How I’m Training My Dog To Walk on Leash Without Pulling….UPDATE!

How I’m Training My Dog To Walk on Leash Without Pulling....UPDATE!

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In this episode I’m going to put Inertia’s leash walking to the test and Hopefully make some progress towards Getting her to listen to me in brand new And exciting places I’m Zak Jorge I Trained dogs this is my new dog and I’m Gonna show you how I train her from day One things definitely won’t always go Smoothly you can start from the Beginning or you can take up anywhere Subscribe and hit the bell notifications So you never miss an episode when you Put into motion an approach based on Love and respect your results will Forever remain in motion this is inertia Welcome to the dog training experience Getting your dog’s food delivered is Ultra convenient especially when you Don’t have to think about it by going to Pet flow and choosing your dog’s Favorite brand of food and telling them How often you want it to be delivered You’ll never have to leave the house to Get your pets food again Plus every Order from pet flow helps to feed a Shelter pet in need get $10 off your First 3 automatic shipments when you Enter code Zach 30 L have a link in the Description below so today I’m hoping to Take you along as we do some heel Training in public she’s really good at Home or in the driveway but when you Come to a place like this things can be A little more challenging I got my green

Juice and we’re just gonna hang out here And let her adjust and once I feel like She’s adjusted and she’s not like whoa What’s all this stuff around here who Are these people what’s that dog then We’re gonna focus on training Alright I’m done it’s time to train you Now so the next thing I’m doing is Getting her familiar with the path just Letting her smell it and acclimate Herself to where she is heel is where Your dog stays by your side whether You’re standing still or moving you’ll Remember that one of the prerequisites To teaching your dog heels that you can Reliably get their attention on you look At me yes look at me Yes good she’s relatively adjusted now We’ve practiced look at me now I want to Practice putting her in the heel Position and make sure that she’ll do That willingly she’s feeling a little Anxious today and I suspect that’s Because she’s ready to get into training A little bit more am I being too boring Okay I’ll be more exciting come here There we go look at that there you go You know earlier in this series we Covered how to teach your dog this spin Into that position and so that’s Something we’ve been practicing a lot Come here heal good and then switch I Know she gets a little confused on Switch sometimes but that’s okay good

Job so now that she’s reliably doing That I’m just gonna focus on walking Making sure that you’ll pay attention to Me for many seconds at a time slow down Inertia yes good come here this way good So when you first start training he’ll You’ll hold up a lure like that right Gives him a target to look at she’s Doing great she knows you got a treat She’s like all right if I pay attention I’ll probably get that reward switch yes Good here slowly faster let’s go faster Yeah she’s really good about stopping When I stop we’ve established that she Likes looking at the treat right so the Next thing that I really want to be Focused on with her is teaching her how To look at my hand signal and this is Something we’re facing in every once in A while when her interest fades I’ll go Back and let her know I’ve got that Treat and use it as a lure so I’m not Afraid to do that but I also want to Have her be less dependent on holding a Treat up in other words I want her to be Able to respond to a hand signal or a Hear or look at me or whatever you would Like to say to your dog Switch good look at me come on and Switch yes that’s called heal yes with Field training especially in Environments like this you don’t want to Make the mistake of phasing out treats Too early and in real formal sessions

Like this I’ll even reward pretty Generously when I’m doing more casual Training I might not reward quite so Much I’ll train at 30 seconds here in 30 Seconds there lay down go on stand yes Good that was exciting Easy Come on yep good we’re also mindful to Keep practicing different turns by Taking heel to the next level I want her To be able to do a right turn a left Turn be able to speed up or slow down It’s really important for her to pay Attention to me and stay at my side Under a variety of different Circumstances sometimes I’ll have her Turn and stay on one side other times I’ll turn and keep her on the same side So she doesn’t have to switch at all so It just depends I want her to understand All of those nuances in heel training Okay you earned it you earned it It’s important to to be really cognizant Of your dog’s body language in their State of mind but if you notice your dog Is frustrated or they’re not Particularly enjoying the training Session that’s your cue to take a break Fighting the leash like this seems like A nurses way of expressing a little Impatience she seems to be saying let’s Play give me a treat what more do you Want you’ll be amazed what a two or Three-minute break might do to your

