How I’m Training This Pit Bull to be Good On Leash. And OFF Leash Too! [Reality Dog Training EP 16]

How I’m Training This Pit Bull to be Good On Leash. And OFF Leash Too!  [Reality Dog Training EP 16]

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I’m almost out of time with george so What i’m hoping to do today is to check In on his training and see if there’s Any last-minute improvement we can make Perhaps we can start with the barking This is reality dog training subscribe And click the bell so you never miss an Episode So today is likely to be my last serious Frisbee training session with george Before we take him to his new home so I’m really looking forward to this You’ll recall that let go has been one Of the issues that we’ve been struggling With off and on sometimes it’s good Sometimes it’s not today i’m hoping for More good than not frisbee is something That i’ve always enjoyed teaching dogs But it’s definitely physically demanding For them and i have found that good food Helps training and is a huge part of Getting great results there’s a lot of Ways to feed your dog a quality diet nom Nom is one of the freshest options Available and it meets the delicate Nutrition standards of dogs something That is shockingly hard to get right on Your own honestly i will admit it i did Try it myself and it tasted exactly like It looks nice and healthy if you guys Want to try this you can get 50 off a Two-week trial by going to Zach and entering discount code zach I’ll have a link below let’s make sure

He still remembers how to play frisbee George go Yep okay I’d say yes Let go Yes Good good start on let go now let’s see How those multiples are doing you’ll Remember multiples are where he catches Those frisbees in rapid fire succession One after the other and he needs to be a Master at let go to do that Let go Yeah good let go Hey so when doing multiples like this This is a great way to teach george how To let go of a toy and how to further Focus on me of course he’s got his eye On his ducks over there George Come Yes Okay Not so much And a lot of these frisbee tricks are Just wonderful for improving a dog’s Other skills in life well after about Three weeks of training george still Sometimes has outbursts at other dogs Reactivity is not something that gets Resolved overnight but i love how Quickly he’s able to recover this time George here sit No

Sit Stay by the way able to get him under Control without any force without any Treats right now he’s actually really Generalizing his skills quite well so I’m out here doing some leash training With george today and when he’s pretty Revved up and excited he can definitely Pull a little bit as we’ve seen but he’s Gotten a lot better for the time being Though free walks are gonna be part of My prescription for him so that he can Get some of that energy out as well as Playing fetch just before his training Lessons as we’ve done for these first Few minutes walking with george here i’m Just Letting him check everything out you Know i don’t like to just throw rules on Him straight away because Well he doesn’t know the rules Completely right he’s got to adapt and We haven’t done much neighborhood leash Walking we’ve been focused on so many Other types of exercise from like Frisbee and fetch and we’ve been doing Our free walks and a lot of screen saver Training in public environments but a Neighborhood walk well that’s something That’s fairly novel to him and when you Think about it when a dog is so new to Training everything is new to them so Finding things that can continually Compete for their attention in these new

Scenarios can be challenging and there Are times when your dog does need to Just take in their environment for a While but mixing up treats and various Currencies and toys during your dog’s First year of training can really give You newfound momentum one of my favorite Products to endorse is puffbox because It’s a training centric monthly Subscription box that grows along with Your puppy so they give you very Specific advice based on your dog’s age And they send you the appropriate items That you need with every box they Include a really detailed training card That’ll tell you what to work on each Month give pupbucks a try you can get 50 Off of your first pup box when you sign Up for a multi-month subscription by Going to Zack use the discount code zack i’ll Have the info in the description so here Comes some pulling here like he’s really Kind of intermittent on his pulling like Now there’s not pulling right and i’ll Just remind you this is after about 10 Minutes 15 minutes of fetch which is why He’s Panting right now because i Really wanted him to get that excess Energy out so he wasn’t extra frustrated On his walk notice also throughout these First couple of minutes of this walk i Haven’t been giving him treats or

