How I’m Training My Dog To Walk On Leash (Some people might not agree with this!)

How I’m Training My Dog To Walk On Leash (Some people might not agree with this!)

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What’s this what are you kidding me that Was amazing I’m Zack George I trained Dogs this is my new dog and I’m gonna Show you how I trained her from day one Things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can pick up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notification So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience In this episode we’ll check in on Inertia’s leash walking will cover a Bunch of tricks and see how she’s doing With getting her nails trimmed treats Are a huge part of training a dog and You guys are always asking me Zack what Kind of treats do you use when you train And to be honest with you it really Depends like people dogs aren’t always In the mood for the same thing so it’s Really important that your dog find Whatever treat you’re using very Reinforcing to them and you want Something that’s really going to capture Their attention pup firt has really Curated the best of the best treats out There for example these freeze-dried Chicken treats are new and inertia will Do almost anything for these I’ll often Use the sweet potato treats in lieu of The meat based treats too just to kind

Of keep her diet really balanced I’ll Throw a mixture like this on my treat Pouch just so that I can try different Things depending on how the training Session is going pup words ingredients Are very often a single ingredient like The potatoes or in the case of these It’s only two different ingredients in The entire treat so they have smaller Treats like this which are really great For training but sometimes you just want To give your dog a nice reward and let Them chill out that’s why I like to give Inertia this chicken jerky sometimes to Just let her check out and enjoy Something after a long day of training They have salmon jerky to wait your turn And remember puppet is always coming up With new and different treats that dogs Just go crazy over I’m gonna have the Details in the description where you can Pick all of this up you guys remember I’ve been doing flashcards so as inertia Learns new things I put them on the Flashcard and practice them at random Kind of keeps me from forgetting about Things it gets her in the habit of doing Things in different orders as well There’s a few things I haven’t updated You guys on lately so let’s go through a Few of these and see how she’s doing Summersaults we have okay let’s see I Did intersect him here okay Admittedly I haven’t been practicing

This one very much since it’s pretty Physically demanding and she’s only Seven months old whoa did you see how I Was able to pull the lure far away there At the last second that’s how you start Phasing out the hand signal that was her Best somersault ever I think without the Lure let’s do it one more time and see If we can get the lure even farther away Over here Stan Wait what’s this what are you kidding me That was amazing Good girl what is our next one down from A stand and scanned from a down she’s Supposed to go into a down not a sit for Herself and we get in the habit of Putting our dog into a sit and then a Down she’s in a stand lie down Yes good still having to use a lot of Visual communication with her look at me Can you stand okay back up Oh interesting the way we’ve been Working on backup is from the heel so Look at me back up like she’s been Getting a little crooked so I’ve really Been needing I need to just fix that but We’ll worry about that later Yes I need to get her back up looking Better so we’re only doing it in short Little chunks like yes like that so That’s where backup is right now okay Back stall cool I’ve been doing the back Stall like this wait stall like you know Really low okay fine you get the

Pictures she’s supposed to stay up there But I’m working on teaching her how to Jump on my back when I’m a little bit Higher up stall okay so this is the State of the back stall right now we’ll Continue to work on that all right Wave over here this one I think we can Knock this one out you want it from a Stand or a sit wait yes I love that I Guess the bottom line using flash cards Is fun keeps you and your dog extra Sharp and that’s a snapshot on how Inertia is doing on some of our training Teaching tricks is a fabulous way to Build a bond with your dog and to build Communication with them which will help You deal with some of the most common Problem behaviors Check out my second book it tackles the Most common problems that people deal With today is an exciting day because I’m going to attempt to introduce this Dremel to inertia this is a good way to Keep her nails nice and short and smooth But here’s the thing I have no idea how Far I can get doing this not only is it A motorized device but it spins very Rapidly it has to make contact with I Mean you can see how if you just go Straight into this she’s gonna be like Yo what what’s up with that That’s what I want to avoid so I really Don’t know how far I’m gonna get in this Lesson if I get just as far as having

