How I’m Training My Dog To Stop Barking & Walk On Leash

How I'm Training My Dog To Stop Barking & Walk On Leash

I’ll attempt to train my dog to stop barking and whining as well as leash walking and more! This video is sponsored by Super Chewer! Go to to get a free extra month of Super Chewer when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription.

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She’s throwing a bit of a fit right now So I just kind of look ridiculous Standing out here in the rain trying to Get my dog to come to me I’m Zack George I trained dogs and this is my new dog Inertia I’m taking you along as I train Her from day one you can start from the Beginning or pick up anywhere and start Learning Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode we’ll start to teach an Ursa to he’ll continue working on Minimizing or crying in the crate do Some leash walking and more and ease our Older dog and we’ve got a special Surprise for this month Super tour is a monthly subscription box From the makers of bark box they Designed this specific line for dogs who Play harder and demand a challenge every Month you get a bunch of awesome super Durable toys and treats designed for Really tough strong chores you’re always Gonna get two really tough innovative Toys and every box comes with two meaty Cheese and two full-sized bags of treats And if you want you can also opt to get An extra special bonus too every month Monthly boxes are themed based on Different types of play and senses like This is the fetch box but they also have All kinds of other stimulating themes Like scents and nose work and interact a Puzzle toys and more Bart really stands

Behind these products if your dog Manages to destroy one of these they’ll Replace it no questions asked you can Just see how tough this thing is look at This you don’t get plush soft toys if Your dog destroys those get the super Chewy box and you get two great choose I’ll give these to you later in India I Think this has got to be your favorite Part these are always gonna be top-notch Quality treats super chewy boxes are a $45 value and plans start at $29 a month And they’re available in the US and Canada get a free super tour when you Sign up for a 6 or 12 month plan wait a Minute Visit super chewy calm slash Zack femm I’ll have a link below plus get free Shipping for life and though contiguous 48 states today I have a lot of training Lined up for inertia and I usually like To proceed my training sessions with a Light game of fetch just to kind of let Her get some of that playful enthusiasm Out it kind of helps her to focus plus It gets all those wonderful brain Chemicals working that make training so Much fun please don’t jump on the Furniture Bring it to me I swear she waits for the Camera to start and then she’s like no Rules right now when she does jump on The furniture I’m encouraging her to get Off and then I’m focusing on moving on

With the lesson let go go get it yeah Bring it to me as you can see I’m still Struggling to get her to bring back the Toy I’m gonna switch toys though right Now because she’s so into this other one With some toys she’ll bring them back More reliably than others She seems extra interested in that one Let’s see how she does with this one let Go go get it come on this way come on I’m opting to slow down the pace of this Lesson and give her a chance to think it Through thank you yes let go good so There she should the initiative to bring It to me can I have it perfect let go So she really likes this toy too but That other one just had her really Intrigued in a way that almost caused Her to be overly excited she’s Definitely about to try to jump on that Chair so there I intercepted her because She was thinking about jumping on there It looked like so I tried to get in the Way let’s go good job let go since her Fetch is getting a little more reliable Here I’m going to start to integrate Some practice on her basic skills things That she’s gotten pretty reliable at Like sit for example using toys as Currency can yield incredible results But it takes a bit of time to teach a Dog that a single toss of a toy can be Earned in exchange for listening to Various requests this is a great way to

Sneak in some extra practice while your Dog is in this excited frame of mind she Got on the furniture come on this way Let’s go good job she’s pretty Responsive when I encourage her happily To get off the furniture no need to yell At her do your best to be ahead of your Dog in order to prevent unwanted Behaviors like jumping on the furniture Let’s work on hug sit using toys as a Reward is not a smooth process at first With most dogs so be prepared to work Through this new concept with them over Many training sessions see she does it a Lot more excitedly for a toy than she Will for a treat but I want her to do That more calmly sit look at me wait Wait almost if I were to do it with Treats she would go right up there all Politely and calmly but I wanted to be Able to use toys as a currency so the Key is encouraging calmness while Playing and really trying to get that Excitement convert it into focus sit Wait Hugs wait wait okay good job so little Tug and a short toss should let her know That honoring my requests is likely to Get her something she values in this Case play so in the way that I’m asking Her to do a sit or the hug I’m not gonna Ask her to do a skill like that every Single time I throw you know I’ll Probably go ahead and throw three in a

