How I’m Training My Dog To Listen in Public!

How I’m Training My Dog To Listen in Public!

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Oh thank you we’re working on it yeah I’m Zack George I trained dogs this is My new dog and I’m gonna show you how I Train her from day one things definitely Won’t always go smoothly you can start From the beginning or you can pick up Anywhere subscribe and hit the bell Notifications so you never miss an Episode when you put into motion an Approach based on love and respect your Results will forever remain in motion This is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience This episode we’re going to take inertia Back to the French Quarter it was pretty Rough last time so hopefully we’ll see Some improvement today having a dog Means you have to regularly care for Them by training them taking them to the Vet regularly and feeding them well There are so many premium dog foods on The market to choose from and you can be Sure that pet flow will have the one That you want What makes pet flow different is that They will easily make sure that your Dog’s food is there every time you need It by ordering it just once just choose Your food and decide how often you want To deliver once or twice a month is Usually good Andrew Cote Zack 30 when You check out and you’ll get $10 off Your first three automatic shipments for A total of $30 off I’ll have all the

Details in the description below I don’t Really have anything in particular Planned I’m just kind of hanging out on This really pretty day with inertia and Just seeing if she wants to play some Frisbee or if she just wants to enjoy The beautiful weather or what right now She’s more and uh I just want to enjoy The weather and smell around maybe I’ll Chase a frisbee here and there Hey inertia come on let’s go see if I Can get her to chase me chase the Frisbee she’s giving it a look but she’s Not too intense about it there we go Good job and those are the kind of Moments that you really live for when You’re training a dog to get her to go From completely disinterested to seeing That small spark of her chasing the Rolling frisbee to then making a catch Those are the successes I really want to Build on my hope is that her desire just Continues to increase with time so I see More and more of those instances come Around yes go that’s gonna be a catch Yep I’m glad we were filming there like We didn’t know what we were gonna film But that’s the closest to a proper Frisbee dog that she’s looked now I just want to get her to act like that On cue so the point is just because your Dog shows a complete lack of interest in Something doesn’t mean that they’re Always gonna be completely uninterested

In it I’ve come out here and I’ve done Training sessions like this where I had Zero interest from her the entire lesson That’s normal but she’s slowly getting Better and better We can end on that one that was a good One you’re doing a great job out there You know we’re on our way to do some Training out back here I’ve really been Working on stay at this gate I wanted to Give you an update as to how well she’s Doing with this check this out we’ve Actually made it even more difficult Stay I’m actually gonna try and pull on Her and she’s holding that position it’s Just a really good way to prove stay Because look if I say inertia come on She willingly comes through it’s not as Though she doesn’t want to cross stay I Just really believe in stay no matter What when you tell your dog to stay so Even when it’s really hard even when They’re getting pulled away as long as You have really solid communication okay Come on stay and come are so important And that was a good example of both now That inertia knows you know a number of Skills and tricks and things like that I Want to continue to challenge her by Putting some of these tricks together Just kind of in random order just to get Her to start to generalize them and I’m Also gonna be doing it outside which Makes it harder all right I’m gonna line

Her up to my side there now I do have a Lead on I’m pretty confident I’ve got Our attention so okay come on good So now we’ll go into our spin I haven’t Treated her yet good wait I’m going in Slow motion here stay stall oh good job I’ll go ahead and reward for the effort She’s supposed to stay on my back there The fact that she followed all three of Those requests for one treat tells me We’re off to a good start here buddy Whoops false start I’m reducing my Requests to their easiest form by using A heavy lure to really spell it out for Her since this is the very first time We’re putting together a group of tricks In a place just like this oh let me a Little slower wait and if you ever want To put together a trick routine a good Trick routine is basically just lots of Chained together tricks this is where You start so that was really rough Looking see if you practice these enough Though they don’t get rough looking they Look really nice when their piece Together like that plate it ready Training tricks like this and putting Together a routine or just mixing up the Order in which you ask your dog to do Things not only refines your Communication but also helps you bond With one another since both you and your Dog are likely having a great time doing Tricks like these it’s impossible not to