Anything the bigger goal is just to get Him comfortable out here in this Environment and he’s being relatively Good it really is this first few minutes That can be extra frustrating with him In particular i really like to keep the Walk moving Which can be discouraging to my camera Operator but doing a lot of stopping With him tends to recharge him very very Quickly hold on what do we got here All right so look at this hey yes George Look at me yes good man i’ll give him a Treat for that Here you go You want a treat or not Really good around a barking dog i Really appreciate that got another Parking dog immediately here This one he’s a little more interested In isn’t that interesting so Come on Let’s go come on So he’s giving the dog a look little Excitement but very manageable right now You can see how he’s periodically Checking things out he looks up at me Sometimes he looks at his environment i Mean after all the point of a walk isn’t For our dog to pay constant attention to Us the point of a walk is for a dog to Enjoy themselves and hopefully us too Are you stopping what’s that about come

Here Here we go Yes Good see what happens here look at me Nope come Good Stay look at me Here George here Look at me You’re doing great look at that getting That eye contact Good man Here And now we go from leash walking To a proper heel Here Somewhat of a proper eel we’ll take it Nice little casual heel george here Okay And so now i’m gonna just kind of Release him here to enjoy the walk Notice i’m using the environment there I’m not using a treat letting the walk Continue letting him explore the world That can be very reinforcing to dogs Like george boy and so what are we like Six minutes into our walk so sometimes It really feels Like a long time with your dog Pulling and being uncontrollable But quite an improvement here you just Walked past the dead snake that was nice The point of this lesson is that we

Trend towards better and better walking Like most things in dog training we Don’t just get the behaviors we want Like that i think a lot of people think Of dog training as you should be able to Turn on that switch and get that dog to Behave perfectly and there’s so much Pressure on a lot of dog trainers to do That believe me I feel it all the time And i think that’s one of the reasons We’ve seen a rise of harsh tools being Very popularized In dog training culture because they Have the illusion of working quite Instantly but in reality If we really just take the time to teach Our dogs how to behave Without demanding quick fix results i Think we can get a lot quicker Results long term with them like Authentic results George Look at me yes Good boy Oh we got a dog across the street here He’s excited stay All right Now that george has settled down a good Bit i’m gonna work on some basic heel Training with him i’ll see if i can get Him to pay attention to me as we walk in A straight line good okay let’s go this Way

Good Man he’s doing really well with that Isn’t he let’s see how his left turns Are doing can he walk in a left circle While staying next to me nice left Circles there leave it Yes let’s go ahead and check out those Right turns these are a bit tougher Because he’s got to walk slower Look at me He’s really trying but overall he’s Really catching on pretty quick i mean Think about how he’s got to really Deliberately walk extra slow i mean he’s Obviously a very athletic dog whenever a Dog like him really even after exercise Goes through the effort to walk that Slow you can tell that he’s really Trying he’s really understanding the Concept and you can easily see where This is headed if this training was kept Up for several months and i keep Thinking back to when i first met him Knew nothing about him at all and Learned that he’d been sitting in a Shelter for just months and months and Months and to see how far he’s come and How much he’s learned and how well he’s Doing Has just been inspiring To see Good job around that weed whacker huh But look you know i mean just in the Interest of keeping it real here we are

At the end of our training session and We still see some pulling here right i Mean it’s not like it’s gone completely I don’t want to lead you to think that Oh just because we had a good heal Session there and he was doing well on Loose leech walking that it’s all of a Sudden fixed we still get a few seconds Of pulling here and there you’re just Looking for the trend there don’t be Discouraged if you’re not getting there All at once I’m almost out of time with george so What i’m hoping to do today is to check In on his training and see if there’s Any last-minute improvement we can make Perhaps we could start with the barking I don’t know dogs bark for a variety of Reasons i think when you see it coupled With the playful body language there Rolling over and being pretty goofy he’s Probably just in a playful mood Hey george come I like that i like that he responded to Come when called especially while in That excited state look at me Yes the winds coming off the gulf of Mexico from all the way across the world Must have many sense to them but look at That focus Good boy all right while he’s so focused I want to work We test his stay remember stay is Absolutely one of the most important

