How I’m Training My Puppy To Listen No Matter What!

How I’m Training My Puppy To Listen No Matter What!

I’m training my puppy to listen to “stay” no matter what’s going on around her. We’ll also do lots of new puppy socialization this week and more! Thanks PupBox for sponsoring this episode! Go to and enter discount code ”ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!

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Can’t have you going out with a front Door water no stuff I’m Zach George I Trained dog and this is my new dog Inertia I’m taking you along as I train Her from day one you can start from the Beginning or pick up anywhere and start Learning Welcome to the dog training experience Today an Ursa will start learning one of The most important skills of all staying In front of an open door that leads Outside and she’ll continue to learn About interacting more appropriately With other dogs I’ve got lots of Training to do with inertia and some of Her toys are getting worn out I’m so Glad to have a new pup box What makes pup box special is that they Send you age specific items based on Your dog’s age at that time to help you Train them so you’ll see they send a Training guide to you every month talk About a tough tug toy the material they Make these toys out of is really good Like to see you rip that apart that’s a Dragon Toys can be a great way to reward your Dog this is a bone made with real bacon So super tough to chew and also Flavorful when you have a puppy you have To socialize them and making sure you Have water on the go is super important Always use quality dog treats when You’re training something your dog

Really likes let’s see what inertia Thinks of these real quick sit yes Here’s a nice natural chew toy for Variety a cow huh so if you’ve got a new Pup get a pup box go to pup box comm Slash Zack and her discount code Zack And you’ll get 50% off of your first pup Box when you sign up for a 3 6 or 12 Month subscription you can see with all This energy that inertia has it’s gonna Be really important to polish a game of Fetch with her by really having her do It well so that I can easily get our Energy out when I can’t tend to her but It’s not reasonable to just expect your Dog to be calm it’d be good without Exercising them at least if they have as Much energy as inertia does hey what’s Up what’s this go get it fetch has been Slow going with her though she still Does not know great game of fetch see How she takes the toy and runs around With it I’m trying to work with her on Bringing the toy back directly and we’ve Had some moments of success and other Moments she’s like I’m all over the Place there I’m gonna go ahead and play Some tug with her since she came in my Vicinity good job all right Let go let go it’s been great love that Get it yeah Good job Let’s see if I go to take it let’s see What she does okay and she’s actually

Pretty good if I go to take it but I Still would like to encourage her to Come to me he’s one of the things that I Think is gonna help with betch is if I Throw it like that and I’m right here in Her face to run I’m gonna stay close to Her and get her the habit of following Me yes good job let go good and when I Have a success I’m going to immediately Go into another one excellent job Good girl let go see the difference when I’m close to her she’s like okay I’ll Follow you good girl But if I do that and then say inertia Come on girl Co she beers off over here although that Wasn’t too bad Since that habit or for running around With the toy super predictable I’m Looking for ways to preempt that so in This case being close to her encouraging Her to follow me is very effective get It so as she continues to improve Indoors I’ll gradually start moving this Outdoors but she gets way too distracted Outside remember that it’s important to Get new skills reliable in an easy Environment first in general outside is One of the toughest environments to get A dog listening get it while inertia is Starting to do better at fetch inside She’s still struggling outside which is To be expected so later on we decided to Practice her fetch in an outdoor

Environment specifically I’m really Working on trying to teach her to bring Back the toy the method that’s most Effective with her so far is getting her To chase me after she’s picked up the Toy so I’m gonna use that approach for a While plus it’s keeping me in shape too Still lots of work to do on fetch but I’m really encouraged that she’s chasing Me a lot more with the toy in her mouth The fact that I can get her even a Little bit into it and this outdoor Environment remains encouraging this is Also a wonderful opportunity to work With her in a brand new environment that She’s never been in may become wind Called that would be nice I’ve got a Pretty fenced area I’ve got her on lead I’ve got kids in the background that are Distracting I have a feeling that if I Just call her right now she’s probably Not gonna come to me inertia come oh hey I was wrong good job and I’m prepared to Give her a great reward for coming to me In this new environment oh I love that That was great you can definitely see Her attention is not fully on me and That’s understandable Just be patient let those moments pass That’s kind of how it is when you’re Getting traction on training with a dog They pay attention you sometimes before They pay attention to you all the time Especially in a new place that she’s

Never been like this particular ball Field time to get a puppy class and give Inertia of some socialization with other Dogs You want someone this is fantastic for Dog training class too because you Always need to have water and it’s a Super convenient class starts off with a Quick round of play so that the dogs get Some fun in and satisfy their curiosity Then it’s time to do some light training Go to work on stay and reinforce Calmness around all these people and Dogs can you sit having a tough time Getting her attention right now she’s so Distracted yes down So we’re attention is in and out that’s As typical in this setting a lot of Excitement going on all around her so The fact that she’s even giving me an Intermittent relax and stay basically is Wonderful here I’m going to try to use Access to the other dogs as the ultimate Reward while food and play are fantastic Rewards so too is access to a particular Environment like other happy puppies so We’ll let her go and explore here she is Hanging out with her best friend Ruthie but she’s been playing with other Dogs but she loves playing with Ruthie You’ll be a nippy little overbearing so I just intervened break up play for a Minute let Oh resume puppies don’t Intuitively know how to play