Row now because she really enjoys that I Don’t want to put a major buzzkill on The game by turning it all into school Let go interesting we’re looked into let Go there that’s a new development we’ll See if that continues let’s try stand And wave that’s a little more Challenging wait wave wait look at me Wait yes okay good perfect dope now that She’s had a little bit of exercise in I’m gonna switch up my currencies into Our typical training session look how She’s excited and jumping on me I bet You when she discovers I’ve got food She’s gonna get all polite she’s Probably gonna go into her sit see that You’re so predictable when you’re using Food as a currency it has a way of Getting your dog to behave a little more Ideally it’s a little easier to Communicate with most dogs when you’re Using a real high-value currency so Let’s do an update on turn turn is Valuable later on when it comes to Putting your dog in various positions The objective is basically to have her Turn and pivot on this front feet like This so that I can eventually put her Into the heel position which I’ll update You on in a second okay oh I like that So she actually went the other way but She just volunteered that so I’m gonna Actually jackpot that because that was a Beautiful-looking turn heel is where

Your dog gets in position right beside You very close to your thigh it’s really Handy when you’re in urban settings or You just want to teach your dog this Skill of staying near you for whatever Reason but keep in mind when you’re Teaching your dog a heel it’s only done For short periods of time in other words A lot of people think that’s how you’re Supposed to walk your dog full-time and That’s not realistic the more realistic Way to walk your dog is to keep them Within 4 to 6 feet of you on a loose Leash wait wait yes wait Yes wait yes good I don’t really want to Going into that sit but I like that She’s turning so we’re still early Stages on this Stan and see right here She’s a bit confused she’s like what do You mean I wanted her to basically stay Standing and do this motion that’s what We’re going for here wait can you get Her wound up with wait good turn still Pretty good cuz see she’s getting real Close to my thighs still a little in Front of me but I want her over here but Again we’re not gonna be that picky at This point in her training turn you see If I can intercept that sit though turn Yes so I gave her an enthusiastic yes Just before her butt hit the ground and I’m hoping for her to be like whoa I Better not sit I did something right Right there that’s the reaction I’m

Trying to elicit from her Stan wait turn Yes good right there she didn’t sit you See how I intercept her even though this Is sloppy I’m rewarding the fact that She didn’t sit so you have to really Reward small efforts wait look at me Turn yes yes oh that’s so good so this Is new territory again not a good heal But I’m trying to break this habit that She has of going into the sit we’re Gonna continue to work on this there’s Obviously a lot to work out to get her Into that heel position but that’s not Gonna stop us from working on walking at Heel just a few feet at a time so I want To make sure that I can get a decent Heel in here before I ever expect her to Do it anywhere else because this is the Easiest training environment that she Spends the most time training in here or In the house you can have your dog heel On the right left both sides it really Doesn’t matter I’m starting with a left Heel though the goal here is to keep an Ursa on one side of me while I move and A good heel takes many months to perfect We’re gonna do this off leash there’s no Need to use a leash when teaching heel Because the leash isn’t how you Communicate with your dog look at me Getting eye contact is essential for Heal your dog really needs to check in With you extremely often if not Completely stare at you okay let’s go

Yes see that half a step and look at That she’s already out of heal but I Just got her to stay near me okay let’s Go Yes wait yes yes I love that she’s Holding a stand position and not going Into a sit right now okay look at me yes Good turn I’m just gonna actually kind Of lure her to keep her close yep okay Let’s go I started to get too too far Ahead there so I’m gonna actually bring It back it’s really important that your Dog stayed just to your side for a heal Yes very good Wait look at me okay yes okay yes no Never mind She got two angles want to break that Habit from the beginning let’s go sit Yes I suspected she was about to walk Ahead so I wanted to catch her Succeeding look at me okay let’s go yes Yes look at me okay yes that was a Wonderful example of where we are on Heal small steps literally speaking but He was a great exercise to not only Teach your dog how to walk nicely in Small spurts it’s a great exercise in Building overall communication which is Why I love teaching it Play dead you’re amazing come alive good Job wait hug okay What’s your foot over there you know how To do this thank you so hug is looking Really good and this is a handy scope