Skills a dog should know Stay I’m using a 33 foot lead today Look at me Yes Stay reiterating stay it’s being very Obvious with the hand signal just to be Very clear look at his eyes Yes You can’t do this too much this really Burns it into his brain that stay mean Stay You make that look easy don’t you sit Stay okay good man So that was pretty awesome there that Was my literally my first attempt of Doing a circle around him which is way Easier said than done i mean i started To get a little warmed up by doing a Quarter circle but then i just saw it in His eyes i mean we put in so much work Together that i really was convinced he Was in a solid state so i kind of just Went for it and i was able to get a Complete circle in the reason this is Harder than it seems is because for a Brief moment you kind of have to go out Of sight with your dog and that is weird To them Yes And since i have a 33 foot lead today Let’s take advantage of that and make Sure that we can really solidify a stay With a more significant distance the

Look in his eyes like wait a minute You’ve never gone that far away before I’m resisting the urge to call him at The end of the lead i think a lot of People do that and i do it sometimes it Just depends but i want to first Solidify this stay Walking back and forth again just to Bring some dimension to the training Here so it’s not the same every time This is a good example of proofing a Stay so it doesn’t always look the same In other words stay isn’t just always About doing a linear Walk back and stay you want them staying In a variety of different ways and Circumstances this is just one way to Add another dimension to stay See how he’s doing on come now george Come so stay is starting to look a Little bit better and even come when Called there at a significant distance In an outdoor environment first attempt Very impressive as we have established When you’re training a dog it’s way Easier to teach them how to listen to You and take direction from you when You’re really close to them but it’s When we’re farther away that things can Get a little more challenging so what I’m hoping to be able to do is to get Him to sit one of the easiest things he Knows how to do while i’m farther away Sit

Sit yes did you see that just one step Close Yes Okay good man that was a really good Example of being one step too far away From him for him to really understand The concept of sit so i’m gonna play With this for a little bit and see how We do sit No Sit yes good Yes Stay look at me Sit Yes One of his favorite tricks so far has Been sit pretty maybe we can see if he Can do that from a distance here see the Difference here so pretty right into it Yes okay Three inches back What he says Stay Look at me So pretty Yes okay that was awesome that was Farther away that time you see that here Stay Yes okay good man very good And so it may not look like much there But being able to be just a foot farther Away from him right there is huge Progress and that’s something that i Think we can build on see how you’re

Doing with shake Yes The shake is more like a wave but i’ll Tell you he doesn’t like it when you Grab his paws much That’s okay though here Shake good look at me hey george I didn’t ask for that what if i wanted You to lie down or something lie down Yes So right there he was just anticipating So i kind of like to be a little bit Ahead of the anticipation you know when Dogs are like i think i know what you Want so i actually wanted to throw them A different request out there lie down It’s like wait a minute i know you mean Shake No i really want lie down Yes okay good man and now sit shake okay I’ll take a shake now You’re a good man yes you are oh my god I love you so much you were so good How’s your bowel doing stay yes Stay Yes Stay Yes That was looking okay one of his most Impressive tricks and i have been really Impressed with it anyway is roll over Yes Good boy so rollover’s looking great Yes

Good so you know spin is doing well he’s Still working on getting his muscle Memory which is why i’m doing the heavy Lore there let’s throw a surprise leave It look at me drill at him leave it look At me Come i’ll even take a come when called Sit Stay the point of this test is to see How well he’s generalized leave it alone And look at me so that i can further Direct you Yes very good i’d say he passed that Test wouldn’t you This time i’ll ask him to come to me Come you can see the look on his face Like hey what just happened that was Different but he did it and that’s great That’s what we want we want our dogs Listening to us when in that surprise State of mind i mean that really is what Training is about in so many regards This is kind of how we phase in Off-leash training you might be Wondering about that i’m getting a Little bit lacks here with the lead Sometimes i’m holding it sometimes i’m Dropping it You know i’m able to look around me and See there aren’t heavy heavy Distractions i don’t want to throw him In the deep end okay come you’re doing Great bud i want to release him from That stay before he broke i feel if i