Her sniff the dremel and that’s as far As she wants to go then That’ll be okay I’m letting her Investigate this see if she’ll sniff it On her own I just want her comfortable Exploring it you use a really good Quality treat when you’re doing this so Make sure it’s something your dog really Loves rather than turn it on let’s do This yes because eventually I want to be Able to file her nails down with this Right now I’m just kind of letting her Barely lick on the treat she’s giving Just a tiny bit you can see I’m moving It back and forth with a grab her foot Yes I’m noticing that she keeps pulling Her leg away just a little bit so she Seems a little suspicious maybe I should Make this a little bit easier when she Shakes my hand she voluntarily lets me Hold her hand so let’s practice that for A little bit I’m touching her nails Making sure she’s really accepting of me Touching her nails now is a really big Moment I’m going to turn on the dremel For the first time and the goal from the First training session is just to get Her to associate this with a treat right Now I’m gonna go all the way over here I’m gonna do this yes I’m just being Really careful let’s go a little bit Closer a little bit longer yes Let it run here she’s I mean her body Language suggests that she’s like okay

Cool whatever Yes it’s at real close range we try Something here okay it’s almost like you Can see you’re putting it together like Wait a minute Second to do something with my nails Okay I’m having this intentionally go in The background right now just to get her Used to that going on presenting her paw Yes oh that was the moment I just went For it they’re like I just barely Touched her nail and then I’m providing A jackpot reward I’m using really small Treats here but I want to be able to use Them a lot during a conditioning session Shake yes good no it’s two successes Just a matter of being pretty tedious in These early stages but it’s so worth it If you can do this successfully so it Looks like she’s offering a play dead I Can grab her paws that way pretty Willingly and she doesn’t resist too Much let’s see how that works Wow that was good and so you do the same Thing for the rear legs I won’t make you Sit through all of this but you get the Point this is the kind of thing I like To take nice and slow so I’ll continue To work on this and I’ll keep you posted Let’s talk about leash walking teaching A dog that wants to run in Rome like Inertia does to walk slowly and steadily Near me is a bit counterintuitive tor Honestly this is one of our biggest

Areas where we’re struggling today I’m Going to try to get some of her energy Out first and then we’re going to have An updated leash walking session to see How she’s doing Ready go look at that one Hey World-class baby go get it there we go And here I’m just focused on getting Your energy out it’s not like I’m Insisting that you catch everything I Throws come on over here Bye-bye come on yes come on look at that As you can see her catch ratio isn’t Exactly high right now but that’s not The point the point is that she’s Running and when she burns off that Excess energy it’s going to be easier For her to pay attention when a dog has An issue pulling on their leash this is How I like them to look just before my Training sessions in those first several Months of training panting like this so That they’re nice and win did they feel Satisfied they’ve got some out the Four times now I think it’s a lot more Reasonable for me to expect focus from Her and to insist on it I think we’ll go Up this street right here and you can See there’s still tension it’s not as Though she’s so beat that she can’t pull She can still pull so it’s still gonna Be a little bit challenging on this Lesson I think and I don’t believe I’ve Ever walked with her of this particular

Street either there’ll be new smells new Sights and sounds and all that sort of Thing yeah good when she automatically Looks up to me like that I’m gonna Reward at a pretty high rate right now In this particular lesson as she gets Older that won’t be as necessary hey Wait wait has come in real handy on Leash training lessons but see when she Gets ahead of me I’m able to tell her to Wait and pretty reliably she’ll wait in This context there you go good job okay Let’s go hey easy let’s go back this way When your dog naturally offers you their Attention like this Do your best to take advantage of it and Don’t let the moment go unnoticed Wait yeah good what’s good this way come On easy Wow nice job in a nurses case She was susceptible to becoming Distracted by a squirrel a dog or a cat In the distance so one of my priorities Is getting her to focus back on me when She becomes distracted there’s an Automatic look at me so I want to Reinforce that by saying hey I love that Good job inertia my goal here isn’t Distance there is no destination in mind It’s just general walking it’s worth Reminding you that dogs pull because They walk faster than us naturally so We’re asking them to walk unnaturally Slow that’s why it’s so hard for them Let’s go here nice loose leash good job