Smile when your dog performs in perfect Or not so perfect harmony with you that Was great Can you take about great job okay we’ll Continue putting things together like That and seeing what we come up with if You’re working on improving your Communication and training with your dog Check out my second book guide to a Well-behaved dog it is the most detailed Dog training book I’ve written and it Has all of my best advice for Troubleshooting and improving your dog’s Training over time every time we come to The French Quarter in Ursa it’s caught Off guard she hears people out there and Starts barking at them she’s had a Couple of barks but inertia has done Pretty well you might remember in our Last training session at Jackson Square We had mixed results I mean sometimes I Was able to get her attention most the Time she was like oh my goodness there Were so many people and she got lots of Social time with people so we’ll see What she does here on her second trip This is one of the much more challenging Public environments to train in I just Rolled down the window may as well start Phasing in the Here letting the sounds and smells get Into the car so that she can start to Adjust rather than super suddenly Throwing her into a new environment and

She’s had exercise in training today so I hopefully set her up for success I’m not going to insist on a robotic Perfect dog at all so I do expect some Barking and lunging and pulling that I’m Expecting some level of compliance just Do my best to get her used to being in This type of place we’re here it’s busy The weather’s great now if I could just Get my almost eight month old puppy to Pay attention to me that would be just Perfect something tells me it’s not Gonna go that easily though so I’ll just Give her a minute here to check it out Remember upon immediately arriving at a Brand new place especially one with a Lot of intense sights sounds and smells It can be very difficult to get your Dog’s attention here I’m balancing Letting her see the environment with Requesting that she focus on me from Time to time given that it’s a really Exciting environment luring her into Position serves to measure that I can at Least do that easy level of training Right now something I’m gonna do a Little differently this time is I’ve got This nice steady stream of pedestrians Walking past it’s a way for me to just Kind of slowly work her into the Environment Oh there’s Abby she’s more interested in The be leave it alone good girl so I’m Just gonna practice like wait and

Observe the environment here and let her Check things Alex I don’t mind her being Curious but I’m really trying to work on Her manners while in public and if She’ll just be still when there are lots Of people in distractions around that’s A really good start to being able to get Her attention on me I don’t really care She’s in a sit or a stand the most Important thing is that I’m able to Stand here and the leash is pretty loose Wait it’s got distracted by a bird Really hard to override your impulses When you’re a seven month old puppy let Me reset her over here come in again Here I’m falling back on the lure in an Attempt to keep her on track but there’s No doubt that she’s challenging to Communicate with in this moment because Inertia suddenly starts pulling away From me here I promptly stand my ground And prevent her from advancing it’s not My intention to provide a leash Correction but rather to prevent her From further accessing the environment If she pulls so robustly the brakes of The streetcar at close range and dogs Noticed like different types of vehicles Like we do this is how you desensitize Your dog to an urban setting and this is How you conditioned them oh look at the Pits yes and you can see she’s curious About this device over here she handled That really well that was really good

Let’s go come on good good yes so there She just offered to sit out of nowhere So I love that she’s doing that and Nurses behavior is fairly calm and Compliant right now let’s move forward a Little and as I get onto the sidewalk I’m going to insist on a little bit more From her so we can focus on general Attention things like weights she’s Going from like walking semi acceptable Leader just starting to pull and smell Everywhere and I’m just gonna exercise Patience and be tolerant of a lot of it I mean you know bubbles you could never Create a simulation that was as good as The real world remember that early urban Training like this requires you to Balance desensitizing your dog to a Distracting environment with Strategically requesting their attention Certainly a bumpy process but the Clearer your communication is the Shorter this awkward period will be Don’t hover eyes some scent really has Their attention right now who knows what It is down here wait yes I like that she automatically checked in With me as a person when you come to the French Quarter in New Orleans it’s a lot To take in so I can’t imagine what it Would be like if you were a puppy and While she’s being good like this I don’t Feel the need to constantly reward her Randomly seeing if I could get her