Took the lead off he would probably stay With me now would i do this in a big City no way but out here he’s adapted And this is kind of how we really Introduce off leash training it’s phased In little by little we’re not in a rush At all to get him off leash so we want To do extensive testing and proofing With a long lead like this before we Would consider letting our dog off lead In a public environment when i look back On george when i first met him and i Think about how he was totally untrained With the exception of sit i just can’t Believe how quickly he’s learned to Perform like this out here i mean it Really goes to show you some of the best Dogs ever are in pounds and shelters Great dogs are absolutely everywhere and George has been a prime example of that It’s time to play some fetch with george This is something he absolutely loves But so far we’ve been limiting fetch to Fenced environments out here he’s really Focused today so i’m feeling pretty good About playing some fetch in an open Unrestricted field as long as i have a Lead on him and keep up with him fetch For a dog like george is so important Because he has that energy and it can Really satisfy him in a way that few Things can alright we got bikes coming So i’m gonna pick up the lead and see How he does

Good man very good i think he passed That test Good boy But one of the breakdowns we’ve had with Fetch throughout our time together is Let go let go has been awful at times It’s been okay at times but it’s never Been perfect but today i really feel Like the tide is turning on let go and He’s really starting to get it one of The hacks that i’ve been trying to do to Kind of patch this issue is using a Second toy this isn’t ideal because Honestly i want a dog letting go when i Ask them to let go but sometimes if i Distract him with the second toy he’ll Let go of this one so i can pick it up And that might be just enough to give me Traction i would not be content with Doing that long term but i am content Right now if it makes it a little bit Easier for him all right Good get it Hey what’s this good yes So that’s been really helpful continuing To practice the recall during fetch as Well this is a great way to burn income When called with a fetch dog we’re Essentially capturing the behavior That’s already occurring putting a word To it while he’s in the frame of mind of I’m having such a great time and as he Burns more and more energy out here he’s Getting more and more fatigued which

Actually makes it easier to practice off Leash training in other words the more Fatigue this particular dog becomes the More reliable he’s going to be off leash And the less likely he is to bolt after Something because he has so much pent-up Energy we’re really giving him an outlet For all that prey drive as they say and That desire to chase run and bite things With energetic dogs you must give them a Healthy outlet like this now if your dog Is energetic and they haven’t quite Taken to fetch yet really long walks off Leash hikes if they’re reliable off Leash can be a really great way to Deplete some of that energy and i should Also say you don’t want to rely on Sprinting activity like this as your Dog’s main form of exercise forever but Fetch is a great way to get that energy Out on your terms and schedule in order To make your dog a lot more manageable So prioritize fetch training if your dog Is anything like this one Let’s check in and see how george’s play Skills are developing with inertia Getting a dog like george to play well With both humans and other dogs is going To be a very important part of his life Moving forward and he’s doing great so Far in general i tend to like dogs to Play in small play groups of two or Three dogs at a time so they don’t Become overwhelmed honestly i think

Inertia might be the biggest Transformation here george happens to be The biggest strongest dog that inertia Has really felt comfortable with some of You might recall that she’s been a bit Nervous about playing with bigger dogs In the past so this has been a fantastic Victory for us i’m hoping george has Helped set her up to play with even Bigger dogs in the future but i guess We’ll just have to wait and see how that Goes one of the best signs that two dogs Are really comfortable with each other Is when you see reciprocal play like When inertia and george take turns Flopping over on their backs like this That’s the one it just cracks me up Because he’s like oh you pulled me over Wow you’re so strong you don’t want to Let any dog just play with any dog in The world he’s really good at taking Social cues and Playing at the level that indoor show is Comfortable with they had to work it out A little bit i mean it started off a Little rocky but they worked it out and It was okay one even good girl i love it When she flips over too reciprocal play He flops over she flops over And for telling you reporter kali That’s saying something They don’t do that easily Indy you want to get in on this Maybe two dogs