Putting your paws up on something good Job for example we’ve been working on This variation yes wait look at me Yes because I’m trying to get her eyes Off of the treat like if I hold it right There she’s like really staring at it Look at me yes very nice I want to eventually be able to have a Look in various directions that’s the Thing you sometimes don’t realize when You’re teaching something that it can Turn into something else and they start Generalizing these skills check this out On the other leg no training at all I Mean it gets to a point where your dog Is just like okay I know how to do that And that’s what we’re working on so Really good communication you’re look at Me it might not look like much to have Or do it on a different leg but that’s a Significant variable change and let’s See how back stall is going wait Staal good ok good job so encouraging Her not to jump to get down safely I’m Also staying very low to the ground Another great communication building Exercise after training I put an Ursa up For a nap but she’s not too enthused About it she’s throwing a bit of a fit Right now this is something we’ve been Working through she obviously wants to Be out here and I want her to be out Here so I’m doing this little game Whereas when she’s quiet I get real

Close So I’m teaching her that if she wants Out there’s a protocol to be let out Makes me go farther away on the way Farther away yes I’m gonna stop she got Quiet for a little bit see that she’s Trying she’s really trying and this is Clearly just frustration on her part now If I hadn’t exercised her if I hadn’t Been working with her earlier today then This would be much more understandable But she’s had quite a bit of time with Me today you know now is a good time to Remind you that I cover all basic Training in my books including dealing With behaviors like crying and whining Yes the reward by the way if you’re Wondering is being let out I’m going to Be using the environment as the currency That’s what she wants by the way if this Was the first exercise I’ve been doing This would be asking way too much but This is at the point where she is I Think I’m going to be looking for the Automatic weight I’m not gonna tell her – this should be no problem she’s Nailing this one ok looks like I’d Pushed her a little too far there let me Put her back into the crate and see if We can try again yes very good so we’re Gonna try that again I’m not gonna make her stuff we’re here Okay sometimes some tough love like that Is necessary it breaks my heart to see

Her have any anxiety at all but she also Needs to learn that sometimes she has to Be alone I wanted her to be Well-mannered as much of the time as Possible but while balancing that was The fact that she’s only 15 weeks old You can see the leash biting it’s still An issue this has been an ongoing issue Since she was 8 weeks so this is Literally an issue we’ve been working on For seven straight weeks this is how Powerful mother nature is because she’s Teething in nursery come here leave it Alone Yes stand wait yes all right She’s all warmed up let’s get on with Leash training the reason we’re doing Walking in the house is just to really Teach her how to stay close to me in an Environment that’s different than the Last one that I practiced in but still Relatively easy now I’m gonna put the Leash on her just so she’s comfortable With the leash on but I don’t intend to Use the leash at all during this Training session even though it’s a Leash walking training session that Might seem counterintuitive right but It’s a variable I want her to know that This thing attaches to her sometimes There’s tension on it when she pulls Ahead if nothing else just to know hey There’s something that has weight that’s Gonna be around you and it’s a good

Opportunity to practice leash fighting As well so we’re gonna walk back and Forth right here and see how she does Are you ready let’s go this way come Here good perfect all right let’s go up Here look at me and you can see that Look at me how important it is because Your dog’s attention starts to wane Right here at the jumping the leash Biting let’s go I’m just gonna put her Into a sit I’m gonna randomly reward on That because that’s it’s extremely Reliable if she thinks there’s even a Chance of her getting a treat she’s Gonna hit that sit very close to a Hundred percent of the time okay look at Me sit yes This way look at me please yes I was Patient there I said look at me please Waited and then I figured she would Remember I hope you’re getting a sense As to a realistic timescale to get some Of these basic things taught and I would Consider this pretty rapid for her so if It takes longer than this that would Also be completely normal She started to walk ahead there and pull And I just kept the leash anchored to my Hip so that she couldn’t advance and it And pullback but this is part of Managing her and keeping her close You need cumulative hours of this type Of training indoors before you can Expect to have this even remotely

Reliable in an outdoor environment That’s probably like five minute Sessions here and they’re dedicated to Leash walking in your house or in a Familiar area for your dog when you Throw them in the deep end without Preparing them you’re likely to get all Sorts of reactions from your dog Anything from over excitement to Nervousness facing in distracting Environments is extremely important not Bad I think it’s time to go into the Real world in train we’re not gonna let Bad weather stop us I’m at a brand new Place this is actually a pretty classic Place in New Orleans this is the Peristyle in city park and we were just Coming out here to the park to do some Socializing and it started raining so we Found shelter here this is as good a Place as any to do some socializing or Inertia it looks like another passerby Is also seeking shelter from the rain so It’ll be a little challenging to keep And nurses attention inertia come good Notice heavy reward on come when called I’m in a brand new place I’m gonna do my Best to make sure that she really enjoys Coming to me it’s a fine line I really Want her to smell and explore this Environment but I don’t want her licking The ground or picking things up ought to Really manage her here she’s feeling a Little anxious I’m gonna let her go out