Appropriately which is why early Exposure like this is helpful when Inertia becomes a bit too bitey I just Give her a quick break and let her Settle down for a second okay that’s Enough I know I know We’ll give them a break there okay back To training inertia that was a treat on The ground that wasn’t ours that she Started to go for and I thought hey why Not let me go and try and enforce leave It there see this leave it okay come Here This way come It’s getting exciting trying to get her Attention off of that and on to me That’s where the reward comes from leave It is much more than just leaving a Treat alone it’s about showing your dog How to resist tempting things pretty Good right so we’re working on weight at Your weighs in class this is so Important we have a cat that’s a Distraction over here let me see if I Can get her attention off the cat that’s Gonna be tough you want this yes can I Have a sit oh nice good what’s that oh It’s a door see that teaching a dog to Stay is important teaching them to stay At an open door is extra important yes I’m just gonna open it just a little bit And then I’m gonna reward huh right There I’m gonna close the door limiting Access to the environment where she

Wants together no need to pull back or Provide a harsh correction here she Wants to go outside so I’ll show her That there is a strict protocol before Passing through an open door leading to The outdoors wait whoops see she Flinched yes good Okay good and so right there will let Her go through only with permission so Hey not bad looking good opening up real Vigorously there yes she’s starting to Get it no meat let me throw a curveball Here inertia hey come on Okay let’s go nevermind sit wait So right there changing my mind halfway Through I don’t know maybe I saw a car As your dog begins to grasp a new Concept start varying things up a little Bit to keep them sharp this is a good Time to remind you that both of my books Together can really sum up the training Process and give you a quick guide to Training your dog and my brand new book Has a perfect five star rating on Amazon I’ll have a link below where you can Pick it up now let’s practice this skill In her home environment a nurse is not Used to going out of this door at all And I think it’s important to make stay At doorways an early priority when You’re teaching a dog what’s so great About teaching stay at doorways is that You can merge two environments you have The indoor easier environment and you’re

Starting to introduce that outdoor Environment and let it seep into your Indoor training session you see so this Is one of them real valuable things About training stay at doorways I know You saw a little bit of this from our Class but I think it’s really time to Start implementing it in real life see Even though she was doing well in class With staying in a doorway she has not Generalized this skill broadly yet for Example if I say stay and I open the Doorway right now look what she does she Just walks right out that’s no good if There’s something exciting going on or She sees something across the street and Wants to run out of the door that could Potentially be a life-threatening Situation so I and many of you need to Get this under control Let’s get her warmed up with a basic sit Yes now if your dog wasn’t sitting in This situation they’re not ready for This exercise okay I’m gonna let her Know the sit was over so in this case You know sit basically means hold that Position until I say get up but there’s No harm in also saying stay if you’ve Been working on stay there were pup ox Streets everywhere leave it alone leave It let’s see that real life leave it in Action here ah leave it alone that’s one Of the many reasons we emphasize leave It so much there are accidents and

And their surroundings all the time and This is a pretty harmless one if she Were to get the treats but could be Something more dangerous in the future First of all safety first I’ve got her On leash and harness right here so there Is not a chance that she’s gonna get Away from me I’m gonna be very vigilant But ideally from this point forward she Doesn’t go out of this door without Permission Check out the first step right here look At this just move the doorknob now let’s Move on yes okay I’m gonna let her come Up from the sit there she wants she Doesn’t have to I’m just letting her Know that it’s over there Notice how I’m on the ground to to Really keep her focused on me the closer You are the better when you’re training Something new to your dog oh and right There see I’m closing the door if she it All indicates that she might want to Investigate going out of that door I’m Right there to close it and she’s ought To be putting it together by now that oh Wow when I don’t move I get these great Treats when that door opens so that’s Step one make sure your dog can hold a Basic easy sit stay while you’re on the Ground with them and you kind of open it And get them in the mood to train you Know the problem with this comes when You’re surprised but this plants the

Seed and will cover more of that in the Future I’m sure all right so next step This is where we start putting things Together all right give me a sip please Yes good and how about let’s get that Leave it warmed up leave it look at me Yes the job that’s looking wonderful There I’m able to get her attention on Me in the face well minor distraction Now watch this sit Leave it hey hey excuse you I didn’t say okay so right there got her On the leash she can’t go out in the Front door so I’m just gonna hold it Right here I’m not pulling on her but I’m keeping her from going out there got A redirect or attention here what’s this Yes over here yes wait leave it alone Yeah that was good leave it look at me I’m insisting on that look at me at this Point in our training just so I can Teach her water to do good job so right Now she’s doing so well let’s make it a Bit more challenging for her so she Loves her dragon toy from her pup box as You saw earlier so let’s let’s get her Warmed up oh boy this is gonna be Tougher here but the whole point is we Want to introduce distractions so that We don’t wait for organic distractions To emerge and then hope our dog just Listens cuz they won’t aah oh boy let’s Try it soon yes good since leave it look At me yes good leave it look at me good