Inertia She’s getting a little distracted here See if she gives me your attention Voluntarily let me just wait this one Out Yes good we are kind of in the middle of The road right now it does make my job Easier in the middle of the road than it Does on a sidewalk because the sidewalk Is more narrow but I guess I should do a Little bit of sidewalk training out here This way what and you can see just by Virtue of moving from the street to the Sidewalk new smells things to explore it May not seem like a big difference but It is a significant one at least your Dog this shop really sums up where we Are in our leash walking training right Now at least on the sidewalk as I turn Around here you’ll notice a bit of Tension on the leash as I encourage her To follow me this is definitely not Ideal however since inertia does not Appear to perceive this as overly Aversive in the same way that I might Encourage a young child to move along by Grabbing them by the hand I’m doing the Same here with inertia to give her some Gentle encouragement and even though She’s looking up at me basically saying Hey can I have a treat I am so fine with That right now because it’s her Willingly giving me her attention that’s The bigger picture so try not to get too

Hung up on the fact that you’re having To use rewards pretty extensively during This this beginning to intermediate Training period okay since this is a Training walk and I don’t have a Destination I’m just gonna chill out Here I’m probably gonna go back this way Because you might notice when I go back This way it’s familiar territory so She’s more likely to be compliant I say It’s familiar because she was just there A moment ago yes see going back look how Easy this is But we turn around we go up to this new Stretch of sidewalk this is the point Where we haven’t gotten past let’s see If the polling resumes as we go over Here so far so good right there there’s The polling if you look at her eyes in Her nose right now she’s so heavily Stimulated smart dogs like to check Their world out come on easy I say easy To mean slow down or use caution that’s Something she really learns through Context for example when I have a bad Frisbee throw that might be going in the Direction I don’t want it to I’ll say Easy as if to encourage her to not Pursue it too aggressively so it’s all About context that’s how our dogs learn What words mean yes good girl oh yes Hayes will bring her back here since she Was so readily focused on me there Love it you were getting so smart young

Lady wait good girl Can you back up good let’s walk yes Since we’re in the more challenging part Of the sidewalk now again the new part Of the sidewalk that she hasn’t been to I’m really upping that rate of rewarding That rate of reinforcement giving her Like every second or 1/2 second if I Have to if your dog was really Struggling I mean you would do this Remember treating at this rapid rate Would only be a temporary measure as Your training improves the need to treat Decreases and if your dog weren’t taking Treats at all well that’s just a sign That they need to be exercised or have Some more exposure to similar Environments where you’re not asking Them to do a lot so we’ve worked really Hard just to get her to the point where She’ll take treats in a neighborhood Setting because she’s starting to get Used to it no pulling right ears I’ve Been talking yes let’s go easy weight Breakdown on weight right there In this newish environment so I need to Give that some attention so I’m actually Gonna work on weight separately right Now so there we go when you see that Your dog is struggling like that whether Or not listening to weight during a Training walk like this take 30 seconds 2 minutes whatever it is to really zoom In on that breakdown and see what you

Can do to repair it and make it more Reliable dogs will detect that lack of Consistency in your part and Exploited Good oh my gosh good inertia continues To improve greatly on her leash walking Skills and people often think that Teaching leash walking to a dog hoop Holes is a quick process but to really Motivate To do it without using force requires Patience and understanding a smart girl Like inertia really loves checking Everything out so for her to summon Enough control to walk more politely Takes time and practice pretty good Leash walking session I’d say that was a Nice training walk very short distance But really focusing on communication and How I want her to behave as the emphasis Of this walk yes yeah you don’t even Need a leash in the next episode we’ll See how inertia continues to do in the French order where she has traditionally Had a tough time and will make an Attempt at chaining together some of These tricks into a routine and remember Puppet is always coming up with new and Different treats that dogs just go crazy Over I’m gonna have the details in the Description where you can pick all of This up see how inertia is doing with Her training in real time by following Us on Instagram and tick-tock subscribe To my channel and click that Bell

Notification so you get notified every Time we upload a new video and get my Book guide to a well-behaved dog for all Of my most detailed training advice in One place [Music]

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