Training session so I’m sure to take Breaks very often with inertia we make It a point to practice this a few times A week and I notice that at least in a Nurse’s case sometimes she’s really on And sometimes she’s like I’m not so much In the mood so I have to be really aware Of those things and do my best to really Motivate her to want to do the training Session with me it’s normal to for many Dogs to pay attention to you and then Get a little distracted but look for Those moments where they voluntarily Give you their attention especially Without you asking for it heel is the Most disciplined form of leash walking And it requires a lot of brain power From our dogs and if you’re always Insisting on a proper heel it doesn’t Really give your dog an outlet to see Smell and experience their environment And that really is a huge part of having A dog so it’s good for mental exercise And it’s great for certain situations Especially in cities but it’s not a Substitute for more relaxed leash Walking I’m periodically testing inertia by Continuing to give her more challenging Training scenarios with the nursery Being now around one-year-old it’s time To start teaching her how to be more Reliable in a variety of different Environments and in different contexts

I’m visiting my brothers and my Sister-in-law and my niece actually here In Atlanta so the way that I like to Really introduce off-leash training is To seek out unfamiliar but still safe And secure areas in this case the yard Is completely fenced see it’s really Important in the beginning stages that The environment is completely secure but The trick is your dog shouldn’t realize That over the next 12 months or so I Really want to do extensive testing Before trusting her off leash so I’ve Got her on a 50 foot lead right now just To make sure she’s reliable before I Take her off double controlled Environments of them best my dog has Disappeared inertia come there we go There’s a good recall yes good girl all Right you might know that I like to give My dog some time to adapt and adjust in A new place so that’s what I’m doing Right now I’m just letting her explore Being as tolerant as I can so that she Is able to satisfy some of that Curiosity I first want to make sure that She’ll come to me especially when her Attention is divided like this I mean You can see she really wants to get up Into the house explore inertia come yes Good sit Why don’t good job so she’s Demonstrating that she’s pretty obedient At least under these circumstances in

This environment so I feel pretty good About taking the lead off it’s only She’ll come to me but I’m gonna Encourage her to just stay a few feet From me just to kind of make sure she Generally follows me while I walk around So let’s see hey a nurse should stay Over here let’s go come on there we go And go so I just wanted to see if she Would play with me she got a little Bored with the game that’s okay well my Brother’s pug at least wants to play no What do you think all right buddy go get It oh wow she’s kind of quick huh and What a good opportunity to practice stay With a significant distraction so that’s Something we’ve been working on teaching Her how to stay in the face of Distractions I really want to make sure That her stay is reliable in these new Places inertia lie don’t stay a down State tends to be a bit more reliable Than any other kind of stay so we’ll Keep it easy for I’m gonna walk away When come over here don’t want to push Her to failure okay come good let’s see How a nurses frisbee training is doing Keep going keep going good lie down and Come around okay this way go I’m also Really impressed with how well inertia Is doing playing fetch this close to Snus two other dogs can be so Distracting to her and she just loves to Play but she’s still staying focused

Training your dog to listen to you off Leash in new places is taught 15-20 Minutes at a time like this over the Course of many months you want to really Go out of your way to proof this over an Extended period of time because it’s Extremely important that your dog has a Lot of experience listening to you when In new distracting environment so today I’m really happy I mean inertia was reliable with Listening to me around another dog in a New place so I’m excited good job Inertia I’m proud of you get $10 off Your first three automatic shipments From pet flow and you use my special Discount codes AK 30 at checkout I’ll Have a link below subscribe to this Channel and get both of my books if you Want the maximum amount of help with Training your dog follow us on Instagram And tik-tok to see how inertia is doing In real time every single day all of the Links will be in the description of this Video See you in the next episode You

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