Yes good boy now let’s see if we can Throw this out of the front door Cool sit and oh closing the door no need To pull your dog back here really teach Them to think sit perfect Yes go ahead and reward for that Restraint right there leave it look at Me What’s this What’s his will give me yes okay good Job I’m gonna give her a jackpot reward There give her a few treats to let her Know I love that Leave it look at me having trouble Getting more attention let’s see it sis Yes work so it could step back there put The Treat in front of her hold it up to My eyes do what you have to do here it’s So important that you get their Attention rather than insisting on a Perfect look at me or a perfect down Protocol moving forward is to insist That she hold a stay every single time This door opens in a perfect world That’s what my goal will be and perhaps In the future I will try to make it more Distracting and really really ingrained In her that she is not supposed to go Out of this front door at all without Permission raising a dog isn’t just About making them respond to requests But we also need to provide them with Fun recreation so far inertia and India Are really enjoying one another we’re

Gonna let Indy and inertia plate inside The house see how they do we’ve been Doing this in short bursts and so far It’s been going pretty well India is increasingly more and more Comfortable with inertia so she still Has to set a nurses straight sometimes And tell her to chill out a bit in Dee’s Body language and a nurse’s body Language have really lightened up quite A bit you can see they are mutually Accepting there and very often you’ll Notice too when inertia gets rough She’ll plump on her back is it to say I Know that was a little rough but I Didn’t mean anything by it Let’s see yeah there was this one’s okay Get on your back she says a nurse is Like okay sorry Okay so we’re seeing a number of dog to Dog Corrections here from India these Are measured and extremely healthy this Is how a well-adjusted older dog can Essentially teach a younger dog proper Manners when playing and in case you Need a good example of what a Responsible chill out and don’t play That rough bark looks like there it is And inertia took her cue well in the Interest of training in public we’re Gonna go to our local building supply Store to show a nurse has some fun new Things We encountered a really loud saw that

Through inertia off at first sometimes You just need to let your dog check Things out in general when you’re in a New place like this especially at first Don’t put a strong emphasis on teaching Your dog to listen to you just yet just Let them get comfortable with everything Let’s go to another part of the store For some new exciting sights smells and Sounds oh no not right now we’re just Giving her some social experience yeah Whenever you go to a new place like this It’s common for people to want to pet a Cute puppy and it’s also very healthy For a nursery to meet lots of new people We’re gonna go check out the garden Section now Hey look at her she’s like What what’s going on here this feels Different something smells different She’s skeptical but she’s gonna get Smelly Oh is it manure of course I bet that Does have a smell to it I’ve been Letting her hang around these plants in This area over here for a few minutes to Just adjust I’m gonna see if she’ll take A treat we’ve been here for several Minutes now maybe a half hour and I Think we can try some basic training With her leave it so getting a warm Double to leave it with a hot dog before I asked her to leave something in real Life alone I like how she’s leaving These plants alone over here let me see

Let’s walk down over here and see if she Tries to grab a plant leave it alone Good smelling is fine biting is no hot Nice job inertia inertia has become Increasingly more anxious in recent days Keep in mind many puppies like to bark And that this is a natural behavior it’s Also normal for them to become anxious When we are away from them – barking is Getting a little crazy so this is a sign Of some separation anxiety that’s Starting to develop or just anxiety in General a nurse of wanting to be near me When I go out this is normal for puppies I mean they love being near us I want to Walk her through this process here I Want to be able to open the door without Her barking my goal is to be able to Walk out and have her be quiet and of Course we’ll build on this over time Opening this see it’s right when I open The door we can identify that as the Trigger yes good right there what was it Like a half a second of silence nice job Really spending some time around the Thing that’s triggering her to bark Right here now here let me see what Happens when I go over the threat Shoal yes good work very good now want To be clear this is no magic answer to Solving this type of anxiety this is Just working her through how to behave And short bursts this would require a Lot of repetition over time oh look at

That I got that door shut in everything That’s exciting Alright job honey that was real good I’m Gonna give her an extra big reward there We’ll stay out of sight and this is Gonna be risky let me go five seconds Out of sight that’s about five seconds Yes good job see how she went to go look For me good work let me see if I can Make it all the way out to the studio Now wonderful this is pushing it too Much I’m gonna hustle back give her a Reward because I don’t think she barked Did she bark no she did whine a little Bit okay all right so that’s an Improvement so I’ll go ahead and reward Her you’re doing very good so I’ll Continue to work on this over the next Probably weeks two months with a puppy They have so much energy and want to do So much all the time good work but I Think we’ll work on some central Training out here in the general area But first I’m gonna wait for her to Relax on her own and then I’ll let her Out when she’s in a relaxed state of Mind she’s looking a bit more relaxed so I’ll go ahead and let her out right now Inertia is catching on to her training And doing really well to make your Training easier sign up for a pup box And get 50% off when you sign up for a Three six or 12 month subscription I’ll Have a link below I’m on Instagram and

Tic-tock now follow me I’ll have links Below subscribe and hit that Bell Notification so you know the instant a New episode comes out next time inertia Is going to get some more socialization Learn some new tricks and more

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