I’m just i know she’s not gonna she’s Looking for treats please play like this Is just so interesting to watch as a dog Trainer it really is to watch how dogs Communicate and interact with each other In the purest form You know we can learn a lot from that Too as trainers i mean These two dogs like to play they’re not Picky in how the play happens most of The time they just want to play somehow Someway Okay i have too many shoes out for sure Right now i have three pairs out right There and they’re actually three of my Favorite pairs i have the black Air force ones with the gum bottoms There and then i got my Adidas Ultra boost super comfy shoes and then I’ve got my favorite like plaid nikes oh I love those plaid ones this is not Supposed to be a shoe tour though i know Sorry anyway The point is i’m putting a lot of trust In george right now and he’s doing Really well he actually has i noticed These shoes were out here yesterday and He did really well all day Really good sign for i feel like his House training is just coming along in Leaps and bounds Yeah everybody he’s been awesome you’re Doing amazing awesome i’m starting to

Get really sad i don’t know about you so Policy in The george household And probably should be in most of yours Is that we don’t leave Chew toys or even play toys around we do Leave shoes all around but we don’t Leave Dog toys Freely out Because we don’t want them to you know Have an argument over them but There are some times when george goes Into his crate he gets a bone he brings It out and we take it away from him and We have noticed He’s not possessive of his bones at all With inertia which is fabulous But even so We just don’t like to leave our stuff Lying around huh inertia did you like Playing fetch today You were amazing at fetch We were practically off leash and Everything He was okay so i’m gonna give george a Bath It’s okay Good man yes Just gonna like touch him remember this Is only the second bath i’ve given him So i’m gonna go nice and Slow Good

Look at that i love short hair dogs So much easier to clean good boy See rather than just jumping into it i Think that’s what A lot of people might do I certainly have before i knew better in The past But if you just go a little extra slow Dogs take the baths really well stay You know he’s pretty good on his head There oops i’m trying to kind of stay Away from his space we can do that a Little more by hand Really good all right time to soak you Up don’t ask about the shampoo This is one of our past sponsors and They sent us so much shampoo i think we Have a lifetime supply got one of these Scrubber things i really like these Gives them a nice massage Let me go ahead and distribute all the Soup Get them all soapy all over You are doing so well i’m really gonna Miss this boy he’s so easy to bathe He really just turned out to be the Greatest dog ever And i keep saying it over and over it Really is a super amazing experience to Be able to do this because Anyone who’s been to a sheltered nose it Can really target your heartstrings you Feel very bad For those dogs who have so much

Potential there’s just not enough people Who are willing To give them a chance The silver lining is that i’m fortunate To have a platform and an audience and I’m Really excited to be able to show off This whole Experience of taking homeless dog in Fostering them finding them a new home Getting them trained for that new home And sharing In detail the ups and downs of what That’s like You were all ups though every bit of it Was ups George Look at me Stay Good man It’s so therapeutic Giving a dog a bath like this i’m like In my own beta state just kind of Meditating here George Is making it easy i think you know in Part It’s because we really set him up for Success and the last staff that we gave Him and he did give me a little bit of a Hard time today he’s not even trying at Least not too hard to get out i know He’s thinking about it i can see that But he hasn’t tried at all to get out of

The tub I’m gonna turn him around now just to Make sure i thoroughly rinse him Stay almost Boy stay here see All right Oh god well you might have guessed George is getting a bath before he goes On a very special journey with us it’s Finally time to reveal george’s destiny In the next episode go to Zach to get 50 off a two-week trial of Nom nom and find out if your dog loves It as much as george and inertia do i Want you to have all of the training Resources you can so all of you can get 50 off your first pup box too i’ll have All of the details in the description Below subscribe to my channel follow us On instagram tiktok and facebook and get A copy of my books too we’ll see you in The next episode

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