How I’m Training My Dog To Stop Being Crazy 😜!

How I’m Training My Dog To Stop Being Crazy 😜!

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I’m beyond excited right now because we Decided to take a spontaneous trip to Of all places anchorage alaska I’m zach george i train dogs this is my New dog and i’m gonna show you how i Trained her From day one things definitely won’t Always go smoothly You can start from the beginning or you Can pick up anywhere subscribe and hit The bell notification so you never miss An episode When you put into motion an approach Based on love and respect your results Will forever Remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Let’s say you’re not a professional Trainer like me and you really want Something to keep your training on track Pup box is a subscription box Specifically designed to help you train Your dog in a way that No one else does so if your dog was five Months old for example they would send You A box like this and by the way notice How you get a training guide for example This month has a strong emphasis on Teaching your dog how not to jump I love that they send you a gulpy these Things are awesome obviously with young Dogs you want to be able to take them to Lots of new places

So having water with you at all times Super important Super high quality toy many young dogs Might tend to rip Apart toys this one doesn’t rip apart Easily and if it did They wouldn’t pull any stuffing out that Would be potentially harmful Tug ropes are particularly important Because dogs naturally like to play tug Of war So you can use this as a reward for them But having a variety of things for your Dog to chew on Or to interact with when you can’t tend To them is vital look at the treats they Sent this month they’re actually minnows They’re whole minnows All right well inertia’s in i highly Recommend pup box i think your dog will Love it Inertia certainly does pupbox is giving Viewers of the dog training revolution 50 off of their first pup box when you Sign up for a three six Or 12 month subscription just go to Zack and use discount code zack i’ll Have a link below One of the great things about this Airbnb is that there’s a nice big window For her to look out One of the bad things about this airbnb Is that there are things for her to bark

At out of that window Innershot come Light out good girl so we continue to Call inertia off things that excite her Inertia come Lie down this time stay and my wife Who’s holding the camera is actually From Alaska so it’s so great to be here with Someone who actually knows the area so Brie we have high expectations that You’re going to give us the ultimate Alaskan tour I’ll try and we’re really hoping to give Inertia lots of new experiences too and Obviously we’re in a new place here this Is an airbnb In anchorage and i wanted to kind of Tell you guys a little bit about what we Look for in a place when we’re on the Road obviously we look for a pet Friendly place and we also wanted Something with a fenced yard for extra Security And a place for inertia to be off leash Throughout the day when we are at home We always make sure to talk to our host About the dog that we’re bringing and we Check to make sure they’re okay with Things like Occasional barking for example now one Of the first things i do is show Inertia where the appropriate place to Do her business is potty accidents are

Particularly common when you go to new Places with newly potty trained dogs Like inertia who’s Just over a year old now so it’s really Important to just kind of assume that They’re going to be thrown off and Potentially have potty accidents in that Place It takes a certain amount of life Experience for a dog to Truly understand and generalize that Every house Is not to be peed or pooped in so Deliberately showing them where to go is Very important And i am pleased to report that in our First day so far at least We’ve had no potty accidents at all so Good job inertia My goal today is to test her see how She’s doing and of course Exercise her so that she can get a lot Of that energy out We’re going to get inertia ready to go Here one of the things i like to Practice at Any new place that we’re staying is stay At the door you know that’s a Potentially life-saving skill Not just for cars but in alaska’s case Because of moose and bears it’s Important that i’m able to go outside And check and make sure everything is Safe and okay

You know with stay we really like to Practice Proofing it i want to be able to pull on Her and know that she’s going to stay i Mean that to me illustrates she Understands the concept That’s very good inertia look at that Okay good girl of course i did forget to Look for moose No moose we’re good this is a baseball Field which i love For training my dog because i like to Take advantage of the fenced area this Is fantastic though i’ve never seen this At a baseball field look at this all They’re requesting is that i pick up After my dog That is a fair deal i love places like This when i’m training because i can Take the lead off And then relatively secure i can Practice some of our off leash training Because she doesn’t know that it’s Completely Fenced in and then i’m going to exercise Her but right now i’m just going gonna Let her do her thing Smell check it out i mean she’s never Been anywhere near This part of the earth it must smell Very different inertia come That’s what’s good i’m in a new place And i can test come when called when She’s highly distracted by a new place

