I get the ball I’m gonna Keep her interest on this and try and Rapidly get her back into a sit Alicia

Anyway even though I was anticipating She would do that she still got it it Happens let go yes get it perfect okay So we’re making some traction here she’s Sitting lying down doing various Behaviors for the promise of a toy even Letting go of the leash so we’re on the Right track but you might have noticed Too as she gets the toy she’s not really Bringing it directly back she’s kind of Running around with it She’ll go after the ball but look if I Do this she still got that habit of Running away I’ve been very tolerant of This bad habit for the last three weeks Because it’s much more important to me That she’s interested in that toy than It is that she bring it back perfectly But we’re gonna work on teaching her how To bring back that toy more reliably Because the honeymoon phase is over when It comes to not bringing back the toy Fetch is gonna be in a central part of My training with this style of dog one Of the reasons that fetch is so Important is when you have an energetic Dog who’s biting like this and really Frantic they need that exercise that’s One of many reasons it’s so important to Really get a polished game of fetch Going fetch is where your dog chases That toy in a straight line immediately Picks it up returns in a straight line Promptly lets go and eagerly awaits the

Next throw one of my favorite ways to Teach a dog to retrieve a toy is to run From them good come here see ya if That’s that that’s the habit I’m trying To break but I have a bit of a problem Here because in this studio I kind of Run out of room to get her to chase me She’s like oh once you’re only that far Away I no longer want to keep chasing You so the farther away I am the more Likely she is to chase me so I’ve got an Idea I’ve got a door over here and that Will allow me to extend By training area a bit don’t forget it Good clapping my hands getting excited Going farther and that got the ball a Little bit closer to me good go get it Good come on see right here right that Extra effort is what I’m looking for I’m Trying to get her to drop it on this Part of the floor come on come on look At her impulse is to run away with the Ball that’s true with almost all dogs as A warning fetch yes good right there There was a drop so I immediately Rewarded her with the toy in other words The thrill of the chase is reinforcing Enough to her unit come on Yes come on Good alright so here she’s like oh the Ball this is a good moment yes good girl Come on come on yes right there good get It so I’m trying to find that moment Where she like gives up on the game of

Keep-away and it’s like okay I’ll drop It come on good again slow see that see How slow I’m going get it good girl Let me see now if I can start to not Have to open the door and run halfway Around the block to get her to return it To me Come on yes good and so I’m gonna have To work on this for weeks guys this is Not something that happens quickly this Is just a very beginning phase of her Learning how to bring that toy back to Me it’s a lot of work too but so worth It moving forward on a side note you can See an immediate difference in her Behavior she’s a lot more chill still a Little bitey but not quite not anywhere Near as frantic and energetic as she was A moment ago I’m gonna give you an Update on where her stand is right now We worked on this not too long ago and Our first training session on this was Nowhere near the finished product I feel Like she’s getting close to grasping This concept of standing on all fours This is valuable for vet visits or when You’re grooming your dog or giving them A bath or whatever and it’s also a great Way to just improve your communication Sit yes I’m gonna getting her into a sit Now I’m gonna lure her back into that Stand yes good I’m releasing more and More treats yes okay good job she did Take a couple of steps there but she’s

Trying so I’m not gonna be too stingy on My rewards right now and so the idea is To just get her standing for a second Yes yes Yes okay good do you see how I tie me I Was like yes I like that you stayed for A quarter second there in another Quarter second and then another quarter Second and then I released her from the Stand before she’s bailed and took a Step and move those feet so I caught her Succeeding that is the whole theme of Teaching your dog clearly I don’t want To have to constantly reward for Something like stand every quarter Second moving forward so let’s see if I Can make a bit of progress on that maybe Get her to stand for a longer period of Time between reinforcements when I’m Rapidly acknowledging it and rewarding One after the other that’s called a high Rate of reinforcement I’m trying to Lower that rate of reinforcement at Least during this particular training Session and see if that really makes the Light bulb go off for her stand up see Right there I should have released her before that Foot went forward sit good gonna roll Border on sit and can we stand huh yes If this will keep her in position then I’ll keep the treats glued to her nose And I’ll even let her nibble on them a Little bit if this continues going well

I’ll try to get the treats farther away From her nose and have her hold this Position later I’ve got to admit this Still isn’t looking that great as far as I’m concerned so I’ve got a lot of work To do here because she keeps moving Those feet she’s not ready for a lower Grade of reinforcement just yet I’m Gonna continue to work with her for a Few minutes a couple of minutes of Really focused training got her in the Zone stand I know this looks like a lot Of treats but remember I’m using small Pieces of meat right now about the size Of a grain of rice and this is proving To be very reinforcing to inertia I’m Pulling away yes Yes okay good job so that was pretty Good there I mean she was preoccupied With the treats but you noticed that Those feet weren’t moving at all and That’s what I’m really going for I’m Looking for her to hold those feet in One position Stan good yes good and okay Good job you want to quit while you’re Ahead that’s the tricky part because You’re kind of gambling each time so It’s really important to not drive them To break that position let’s do an Update on get your tail let’s see where She is with that so far it’s been easier To have her in the lie down position Good can you get your tail sometimes she Has a hard time finding her tail get

Your tail yes She’s thinking about it get your tail Almost Get your tail yes and I’m trying to get Her to bite her tail there and inertia Get your tail Yeah good job so get your tail looking Pretty good You can see a past episode to see how we Taught that this is one of our longest Training sessions to date we were here About an hour and fifteen minutes let go Good job thank you But I think she’s doing a great job you Can see how much calmer and more focus She is so if you have rambunctious Puppies this is why mental and physical Stimulation is so important for them We’re continuing to take inertia to new Places virtually every day of this age I Really want her comfortable with playing Fetch in a variety of outdoor Environments moving forward but because Of her vaccination status I can only Take her to places where it’s likely Dogs don’t frequent I found an isolated Baseball field and worked on fetch and She broke her personal distance record If you want even more detail follow me On Instagram get your dog’s food Automatically shipped to you from pet Flow I’ll have a link below subscribe to My channel and click that Bell Notification so you’ll know every time I

Upload a video if you want to know more About this I talked about this a lot in Both of my books I’ll have links in the Description as to where you can get Those you won’t believe how much we’re Covering in the next episode I’ll take a Nurse in a puppy class you’ll learn how To shake for the first time potty Training of course her puppy biting will Need constant attention I’ll give you Some advice on dealing with frustration We’ll do a check up on her indoor leash Walking leash fighting and her real life Leave it I can’t wait to see you in the Next episode

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