The rains letting up a little bit There’s no reason she can’t get a little Wet the back that’s probably good for if She does sometimes your dog will have to Encounter rain in the real world best to Expose it to them in a situation like This where you have good control so I Can easily take shelter if the rain Becomes too much or if she becomes Nervous Inertia come leave it alone okay she’s Unresponsive right now so I just kind of Look ridiculous Standing out here in the rain trying to Get my dog to come to me come on let’s Go yes there we go Got it got it good job here you go I’m Gonna give her a big reward for that I Just stuck with her my next step if she Didn’t listen I was just gonna pick her Up and bring her over here but Fortunately I didn’t have to do that She hasn’t explored this corner at all Yet you can see she’s really interested In everything and we’re gonna give her a Lot of leeway and a lot of tolerance Because we’re taking into account that She’s 15 weeks old exposure to things Like this is really important before you Expect them to just listen to you all The time everywhere we have the faint Distant sound of thunder we have birds In the background and light rain she’s Not reacting in a way that makes me

Think she’s nervous or scared by the Thunder as many dogs often are come on Yes good girl do you want some chicken Can’t hurt you give her some chicken Every time the thunder and lightning Occur that way we condition her I don’t Want to let her get too close to the Water’s edge they’re gonna pick her up And bring her over here because in a Situation like that if she starts really Getting resistant I’ve got to take her Safety into account let’s go come on It’ll let her get ahead this isn’t Really disciplined leash walking here This is one of our first times being Able to take her fully in public due to Her vaccination status now being up to Date she has the green light from her Vet Inertia this way oh good now she’s Really more responsive inertia back this Way come on bye good work okay now let’s Go this way That’s really good that’s responsive and In this case the the environment the Action continuing seems to be enough Incentive for her we’re rewarding with Treats is less necessary so I’m using Her surroundings as her currency in this Instance what I hope to demonstrate on This final pass here is that she’s Hopefully more responsive than she was The first time because this area has Become more familiar to her so if it’s

More familiar she’s like oh yeah I’ve Been here before let’s go come on Leave it alone there’s some food on the Grad to bone it’s an animal bone right There see I didn’t even plant that That’s real leave it alone you cannot Have that okay come here Leave it enter shut this way sit thank You there we go so we got her into a sit It was a little tough to get her Attention to be honest with you right There okay we’re gonna go this way let’s Go come on By it’s been really working to say bye She’s like oh no don’t leave Oh we’ve just had a crowd of people up Here behind us I don’t want her just Trying to pull towards those people wait Look at me hey inertia sit look at me Yes you want that okay over stimulating Situation it’s like I want to know more About those people over there but she Can’t think that we’re just gonna go to Everyone just cuz they’re there Look at me yes I’m practicing look at me Because this is a really good Opportunity to encourage her to look up At me with distractions mild Distractions in the distance good I’m Gonna now turn around to make it a Little bit easier I’m gonna go that way Look at me up here okay can’t get our Attention on these so interesting come On this way let’s go come on yes good

Girl so I just encouraged her to follow Me there good job alright now I’m gonna Stop here sit will you give me a sit the Ground scents are overpowering I’m Really probably pushing her too much Here I’m just gonna let her go this way Right now because she’s a little Overwhelmed and I don’t want her to be Frustrated so I’m gonna give her a break It’s that balance you have to strike I Mean read your dog you’d be amazed what A five-minute break can do after an Exciting outing like that this is a good Time to let her play with Indy she’ll be A little bit slower right now and he’s Got some pep in her step inertia and Indiana have been playing pretty Frequently like this Indy does a pretty good job of letting An Ursa know when she’s had it and she Still has really measured reasonable Responses go pick up your free extra Super cheer box when you sign up for a 6 Or 12 month subscription I’ll have a Link below get to know us more and keep Up in real-time on Instagram and tik-tok Subscribe and click the bell Notification to be notified every time We upload a video and get one or both of My books too I’ll have all of the links Below in the next episode we’ll try to Get an Ursus counter surfing under Control do more training in public We’ll do a play date with Lola the

Silkie will leave an Ursa alone while we Go grocery shopping and see how she does And More [Music]

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