That was excellent right there so she Was sniffing around and i was able to Just throw come win called at her she Came to me That’s always reassuring to know your Dog will do that when in a new place so She’s still not completely perfect in That department but we’re gonna continue To work On it she’s definitely doing a very good Job though we often play with the lead On her when we’re playing frisbee and That would still be okay but i think She might be ready for some off-leash Fetch today Good catch inertia come see where she Drops it Not bad i’ll take it trying to get her To drop it a little bit closer to me but Right now i just want to get her Exercise and Have some fun and with the cooler Weather i want to take advantage of that To do some longer training Sessions with her let go give her a Little bit more exercise than normal Good Inertia bring it to me she got a little Distracted by her pup box toy which we Have over there But she’s still elected to come back and Then even as she’s coming back she Caught other scents On the ground but again she still had

The discipline to keep coming back to me Which is really good and she’s holding Her stay as we have Bikes drive by which is really exciting And really great too We have dogs walking by stay You know we’ve been working on a lot of Her dog reactivity issues that was good I was prepared To grab her if she started to bark but She passed the test there good job If you want a detailed guide on getting Your dog to be more reliable off leash Check out both of my books I like to periodically test her focus When in new places of course So let me see if she’ll do a more Advanced trick here Ready inertia she’s doing a good job With all the air traffic we have in the Area which is really common here in Anchorage because That’s how you get around this state Ready stall Stay Pretty good pretty good okay good job If you have a dog who reacts to other Dogs and barks at them as inertia has Been known to do A training environment like this is Great especially if you can get them Playing fetch Because you can get their energy out if I do a few more throws like this she’ll

Be Panting and as dogs walk by she won’t Even really have the desire to get up And bark at them Because she is getting such a great Outlet By the way her drop is looking really Good over here i like that she’s Dropping it right at my feet Her speed on the retrieve is looking Extra impressive too And see with every throw here she’s Becoming more and more Tired which is going to translate to her Being more reliable Because you can see when a dog’s had That kind of outlet that If a dog walks by over here as we’re About to find Out we’re going to see how she does Because we have a dog walking by close Range here You can see there’s a little bit of Anxiety there she would like to go up to The dog and play with the dog and There’s a time and a place for that just Not right now so that illustrates the Point she’s still not you know totally Perfect she’s still very interested in Another dog But i have to think that exercise is Going to make it easier for these Concepts of staying when she wants to go To sink in i mean i love how she’s

Watching these dogs at a distance and Keeping her composure It was her being off leash you know she Could easily run up to that dog and Start barking and hey No stay see she’s thinking about it I’m gonna pick my battles here i’m not Gonna put her back into the down as long As she’s staying that’s really what i Care most about right now And you can see she’s really conflicted That she wants to go up there but she Has also learned that listening probably Pays off better for her now i wouldn’t Be much of a dog trainer if i didn’t Practice with inertia on some of her Basic skills and tricks to see how she Does In a brand new place like this she’s Learning how to weave through my legs Let’s see how that’s going Keep going and yes crawl Come on yes You want a minnow yep i don’t think We’ve done an update on her somersault Lately you might remember one of the Areas where i was stuck on her Somersault was getting her to do it Without holding a tree Yeah good job good work there was no Food treat in my hand When i gave her the signal let’s see if We can get a better one Okay but perhaps her form would be a

Little bit better if i would give her a Treat right now because see with the Lore she’s like oh yeah You throw in one request here and there Without a lure that’s the formula to Weaning them off that lure you can’t Just do it all at one time Somersault’s still looking pretty good i Was wondering if that trick was going to Stick because i taught it to her when She was so young and made of rubber Still Now she actually has real bones in her And she can still do it so Pretty cool let’s see how she’s doing on Walking backwards on her hind legs Stay okay Yes that was awesome that might be her Best one yet to us The dog training experience isn’t just About how to teach your dog a b Or c it’s living your life with them and Teaching them how to live with you In a way that enhances your life Together and going to new places and Exploring them with your dog Is super fun and rewarding for both of You so we’re going to continue To share our journey with you all around Alaska here for the next several videos And We can’t wait to show you what we Learned check out the description to Learn how to get 50

Off of your first pup box subscribe to My channel and if you’re interested in Learning how to train your dog more Check out my books too follow us on Instagram too to see how inertia’s Training is coming along Every day see you guys next time You

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