Attention to put her paws up here she Did well sit stay Since attention is critical let me do Some attention building training right Now by practicing the two most important Skills I know come and stick good sit Stay inertia come got a reward there so That’s the first treat that I gave her You have to really like keep an eye on Your dog and zoom in on those moments When they are willing to listen because When they’re not sometimes you just have To let your dog experience things Especially when they’re really young Like this it’s one thing for her to do It right here there aren’t that many Pedestrians around here I’m thinking if We go over here there’s 10 times as many Pedestrians along this curve and I also Have the advantage of most of them being Outside of the fence but she can see and Smell and hear them so it’s immediately Harder here you can see she’s Immediately distracted by the mules and The people walking by let me see if I Get her to come to me hey stay intership Come much harder see that’s what I mean You have to try to get creative with Your training exercises and slowly Increase the difficulty with them as They do well inertia come good girl sit Stay whereas before I would do this Exercise three times in a row before Giving her a reward in this case just

The fact that she went through that Sequence of sit stay calm one time that Did warrants our reward because it’s Much harder now the last time I was here Inertia had an outburst towards a mule She seems to be in a pretty calm state Of mind right now so I think it might be A great idea to just sit here near the Mules and let her look at them and have That positive experience loose leash Here she’s doing great weight Good girl it looks like we’re not doing Much but the fact that she’s being a Good dog right here is really really Great yes absolutely I’ve noticed that When she interacts with people to her Excitement urination or submissive Urination is really reduced the fact it Hasn’t happened at all today So the idea is look if she can learn to Listen in a place like this she can Learn to listen anywhere we are a long Ways off just because we’re having a Good moment right now doesn’t mean that She’s all of a sudden gonna be perfect My hope is that she’s going to walk past These mules and that she’ll not bark or Lunge at them as she’s done in the past In fact I’m even willing to let her pull Ahead as I want this to be as easy as Possible for her in other words I don’t Want to cause frustration by asking for A perfect leash walking session in the Presence of these mules that she’s just

Starting to learn how to behave around Okay I’m just gonna walk back and forth Up here and see how she does okay Wait list so I’m using you know a Combination of reinforcing events for Her either a really good treat or access To continue on the walk here okay let’s Go Wait okay this way Good yes very good okay good oh wow this Is amazing I didn’t expect this at all Today Okay so there I lost her right she was Doing well then she’s like oh I gotta Smell this inner chef will you look at Me Good let’s go so I checked in there to Make sure I could get her eyes on me Let’s go and again I’m not really Focused too much on field right now as Much as I’m just focused on just her General compliance here it was a pretty Rocky start but she’s doing well Although I am about to round the corner Here where it is insane okay yes great Yes wait Oh thank you we’re working on it she’s Starting to get compliments when she Behaves well did you want to pet her to See sure yeah what kind of dog you up Oh Fun Yeah thanks thanks for saying hi I Appreciate it it’s always fun to run Into YouTube subscribers if you ever see

Us in public come up and say hi easy Come on you get here there’s a show Going on over here Yes Wonderful you’re doing great but it’s Worth mentioning I’m not trying to get To any particular place as much as I am Trying to get her existing in a Civilized manner In a dense urban environment like this Again here I’m focused on doing easy Things like sit stay and come in this Setting don’t overwhelm your dog with Advance requests during their early Visits to exciting places got a dog Walking by yes excellent Since inertia is super compliant right Now I’m going to practice some of her More advanced tricks in public in order To help her generalize what I’m asking Not just at home not just inside but Everywhere so as rocky as our training Sessions started off today she really Came around the key moving forward is Those first 15-20 minutes in a new place Can I slowly over time get that to be Less and less time of really erratic Hyper behavior we did a really similar Trip in the past and this time she was a Little bit more successful not by much But by a little bit and that’s what dog Training is all about and it’s those Small incremental successes that you’re Trying to build on so we’re gonna

Continue to practice in the next episode We’ll introduce inertia to a new house And a new city when we take her to Atlanta Georgia and get $10 off your First three automatic shipments of your Pets food from pet flow for a total of Thirty dollars enter cut Zack 30 when You check out follow us on Instagram and Tik-tok if you want to see how much Progress inertia has made in the week Since this episode was filmed subscribe To this channel and click the bell to Get notified whenever we post a new Episode pick up a copy of my book guide To a well-behaved dog it costs less than The price of one dinner and you can pick It up on Amazon I’ll have all of the Links in the description below [Music]

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